Night, the rain clouds have parted. The stars shine in the night.

Eldor sleeps. His mind at peace, but his sprit broken.


Nothing but white, he stands, sadness from his long gone love fill his heart.

"Eldor…" a familiar feminine voice is voiced in the air. Eldor turns,

He sees Lady Kikyo as she once was. Graceful and beautiful.

"Kikyo" He runs to her floating though the white air, they embrace, tears form in both eyes. They look at each other with such passion.

"I miss you so much." Eldor says crying, holding his hand at her cheek. "Is this a dream?" He asks.

"Yes." Kikyo replies softly. "But it is a good dream."

Eldor smiles for the first time in a long age. They embrace once again.

"Forgive me, my lady." Eldor says "I could not be there for you when I should have saved you. I'm so sorry."

"Do not be in despair with the pain of my death." Kikyo softly replies. "Even though I'm not in the world of the living, I'm still here in your soul and mind, where I shall be by your side."

"My lady," Eldor says. "Your soul cannot find peace until I kill Naraku. I swear till the last beat of my heart, you will be avenged. I swear it and when it's done, I shall return to you here."

"Don't end your life for me." Kikyo says. "You still have much to see and do in your life. Live on, knowing you have me in your heart to protect you."

Her hand at Eldor's cheek, wiping a tear. They embrace once again.

"No more despair…" She says kindly.

There loving embrace lasts for like what is forever.

"Go Eldor…I'll be with you in your heart."


Eldor awakens from his sleep. His mind now knows what he must do.


Sunrise, everyone is still in a deep sleep.

Eldor prepares his horse for departure as the sun rises over the hills. His mind is at for once, peaceful.

"Where the hell do you think you're going, sneaking off?" Inuyasha says sneaking behind.

"Trying to stop me so you can deal with that bastard yourself, it isn't gonna work." Eldor says in a huff.

"Ha! Don't get all on your guard, I ain't stopping you. I'm actually hoping you fail so I can take another shot at him." Inuyasha says with remark.

"Inuyasha," Eldor says putting his foot down. "We have a common enemy, but different points of view of the past. Your relationship with my lady Kikyo is of your concern, not of mine. However, I will not stand by and see her killer walk on this earth. You had your chance with him, but it was truly not your fight to begin with. This time, he's mine and mine alone…and I will see he suffers the lowest in hell."

Inuyasha stare on Eldor in frustration. "Listen you moron, Naraku was my enemy from the start! And if you think I'm gonna let some mortal like yourself take my pride than you got another coming!"

"You're so immature my lord." Eldor says smiling.

"What did you say!?" Inuyasha asks hatefully.

"It seems you two even argue with your enemies more than you do your loved ones." Miroku says from behind. He is followed by Sango, Shippo, Kirara and Kagome, all seem ready for battle.

"Watch yourself Miroku!" Inuyasha barks. "Besides, I still don't trust this guy."

"You have every right not to dog." Eldor says facing the sunrise. "Stay here and guard the village with your comrades, they'll need more protection here than ever. Darkness will return to these lands as long as Naraku is alive. Which is why I must take my leave to fallow his every step of retreat."

Eldor begins to walk, then…

"Wait Eldor," Kagome says. Eldor stops. "You don't know what you're going to get yourself into out there, Naraku is not one to go and attack on your own… let us come with you."

Eldor turns in worry, not wanting to put the women in danger. "No Lady Kagome! I do not want to put you nor Lady Sango lives in my hands. Naraku is easy prey for me. I can handle this on my own!"

"You don't know Naraku like we do" Sango says interrupting. Her eyes look sad. "He's a lying deceitful villain. He's done the vilest things. He had my whole family killed in front of me, leaving only my brother and I. I can't stand by and see him terrorize more lives. I'm with Kagome, we'll go with you."

"If Sango goes, so do I." Miroku steps in. "With my wind tunnel returned to me, it will most likely be my end if we don't stop him."

"Count me in too." Shippo says jumping.

"Children do not belong in war, young fox demon." Eldor says.

"The little guys stubborn as an ox." Inuyasha says with arms crossed. "You're not going to talk him outta it."

"We all our in this case." Kagome says "Let us help you Eldor, please."

Eldor turns to the skies behind him, eyes closed. "Should you join me as comrades, fighters, even soldiers…your blood from this day is in my hands."

The others look in awe.

"It's your choice my friends, I will not stop you." Eldor replies walking off.

The others while stand still, fallow. But Inuyasha stands by the tree, arms crossed, not paying any attention.

"Come on, Inuyasha." Kagome shouts "Get your butt in gear and let's go."

Everyone stares back at Inuyasha, awaiting his response. Eldor looks in disrupt. Finally, the half demon walks past them, bumping into Eldor.

"Just stay outta my way" Inuyasha says with a jerky warning. Eldor smiles with challenge, fallowing alongside his new comrades.

As the sun now rises over the mountains, our heroes' journey through the lands, in search of a revived enemy…

As a new adventure begins…