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Chapter 14

A month and a half later...

It took quite the time for Regina to be allowed out of the hospital. She managed to gain 20 pounds and was now eating according to a meal plan. Snow and David also convinced her to talk with Archie about her insecurities.

Now she stood in front of her hospital bed and packed the last remaining things into her little bag. Snow and David were checking her out and giving her a bit time alone so she could take a deep breath and get ready for home. Someone knocked at the door behind her and she turned around surprised. Emma was leaning against the door frame and smiled softly at her. "Hey." She said softly. "Ready to go?" Regina nodded and zipped her bag. "Yes. Although leaving also makes me anxious." Regina answered Emma who nodded. "David and Snow what to look out for if something should happen to you. I have a list with me at all times because I just can't keep it in my mind and you have a list of instructions in your purse if you are alone with people who don't know what to do. Don't worry, Regina. Everything will be alright." Emma assured her and Regina nodded slowly. She caressed her belly softly.

"They grew nicely." Emma said and caressed her belly too. Regina smiled slightly. "That they did. I'm so glad they did... I don't know if I could have survived their death." Regina answered and Emma hugged her softly. "Don't think about that. Think about the possible future you 6 are going to have." Emma told her and Regina nodded. She took a deep breath and then they parted. Emma took her bag and then led her out of the room. Snow and David were waiting downstairs at the exit. They smiled lovingly at her. Regina smiled back shyly. David pulled Regina into his side and kissed her lovingly. "Ready for our home?" He asked and she nodded. "Yes." She answered and leaned her head against him. He smiled brighter and kissed her hair. David then led both women out of the hospital. Emma followed them with Regina's bag. They all got into David's new car where easily fitted 9 people in.

After they brought Emma to the loft, arrived at home and had put Regina's used clothes into the washing machine they settled with a movie on the couch. Regina snuggled close to David and sighed relaxed. Finally she felt at ease again. His embrace would always fight away the monsters she was fighting in her head. David wrapped his arm tighter around her and caressed her stomach softly. On his other side was Snow. He caressed her stomach too and smiled brightly. Regina chuckled softly and he looked at her. "What's amusing you?" He asked her and kissed her softly. "You just look so utterly happy and satisfied with yourself." Regina answered and he chuckled. "Well. I AM satisfied with myself and happy. I managed to get both of you pregnant AND can hold both of you in my arms. I think I'm allowed to feel this way." He answered with a smirk and both women chuckled. "Good boy." Regina said and patted his abs. David looked on the clock. "I make food. It's almost your time again." He told her and slowly got up.

Regina and Snow snuggled together and he walked to the kitchen. "I'm glad you are back." Snow said and Regina nodded. "Me too. And thanks to Whale I AM back. I never thought that he would ever treat me this nice. After all I ripped him away from his brother." Regina answered and Snow smiled. "David might have a hand in that." She told her and Regina looked at her surprised. "What?" She asked and Snow chuckled. "I overheard them back then."


"Why did you do that?" David asked Whale angrily. They were standing in the station at David's desk.

"Did what?" Whale asked cockily.

"Using Regina like that in front of the whole town!" David growled and Whale shook his head amused.

"She deserved it. She destroyed any chance I had to get back to my brother... Why are you angry anyways? It looks like you got laid by her." Whale answered and crossed his arms.

"But at least I did it with her consent and let her have her dignity. You are a pathetic excuse of a man, Whale. She did curse us all but you aren't the only one who lost something or someone. We all lost things. Some that we can't get back and some we can. Your brother was a monster. Because of her you don't have to kill him. You should be grateful for that. And don't be such a hypocrite. Because of you she even became the Evil Queen. If you wouldn't have crushed her hope she would have never become evil. But it's really much easier searching for mistakes in other people. I had to learn on the hard way that this is not always the case. That you do most mistakes yourself. Because of that I couldn't raise my daughter. Because of that I almost missed out on the most important person in my life. Stop this self-pity and grow yourself some balls. This woman went through hell and back. She doesn't need people like you making it even worse for her." He shouted at Whale who looked down ashamed. "And if you EVER disrespect Regina again, I will certainly become your worst nightmare."

Whale nodded quickly and gulped. "I... You are right... it just... it's just so easy to blame someone else... I should have never helped Gold making her to the Evil Queen... I should have never revived my brother. But he is still in my land and needs to be killed. And now he will live eternally as walking dead and in huge pain." Whale said and David sighed.

"She took your brother with to Storybrooke. She knew that he was your last relative and that it pained you so much that he was in pain. He lays buried on the graveyard. You just have to look for his name." David answered and Whale looked surprised at him.

"She... she put him out of his misery AND took him to Storybrooke although I hurt her?" He asked and David nodded.

"Regina never was truly evil. She was just so damn angry because NO ONE tried to understand her. Everybody just pointed at her and said bad things... If I could I would go back in time and save her from all of this." David answered and Whale nodded.

"Me too." He answered

Flashback end

"Wow." Regina said speechless and Snow nodded. "David loved you so much already back then. It was maybe a month after we started sleeping with each other. It started to go around town. Everybody seemed so ashamed when they saw that mostly they were to blame. Yes, they are angry that you killed their beloved ones but they also understand that they were a huge part of your anger which led to the death of their beloved ones. It doesn't excuse you murdering them but it helped them finishing this chapter of their life and forgiving you." Snow told her and Regina smiled softly.

"I... I." Regina was speechless and sobbing. "I hate my hormones." She then just said sobbing and Snow smiled lovingly. She hugged her and caressed her back. "I should thank him for that." Regina said and slowly got up. Snow squeezed her hand softly before letting her go. Regina walked to the kitchen and watched David how he sneakily ate a chocolate bar. "I saw that." She said and startled him. He turned around with a guilty smile and hid the bar behind his back. "Saw what?" He asked and Regina walked towards him. "Give it to me or you won't have sex until the children are 5." She said. He bit his lip and thought about it. "Until they are 10." Regina then warned with a smirk and he huffed before handing the bar over. Regina happily took a bite and grinned cheekily.

David laughed amused and kissed her softly. "Thank you." Regina said and looked deep into his eyes. "It's just a chocolate bar." He answered uncertain. "I meant for the thing with Whale back then. For making him realize that I'm not the only one to blame. For supporting my back even when we weren't really together back then." Regina said and David caressed her cheek lovingly. "I love you, Regina. And this is nothing to thank for. That should be natural given. No one should demand support from their partner. The least person is you. You saw so many bad things. To you happened so many bad things. I wish I could have prevented so many things from happening to you. But I couldn't and now I'm doing my best to give you your happy ending." He said and she then silenced him with a kiss.

"You are the first, David... and I don't want anything changed in my past. It gave me THIS. It gave me my happy ending, David. You, Snow, Emma, Henry, the babies, Ruby, Hook. All of you. That's more I could wish for. I would never change my past when this is the result I get." She told him and he smiled lovingly. He nodded softly and held her close one last time. "And now go back to the movie. Food needs a bit longer and you should rest as much as possible." He told her and she smiled. "Fine." She rolled her eyes exaggerating and he pinched her ass. "Don't get cheeky, pet." He said before pecking her softly and softly pushing her to the door. "You know that I'm NEVER cheeky. Master." Regina answered with a wink and they laughed.