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Ororo didn't quite know what she was expecting when Logan said he was taking her out to dinner, but a quaint little Japanese restaurant on the outskirts of Bayville with the best sushi she'd ever eaten certainly hadn't been it. The food was fabulous and unbelievably fresh. They'd sat at the sushi bar and been able to watch the chef artfully create their food right in front of them.

"Logan, this is wonderful. I'm so glad you brought me here," Ororo told him with a warm smile as she used her chopsticks to pick up a salmon avocado roll.

He cracked a crooked grin and poured himself another cup of hot sake. "I'm just happy you like it, darlin'."

"I do," she said honestly, sipping her green tea. "Very much." It had been a while since Ororo even remembered dating, but she didn't think any of her first dates had gone this well. With Logan things were just different. She was comfortable, not nervous, and she didn't feel pressured in any way. Ororo knew she didn't need to do anything special for Logan to like her, because he already did. And likewise, she knew he wasn't going to try and impress her by doing something stupid or outlandish; he was just being himself. It was nice.

They finished their dinner, enjoying casual conversation here and there that wasn't forced in any way, as well as comfortable silences that didn't leave either party feeling awkward. When they left the restaurant and got in Logan's Jeep, Ororo leaned back in the passenger seat for a moment and closed her eyes. It was a long day and she was tired, her head hurting a little again from the bump she'd suffered that afternoon. She just didn't want her night out with Logan to end.

"'Ro? Y'okay?"

"Hm?" Ororo opened her eyes and sat straighter, suddenly noticing that they were far from the restaurant, making their way through the heart of Bayville. She must have dozed off for a bit. Turning to him, she smiled apologetically. "I'm so sorry, Logan. It isn't you, I'm just a little tired."

He smiled crookedly and nodded with understanding. "S'alright, You had a rough day. We can head back to the mansion now."

She sighed softly, still wanting to continue spending time with Logan despite her slight headache and exhaustion. Then she got the perfect idea. "Do you think we could rent a movie to watch together?"

Logan turned to her, slightly surprised by her suggestion. "Uh, sure darlin'. I'll stop over at the video store on the way home."


As they returned to the mansion and prepared to settle down in the rec room, they each put their two movie choices (as yet unseen by the other) down on the coffee table. Ororo had chosen romantic comedy classics, His Girl Friday and Roxanne, and then had to smile at Logan's picks. Both Clint Eastwood films, though different genres, he'd picked up Escape From Alcatraz and Pink Cadillac. "Shall we shuffle them together and choose without looking?" Ororo suggested.

Logan shook his head and just grinned at her. "Nah, darlin'. Ladies choice."

She nodded. "Why thank you, Logan." Ororo glanced thoughtfully at her options. "Out of curiosity, have you ever seen either of the movies I rented?"

"To my knowledge, nope." He shrugged.

Ororo had made her choice, then. She picked up Roxanne and handed it to him with a smile. "I think you might rather enjoy this one, Logan."

"Okay, if that's what you want." He grinned and went to put the movie in the DVD player.

"I'll go make us some popcorn," Ororo offered, heading toward the kitchen. She'd get herself some Advil for her headache as well while she was at it.


Walking back into the rec room with the bowl of popcorn, a water for herself, and a beer for Logan, Ororo smiled when she saw him already settled on the couch. He'd kicked his boots off under the coffee table and had brought out a blanket for her.

Putting everything down on the table, Ororo slipped off her ballet flats and sat down on the couch beside Logan, pulling the popcorn bowl into her lap. He leaned forward to snatch his beer, then hunkered back into the cushions next to her again and hit 'play' on the remote.

"You know what I like," Logan said with a grin, popping the top off his beer.

"I should hope so." She smiled at him affectionately as the opening credits to the movie started. Ororo leaned against him comfortably, munching on her popcorn and forgetting about her headache as the Advil she'd taken kicked in. It was just nice to enjoy being close to Logan, prolonging the date they'd started at the little Japanese restaurant on the outskirts of town.

When the popcorn was mostly gone and the movie half over, Ororo noticed that Logan had fallen asleep. She smiled at how peaceful he looked. Feeling sleepy herself, she rested her head back on his shoulder and pulled the blanket over them, her folded knees half in his lap as she curled against him and closed her eyes.


"I told you someone left the TV on in here," Kitty muttered to Jean as they walked into the dark rec room.

Jean shrugged and headed for the coffee table to grab the remote. "It was probably Evan. He's always—"

"What?" Kitty swiftly hurried over, wondering what had made the other girl stop in her tracks. She couldn't help the giddy smile on her face as she noticed who was on the couch. Ororo was tucked into a ball, leaning against Logan, the both of them fast asleep and covered by a big blanket. Grinning, she nudged Jean with her elbow and whispered, "OhmiGod, they're like sooooo cute."

Jean laughed softly and turned off the television before tugging on the edge of Kitty's sweater with a smile on her face. "Come on, let's leave them alone."

Kitty skipped off smiling and dying to tell Rogue about the adorable couple. She could hardly believe it herself, but she'd actually described Wolverine as cute, and there was no way she was taking it back. He totally was. He and Ororo together were just unbelievably adorable, and from now on it was going to be so hard not imagining either of them curled up asleep on the couch when they were leading training sessions and trying to be serious. Although, Kitty figured that the first time Mr. Logan barked at her for something she was going to swiftly forget that fluffy, domestic image in her head, but she was going to savor it for however long it lasted.




"Logan, wake up."


"Logan." Ororo poked her finger into his cheek and giggled sleepily as he gave her hand a tired swat. "Logan, we fell asleep on the couch," she said softly, yawning as she climbed off the couch and tugged on his arm. "It's one o'clock in the morning. Come on, let's go upstairs to bed."

"Hrr…" Logan's eyes flittered open halfway as he reluctantly pushed to his feet, then began a slow shuffle out of the room as Ororo hooked her arm around his.

They sleepily climbed up the main stairway and tottered down the dorm hall, finally pushing the door to Ororo's room open and making their way inside. She didn't bother with the lights, padding toward her tall dresser and pulling out a nightgown by memory. Changing her clothes on autopilot, Ororo was making her way to the bed when she nearly tripped over Logan. She crouched beside him, noticing he'd shucked all of his clothes except his boxer briefs and just laid down on the floor. It took her tired brain a second to fathom why as she glanced around her darkened room. If they'd been in Logan's room, the spot where he'd sprawled on the floor was where his bed would be. Laughing at his half-asleep bumbling, she pushed on his shoulder.

"Come on Logan, get up. You're not in bed yet." Ororo was surprised at how out of it he was until she remembered that he'd put his healing factor through the ringer earlier that day in the tunnels when she'd zapped him.


"Don't you growl at me, Wolverine," she scolded halfheartedly, trying not to laugh. "Come on." She swatted his backside. "Up."

Logan gave a disgruntled snort and pushed to his hands and knees.

Ororo got him up the rest of the way and dragged him over to the bed where they both collapsed after she drew back the blankets. She drowsily curled into Logan's side as he rolled onto his stomach and draped an arm over her, tugging her in close and breathing in deeply before kissing her hair.

"G'night, 'Ro."

"Goodnight, Logan," she returned softly. "It was a lovely date."




Logan sat up, instantly alert, his senses on overdrive. He felt Ororo stir beside him and grab his arm.

"Logan?" she murmured, half awake.

"One of the kids," he responded shortly, his voice rough from sleep. Throwing back the covers, Logan was out of bed and darting out into the hall within seconds. He heard Ororo following him closely. His nostrils flared as he inhaled the sharp, putrid scent of fear and the tang of salty tears. Growling, he marched across the corridor to the door where the odor was the strongest. "It's Rogue."

Pushing the door open he stepped inside, resisting the natural urge to unsheathe his claws. The smells he was getting along with the hitch of a muffled sob let him know that this wasn't an intruder or imminent danger situation; it was a nightmare. "Rogue?" he called out softly, alert to the fact that her scream hadn't woken Kitty on the other side of the room. The younger teen had apparently fallen asleep with her headphones. He could hear the soft music playing thanks to his keen abilities.

"Ah'm fine, Logan," the girl replied shakily with a sniffle. She was sitting up in bed, her knees pulled up and her arms wrapped tightly around her legs, face hidden.

Letting out a short huff of breath, Logan glanced behind him at Ororo hovering in the girls' doorway with concern. He moved closer to the distressed teenager and sat down on the edge of the bed near the middle, suddenly conscious of the fact he was only in his boxer briefs. He didn't know what to say or if he should even say anything at all. In the last several months the student body at Xavier's had gone from housing two young mutants to housing six, and Logan still wasn't very well-versed in how to comfort teenage girls. This time Ororo was kind enough to come to his rescue.

"Rogue, child, do you want to talk about it?"

She sniffed and fiercely shook her head. "No. It's just a stupid nightmare. Ah'm fine."

"Alright. Well if you ever need anything we're just right down the hall," Ororo offered gently.

"Uh, right." Logan grunted in agreement. "Just, uh, be sure to knock." He caught Ororo's faint snort and resisted the urge to smirk.

Rogue sniffled softly again and finally lifted her head from her knees, swiping at the tears on her face with her sleeve. "Thanks."

Logan got up, reaching out to pat the kid's knee. "Try ta get some sleep, Stripes." He trailed after Ororo, carefully padding out of the dark room and closing the door behind him gently, eager to crawl back into bed beside the Weather Goddess.

"That was very sweet," Ororo said softly as they returned to her room.

"Hmph." He grunted and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Climbing back into bed with a huff, Logan waited until Ororo had joined him before yanking the covers up over them and pulling her against him. "I still got no damn clue how ta go about comfortin' kids," he muttered.

"Well, I for one think you did quite well," Ororo assured him, rolling over so that they were face to face. She brought a hand up and pushed it through his thick, unruly hair, then cupped his cheek and kissed him.

"Only 'cuz you stepped in," Logan murmured, his lips centimeters from hers.

She shook her head and kissed him again. "I love you," Ororo said softly, winding her arms around him and burying her face against his chest.

Logan grinned, sighing contentedly as he wound his arms around her in return and inhaled her heavenly scent. "I love you too, 'Ro."


In the morning Logan and Ororo both woke early as it was their turn to make breakfast for the students. Neither had bothered to shower yet, though Logan had grabbed a pair of pajama pants and a tank top before trudging downstairs, while Ororo had freshened up in the bathroom and done her hair, donning her long robe before leaving the bedroom.

Ororo reached into the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs and some milk while Logan got out a pan. She smiled at how easily they worked together, moving fluidly around one another in a silent, domestic dance, as graceful as they fought as a team in battle.

"Pancakes or waffles?" Ororo asked, taking the batter mix out of the pantry.

"Waffles," Logan grunted, putting some butter in the pan on the stove. "Scrambled or fried eggs?"

"Poached?" Ororo suggested in lieu of his options.

"I can't make poached eggs," he muttered in response with a snort.

She smiled and reached up in the cupboard near the sink for the waffle iron. "Scrambled. Bacon or sausage?"


"Alright. Both then. Oatmeal or granola?"

"Ugh. Neither."

"Granola," Ororo decided, ignoring him. "With fruit. That should be enough."

"If you say so, darlin'."


Ororo spun around in surprise at the addition of a teenage voice. Logan turned at the stove as well. Evan stood by the table, awkwardly scratching at the back of his head and staring at them. Unfazed by the intrusion, she smiled warmly in greeting toward her nephew. "Good morning, Evan. You're up a little early today."

He shrugged and then smiled bashfully. "Uh, yeah. I kinda thought we had training before school today, then remembered that's tomorrow."

Ororo just shook her head and then turned back around to get started on the waffles. "Well, breakfast won't be ready for at least half an hour."

"Oh, that's okay. I'll find something to do." Evan started to leave the kitchen, but he paused in the doorway and continued staring at the two adults. "Hey, Auntie O?"

"What is it Evan?"

Her nephew swung a finger in Ororo and Logan's directions. "If you two ever get hitched, does that mean I have to call him Uncle Logan?"

Ororo felt her cheeks flush and stifled a nervous laugh as Logan dropped the spatula in his hand and growled.

"Scram, Porcupine!"

Laughing devilishly, Evan bolted from the kitchen.

Glancing at Logan, Ororo half-expected him to have a nervous rabbit look on his face at the mention of the two of them getting hitched. "Don't be angry with Evan, he just likes to push buttons."

Logan had a rakish smirk on his face as he abandoned his fallen spatula before sauntering toward her. "Don't worry, I ain't angry. I jus' wanted the kid ta get lost so I could do this." He grabbed Ororo around the waist and pulled her toward him, his lips crashing into hers for a searing kiss.

She tangled her hands in his thick hair, kissing him back fervently, then laughing lightly when they finally pulled apart. Breathless, Ororo smiled brightly. "Well, I suppose I should be happy that the mention of commitment doesn't send you running for the high hills," she teased.

Grinning, Logan let her go and shrugged, swaggering back toward the stove. "Ya never know, darlin'. Ya jus' never know."

Ororo stood stunned, briefly admiring his backside and entertaining fantasies of a life of marriage with the feral Wolverine. She sighed wistfully and returned to her cooking duties.

Perhaps someday. Someday in the not-too-distant future.


The End

(For Now, Maybe)