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Note: Cub Nuka will now be referred to as Nuka due to his older self now being...dead...*holds back tears*...Cub Kovu will still be referred to as Cub Kovu. Cub Mufasa will be referred to as Mufasa or "Muffy" due to his older self being dead also.

Chapter 18

Cub Mufasa awoke with a yawn and found himself in a cave and he got up in a panic and began looking around frantically.

"I see you're awake." came a calm voice the gold cub turned around to see Taka standing over him.

"W-where am I?" stuttered Mufasa.

"You followed me into the future, where I seem to belong now. Do you have any idea how mad Ahadi is going to be when he finds out you left with me?" said Taka massaging his forehead.

"Um...a lot?"

"Exactly! You always got me and the others into trouble, whether intentionally or not, we always got in trouble! There's no telling how much trouble you'll cause here!"

"Why do you make it sound like such a bad thing? Now I get to meet my future self." said Mufasa smiling as he puffed out his chest.

"Yeees...about that...there's something you should know..." said Taka hesitantly as he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

One Lengthy Explanation Later...

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" yelled Mufasa, shaking the very foundation of Pride Rock.


"Not me! The future me killed the future you and...I knew you would react like this! You ALWAYS overreact!"


"Then why are you yelling?!"


"I'm not the runt here Muffy, you are." said Taka poking Mufasa in the chest causing the cub to fall back.

"I'm still the firstborn."

"Oh sure, rub that in my face. Whose to say I won't off you because of that?" said Taka, smiling sinisterly as he leaned in close to Mufasa's face causing him to back up in fear and Taka started laughing, "I'm kidding! I'm kidding! I said I would never become Scar and I don't plan on killing my LITTLE brother or my nephew."

"You have a nephew?"

"Oops! Oh dear, I've said too much!"

"If you have a nephew then that means I would have to have had a son...who do I become mates with?"

"I've said too much."

"Come on Taka. If you tell me, I'll still act surprised later."

"No, no, no, no. That is only for you to find out when you're older. It's the part about growing up. And you sound too much like Simba when he was a cub."

"Who's Simba?"

"I am." said Simba walking into the cave.

"Bad timing." said Taka through clenched teeth with a forced smile.

"You're Simba? I thought you'd be taller." said Mufasa tilting his head as he looked Simba over and Simba's expression remained unreadable.

"Mufasa, how about you find the other cubs and have a little fun?" said Taka calmly.

"Alright." said Mufasa running off.

After the cub had run off Taka sighed and ran a paw through his mane.

"I forgot much like you he was as a cub." said Taka in exasperation.

"You told him that Scar kills him when you two get older didn't you?" said Simba.

"Yes. I did because, well, his older self isn't exactly alive now is he? I'm sorry if I sound cruel there can't change the past."

"Says the one who messed with Rafiki's stuff and wound up here."

"Oh, ha hah ha. Very funny Simba. Like you haven't messed with his stuff as a cub."

Simba looks away, whistling innocently.

"That look says so much." said Taka walking away.

Near the Border between Pride Lands and Out Lands...

Nuka looked out at the barren wastes that were the Out Lands with no emotion before he heard rustling in the grass and saw Zira walk out.

"What are you doing out here all alone little one?" asked Zira with a fake smile.

"Has it been that long that you don't recognize your own cub?" said Nuka looking her straight in the eyes and her eyes widened.


"Don't remember the little cub that asked you if you wouldn't forget about him? I see you did forget about me. You're no mother."

"You little brat! Simba's lies have corrupted you!"

"No they haven't! You're just hellbent on revenge and you killed the older version of me because he got in your way!"

"He took my ear!"

"And you deserve it! If you were a mother, you'd care more for your cubs than some petty revenge! Can't believe you used to be best friends with Taka when you were cubs."

"DON'T YOU EVER SAY HIS NAME IN MY PRESENCE!" snarled Zira raising a paw, claws extended only to be sent flying by a ghostly paw.

The ghostly paw belonged to the older Nuka who looked at Zira without a care before he turned towards the cub Nuka.

"Nuka, why are you trying to get yourself killed?" asked the ghost calmly.

"I'm not trying to get myself killed, I'm...I'm..." said the cub but couldn't think of an excuse.

"Nuka, you don't have to be like me. I grew up miserably, why do you think I took you three away from her? To save you from the same fate I had. Be yourself and don't let anything change that Nuka. Now go home." said the ghost before he began to disappear.

"No! No, don't leave! Big me, don't leave!"

"{Ghostly, echoing}Be yourself..." said Nuka chasing after the fading ghostly older version of himself until he lost sight of the older lion and he sat on the ground, tears flowing from his eyes. The cub got up and began the trek home, unaware that the he had followed the ghost to the Watering Hole.


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