7 years later.

Or something like that.


Small hands tugged insistently on Kakashi's pants. "We're gonna be late. Uncle 'Ruka said late is not ok."

Kakashi bent down obligingly to sweep his daughter up in his arms. "Where did I go wrong with you?" He gave a mournful sigh over his child's distressingly time-abiding nature.

"Wanting to be on time isn't a bad thing," Naruto chided, shooing them all out the door.

The ANBU guard on the roof gave her a dirty look.

"As I say, not as I do!" The blonde called up to Hawk with a jaunty wave before setting a brisk pace down the street.

The five year old mimicked her mother and waved to the masked ninja cheerfully. "Buh-bye Birdie!"

"Hawk, puppy." Kakashi corrected, already knowing he'd be ignored. Hawk and Raven and Eagle all went by 'Birdie,' in his daughter's world.

"Do you have your bento?" Naruto asked, prattling off a list of items— more to remind herself that she hadn't made a grievous error as a mother than because she was worried the girl had forgotten anything.


"Pencils?" Naruto tried to wrestle her blonde hair into a twist that she could pin in place.

"Yes." The girl's hair was already smoothly styled into pigtails, not a strand out of place.

Kakashi did their daughter's hair.

"Notebook?" Naruto mumbled, mouth full of hair clip.




Naruto paused, brows furrowed, clearly trying to recall what else her child was supposed to bring.

"Smoke bomb?" Interjected Kakashi, attempting to be helpful.

"Maybe." His daughter admitted with a sly giggle.

"Oh no," moaned Naruto fitfully as they arrived at their destination, joining the throng of other parents and children eagerly anticipating the first day of school. "Not on the first day. I mean, that's totally ok, but I've already had your teacher in my office every day this week on the verge of a nervous breakdown about leading his first class this year. You should really give Konohamaru-Sensei at least 24 hours. He's already a bit of a mess."

Kakashi nodded gravely. "That's right. It's always best to lull your opponents into a false sense of security."

"What horrible advice are you giving my god-daughter?" Sakura peered suspiciously over Kakashi's shoulder, as if summoned by the mere mention of mischief.

"You look so pretty, puppy!" Sakura cooed at girl, reaching out to playfully tug one of the ribbons holding her silver pigtails. "You go in there and charm their socks off! Remember, you catch more flies with honey." Sakura winked at her.

"Right." The little girl nodded obediently. Kakashi doubted Sakura heard his daughter mutter that she had that too. His child probably had a different interpretation of Sakura's words of wisdom.

"Down, Daddy." Demanded the kid, squirming to be released.

Naruto knelt down to give out a hug. "Have fun, ok? And be mostly good."

"Big kids don't need hugs," sniffed a familiar childish voice.

"Ryosuke," scolded Sasuke tiredly, as if he'd said the same name in the same tone ten times today already. The man stopped next to Sakura, their son shifting impatiently as far in front of them he could be without being reprimanded to stand closer.

Kakashi eyed his god-son and once again prayed fervently to whatever deity might actually bother to still pay attention to him for Sasuke and Sakura's continued good health.

"He's going through that independent phase," Sakura said with a strained smile.

"Ah," Kakashi nodded knowingly. Ryosuke had been going through that 'independent phase' since he was a day old. The boy's first word was 'no,' followed closely by 'mine.' Then the brat promptly refused to speak at all until he could verbalize complete, grammatically perfect sentences.

His own child continued to give her mother a prolonged hug, just to spite the boy.

And then she reached up to him. "Hug, Daddy." Kakashi knelt down, hugging her tight and kissing the top of her smooth silver hair. "Be good pup." He leaned in close, as if sharing a secret. "That means don't do anything I would have done, and do everything your mother did."

"Right!" She laughed at him and clapped her hands, and stood on tip-toe to kiss his cheek.

The bells chimed and the Academy doors opened. Kakashi could see a flustered Konohamaru trying to identify his own students among the multitude of milling children.

They locked eyes briefly and Konohamaru made his way over to them.

"You, Little Miss Blue Eyes!" He pointed at Kakashi's daughter, who had her fingers clenched tight in her father's pants.

"And you, Sullen Sulky Brat!"

Ryosuke scowled, offended.

"You're both with me got it!" Konohamaru rose with a sigh.

"Tough first day?" Kakashi tried to appear sympathetic. Naruto was making her best understanding hum at his shoulder.

"How am I supposed to find them all," Konohamaru whined, eyes darting around wildly. "They're all so short and they all look the same!"

"It'll get easier with time." Kakashi advised, as if he actually knew what he was talking about.

Konohamaru sighed and walked back toward the building, motioning for the children to follow him.

"That's our teacher?" Ryosuke frowned up at his parents. "He looks stupid."

"He's the grandson of the Sandaime," corrected Sasuke. "He's stronger than he seems."

Ryosuke gave a huff of disbelief. "Then why is he stuck teaching five year olds?" He took off without waiting for an answer, briefly gazing back at his peer. "Are you coming? I won't be in your class for long, but I suppose it'll be nice to have someone I know to beat while I'm there."

"Oh my god." Sakura held a hand to her forehead. "I don't even know where he comes up with this. I've told him we won't sign the paperwork for him to graduate early." She punched Sasuke's shoulder lightly, "I'm blaming this on you. I think you reincarnated early. Or something."

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Ryosuke was one of the youngest in the class, but clearly determined to be the biggest pain in the ass.

Kakashi smiled down at his daughter with amusement. "Are you going to catch up?"

The girl was busy scowling at Ryosuke's back, but she looked up at him when he spoke.

"I'm gonna break his face." She promised seriously.

"That's my girl!" Kakashi beamed at her and waved her off. She ran up the steps, looking back briefly one last time as she reached the top.

"We love you, Aiko-chan!" Naruto called out, cupping her hands to her face, as if she needed assistance to be heard over the crowd.

"I know!" Yelled back their daughter, beaming before she turned to run into the building.

Naruto's grin turned thin. "That," said the blonde, turning on Kakashi. "That is entirely your fault!"

Sakura frowned. "Wasn't that a line from one of the Icha Icha books?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Kakashi replied, voice mild.

Naruto sighed and leaned into his shoulder. "Should I be worried? About her?" She lingered as the crowd dispersed, resting against him before heeding the inevitable call of the endless work waiting for her at her desk in the Hokage's office.

"No." Kakashi shook his head and smiled. "Not at all."

"Is that—" Naruto narrowed her eyes. "Kakashi, is that Akino?"

"Where?" asked Kakashi nonchalantly.

"Over there, by the fence—that is Akino!" She scowled up at the man. "You promised. She'll be fine, Kakashi."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Kakashi wrapped his arms around his partner and turned her away from the school, intent on walking her to her office. "Besides, he's completely inconspicuous."

"He's wearing sunglasses, Kakashi. That's hardly 'inconspicuous.'"

"It's not like you didn't send any toads," retorted Kakashi.

"Of course I didn't send any toads," protested Naruto. "I have complete faith in Konohamaru's capabilities."

Kakashi waved to a shopkeeper, nodded to another jōnin, walked a few steps forward.

"Ok," admitted Naruto reluctantly. "I sent one toad."


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