Gaz slowly opened her eyes as she woke from her sleep. She slowly sat up before she rubbed her eyes and looked around the room she was in. The walls were a plain blue, a dresser, a bedside table with a vase and a black rose sticking out of it. Gaz yawned before her stomach grumbled with hunger and she froze. At the thought of her stomach, memories began flooding back to her as she remembered what her older self said. She looked down to see that she was in a simple bed with blue covers before throwing them off to look at herself. She wasn't wearing much except for a plain white shirt and her black underwear. She was about ready to scream just to let out her confusion and anger, but a knock at the door stopped her from doing so.

"Gaz? You awake?" came a voice. She recognized that voice. Any other time, she'd greet it with a quick opening of the door and a fist in their face. This time, however, she was glad at who it was on the other side as she quickly walked over and opened the door to her brother. He was wearing a black T-shirt, sweatpants, and white socks.

"Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to see you Dib." she said as she hugged her brother. No one could blame Dib for the confusion and shock he was feeling, but it passed as he hugged his sister. She backed out of the hug before she looked around. The were in what looked like a very big, mansion like house. "Where are we Dib?"

"I don't know," he said as he looked around as well. "But I don't wanna stick around. Let's get out of here." They were about to leave before Dib stopped them. "After you get some pants." he said pointing at her bare legs. Gaz walked back into the room she was in, leaving Dib to nurse he newly blackened eye. As Gaz was slipping on some pajama bottoms, she noticed something in the corner of her eye. It was an unmoving Gir sitting in the corner. Gaz walked over to him and picked him up, only to find him sleeping and twitching in his dreams.

"Gir?" she said as she shook him gently. "Gir. Wake up." she said. Gir slowly opened his eyes and looked at her. Gaz pulled her hand back as she looked at Gir. "What's with the green eyes Gir?"

"Gir?" the little robot said before laughing and running out of the room, crashing into Dib.

"Ow! Watch where you're going Gir!" Dib shouted.

"Stop calling me Gir. I'm Mir." the robot said before running off.

"Mir?" Gaz and Dib said before going after it. As they ran, they looked around the place. It was full of technology they hadn't seen, even at Membrane Labs. They came up to a door that read 'Living Room' where Mir had run through. They followed him through the door, but only Dib kept running after him until he noticed Gaz wasn't there. He turned around to see Gaz standing there, frozen and wide eyed. She was looking off to her left and said nothing at all.

"Gaz! What are you looking at?" Dib asked as he ran back to Gaz. She didn't respond at all as she kept staring at whatever got her attention. Dib followed her gaze to see why she became a zombie. There before both of them was something that Gaz could only dream about. Multiple gaming systems, 12 jumbo flatscreen TVs, snack dispensers, and so much more was before her.

"Whoa." was all Gaz could say in a quiet voice.

"This can only be your house Gaz." Dib said in a equally quiet tone. "Only you would have this many games and TV's in one place."

"You like?" came a voice behind them both. Both of them jumped and spun around to see older Gaz stading behind them. She was wearing a tight black shirt, simple blue jeans, and black and purple sneakers.

"What is all this?" Dib asked.

"The living room. What else?" she said, as if he was stupid. "Didn't you read the door?"

"It looks more like a gaming area." Dib said.

"It's my house. What did you expect the living room to look like?" she asked witha smirk.

"Good point." Dib said.

"Wanna try out some games Gaz?" she asked her younger self

"You have to ask?" she said.

"Who are these two Mom?" said a young voice behind them all. Everyone looked to see what appeared to be another Gaz. She had the same hair color, hair style, and even the same clothing, but was a little shorter than young Gaz. She wore black combat boots, black biker gloves, black nail polish, black eyeliner, a black and purple striped top, and black shorts with black stockings. But what really got their attention was her eyes and teeth. Her eyes were of an Irken in look and amber in color. Her teeth were the same zipper like teeth as an irken as well.

"Another Gaz?" Dib said in shock. Older Gaz only chuckled.

"Emily, meet a younger version of me and your uncle." older Gaz said before looking at Gaz and Dib. "Me, Dib, meet my daughter Emily."

"Daughter?" they both said.

"Past versions?" Emily asked before she sighed. "Another fathead?"

"Hey!" Dib said. Both Gaz's held in a giggle at that.

"Now be nice Emily." Older Gaz said. "It's Uncle Fathead, remember?"

"HEY!" Dib shouted. A few chuckles escaped from Gaz as she tried not to explode with laughter.

"So they're awake huh?" said older Zim as he walked into the room. He wasn't wearing his disguise and was in a modified version of his Invader uniform. "I was wondering when big head and younger Gaz would wake."

"He- oh nevermind." Dib sighed in defeat. "Anyway, where's Tak?"

"And Zim." Gaz asked.

"In the Blueprint room." Zim said before his pak opened up and a communicator came to his face. "Gir. Come here."

"Yes my master." said Gir over the line before he was next to them all in a few seconds. His eyes were red but changed to purple. "Need something?"

"Take these two to the Blueprint room." Zim ordered. "I've gotta go attend to some things."

"Yes sir." Gir said before he looked at Gaz and Dib. "Follow me."

"I'll come too. I've got nothing better to do anyway." older Gaz said as she, Gaz, Dib, and Emily all followed Gir through the giant house. As they walked, Gaz remembered last night.

"What happened in that limo?"

"You took one look at my stomach and passed out." older Gaz said as she looked down at her stomach.

"Oh yeah." Gaz said as she saw it squirm again. She shuddered at seeing it move. She then whispered so Dib couldn't hear. "So...Zim has a-"


"So you two-"

"Uh huh." older Gaz said. A small blush came over young Gaz's face as they continued walking through the building.

"So, this whole house belongs to you and Zim?" Dib asked.

"That's right. It's mostly for show though." Older Gaz said as they came to a door that read BluePrint Room. "This is it."

"Why all these stupid names?" Gaz asked.

"It was a gift from Dad. He still sees us as kids, so he had them labeled." Older Gaz said. They all walked in to find it wall to wall covered in blueprints and scrap paper. Inside were Zim, Tak, Mimi, and the older versions of Dib, Tak, and Mimi.

"They live." Older Tak said with a chuckle.

"These ideas..." young Zim said as his eyes were glued to the blueprints everywhere.

"When did you two get here?" Dib asked the older versions.

"An hour ago." his older self said.

"Hey Uncle Fathead." Emily said. Older Dib sighed at that.

"My head's not that big." he said in a whisper.

"Yes it is." everyone but young Dib said.

"Anyway," young Tak said. "These ideas are incredible. Who made them? Your father, Professor Membrane?"

"No." older Dib said. "He's...well..."

"He's gone insane." older Gaz finished. "He's still smart, but it consumed him to the point that he couldn't tell what was reality anymore.

"Oh..." Gaz and Dib said looking down. He may not have been there for them that often, but they still loved him.

"Whose are they then?" Gaz asked. "They can't be Zim's. These all make sense."

"HEY!" Zim shouted as everyone was laughing.

"They're not Zim's either." older Gaz said. "Nor mine."

"Then who?" all the younger selves asked. Before anyone could answer, they all heard a familiar screeching coming from outside the door. What was strange was they heard two of them

"GIR!" younger Zim shouted as he opened the door. He was about to yell again, but stopped at what he saw. Everyone looked to see not one, but two little screeching robot's running in the halls. One had blue eyes so they knew he was Gir, while the other had green eyes, telling them all he was Mir. Mir saw them all before he ran off screaming somewhere.

"Who's the green eyed robot?" Tak asked.

"How about we all meet in the living room, then we can explain." older Gaz said.

"That would be great." Dib said. "I feel like my head's going to explode."

"As big as it is, I'm amazed it hasn't already." Tak said.

"Whose side are you on?" Dib said as everyone laughed as they left.


Mir ran into a dark room somewhere in the mansion. He looked up to see a figure floating in a giant orb. "Hi Master!"

"Hello Mir." the figure said in a male voice. "Did you find out who the visitors are?"

"Yes Master. It's your parents from the past." Mir said. The figure's eyes opened a bit, revealing one red orb for a left eye, and an amber colored eye for the right.

"Is that so?"

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