Author: The Dark Crimson Blood
Story Title: The Edge
Chapter Title: Over the Edge
Genres: Angst, Tragedy
Two-shot with the possibility of an alternate end
Words: 1,518
Summary: Luffy was weak compared to his brothers; and because of it, he was looked down on and treated differently until he reached his breaking point.

Luffy had always been the weaker out of the three.

The moment Luffy had been born; everyone had high expectations of him. Maybe it could because his father had been a man who was infamous around the country; Monkey D. Dragon. But maybe it was because his grandfather was none other than Garp, a marine hero; or maybe it was the fact his older brothers; despite not being blood related, were already showing so much progress despite being three years old. There was a three year age difference that went unnoticed at the time.

As Luffy grew older the gap between him and his brothers seemed to be getting wider and wider with each passing day; Luffy hadn't realized it yet, but he was already being slowly rejected for failing so many high expectations. At five years old, Luffy couldn't have realized it yet. He was nothing but a pure child that was born with big innocent, curious eyes; a small, child like body frame, and a blinding smile that was often ignored by the ones he directed it to.

At seven years old he began to realize something was off; it probably started when he was cornered by a bunch of bullies at school, he had lost and Garp had been disappointed in him. The old man had even tried to train him, but never got the same results he had gotten for Ace and Sabo, who were already ten years old.

In return for their hard work, they were gifted; loved, and treated differently from their failure of a brother. Slowly, their lives, wants became more about pleasing their grandfather instead of protecting and treating their little brother as family.

Things had gone downhill from there; because Luffy had realized that as well and when he did; he tried to prevent it. His brothers scolded him for being spoiled when he requested they go to their spot in the woods where they had built a tree house at. It seemed as if they had completely forgotten about it and didn't care.

It had been their special spot.

Just the three of them, no one else; but now Luffy had been subtracted from the equation and at that point, he had realized that he was no longer welcome anymore.

The burning feeling in his chest had never been so painful before.

From them on, he tried even harder and harder to please his brothers and grandfather; but no matter what he did, it never worked; because, as Garp had said, he would never be as good as his brothers and would be destined to be a failure that lets people down for the rest of his life. Those were harsh words, for a seven year old child who hadn't even had ten years of live yet.

At eleven, he realized he was no longer being compared by Garp alone, but instead everyone else; and as the days passed he was met with expectations higher and higher than the previous because of how great his brothers were; the brothers that excelled in both combat and knowledge.

It wasn't as if he didn't try to meet these many expectations; hell, he was trying even harder than he usually was lately, which usually resulted him becoming soaked in sweat and half conscious. He tried studying but he could never pay enough attention to it, he was never one to sit down and read. To make things worse, he had been getting sick a lot; recently, which only made him seem even weaker than before. He hated being sick, it made him feel even weaker than he was because he got slower, tired, weaker, his vision blurred, his actions were slow, and his mind was clouded. Of course, he had to deal with getting sick all the time alone, since everyone else didn't know and probably wouldn't care if he told them

At twelve he felt anger, pure anger towards himself for not being able to do what he should be able to do. Though, he was angry at the wrong people; instead of blaming himself, he should be blaming the adults; the adults who seemed to keep forgetting that he was indeed three years younger than Ace and Sabo, it was a fact even he seemed to forget at most times. It seemed that even his brothers were looking down at him, hating and disliking him for being so, so; pathetically weak.

Before he knew it, he had been completely cast into the shadows of his elder brothers; and he became alone; something he was pretty sure he was used to, but worse. Ace and Sabo; the brothers that loved to play with him and protect him as a kid had began ignoring and glaring at him each time they passed each other before he was ignored completely, and Garp dropped his expectations for Luffy and each time the child looked in the man's eyes; the only thing he saw was disappointment.

It made Luffy feel horrible, because he knew this was his fault; it was his fault that they were ignoring him, shunning him, rejecting him for being the weakling he was treated as- despite the very fact that he was indeed, much stronger than anyone in his grade, as well as at least two grades up. That was ignored, since until he was on the same level as his brothers; both he, and his hard work would never be acknowledged by anyone but himself

He had accepted that fact.

The most embarrassing thing about him was probably the fact he couldn't swim; not even as he turned thirteen in May and his birthday wasn't celebrated again. He nearly drowned when he was pushed into the water by Garp, at first; no one made a move to save him, Ace, Sabo, and Garp simply watched as he eventually managed to drag himself out of the pool and fall to his knees once he was out.

Garp shook his head in disappointment and embarrassment for having such an idiotic son; while Ace and Sabo decided to pretend they weren't related to him. While coughing up water; Luffy nearly wanted to cry, but he didn't. He hadn't cried in years and he most defiantly wouldn't start now.

On the day of his fourteenth birthday; he was still getting sick, and at that point, he had completely pushed side his health and continued until his face was red and his breathing became faster and faster; it wouldn't slow down, and his heart beat kept picking up. It was starting to hurt; so much that he fell to his knees and his hand shot up to where his heart was, clenching the skin uselessly in an attempt to get rid of the pain. It was then he began to wonder whether it was normal for someone to get sick all of the time like this, maybe it meant he was dying?

If he died, he would cease to be alive.
If he died, no one would look down on him anymore.
If he died, he wouldn't be lonely anymore.
If he died, the pain would go away forever.
If he died, he wouldn't see the disappointment in Garp's eyes anymore.
…If he died would anyone care…?
Probably not; since he'd be the only person benefiting from it. He had no friends, anyway; he never did and he never would. But at least his parents would be glad that he died, maybe they'd throw a party the day he did, everyone he's ever disappointed would be there and celebrate, even his brothers!
No one would have to look at him with a disappointed, let down gaze again! If he died; Ace, Sabo, and Garp would have wide smiles on their faces, the ones he saw when he was a child at the age of 5.

When he died, everyone would be happy!

He'd finally make everyone happy!
With that in mind, he stood up from his place on the roof and went to the edge; he smiled at the thought, maybe he would've laughed too, but he didn't. He turned around and leaned back; letting his body fall off the roof and felt the wind brushing past him until finally—


Everything went black; and his head hit the ground with a resounding thud Garp would've heard if he had been home; Ace would've seen if he had been home, and Sabo would've watched.

The last thought on his mind was how he had finally managed to make his family happy; they finally had a reason to be proud of him.