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Chapter 4

The Next Day...

Taka awoke with a soft yawn and then stretched, popping some joints as he did so and the brown cub walked out of the den, still somewhat shocked that he was in the future and he looked towards the Elephant Graveyard.

He wondered if his older self was still friends with the hyenas, had he ever been caught, would the older versions of the hyenas recognize him? He sighed before he started walking out of the cave only to stop upon hearing Simba's voice.

"Taka?" said Simba, sleep still in his eyes, "Where are you going?"

"Out for a walk, don't tell Muffy were I'm going. It'll be our little secret." said Taka with a friendly smile.

"You sound...*yawn* Uncle Scar."

In Scar's cave, the mentioned lion sneezes in his sleep.

"Just don't tell Muffy okay?" said Taka and Simba nodded before he went back to sleep and Taka left Pride Rock and headed for the Graveyard. Taka soon entered the dry and barren boneyard and looked around as even that place had changed. He jumped when a steam geyser went off and after walking a while he came upon a huge elephant skull and the cub looked at it, remembering the times he and his hyena friends would try to knock each other off the top, it was mostly the dumb one who fell off due to his own stupidity.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" said a female voice and Taka jumped and turned around and found himself looking into the eyes of the hyena matriarch and he gulped.

"Another trespasser? Man, it was bad enough after Mufasa kicked our butts when we picked on the prince, now we have to get beat up again over another cub? The world must really hate us!" said a male hyena in a annoyed tone.

"Ha hah ha hah hoo heee-ya..." laughed a stupidly cross-eyed hyena with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"If we kill him and hide the body, Mufasa won't know we did it. He'll have no proof." said the female before all three look at him with a glint in their eyes and Taka backs up and the dumb one pounces at Taka before he stops and sniffs the cub and then he turns towards the other two.

"Hey...uh...this cub's got a familiar scent." said the dumb one and the other two hyenas' and Taka's mouths drop.

"Ed..." said Banzai and Shenzi at the same time.

"...can talk?" finished Taka and Ed realizes his mistake before he tilts his head and lets his tongue hang out, drool dripping off it.

Shenzi walks up to Taka and sniffs him.

"Ed was right! The kid does smell familiar..." said Shenzi scratching her chin.

"Who are you squirt?" said Banzai getting in Taka's face.

"Who do you think I am melon-head?" growled Taka as he glared at Banzai.

"Melon-head?! HAHAHAHAHA! I RECOGNIZE THAT NICKNAME ANYWHERE! THE CUB'S TAKA! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Shenzi falling onto her back and Ed was pounding his paws on the ground as he laughed hysterically yet Banzai was scowling.

Taka stuck his tongue out at Banzai and the hyena growled at the cub yet Taka pranced around Banzai without a care.

"Hey, wait a minute. If you're Taka, then how...what...did you shrink?" said Shenzi after controlling her laughter and pointing at Taka.

"I don't really know. I got some weird liquid on my paws, the next thing I know, I'm in the future where I have a scar, my name is Scar, I'm an uncle, and I hate my brother." said Taka.

"Guess we got the one before Ahadi found out about Taka playing with us." muttered Banzai to Shenzi.

"What was that?" said Taka turning towards Banzai and the male cowered a bit.

"Aha-oof!-Ah, nothing! Just a cough." said Banzai after Shenzi elbowed him in the gut.

Taka raised an eyebrow at the three hyenas who shrunk back a bit at his gaze.

"Even as a cub, he's intimating." whispered Banzai to Shenzi and the matriarch nodded.

"What are you three doing?" said Scar as he walked through a geyser towards the four and catching them off-guard to where the three hyenas jumped into Taka's paws and the cub swayed from the weight; left then right and then...


Taka and the three hyenas burst out laughing as they were now a jumbled mess and Scar sighed in annoyance.

"I'm surrounded by idiots. Even my younger self is an idiot." muttered Scar as he put a paw to his forehead.

"If I'm an idiot, what does that make you?" snapped Taka glaring at Scar.

"A bigger idiot!" said Banzai and the four burst out laughing again.

Banzai then pulled Taka into a hug and gave the brown cub a noggie.

"Ha hah! I miss the old days! With laughter and games...and all that other stuff we used to do." said Banzai.

"Ed falling head-first into the geysers?" said Taka with a smile.

"ESPECIALLY THAT! AHA HA HAH HA HAH!" laughed Banzai and the other two hyenas and cub joined him and Scar sighed again.

"Taka, we best be leaving. Don't want Muffy to find out you're hanging out with hyenas, do you? Especially after what he went through with his son." said Scar and glared at the three hyenas who chuckled nervously with nervous smiles on their faces.

"See you guys later." said Taka walking away and the three hyenas waved goodbye to him and then then disappeared among the bones.

After walking a ways away, Taka looks at Scar.

"How'd you get that scar on your eye anyway?" asked Taka curiously and Scar mentally cursed.

"Let's just say I got in trouble did not turn out well for me." said Scar cryptically and Taka shrugged before he ran ahead of Scar.

Scar sighed again.

"Annoying little ball of energy..." muttered Scar.

Pride Rock; 20 Minutes Later...

Taka bounded up the natural stairway only to run smack into Mufasa's leg and Taka looked up and cowered a bit at how stern he looked.

"Taka, I need to talk to you." said Mufasa calmly and the gold lion walked away and Taka walked after him.

When the two came to a secluded spot, Mufasa stopped and turned towards Taka.

"Taka, do you know how Scar got his namesake?" asked Mufasa looking out to the horizon.

"No, he just said he got in trouble and it didn't turn out well." said Taka kicking a pebble away.

"Father gave it to him Taka." said Mufasa sadly.

"What?! Why?!" said Taka in shock.

"He followed him to the Graveyard one day and...saw him playing with the hyenas and in a rage, struck him across the eye and then brought him back home and pretty much tossed him to Rafiki without a care. Father never did like hyenas..."

"Well, it isn't his fault. I mean, dad is allows leaving me out of everything; pouncing lessons, walking around the kingdom, even talking, I'm left out. The only one I had to talk with was mom and the I don't understand why he would do something like that over me making different friends." said Taka laying down.

"I always tried to talk him into letting you come with us, but he wouldn't hear it."

"He hated me, didn't he?"

"No! No, he didn't."

"Mufasa, how did dad die?" asked Taka and he heard Mufasa sigh again.

"Rouges jumped us. It was four against two; he fought two, I fought two. I was wounded but he...was fatally wounded. He wanted to speak to Scar before he died but...Scar didn't want anything to do with him and...Ahadi died broken-hearted and...I exploded at Scar and well...our relationship has gotten worse and worse and now I can't even leave him alone for five minutes without having a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach."

"I won't turn out like Scar..." muttered Taka under his breath before he got up and walked away.

"Scar, you can come out of hiding." said Mufasa without turning around and the said lion walked out of the shadows.

"First time you've ever been able to find me." said Scar.

"What do you want Scar?"

"Nothing, I was just checking in on how you were treating my younger self given our current...relationship."

"I'm not our father Scar."

"No, but who knows, you hung out with him most of the time."

"You're not gonna bait me Scar."

"I'm not trying to. Word of advice, watch your back Mufasa." said Scar before he walked away and Mufasa sighed.

'Maybe I should make Scar into a throw-rug...' thought Mufasa remembering Zazu's suggestion.


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