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I came up with this idea while watching some Scar-based videos on YouTube and...well...I leave the twist for the viewers to find out.

Prologue: Past Meets the Future

Simba was chasing after a grasshopper after he managed to lose Zazu but stopped upon hearing crying and he followed the noise until he saw a cub with brown fur, a lighter shade of brown for a underbelly, and black fur atop his head. The cub's eyes were yellow with brown irises.

"Hello?" said Simba and the cub jumped and looked at him.

"Who are you?" said the cub unsheathing his claws and snarling and Simba backpedaled in shock.

"S-Simba." stuttered Simba and the cub sheathed his claws before he looked away.

"Sorry. I...I think I'm lost...I was racing with my brother when...he just...disappeared...and I found myself here...nothing looks familiar..." said the cub looking around.

"Simba?" came another voice, this one calm and somewhat bored sounding before a adult lion with matching characteristics of the cub but with a scar over one eye rounds the corner.

"Hey uncle Scar!" said Simba happily as he ran over to his uncle.

"What are you doing way out here? You know it's not safe for the future prince to be out here all along."

"I know, but Zazu's no fun."

"We both agree to that..." muttered the cub earning Scar's attention.

"And what is your name young one?" said Scar calmly.

"Taka." replied the cub.


Scar was on his side and Simba ran to his uncle's face and tried to wake him up.

"Uncle Scar, wake up! Wake up!" said Simba pushing on his uncle's face before he tried gnawing on the older lion's ear yet got no response.

*Hyena Laughter*

Simba freezes in fear and turns around to see seven hyenas advancing towards them, all nearly skin and bones and having ravenous looks in their eyes as they licked their lips.

"Scar! WAKE UP!" yelled Simba in fear as he was now clawing at his uncle's face yet still got no response.

The cub was also now unconscious and Simba backed up against the rock in fear as the hyenas closed in.

"HEEEEEEEEEELP!" screamed Simba.


Short I know, but some prologues are short.

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