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Chapter Eleven

"Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right."

Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City

"You know you're not supposed to lead a pregnant woman blindfolded?" Caroline questioned, reaching up to tug away the hands that covered her eyes.

"Caroline," Klaus warned, smirking behind her as he led her off the elevator. "It's supposed to be a surprise and we're almost there."

He heard her huff under her breath and felt her hands move to cradle the swell of her belly. Klaus moved her a few more feet down the hallway, passing several doors in the process.

Once they reached the end of the hall, Klaus pulled his hands away. Caroline looked up at the single, white door, reading the numbers that were placed beneath the peep hole. She turned around, eyebrow raised in question. "Your surprise is a door?"

Klaus chuckled, "Not just a door, what's behind the door."

He reached around her, pulling the key from his pocket and opening the lock. The door fell open with a slight nudge, and Klaus led Caroline forward with a gentle hand pressed to the small of her back.

She stepped through the open door hesitantly, mouth falling open at the sight before her. Large windows to the side let in the bright morning sun, illuminating the room in a golden glow. The room was large and imposing with no furniture inside, her footsteps echoing off the bare walls as she stepped further inside.

"Why'd you bring me here?" Caroline questioned, tearing her gaze away from the marble counters in the kitchen to look back at him. Confusion was written over her face but there was a slight sparkle of excitement in her eyes.

"It's ours, if you like it. A new home for our growing family," he replied, his hand reaching out and giving her hip a squeeze.

"Ours," she whispered to herself, tearing her gaze from him and back around to their new home. Caroline nodded, a small smile growing. "I like the sound of that."

When she looked back up at him, Klaus captured her lips in a gentle kiss. He pulled away, grabbing hold of one of her hands and gave a light squeeze. "Let me show you around?"

Caroline nodded eagerly, allowing him to lead her past the living room, dining room and attached kitchen. It was an open space, large windows that looked out onto the city, and dark floors that accented the cream walls. As she looked around, she could just imagine all the art work she could place on the tall and expansive walls.

There was a small hallway leading to the back of the apartment which opened up to three doors. Klaus opened the first one, a slightly small room with tan walls and windows covering the far wall. Caroline stepped inside, looking around, fingers dragging lightly over the flesh coloured wall.

"This would be a good place for an office," she stated, dragging her eyes from the large windows back over her shoulder to Klaus. He nodded in agreement. "A desk in front of the window, maybe a couch along that wall," she suggested, pointing to her left. "A bookshelf on the opposite wall."

"Sounds lovely," he said, picturing what she was suggesting.

Caroline turned around, having seen enough of the room, and made her way across the hall to the second room. She pushed the door open to a big room, presumably the guest bedroom. The walls were white, ready to be painted, and the far wall held two windows which let in a lot of light. Two closet doors were on the far left corner which she stepped forward to inspect.

"I was thinking this could be the nursery," he proposed. Caroline turned around to see Klaus leaning against the doorjamb, arms crossed with a grin.

Her hand came up to rest on top of her stomach and she couldn't help but smile at the idea or the picture of their child living in that very room. Klaus stepped forward and opened the doors she was standing at to reveal a modest size closet. "This would probably be too small for our daughter, no doubt, with the way you and Rebekah spend your money shopping."

Caroline gasped, reaching out to smack his arm, but smiled at the joke. "Our daughter will only have the best wardrobe."

Klaus nodded. He turned Caroline so her back was towards the closet and they were looking out to the rest of the room. "The crib could sit under the window with a rocking chair in the far corner, and maybe a changing table on the wall beside?"

She scrunched her nose and shook her head slightly. "All good ideas, but I think the crib should go on that wall," she said, pointing to the wall opposite of them. "And then the changing table on the wall by the door and a dresser underneath the window, and a rocking chair in that corner," she finished, pointing to the corner between the windows and far wall.

"I'll take it into consideration," Klaus joked, letting a light laugh past his lips when Caroline turned around and glared at him. "I'm joking, whatever you want, love."


"Now all we need is to buy the furniture," he commented, looking around at the empty room.

Caroline turned to look up at him, and began to list everything they needed to do. "I feel like that's the last thing on our list. You need a divorce, we need to actually buy this place, pack our things and move in, probably buy new furniture, then buy baby furniture, paint the nursery because white is so not a baby colour, and then furnish the nursery."

"That's it?" He smirked.

She nodded once and smiled. "I think."

"How about we see the rest of the apartment first," Klaus suggested, reaching down to grab her hand and lead her out the door of the nursery before she could protest.

There were double doors at the end of the hallway that sat between the two spare rooms. Klaus gently let go of Caroline's hand to open both doors at once, revealing a large master suite.

Caroline gasped as she stepped in and saw the full beauty of the room. There were two walls filled with windows letting light fall across the room and bouncing off the light blue walls. There was a small nook beside what she assumed to be the closet doors to the left of the room.

"There's a walk in closet jthrough those doors," Klaus pointed out to the left, to which Caroline walked over to open the door. "Enough space to fit all of your shoes," he laughed, noticing her pause at the grand size of the walk in.

He peered over her shoulder to peek inside, getting a second look. There was no doubt enough room to fit both of their clothes. It was deep and wide enough with racks and polls running along both walls. "This is amazing," Caroline whispered, her fingers running down a build in shoe rack at the back of the closet.

"Wait until you see the en suite."

Caroline perked at the mention of their bathroom. Klaus moved out of the doorway, letting Caroline pass by him in a hurry. There was an open door just a few feet beside the walk in which she excitedly ran to. He swallowed his chuckled and closed his eyes when an excited scream came from the next room over.

"Oh my God, Klaus, have you seen the size of this bathroom?"

He made his way into the expansive bathroom, seeing Caroline staring stupidly around the room. "I believe I have, Caroline."

"No…but…the bathtub," she stuttered, pointing at the Jacuzzi tub that fit two in the far corner. "And the shower!" It was a rather large one, with a rain head and other fancy features. "And the counter space." A large counter with two sinks and a full length mirror above it. "This is amazing."

"So you like the apartment?"

Caroline spun around and bounced into his arms as delicately as she could. "I love it! When are we moving in?"

"I'll place an offer right away," he smiled, hugging her in return. He breathed out a sigh of relief that she loved the apartment like he thought she would. His hand rested on the side of her abdomen and he managed to feel a soft kick right under his palm. He pulled away slightly in shock.

"Did you feel that?"

Klaus managed a weak nod, his gaze transfixed on his hand which was still placed over her stomach. Caroline gently laid her hand on top of his, giving it a light squeeze before feeling their daughter kick again, this time a little harder. "I think baby likes the apartment as well."

"I think she does too," he chuckled. Klaus took one last look at his future bedroom before gripping Caroline's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Ready to go?"

"Can we just stay here for a little while long?" She questioned, turning slightly to look up at him. Klaus nodded, wrapping his arms around her from behind, resting his chin on the top of her head.

A calmness fell over the two, both picturing the future of their apartment which would soon hold three members. Caroline imagined their daughter crawling into their bed in the early hours after a bad dream. Klaus was picturing lazy mornings in bed with Caroline and their daughter still in bed.

Their future was looking brighter by the second, and relief washed over Caroline at the realization that they now had a home an enough room for when their little girl came into the world. All that was left were little details, like moving and Klaus divorced being finalized.

Caroline sighed in contentment, eyes drifting out to the afternoon of the city through the windows in the room. She turned slightly to look up at Klaus, "ready to go?"

Klaus nodded once, letting go of her and stepping away. His hand finds hers, fingers intertwining and he gives her a strong squeeze before leading her down the hallway and back to the front door.

"I love it here. And I love you for finding this place." She said, taking him slightly off guard, her admission uncalled for but welcomed.

Klaus halted them in the hallway, just outside the unnoticed second bathroom, and gave her a kiss. "You know I'd do anything for you and our family." His free hand reached out and swiftly ran over her abdomen.

"I know now."

With a kiss to her forehead, they continued on their way out of their future apartment with plans of moving and lists being made.

Caroline sat on the couch of her apartment, bag of popcorn open at her side and her feet propped up on the coffee table while a movie played out on the television in front of her. She heard rustling come from the bedroom and crinkled her brow when she noticed the time.

"Hey, Klaus, hurry, you're going to be late for your divorce meeting."

Klaus popped out a second later, falling over his feet as he scrambled to the door while trying to put his jacket on. "I'm leaving now. It doesn't start for another half hour."

Caroline hummed, popping a piece of popcorn into her mouth, her eyes never leaving the television screen. She could hear Klaus fumble around the apartment behind her but knew he had everything under control. Her heart stopped when his lips pressed a firm kiss to forehead, catching her off guard.

She titled her head back and looked up at him, offering a reassuring smile. "Good luck."

He half smiled. "Thanks, I'll need it."

Her brow furrowed at his statement. "Shouldn't all the assets be split down the middle?"

"Yes, but knowing Tatia, she'll put up a fight."

"Ah, well good luck, I believe in you," she smiled, reaching up to give his hand a squeeze.

Klaus bent down and left a peck to her lips before taking off to the front door. "I should be back just after dinner."

"Don't worry about it," she yelled out to him. "The girls are coming over so we'll be ordering in."

"Save some for me," Klaus chuckled, throwing on his coat and grabbing his keys and wallet from the table by Caroline's front door.

"We'll try," she replied, sending him off with a wink before she turned her attention back to the television while he walked out the door.

After a hearty meal of Chinese food and multiple episodes of Sex and the City, Katherine got up from the couch slightly bored. Caroline was content beside Bonnie, her head resting on her shoulder, while Lexie sat on the lounge chair beside them reading a magazine. Bonnie spent the majority of the night texting Kol and making plans for later.

"There's nothing good to do now that you're so pregnant, Caroline," Katherine complained, throwing her a look over her shoulder as she scanned the apartment for something to do.

Caroline perked at her name, "What are you mumbling about?"

"Nothing," she mumbled, fingers scanning the bookshelf by the windows on the far wall. "It would just be nice not to be the only single friend in the group."

"That can easily be changed, Kat," Lexie smirked, moving her attention from the magazine and across the room to Katherine. "There's probably some guys at the bar I can set you up with."

Bonnie chuckled, "Bartender is so not Katherine's type."

"Her type is tailored suits and English accents," Caroline smirked, sending Katherine a wink.

Katherine groaned, "I need new friends."

The three girls across the room laughed at the over dramatic brunette. Katherine huffed and picked up the two books that were left on the kitchen table and sat down beside Bonnie on the couch. She tossed one of the books to Caroline and opened the other one.

"Since you guys are boring, let's find the perfect baby name for Caroline!" She exclaimed, her voice light with enthusiasm.

Bonnie raised an eyebrow asking if she was okay with it and Caroline just returned a shrug, letting Katherine do what she wanted was safest. She and Klaus hadn't really discussed names yet, just picked up books with plans to go through them. That was three weeks ago and they had remained untouched on her table forgotten about.

Caroline opened the book, starting with the A's after Katherine stated loudly she was starting with the K's because that was the best letting in the alphabet. Bonnie shared the book with Caroline and Lexie while listening to the names that listed and giving their opinion.

"So do we know if it's a boy or a girl?" Lexie questioned after Katherine had given a fifth option which had just been a different variation of her own name.

Bonnie sat up straighter, head tilted as she looked at Caroline. The question garnered Katherine's curiosity as she paused her ramblings and perked up to listen in on the conversation. Caroline fiddled with the book in her hands, "We know the gender but we want it to be a surprise for everyone."

"You what?!" Three sets of voices echoed, all in varying pitches.

Caroline flinched but quickly explained, "Well our surprise kind of got ruined so we wanted to surprise all our family and friends."

"So let me get this straight," Katherine started, leaning forward with a serious expression on her face. "You know the gender but aren't going to tell anyone?"

"Right," Caroline nodded, offering a smile to smooth things over.

"That sounds like fun!" Bonnie exclaimed, while Lexie hummed in approval. It was only Katherine who seemed slightly put off but with a nudge to the ribs from Bonnie she perked up. "That just means you'll have more names to choose from, maybe save some of our ideas away for the next baby."

"Oh, I love that idea!" Katherine immediately went back to her book, looking up names. The other three women laughed and returned to their own, writing down names that they thought suitable for baby Forbes-Miakelson.

"What about Olivia?" Lexie questioned, throwing out a random name.

Bonnie and Caroline nodded, quickly adding the name to the list. "I like Cecelia," Bonnie said, looking down at the section filled with C's.

"That sounds like a snobby rich kid's name," Katherine imputed, quickly adding, "No offense, Bon."

"The baby could go by Cece for short," Caroline tried, sounding out the name and how it rolled off her tongue. Bonnie scrunched up her nose and shook her head.

"Kat's right on that one," Lexie agreed. "What about Henry, if it's a boy? It's a classic."

Caroline hummed, thinking of the name and added it down when it met everyone's approval.

"The baby is half Mikaelson and you know they all have to have classy names, your baby can't be any different," Katherine said, looking up from her book and list. "Something like Charles or Amelia or Elizabeth."

"I like Elizabeth!"

"Yeah, write that down, Bon," Caroline agreed. "I like that name, it would be after my mother."

"And it's British," Katherine joked, earning a giggle from Lexie and Caroline.

"And it also has all these nicknames," Lexie added. "You have Lizzie, Liz, Beth, Ellie, Elle, the list is endless!"

The list of names grew as the four scoured through the baby books, a fair amount of names for both genders. Though Caroline kept an eye on all the girl names, secretly picking out the ones that were her favourite to bring up to Klaus at a later date.

Picking out a name for their baby was a thing that really should be done between the couple, but it was fun creating a large list of possibilities with her friends. She and Klaus can shorten it and pick their favorites together once things settle down.

It felt like Klaus was in the middle of a battlefield, vying for dominance against his soon-to-be-ex-wife. They had been arguing for what felt like days but he knew it had been a little longer than an hour. Tatia wanted ownership over all their assets and he wasn't willing to agree.

Stefan interjected when things became too much of a shouting match, trying to calm the two down but Mikael had sat there not saying a word. Klaus could feel the tension radiating between his father and his client; he noticed the glances that were exchanged the two.

He couldn't understand what was going on between the two, and why Tatia was fighting so strongly against the divorce agreements. Klaus just wanted it over with, he'd rather sell their property and split the income down the middle but Tatia didn't agree.

At the moment, they were arguing over which one of them obtained the deed to their American properties.

"You are not getting the house in the Hamptons!" Klaus shouted, leaning over the large oak conference table.

Tatia, who was sitting on the other side beside Mikael, snarled. "Why the hell not?"

"Because I'm giving you the apartment!" He growled, banging his fist on the table, his position arched forward and ready to pounce. Stefan tugged at his arm, pulling him back into his seat.

Tatia had fought tooth and nail for the apartment but Klaus was willing to easily give it up. He now had an apartment with Caroline to call their own and there was no way he wanted to hold on to an apartment that held memories of a failed marriage.

He was, however, not going to let her have both properties. It seemed unfair and he rather liked the vacation home in the Hamptons. It had never been used during their marriage and was practically untouched by his soon-to-be ex-wife, a fact that's rather appealing.

"I suggest we sell the properties with everything in it and split the profit down the middle," Stefan said, attempting to break the tension in the room.

Mikael, who had remained relatively quiet throughout the discussion, finally spoke up. "I suggest that is a wise investment, my client is willing to cooperate. Take the offer, Tatia."

The woman gaped at him, "I will not take the offer!"

Mikael leaned in close to Tatia, eyes threatening and body rigid. "You will take the offer."

His voice was low but Klaus heard him and could remember back to his childhood when that tone was used with him. Shivers ran down his spine and the slight fear he had for his father when he was a child washed through him. He looked over to Stefan who seemed as confused as him.

"Let's just get this bloody thing over with," Mikael growled, turning his attention back to the two men across from him.

Stefan nodded, pushing the divorce papers across the table. "I already had the papers drawn up with the settlement offers knowing that selling the properties was the course of action most likely to be taken. All they need is signatures."

Mikael nodded, grabbing the papers and pen that sat on top and pushed them in front of Tatia. "Sign them," he grunted.

Tatia rolled her eyes and pouted, anger bubbling underneath her skin at the force between Mikael's tone. Klaus could tell she was not happy with the settlement but he didn't care as long as she signed her name to those papers.

Once signed, they were passed across to Klaus who happily signed them with no complaints. A sense of relief washed over him as he signed the last line; it was finally over.

Stefan smiled and grabbed the copies, handing one set over to Mikael. "I'll file these right away."

When Stefan moved to get up from the table so did everyone else. The four adults moved to the end of the table, Stefan reaching forward to shake Mikael's hand. No words were spared before Mikael ushered Tatia out of the office.

Once the glass door shut behind them, Stefan clapped Klaus on the back. "Well this mess is all taken care of. What's your first order of business as a single man?"

Klaus chuckled, shaking his head. He definitely wasn't a single man even if he was just divorced. "Go home, get into bed with Caroline and just relax."

"Congratulations, Klaus," Stefan said, shaking Klaus' hand.

"For what?" He inquired, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

"The divorce, and for the baby on the way," Stefan laughed and shrugged. "Go home and celebrate."

"Will do," he replied eagerly, clapping his lawyer and friend on the shoulder before exiting out of the conference room.

Klaus exited the law office feeling much lighter and happier than hours before when he entered. It was a wonderful feeling and he was eager to return home to Caroline, share the news and begin to plan their life together.

He was just about to hail a cab when a familiar shrieking woman caught his attention. There, a few feet away Tatia yelled at Mikael. His attention piqued when she began to hit him with her purse.

Mikael reached out, gripping her arms and pushed her away from him. "This was your mess, you ruined this, not me!"

Klaus stepped forward, ready to step in between the two if things became more violent. He was curious of their relationship, not understanding and confused. By their tone, it sounded like they had more than a professional relationship.

"This was your plan! You were supposed to get me the money!" she yelled, fighting against his grip.

"Well you ruined that little plan when you fucked my son," Mikael growled.

Klaus tensed at the accusation, feeling more confused as ever. Why would Mikael be upset over that? Klaus was married to Tatia and didn't react this violently. He shook his head, trying to clear away the cloudiness, just wanting to understand what was going on between the two.

"Ugh! Let it go," she groaned, pulling out of his grip.

"Would you like to fuck my other son? You've fucked every other Mikaelson, why not him as well?" Mikael yelled, verbally attacking Tatia.

"And clearly that was a mistake. Did you know Elijah was a much better lover than you?" she shot back, smirking at the bite she just laid down.

Klaus stepped forward, unable to keep his distance with the knowledge he had just discovered. "You slept with Mikael?"

Tatia threw her head back and laughed, "Of course, I did. I was sleeping with him before we got married. It was all a rouse, Niklaus. I knew you never really loved me, I was just hoping you'd cheat or wait for the five years before I could collect my money." She paused, calming down. "It was all Mikaels' idea."

Klaus turned his gaze to Mikael who had stepped back from the fray. "You were planning to steal all my money? You're my father!" He spat.

"You are not my son," the older man replied simply, his arms crossed across his chest.

Klaus knew that Mikael wasn't his biological father; the man constantly reminded him growing up. But he was still his father, he raised him, taught him, let him grow and was a father in all ways that was supposed to matter. Klaus acted fast, pulling his right arm back and throwing a punch, catching Mikael in the nose.

A sickening crunch echoed and when Klaus stepped back, Mikael had his hand to his nose with blood gushing from beneath his fingers. "Son of a bitch!" Mikael yelled.

Klaus turned to Tatia who stood on the outside of the fray. "You got your money, just not how you planned."

Tatia didn't even appear apologetic, just turned to Mikael with a smirk. "Thanks!"

Klaus huffed, not bothering with a snarky comeback. The woman was out of his life now, the divorce was settled and there was no reason to continue talking to her. He turned on his heel leaving his ex-wife and father behind, never intending to see either again. His emotions were all over the place, moments ago they were joy but now varied between anger, disbelief and hurt.

Klaus returned to Caroline's apartment after making a stop at the bar just around the corner. He needed to cool off, collect his thoughts before returning home. He felt like a mess and didn't want to subject Caroline to his state.

When he entered her apartment, the lights were off and the television on loud. He quietly pulled off his suit jacket, placing it on a chair at the kitchen table and loosened his tie before throwing it over his coat. He was exhausted and just wanted to curl up into bed with Caroline.

When he rounded the corner into the living room, he found Caroline curled up on the couch with a blanket thrown over her. She was snoring softly, one hand resting lightly over her stomach in a protective hold. He smiled at the sight before quietly turning off the television and squatting down in front of Caroline.

He pushed a few fallen strands of her blonde hair behind her ear, his thumb gently stroking her jaw to wake her from her slumber. Caroline's eyelids slowly fluttered open and she blinked a few times before focusing her sleepy gaze up to him.

A soft smile grazed her lips and she relaxed slightly under his touch. "You're home late."

"Yeah, some things happened when I left today," he replied, keeping his voice low and soothing.

"What happened?" she questioned, her voice eager.

"I'll tell you everything tomorrow," he said, thinking back about everything that happened an hour ago with his father.

She shook her head as she began to sit up. "No, tell me now."


"Something happened and I can tell you're affected by it. Tell me," she urged, pulling him up on the couch to sit beside her.

Klaus sat silently beside her for a few minutes trying to gather his thoughts. He was still trying to make sense of things, how his father could betray him like that, and how Tatia could enter a marriage as a ploy. It hurt to be betrayed and he wasn't proud to admit it.

He felt Caroline squeeze his hand, bringing him back to the present. Klaus looked up at her to see her face full of concern that he felt himself crumbling and the events of the past few hours come spilling out.

"I found out tonight that Tatia was having an affair with my father. They concocted this ploy for her to marry and take all my money once the five years were up or I cheated."

Caroline gasped, outrage pouring through her. "You said it was Tatia and your father?"

Klaus nodded. "He wanted all my money. I asked him how he could do that, but he just said he's not my father and he was basically getting his revenge."

"Wow," Caroline breathed out, trying to wrap her head around everything. "And how are you feeling about everything?"

"Like a fucking idiot," he laughed out, shaking his head. Caroline felt her heart tighten at the hurt he was feeling. "I wasted a year of my life with that woman and it meant absolutely nothing. And the betrayal of my father? I never saw it coming."

"He's your father, Klaus, he should have never done something like that. Neither of them should have if they had an ounce of self-respect or even cared for you. It's unbelievable what some people would do."

"He's not really my father though, and Tatia's always been a manipulative bitch. I should have seen it coming," he whispered, mostly to himself.

Caroline squeezed his hand to bring his attention back to her. "You would have never seen something like this happen. You trusted these people and never expecting them to just be out for your money."

Klaus sighed, "I know."

Caroline sensed the things he wasn't saying but didn't want to push him. There were still things that he needed to process and with everything still fresh, she knew it would be hard. All she could do now was lend her support as he dealt with the feelings of betrayal.

She turned slightly, resting her hand on his cheek and turning his head to look at her. "But at least all this is over. Tatia only got a hold of minor things and you're now free from both of them."

Klaus managed a small smile, his head relaxing into the palm of her hand. "You're right, it's over. And now we can start our life together."

Caroline leaned forward, kissing him. She pulled back with an uncontrollable smile. "Me, you, and baby girl Mikaelson," she agreed quietly, her hand falling to her swollen stomach.

Klaus bent down and gave her belly a kiss before reaching for her hands, pulling her up off the couch. "Let's go to bed."

Caroline sighed and nodded, getting up and following his lead into the bedroom.

Once Klaus was undressed and in bed beside Caroline, he tugged her closer to him so she was curled against him, her head on his chest. His hand reached out, smoothing over her hair. "I love you, Klaus," she said quietly, twisting to look up at him.

Klaus leaned down and kissed the top of her head. "I love you too, sweetheart, and I promise to love you for the rest of our lives."

It was almost hard to believe that they had made it out the other side, still together and intact. An affair, a court trial, pregnancy and they were still in love and stronger than the day before. Unlike before, Klaus knew she was it. She was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and he wasn't going to deny it anymore.

Caroline was his love and would one day be his wife.

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