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"Harry?" Cho asked eagerly, "Harry, what's on your mind?"
"Nothing," Harry mumbled.
"Harry, don't you go dreaming of escapading off to Hogwarts to defeat Malfoy and save the day, now. The Ministry's on his side now and all you would get would be a cell in Azkaban, you know that."
"But we've got to stay and help the Weasleys. After Mr. Weasley and Percy were fired, Ron's had to support his family, Percy, and his parents."
"Harry," said Cho impatiently, "they will make do. You have to think of our children, not Ron and Hermione's."
"But James was so excited to be going to Hogwarts next year, and Hanna is extremely upset that she won't get to go shopping in Diagon Alley anymore!"
"Like we were really going to send James to Hogwarts after Draco Malfoy became headmaster! Everyone knows he murdered Dumbledore! And Hanna will just have to get over it! She knows it's too dangerous--"
"But what about Fred? He--"
"Harry Potter! Stop making excuses! You and I know that this way is safer! Even Peeves left the castle!" she boomed, "And the Weasleys have George too! He's making quite a bit playing Quiddich for Ireland! Even though he's never been quite the same since Fred was killed, but they will do fine!"
"It's just...I've had...You've met the Dursleys...I just can't go through it again!" Harry looked at his wife with a somber face, "When I found out that I was a wizard, it was like, I had a place in life, it was something worth hanging on for."
"I know, I know. But we have to. No one will find us as two ordinary muggles with three muggle children."