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Chapter One


I was instructing a daughter of Iris on how to approach pegasi so they would accept you when Connor Stoll rushed in. Children of Iris were normally great equestrians, but for some reason the pegasus she liked, a white mare with a hint of gold (Annabeth says palomino, but whatever) was shy around her. I'd just finished informing her on how to groom pegasus wings when Connor Stoll bursted in.

I'll admit, Connor was the last person I'd been expecting. You see, after his and Travis' prank on the Nemesis cabin went crazily wrong and resulted in them being cursed with bad luck for a week, Chiron took it a bit further and sentenced them to two weeks of stable-cleaning duty, without help from the nymphs. Publicly, Connor and Travis complained that their shirts still smelled of stables. Privately, the pegasi had told me it was the worst two weeks of their life.

Anyway, as soon as he came in, he said, "Percy, Chiron wants to see you in the Big House," before rushing out again, one hand on his nose. I gave the daughter of Iris an apologetic smile and left for the Big House rec room.

When I finally got there, half the counsellors were already there. I saw Piper, Nico, Travis, Clarisse, Katie, Will and my beautiful Annabeth all sitting in front of the table. Nico and Katie were trying to best each other's powers – Katie was making a plant bloom, and Nico was trying to stifle it with shadows. It made a pretty strange sight, a row of wilted flowers all around the edge of the table. Piper was whisper-charmspeaking Travis into giving her purse back, and Will was watching Clarisse polish her spear with a half-annoyed look on his face. Probably annoyed because he knew he was going to have to fix the injuries caused by the spear.

I took a seat next to Annabeth and gave her a peck on the cheek. She smiled back at me, moving and revealing a notebook on her lap. There was a design of a statue on the paper, of somebody with a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back.

"Apollo?" I enquired, causing her to grin.

"Right. What do you think about it? Does it look like him?"

I studied the paper closely. "Well, I think Apollo's cheekbones are a bit more pronounced, just a bit, and his hair is normally a bit more tousled. That's based on the last time I saw him, the party…" I trailed off, wincing slightly at the reminder.

My girlfriend grimaced as well. "Don't remind me. I think that mentally scarred all of us, even Ares' kids." She would probably have said more, but just then Connor crashed through the door with Leo and Lou Ellen.

"Ah, excellent, Connor. Good, you're all here," said Chiron. I started to feel nervous. The Giant War had been less than eight months ago, and we (the seven) still had terrifying nightmares every second night. I really, really hoped we weren't about to get ready to save the world again. Isn't two times, like, the max for the saving-the-world deal? Although, knowing my luck, that deal probably wasn't for me. It was far more likely that I'd got saddled with the save-the-world-every-year-once-you-turn-twelve deal.

Leo voiced my question, and, thank the gods, Chiron shook his head. "Nothing quite of that kind. It's likely to be much, much easier. How much do you know of wizards and witches, heroes?"

"Aren't they the black pointy hat people waving sticks on Halloween?" asked Travis.

Lou sighed. "Gods, Travis, you're so dense sometimes. Ages ago, my mother, Hecate, blessed a group of mortals with magic. Chiron's talking about their descendants. Is that right, Chiron?"

Chiron nodded. "Yes, my dear." Travis grumbled something about not everyone being know-it-all magical people. "Now, in their world, they are facing a Dark Wizard, which is a wizard who has used magic for dark purposes. He is called Lord Voldemort, and he –"

If Chiron had wanted to keep our attention, he really shouldn't have said 'Voldemort', because as soon as he had uttered the name, we all burst out laughing.

"Voldyshorts? Chiron, did I hear you right? Oh my gods… Voldyshorts! Voldyshorts!" Travis was gasping for breath.

"Voldeywarts... I… can't…breathe." Connor gulped frantically for air.

"Mouldy Warts? He is so creative… Chiron, you're serious?" Leo was rolling on the floor, laughing like crazy.

"Moldy Shorts. Someone needs to do his laundry." I snickered, trying – and succeeding – to not roll on the floor and lose all semblance of dignity. Then again, even Piper and Clarisse were laughing aloud, and they had the most control over their emotions out of all of us.

Chiron waited patiently until we stopped laughing. "Now, as I was saying, he is a dark wizard. About fifteen years ago, he tried to kill a boy named Harry Potter. For reasons we may never fully understand, Voldemort's curse rebounded and hit himself instead. But last year Voldemort returned, using an ancient ritual, and attempted to kill Harry. So far so good?"

We all nodded, and Annabeth went to the main question. "So we are going on a quest to protect this Harry Potter?" she asked.

Chiron nodded. "Yes, Annabeth. You will all reveal yourselves at the start-of-term feast. The aim is to make yourselves known to Voldemort and his allies. After that, you have plenty of options and plans, and I'm sure you, Annabeth, will be the person who comes up with a lot of them. Just be careful which course you take."

Annabeth nodded. I could already see the gears turning in her mind as she processed a million ideas at once. She would probably dismiss half of them later.

Katie raised her hand. "Who will be going?"

"A good question, Katie. The answer is all of you. Pollux will be staying here as his father does not approve of quests in general –" That explained why out of all the (original) cabin leaders, he was missing, "-and Malcolm and Chris will be going also. Jason, Frank, Hazel and Thalia will be there as well." Piper's eyes brightened – we all knew she missed him, but Jason had to deal with Camp J stuff (namely, discrediting Octavian).

"You will be going on the Argo, this is to avoid Zeus and Poseidon's… annoyance. The school, by the way, is in Britain. Nobody –" Annabeth, Clarisse and I shared looks of amusement "- can pinpoint the exact location, but Festus should be able to locate it. Oh, and try not to kill each other on the trip." I silently snorted. Even if they were the best of friends (which we weren't), five kids of the Big Three were bound to start an argument, and it was likely to be sooner than later. Then again, five kids of the Big Three would probably attract an army of monsters, so maybe we'd be too busy repelling monsters and wouldn't have time to argue like we usually do. Our combined scent was probably the equivalent of screaming, "ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET" to monsters. Not that we were easily defeated and all, but it kind of gets annoying. Oh, and not to mention that another half-dozen demigods would be with us, including all members of the Seven. We might as well send up flares and use normal cell phones every second.

"Now, the school term starts on September 1st. That gives you just over a week to sort everything out, including seconds-in-command. By then, Jason, Hazel, Thalia and Frank will have arrived. When you arrive, display a bit of your power. Wizards like shows, and whichever way you choose to defeat Voldemort, this will certainly arrive as news for him and will aid you, regardless of whichever course you plan to take."

"Now, in the wizarding world, Voldemort terrifies people so much, they refuse to speak his name, calling him You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This is superstition, unlike monster names – feel free to call him whatever you want, unless you plan on infiltrating his ranks of course. I highly doubt he will take kindly to being called Moldy Shorts by one of his 'followers'. And one more thing: wizard spells have very little effect on demigods because of the immortal blood in your veins. Lou's spells effect you because she is a demigod herself and magic casted from a demigod does have some effect on another demigod. The gods will be providing you with weaponry and armor for monster attacks – yes, the Laws forbid them from interfering in a quest, but this is more of a request for aid than a quest, so they can help and have decided to. For the same reason, we do not need – or, indeed, have – a prophecy. Hecate will bless you with magic for the duration of your stay at the school. Lou, I strongly suggest you update their wards – their current ones are in shambles, there's even a curse on a teaching position that nobody has removed. Piper, Leo, Nico, Percy, Annabeth – I know it's been less than a year, but Voldemort on a monster scale would barely rank at a hellhound." At this, everybody released sighs of relief. "Think of it as a break. Any questions?"

"Before we introduce ourselves, who will know who we are?" asked Will. "Someone needs to tell the wizards about Greek mythology, and there's no way in Hades that it's going to be me." Nico muttered something about the desecration of his dad's name.

"The headmaster of the school, Albus Dumbledore, has it covered," said Chiron.

Another sigh of relief – we wouldn't have to go through explanations to clueless wizards. Thank gods.

"Will we have wands?" asked Nico.

"Yes, Hecate herself has charmed them to help you 'fit in'," said Chiron. "She informed me that she will present them personally to you before you leave." Lou smiled. I would too if I was going to see my dad again. "Is there anything else?"

"Who commissioned this quest – I mean, request for aid?" asked Clarisse.

"Lady Hecate was worried about the prospects of her world, she therefore approached Albus Dumbledore – as a mysterious woman – asking if he was willing to accept powerful outside help bring a swifter end to the approaching fight. He agreed, so she sent this request. Anything else?"

When we all shook our heads, Chiron said, "I think you should enlighten Malcolm and Chris now."

We all got up and headed for the door. Connor though had one last question. With his hand on the frame (he was the first at the door) he said, "Chiron, you never told us what the name of the school would be. It was always 'the school'. What's the name of the school?" We all stopped, turning to look at him.

Chiron seemed to debate with himself for a second, as if wondering whether to trust us – or maybe wondering what our reactions would be. After an eternity, he said one word.


We stared at him. He looked right back at us. I swear you could have heard a pin drop in the room.

Then every single last one of us – even Nico and the girls – doubled over and started laughing.

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