The O.C.W. Presents



Written as a Mini Series by

Jack Buchanan

Based on the Manga, Anime & Characters

Created by

Rumiko Takahasi

Jack Buchanan

EMAIL - BigJackFilms


Feudal Era of Japan...

Night, the stars are shining bright in The Forests of Japan. Crickets and frogs chirp. The trees blow quietly through the air. Things are peaceful in the night, where the day will bring darkness and death.

From out of the patches of forest canopy, a bright shining light appears in the woods. It sparks blue lightning from within. Out from it, a bright young man, wearing a tunic, armor and a dark green cloak, he carries archery, a sword and shield. His face is covered by his hood. He begins a long journey.


Early Morning…

On the cloudy cliff green hills, we see the young man travel though the wild, now on horseback. He rides up to the edges of the hills to see below him a mild size village. He rides towards it.


At the village, he is greeted by one of the stablemen. "Have you traveled far young man?" He asks.

"Farther than you know old one" The Young Man replies.

"Well you are most welcome here stranger, stay as long as you like" the stables man says as he parks the man's horse at the stables.

"I'm only passing through old one, I must leave by the near high sunrise" The Young Man says.

The Stableman shakes his head. "Shame, we don't get many visitors from the far sea lands."

As The Young Man undoes the straps on his horse, he then senses a disturbing presence in the air. The Stableman looks upon him in wonder. "Something wrong lad?" He says.

"I sense a very strong demonic era, such darkness and evil in these lands." says the young man.

The Stableman looks down upon himself. "Yes, there's many demons on our lands. You might want to watch out for them critters, they are nothing but evil around here"

The young man sudden face turns to a slight fear. "Do you have enough men to fight them off?"

"Most of our men do manage to hold their own in combat" replies the Stableman "But many have been lost since the slaying of our once protective priestess, but since her death came her beautiful daughter and little sibling, she's not as strong as her mother was though."

The Young Man stares and wonders.

Suddenly out though the village cries for help. The young man runs to the panic only to see a gigantic monstrous demon attack the village.

Many men try to attack with spears and arrows, but to no avail on the beast. The young man grabs the hilt of his hidden sword and begins to charge towards the creature. "Those men will be saline without aid!" He shouts as he charges.

The Stableman shouts in worry to him. "No you young fool, you'll be killed!"

But the young man does not obey the wise man's words, he continues to charge at the creature. He pulls his blade from his sheath. It shines brightly. The creature spots him and advances forward towards him. It strikes! But the young man dodges its attack. He jumps and takes a slash at the demon.

"Taste the sting of my blade!"

SLICE! The Demons arms are cut in two, it cries a squeamish roar as blood squirts though its wounds. The Young Man sheaths his sword and draws his bow with a sharp crystal bladed tip arrow. He draws back as the demon makes one final attack on him. He releases the arrow as it flies with crystal blue lights around it. CLASH! It hits the creature, evaporating it into pixie like dust.

The villagers looks in awe at what they just witnessed and in front of them, center of attention, is a young man, in cameo colors and a green cloak, sword sparkles from its sheath, bow string springing with magic lite. They all cheer and phrase this unknown hero to their land. They all look towards him.

A villager speaks. "Who are you, brave young man?"

The man unveils his hood, revealing a mullet long of hair, battle scars on his face, a slight scraggy beard and rubies sapped eyes. He speaks. "I am Eldor, The Chosen Warrior from the Far Lands, and it seems your all in a need of a great deal of aid…"