Hi Guys okay I back sort of, still haven't finished my non computer project, but this story wouldn't leave me alone, so can't guarantee regular updates but will try to do weekly if possible – hope you enjoy

Okay a few pointers for this story: Pedro Hermandez isn't dead. The case that Abby is looking at with the class has nothing to do with Gibbs or the Team. I've also totally messed up the time line and the dynamics for this story so hope you guys can forgive me for that.

Chapter One

The agent eyes had adjusted, again, to the little light there was in his concrete cell, but that really wasn't any help right now, in actual fact with the pounding headache, he had, he was glad there was little to no light around. He was aware enough to know that there was chain attached to the manacle around his right foot, that meant he could only move as much as it allowed and that his hands where securely fasten behind his back to prevent him from even trying to free himself.

Other than that he wasn't even sure what time it was, yet alone what day. So right now he was doing the only thing that was left for him to do, sitting on the cold floor waiting for the next incident to happen. He was in trouble and knew it, he didn't need his already badly bruised body to tell him that, actually right now he was very much surprised that he was still alive, but he knew it probably wasn't going to be for long, after all the American government weren't going to pay any type of ransom no matter what his captures may think.

He could make out the sound of multiple footsteps drawing near and instinctively knew it was time for another beating, or worse, not that they spoke or asked him anything, after all they didn't need to, but then again the gag in his mouth wouldn't allow him to reply anyway. Right now he was just their punching bag, something they could use to elevate their tension or just for the fun of it; the door opened and the blinding light it let in hurt his eyes.

He was quickly manhandled to his feet, two strong pair of arms holding him forcefully upright, before several punches, by another member of the group, landed in his abdomen. He soon felt a hand fondling him through his trousers, and closed his eyes to stop them from seeing the shame he felt by the action, however this was nothing in comparison to the humiliation he was already feeling thanks to early events, all he was grateful for right now, as previously, was the fact that his boss and partners couldn't see what was happening to him.

"Enough!" The commanding, heavily Mexican accented, female voice cut through the air before giving the order "Bring him!"

The agent felt the hand slip away before his right ankle was grabbed and he heard the distinct noise of keys rattling and suddenly the manacle was no more and he was being lead somewhere new, well more like dragged, even if he was trying to walk, as his legs weren't being very co-operative right now and the pain in his left leg was distantly familiar.

Within a few minutes the agent found himself not only tied to a chair but starring into the lens of a video camera, with his head being forcefully held in place by who ever had hold of his hair and an arm around his neck holding him in a head lock. The female voice had already been talking for a few minutes but he really hadn't taken in much of what was said, but his brain cleared a little and he heard the last part of the demand that was being made.

"….so this is the deal you release Pedro Hermandez and we will release your agent, you have seventy two hours to comply or your brave little agent dies"


Gibbs gut churned for like the hundredth time, the bad feeling he'd had since last Thursday evening still hadn't gone away and it was now Monday. Gibbs had arrived extra early at headquarters, in fact it wasn't even zero six hundred, primarily because he'd woken earlier than normal and felt more than a little restless, so he was surprised when he heard the ding of the elevator announcing some else's presence.

Looking up he saw one of the night's security team escorting a young woman with long dark hair into the bullpen and was shocked when he realised just who she was, primarily because he hadn't really expect to her to ever want to step into this building again, yet alone come and see him.


Gail Cabicutios better known as Abigail Sciuto or Abby to her 'so called' friends woke for the third day in a row with a great sense of satisfaction. The first part of the plan had worked perfectly, ridding her of the annoying agent who had, for some unknown reason, never completely trusted her since he had started working with the team, unlike the rest of the people at NCIS.

Her cousin had phone the night before telling of how much her men were enjoying their human punching bag and that they were pleased with the relief they were also able to get. However her cousin also warned her that now was the hard part of their plan was to start particularly for her.

Abby didn't need reminding that today was going to be difficult but she assured her cousin that for the last seven years she had foiled all the American agents of NCIS completely, even if the last six months had been a little trickier than usual, and had one Leroy Jethro Gibbs eating out of the palm of her hand.

Soon Gibbs would be in Mexico hunting for his agent and her cousin would be able to take advantage of that to get her revenge for the fact that Pedro Hermandez was on death row and just days away from the electric chair.