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Emmett started to go down the hall then he stopped, leaned against the wall and sighed, he still couldn't believe he was here! The reason he was here was because Carlisle got him the job so he could learn 'responsibility'. Ugh! Couldn't he just have given him the money to replace what was broken?

He folded his arms and then thought back to what happened . It was 3 days ago, at their home, he came in and just wanted to unwind after another stupid day of school and he went straight to his Nintendo games. Rose and Alice were doing some after school shopping with Esmé, Edward was probably off somewhere being a nerd then Carlisle came home from work.

Emmet remembered that he had just sat down in front of the television, pulled out the little knob to turn the set on then the door opened and in came Carlisle. You could tell that Carlisle was worn out but Emmett politely said, "Hi Carlisle."

Carlisle looked at his adopted son and said "Hi Emmett" in a monotone voice and Emmett looked at him and asked, "Big day at work?"

Carlisle nodded his head and Emmett knew that Carlisle could physically go on but being a doctor , even vampires needed to rest from that so Emmett then said, "Sit down."

Carlisle went over and sat down in this ugly ass green wing tip chair that was close to me and in a few moments, I hear this CRUNCH! I turn my head to him and he said, "I'm sorry Emmett."

I just shrugged my shoulders and say rather casually, "It's okay Carlisle, just give me the money to get some more."

That's when he turned to look at me with his eyes as big as the unused saucers in Esme's kitchen and he stood up and said, "What!?"

I put the game on pause because I can tell a big talk is coming then I told him, "Well, Carlisle, I got to have some more games; I just got this..."

Carlisle cuts him off before he can finish the sentence and he said, "It wouldn't have happened IF you have moved the games like Esmé asked you days ago!"

I thought about that then I said, "Well, I should have moved them I guess but what's the big deal? We can afford more."

Carlisle shook his head then said, "That isn't the point! That isn't responsibility!"

That's when I took offense and I pointed to myself and asked, "What? I'm responsible."

Carlisle looked at him, cocked his eyebrow then gave a 'Are you crazy'? look then he said, "Emmett, responsible people DO NOT throw a baseball in their neighbor's house and say, "I'm sorry, my dad will pay for it! That sounds like something a sixth grader would say."

"Carlisle, that happened 40 years ago!"

Carlisle picked up the broken games and threw them at the matching couch then he sat down in the chair , he then looked at his son and said, "And that just shows that NOTHING has changed for you in that time. You should have paid for it, you were the one who broke it, besides that, you knew not to play the game so close to home, we always played in a field a good ten miles from home; just like we do now."

I completely turn the game off then and walked around with my hands stuffed in my pockets then I turn around and ask him, "Is this coming because of your crappy day?"

Carlisle looked at him, sighed and place his fingers on the side of his head then said, "No, I've needed to talk to you about this, today was just the tops."

I walk around the living room, walk over to the plate-glass window on the wall near Carlisle than ask, "Well, what do we do?"

Carlisle stood up then said, "I'm going to get you a job."

That knocks the 'breath' out of me and I ask, "What?"

Carlisle just looked at his son then said, "I'm going to talk to a friend of mine. I heard somebody talking about needing workers somewhere today."

He turned to the stairs leading up to his office and I looked at him with my jaw hanging open and I hollered at full vampire voice, "Carlisle!"

(((( oOo ))))

Later when I asked my wife, Rosalie for the money, she just fell and rolled on the floor with laughter, you would think that the love of my existence would understand but no, she just laughed like a freaking hyena then she said, "Oh no, I want to see my man at work besides it's the husband supposed to be the breadwinner in this family?"

(((( oOo ))))

So, here I am, walking down this stinking hallway in a nursing home! A nursing home! That's where my 'dad' had put me but you know what, a few hours of doing this...taking patients back and forth to P.T. which was Physical therapy and doing such little things for them, like bringing them their trays of food when they couldn't get out of bed or just bringing an extra blanket to warm their bones; I got to thinking...why was I making such a big deal out of this?

But it made me happy to be a vampire, these people were stuck here to die. I was going to live forever and get out of here.

Suppertime came and I was having to push carts of what the humans call 'food' on trays, disgusting! Even if I was human, I would not eat this. I had delivered 3 trays and had picked up the fourth one and I started to take it into a room when I saw the name on the door...'Everson' and I wonder to myself,'Where have I heard that name before?'

So I just shrug my shoulders and went into the room. The room was nothing out of the ordinary, the room was big enough to hold two people but there was only one person occupying the room. There was a chair in the corner behind a curtain, the bed and pictures of the person's life on the wall. I then ask, "Mister Everson?"

I hear a voice then answer, "Yes?"

The bed curtain is keeping me from seeing the man so I push it back and I see a former shell of a man. If I was looking at the pictures of the man, he was once big and massive. Like myself but time had taken that away from this human and I was putting the tray of food down for the man, that's when I saw it on his bedside cubicle; a picture of a woman and not just any woman but a beautiful woman in an early 1900's dress. The woman wasn't smiling in the picture, she had sadness in her eyes. Then I realized, it was Esmé, my adopted mother! Carlisle's wife!

Surely, this man is a son...somebody...

I went back to the door and looked at the nameplate on the door and it said, 'C. Everson.' I turn around and go back into the room and ask, "Uh, Charles Everson?"

Charles looked up at me and he asked, "Yes?"

I just looked around the room and I said, "Um, here's your lunch."

I pulled off the dome and it was a round pile of meat with what I knew was gravy and it had a small mountain of mashed potatoes next to it and a small mix of ugly green balls with orange sticks. Charles pointed to a small table at the end of the bed and said, "Put it on there."

I do that then I backed up then looked at the picture of Esmé and asked, "Was that your wife?"

Charles looked at the picture than painfully said, "She was."

I looked at him and I asked, "She was?"

Charles looked at the picture and he said, "She left me one day...I don't know what happened to her...b,but whatever it was , it was my fault"

I looked at him and I wanted to scream out, 'Yeah, you beat and tortured one of the world's perfect woman'. I wanted to say that but I didn't and so I ask, "Your fault? What did you do?"

A tear comes to Charles's eye and he looked at the picture then said, "I was a bastard..."

Charles then turned away from the picture as if he was in pain then said, "I don't know what happened to her."

Another thought came to me, 'She's a vampire and my mother you idiot!'

I wanted to leave and never come back but I heard myself saying to Charles, "I want to hear more about this woman but I got to go back to work ."

Charles gave a brief smile then pulled up the tray to eat that disgusting lunch and I go outside to the lunch tray, turned and looked back. Then after a few hours later, I walked back down to Charles's room which surprised him, he told me he didn't get many visitors. I just wanted to know more about his time with Esmé and the more I knew, the more I was confused about things, my feelings and I was glad that Rose was gone with Alice on an extended shopping trip...I just needed to be alone now.

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