This is kind of a weird fic… I've been having severe writers block, and been pretty depressed, and work has been sucking… powerful sucking. So I thought the best cure would be to force myself to pump out a chunk of fluff. I know… sounds appetizing, eh? But we'll see how it works.

This is in no way connected to anything else. I'm just spitballing.


By Michael Treiber

                How can I best describe my beloved? Blue. That's the only way.

                No, not just blue. Blue is to simple a word. She is layers of color, all loosely linked together by that one simple word.


                Where to start on my blue love. How about at the top, with her silken, aqua blue hair. It changed, you know, with the light. Sometimes it's almost aquamarine, bordering on teal. But under the light of the stars, it takes my favorite shade, a deep midnight blue.

                And her eye! Ah, her glorious eyes. Sapphire? No…sapphire is almost to pale a shad to describe my loves eyes…Maybe… azure? Yes, that's the one. I remember the first time I looked into her eyes. Like falling into the deepest pool, or staring into the sky until your retina have washed out any sense of color except the all-encompassing blue.

                What other words can one use for blue? Cornflower? Um… I don't think so… not my love… though she does have a cornflower blue dress that brings out her eyes rather well…

                Denim? Indigo? Baby? No… I might call her that, but its not her color. And I'm going to have to shake my head at those other two. She's rather fond of wearing denim, but I don't know if anything about her IS denim. And indigo is to close to purple, where her blue is closer to the green end of the spectrum.

                So how would I describe my girlfriend, my best friend?



                The brunette looked up from where she was sitting on the steps leading to Rei's grandfather's shrine, hunched over a note pad.

                "Ami…" She smiled at the smaller girl as she approached.

                Ami glanced down at the note pad in Makoto's hand, curiosity etched across her face.

                "What are you doing?"

                Makoto shrugged at her friend as she stood to join her in walking up the long set of steps.

                "Its just a school project…" She smiled and took the other girls hand.

                "We were supposed to describe our favorite color."

Short, and rather silly. Just the pick me up I needed. I should get a chapter of one of my real series out within the next couple of days. I hope. Lol… so anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my little blue fic.