"ARRRGH!" screamed Zim as his latest attempt to take over the Earth was thwarted by Dib...again. "That filthy Earth-monkey has gotten in my way for the last time. After all these years he's still managed to stop me." It was 7 years ago that Zim first landed on Earth, and throughout them all, Dib has somehow managed to keep Zim from taking over. Zim stomped around his lair, throwing whatever he could get his hands on in various directions. After about 15 minutes of rage, he stomped over to his elevator to go to the surface when.


His head smacked against against the top of the elevator. He rubbed the bump on his head and noticed it was shorter. Zim widened his eyes and ran towards a blank computer screen. He looked at himself and smiled. "YES. THE ALMIGHTY ZIM HAS GROWN AGAIN!" he screamed as he saw that his height, which seemed to increase during his time on the planet, had shot up again. He was 6'3, approximately 2 inches taller than Dib, and aside from his wig, which was longer and thicker, nothing else about him changed. He had gained some muscle to go with his height, all thanks to the, as Zim calls it, 'Earth garbage' that he's been forced to eat. He felt giddy at his new height, but it was short lived when.

"PIGGIES!" screamed his S.I.R. unit as it ran through the lair, knocking Zim off his feet and leaving him to fall on his face. Zim picked himself up and stared at Gir as he was running around for no reason once again. His eye twitched as he stood up.


"Yes, my master?" said Gir as he saluted Zim with red eyes.

"Your master is in no mood for you idiocy today. Go watch T.V. and stop making noise."

"OKIE DOKIE!" Gir screamed as his eyes turned back to blue. As he ran up the elevator, Zim sat down at his main computer and started typing a few keys, bringing up an old recording from 4 years ago.


"Fake?" Zim asked in slight disbelief.

"Yes Zim. Fake." Tallest Red explained. "Your mission to conquer this planet was nothing but a ruse to get you as far away from us as possible."

"Yeah." Tallest Purple said. "Truth be told, we all thought you'd just float through space until you died. We just went along because it was funny watching you blather on about how your 'Mission' was gonna help bring the universe to it's knees."

"But now, it's gotten boring watching this facade, so we're going to do what we should've done in the first place." Red said with a grin on his face. "Zim, you are hereby exiled to live out the rest of your days on Earth. We will not be answering your calls, and are hereby cutting you supply line. Goodbye Zim." He reached for the control panel to end the transmission, but paused to say "And good riddance."

The transmission ended, leaving Zim to stare at the screen. Seconds felt like hours as Zim just stood there, letting each word sink in. The color in his ruby eyes faded a bit, leaving them a dull and lifeless. Zim slowly gripped his hands into fists, clenching and shaking so hand that drew blood. He then let out a feral, Earth shattering scream that went on for miles before destroying everything in sight. His lab was in shambles when his strength finally left him. His anger however, seemed to burn brighter than all the stars in the universe. His leaders, whom he idolized, were laughing at him all this time, and he just followed them blindly. He layed on the cold floor of what used to be his lair, tears of sorrow streaming from his eyes. His world went black after what felt like hours of crying.


"Why do I still bother trying to take over this dirtball planet anyway?" Zim groaned as he stared at the video that ended 10 minutes ago. Suddenly, a pair of hands appeared over his eyes, blocking his view. Zim groaned at the darkness.

"Gir. Release my eyes." he said in a bored, but commanding tone. The hands just squeezed his eyes for a few seconds. "Owowowow!"

"Hmph. Since when do I take orders from you?"

Zim's attenae perked at the sound of the voice, lifting his eyes and mood as he turned around in his chair. He stared at the unknown guest that had entered his lair.

"Gaz." he said as he stared at her. Gaz had grown as well. She was 17 years old, around 5'7, and her hair was in a downward fashion, covering her amber eyes and reaching past her shoulders. She had curves, long legs, trim waist, full breasts, and a nice ass. She was, lack of a better word, hot. She also, unsurprisingly, had an attitude to match. Her outfit remained nearly the same, except for the steel toed combat boots, spiked choker, and fingerless biker gloves.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit Dib-stink's sister?" Zim said with a hint of humor in his tone.

"Dib's ranting about you again, so I came here to get away." she said with a bored tone as she sat next to him and pressed a few buttons. After a moment, a game control appeared as the screen displayed 'Vampire Pigeddon 2. Rise of the NetherPigs.'

"Has he figured out that we're dating yet?"

"If he did, he'd never leave me alone about it." she scoffed as she beheaded another vampiggy. "And he says you can't be trusted, while he sess Tak anytime he wants."

"Yes." Zim growled in a low tone. "If only I could enslave this planet and be rid of him." He was then sent across the room and slammed into a wall, leaving a dent in the metal. He opened his eyes to see Gaz looking at him with anger in her stare and her fist smoking after her punch.

"He may be a pain in the ass, but he's still my brother Zim." she hissed.

"Apologies Gaz." Zim groaned as he pulled himself off the wall. "As you humans say 'Old habits die hard." She stared for a bit before returning to her game. He shrugged it off and went for the elevator. "I'm heading back up. Call if you need anything Gaz." Zim said before ascending the elevator. When he reached the surface, he was met with Gir running around like usual. He just shook his head as he made for the couch. He sunk into couch and began flipping through the channels, waiting a few seconds before changing to the next. He decided that nothing on was good and was about to switch it off before a commercial caught his attention.

"Tired of old buildings, old streets, and old everything?" said a man on the screen. "Then stop complaining already and get over to Futurezone. Nothing old and rusty here. Everything new. Robot servants. Entertainment. Food. Futurezone. The Future is where it's at."


The remote fell out of Zim's hands as he slowly opened his eyes. A grin fell across his face as he began to snicker, which grew to a chuckle, and ending in maniacal laughter. Gir stopped what he was doing and laughed alongside Zim for the heck of it.


"This time Zim, I'll expose you for the alien scum that you arOWWW." screamed Dib as he hopped on one foot, his other foot crushed under his's partner's boot. Dib was 18, and had the same attire from when he was a kid, just longer and with tons of technology imbued into the fabric. His hair was longer and still shaped into a lighting bolt just like his father's hair. He too had gained muscle from all the years of trying to expose Zim as an alien. After he was done hopping, he rubbed his sore foot while he looked at his partner in crime, Tak.

"You seem to forget that I'M an alien, so knock it off with that 'alien scum' nonsense." she growled. Tak had changed as well, growing to a height of 5'9. Her disguise had longer hair that hid most of her right eye, while hiding her left eye completely. She also had on steel toed boots with zippers up the side, and a nose ring. Other than that, her disguise was the same. Her figure, however, almost rivaled Gaz's. She had a thin waist, ample breasts, nice legs, and small butt round ass. Boys often chased her as well, which ended with many broken hearts, and limbs, in the end. She looked back at Zim's house that they were staking out at the moment. "But I do agree that this time, Zim will pay for ruining my life." she growled with venom dripping from her voice.

"Question is, how do we get in?" Dib asked, holding his hand to his chin. Tak just looked at him, as if to ask "Really?". She just shook her head in disbelief.

"Mimi." TAk called. Her S.I.R. unit, Mimi, appeared before her in her cat disguise, awaiting orders. "Keep that idiot S.I.R. unit of Zim's busy." Her robot nodded and sped off, going through the open window in Zim's base. She spotted Gir and lowered her eyes at the idiotic robot. She then rushed in and tackled Gir to the ground. While she fought with Gir, Dib and Tak walked inside and made their way over to the elevator and down to Zim's lab. When they arrived, they immediately hid behind some machinery, as Zim was tweaking with a giant hoop looking device.


(15 minutes earlier)

Zim ran back into his lab, smiling at his new plan. He ran past Gaz, who was looking for Zim for a soda, and kept running towards a storage room. He looked around, hoping to find his target. He then spotted a giant white sheet covering something and laughed insanely. As he approached the sheet, Gaz walked in and just stared blankly at the sheet.

"What's this?" she asked in monotone voice.

"The key to ruling the planet." Zim answered as he pulled the sheet off, revealing his old time invention. "With this, I'll be able to conquer the planet with ease."

"Didn't you tell me you already tried this once?" Gaz asked in a bored tone. Zim looked at her with a smile.

"Indeed. But this time" he paused to laugh "this 'time' ha ha, will be differnent." he said while laughing some more. He stopped when Gaz kicked him in the shin for his bad joke.

(Present time)

Zim was tweaking the device for some time, until he slapped the control panel back into place and began typing in some commands.

"So what part of my brother's past are you gonna mess with this time?" Gaz asked with a rare hint of actual curiosity. Unknown to both of them, Tak, who had to keep Dib from exposing them by asking why his sister was in Zim's base, were listening as well.

"Not this time Gaz." Zim said. "This time, I'm aiming for the future." Gaz raised an eyebrow as Zim looked back to her. "The plan is simple. With the new modifications to my time machine, I'll travel to the future, meet myself, bring back some technology that the Dib-worm won't have time to stop, and use it to ENSLAVE ALL MANKIND!" He began laughing into the air, then stopped to see Gaz's reaction. She opened an eye at him, then closed it just as quickly. Zim then turned back to the panel and began typing again. "Let's see...20 years sounds good." he said as he hit a button which activated the portal. He stood back to marvel at his idea again. "Wish me luck Gaz." he said. He took two steps before being pulled back by a pair of spider legs. "WHAT IS THIS? WHO DARES KEEP ZIM FROM HIS DESTINY?" he screamed as he looked at the legs owner. His eyes widened from the sight of Tak without her disguise with Dib beside her looking smug. "Tak and the Dib-worm? HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE BASE OF ZIM?





"...We came in since your security wasn't activated." Tak finally managed to say.

"If you think I'm gonna just stand by and let you get help from the future, you're more insane than I thought." Dib shouted. He started towards the control panel, but was stopped by a spider leg from Zim's pak. Zim then used his other legs to pry himself away from Tak's grasp and land on his feet. He then jumped Dib and began to scuffle with him. While they were fighting, Tak and Gaz were glaring at each other.

"Hello Gaz." Tak said in a calm voice.

"Tak." Gaz replied in annoyance. "Why would you help the biggest alien hater on the planet anyway?"

"Simple. We both despise Zim. Nothing more."

"Good luck with that." Gaz said as she headed for the elevator.

"MIMI!" Tak shouted. A dark blue blur flew down the elevator, and appeared next to her master. Tak whispered something into Mimi's ear, then watched as Mimi zoomed and circled Gaz before returning to her master. "Oh Gaz." she said in a low tone. "Missing something?" Gaz turned around to see Tak holding a gameslave 4. HER gameslave 4. Gaz checked herself, then spun and growled at Tak.

"Give me back my gameslave and I'll make your death quick." she threatened.

"Come and get it Gaz." Tak replied as a leg took the device and disappeared into her pak. The two then began a fight of their own. As both fights continued, Zim looked out the corner of his eye and saw Mimi behind Gaz, ready to strike with her spearlike tail.

"GIR! TAKE CARE OF MIMI!" screamed Zim. In an instant, Gir came out of nowhere and knocked Mimi out of the way. Mimi stood up and glared at Gir, while Gir looked at her and just smiled. He just stared at Mimi until saw a rubby piggy on top of the time machine. He stared in awe as it slowly fell of the machine and into the vortex.

"PIGGYYYYYY!" shrieked Gir as he then rocketed towards the vortex. In doing so, he rammed into Mimi and dragged her with him. As he flew closer, he ran into Tak. Gaz saw him beforehand and moved away, letting him pass by. He then flew and collided with Zim and Dib and dragged them all with him into the portal. The portal started to close, but stayed open long enough for Gaz to walk through. As she approached, she thought to herself 'She WILL pay for taking what's mine.' She entered the portal just as it closed, leaving the lab in utter silence. The computer flicked on after a moment and mumbled "What I miss?"