"There are no hard feelings, right?" Stacie asked cautiously as she handed Phoebe a slice of pizza.

Phoebe smiled slightly and accepted the plate. "I think I might understand why you did it."

"I love ya Pheebs, but now is not the time to be getting analytical." Helga sighed before taking a sip of her soda.

"Right, stopping." Phoebe chirped.

"So Penny's joining the Mathletes and you and Stacie are going to be trying out for some sport's teams. What the hell can I do?" Angie sighed, poking and prodding at her pizza, picking off pepperonis and trying to remove as much cheese as possible.

"You're joking right?" Helga laughed. "You know everything about everyone. You know what's bullshit gossip and what's cold hard fact."

"Yeah I'm the school busybody, what good is that?" Angie mumbled.

"Actually, there are many things you could do where that could come in handy." Phoebe said reassuringly.

Helga snapped her fingers enthusiastically, "How about the school paper!"

"The school paper?" Angie asked skeptically.

"Yeah. I mean you'll get extra credit for it, it looks good on college and job applications, and you'll have a reason to be snoopy and no one can give you any crap for it." Helga elaborated.

"That's a brilliant idea!" Phoebe agreed.

"I'm a terrible photographer though." Angie challenged.

"I know a terrific photographer who I'm sure would be more than happy to work with you." Phoebe declared.

The doorbell rang just as Helga was about to take her first bite of pizza and she groaned. "I'll be right back." Heaving a sigh, she went to the door and answered it. Having forgotten about her promise to join Arnold for dinner, she screamed and shut the door in his face when she saw it was him.

Arnold stared blankly at the door, blinking a few times before clearing his throat, passing the bouquet of lilies from one hand to the other, and ringing the doorbell again.

"This cannot be happening." Helga whispered to herself as she leaned against her front door, ignoring the second ring that chimed through the house.

"Hels, what happened?" Stacie asked as she, Phoebe, Penny, and Angie filed from the kitchen and into the front hall.

"I forgot I told him I would go to dinner with him." she mumbled into her hands.

Phoebe knelt down next to Helga and placed a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Helga…are you talking about…ice cream?"

"Ice cream?" Angie asked.

"It's…code for a boy." PHoebe answered reluctantly.

"Wait a minute." Stacie held up her hands, "Are you saying…the guy you've liked asked you out?"

"Yeah." Helga admitted reluctantly.

"Well get rid of him!" She exclaimed. "We need at least an hour."

"No!" Helga exclaimed. "I can't !"

"Why the hell not?" Stacie snapped.

"Because it's Arnold!" Helga snapped.

Helga held her breath, half expecting Stacie to explode. Instead, very calmly, Stacie forced the door open, moving Helga with it. Arnold dropped the flowers he'd been holding and took a step back, shock and fear on his face.

"Stacie, no!" Helga exclaimed, scrambling to her feet and trying to jump between the girl and Arnold.

Stacie ignored her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Stacie spat at Arnold.

"Uh…" Arnold fought to find the words, but they wouldn't come from his mouth.

"She's not ready, come back in an hour." Stacie sneered, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What?" Helga and Arnold asked together.

Stacie rolled her eyes, "We were unaware of this outing and honestly, look at my girl."

All eyes fell on Helga, who glanced self-consciously at her black yoga pants while combing through her ponytail. "She looks wonderful." Arnold challenged.

"That's sweet, but it's a lie." Stacie deadpanned.

"Like you look much better." Helga snapped, gesturing at Stacie's outfit, which was very similar to Helga's.

"One hour and she's all yours." Stacie stated, hooking her arm through Helga's and bringing her back into the house.

"Why an hour?" Helga pleaded. "It didn't even take me that long to get ready for prom!"

"Oh my god a first date!" Angie exclaimed before she and Penny squealed and they began the accent to Helga's room.

"No no we have shit to do!" Helga tried to get away from them, but the Plastics weren't having it. "Phoebe! Help me!"

Phoebe chuckled and shook her head, "YOu're on your own Helga."

Helga started spewing death threats and Phoebe adjusted her purse onto her shoulder and walked out the door, shutting it behind her. "Sorry about that, Arnold. Helga didn't tell any of us."

"So she told you, huh?" Arnold asked with a laugh.

She nodded, "She said that since you knew she wanted me to know. No one else knows though."

Arnold nodded, "You need a ride home? I apparently have some time to kill."

"That'd be great." Phoebe said with a smile, "Thank you."


Arnold sighed before he finally convinced himself to ring Helga's doorbell again. The door shot open and Arnold could have sworn he shrunk almost a foot when Helga wasn't the one on the other side of it. "You're early." Penny snapped.

Arnold checked his watch. "Only by a few minutes."

She sighed, "Whatever, just come in."

"It's a fucking jacket, who cares!" Helga shouted from upstairs.

Arnold hid his mouth behind his hand and laughed.

"She's been fighting it since you left." Penny sighed, "It's really annoying, actually."

"What she was dressed in would have been fine. I was going to take her for a picnic." Arnold admitted.

"Oh…well Stacie just wants thing to be…well…perfect." Penny said with a shrug.

"But Stacie hates me." Arnold argued.

"Oh please, I do not hate you." Arnold spun around to see Stacie coming down the stairs. "I just have a reputation to uphold."

Arnold blinked a few times, "But-"

"But nothing, let's get out of here before they decide to bombard me with hairspray. Again." Helga snapped as she stormed down the stairs behind Stacie, trying to get Angie away from her hair.

Arnold's breath caught in his chest. She was breathtaking. She was wearing the same dress she'd worn earlier at the mall, but he hadn't seen her then. Stacie had tried to get Helga to wear a pair of white pumps, but Helga refused and her white converse high tops covered her feet. Her hair fell down one of her shoulders in a ponytail that was crowded with curls. She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the door. "And you bitches get out of my house."

"We're going, we're going." Stacie laughed, gesturing for Angie and Penny to follow her out the door. "You two have fun."


Arnold said nothing.

Helga said nothing.

They just sat listening to Arnold's fuzzy radio waiting for the other to take the first step. When Arnold pulled off the main road and headed for the canyon, Helga took the leap. "Where the hell are you taking me?"

Arnold fought the smile, but it was no use, "You'll see Helga…you…you look really pretty."

Helga looked at him and her face flooded with color. "Um…Thanks, Arnold. Even though I did become pretty against my will."

"You were always pretty, Helga." he laughed.

"Funny." She retorted dryly.

Steadying a sigh, he took one of her hands in his. When she didn't pull away, he smiled.

"So where are we going?" Helga asked again.

"You'll see." He replied with a smile.

I know it's kind of short compared to what I've been giving y'all lately but I'm gunna be away starting tomorrow until about Sunday so this is all you'll be getting for a while, and yes, I did purposely leave you on a cliffhanger (hehehe). Don't forget to review and I love y'all. (I've been watching a lot of true blood lately so please don't judge me for saying y'all a lot.)