Trouble At The Titans Tower

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yep. I love me some Teen Titans. I love me some Teen Titans Go even more.

Ah, Jump City. A pretty metropolis full of energy, and crime. And the Teen Titans were there to stop whatever bad mojo went down!

But on this particularly intriguing day... evening... night. Yeah, on this particular night, things weren't as they normally seemed...

"Normally seemed?" Cyborg laughed as he was making hamburgers in the kitchen. "Nothing normal occurs here!"

Starfire's stomach grumbled loudly as she giggled, placing her right hand on her grumbling stomach. "Ooh, Cyborg, your burgers of ham are making me so hungry! I hope they taste joyfully good in my container of food within my body!"

"Don't worry, Star, these burgers are heaven on earth!" Cyborg exclaimed as he turned his head to Starfire, winking. "I make sure that these warm, juicy hamburgers are the tastiest that they can be!"

"Well, I surely cannot wait!" Starfire exclaimed as she flew around in the air.

Beast Boy walked in, looking up to see Starfire giggling, glancing back down to see Cyborg making burgers.

"Making burgers?" Beast Boy stated as he wrapped his arms around the back of his head. "Pretty sweet. But I hope mine are the veggie kind, what with me not being able to have meat and all."

"Don't worry, BB. I have a meat free patty for you right here," Cyborg stated as the veggie patty was darker than the regular meat patties.
Robin walked in as he whistled, his hands on his hips. "Hey gang. What's cookin'?"

"Burgers, duh!" Cyborg exclaimed as he flipped a patty into the air, his right hand on his hip. "Now sit down so we can all eat and have a good time."

"Ooh, burgers. Yay." Raven moped as she slowly floated into the room, sitting down on one of the chairs as Starfire sat right on top of her.

"Uhh... Starfire..." Robin stated as he rubbed the back of his head. "You're sitting on Raven..."

Starfire innocently blinked as she glanced down, to see that Raven was as flat as a pancake. "Whoops... pardon me, Raven..." As she was about to get up, she felt a grumble in her stomach, prompting her to sit back down. "Ooh! That's not pleasant!"

"What's not pleasant?" Beast Boy asked as he moved his hands about.

Starfire farted on top of Raven, letting out a sigh of relief as Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg dropped their jaws in disbelief, with Silkie also being in shock as he saw what Starfire did. Raven pulled herself from underneath Starfire, growling as her eyes turned red.

"Why the hell did you break wind on me, Star!?" Raven growled as she used her dark magic to grab Starfire, crushing her with it.

"I didn't mean it!" Starfire apologized as she gasped, feeling her bones crushed. "It was just that I had to let out some rear air, that is all!"

Raven then chucked Starfire out of the tower through the window, panting as Cyborg placed his right hand on his head.

"Damn it, Raven, now I have to fix up the windows!" Cyborg exclaimed as he glared at Raven.

Raven placed her hands on her hips as her eyes returned to normal, although she was still angry. "Well excuse me for getting riled up! You saw what she did! She farted on me!"

"Dude, that sounds totally sick." Beast Boy admitted as he stuck his tongue out, letting out a devious smile as he folded his arms. "Although it also sounds totally hot."

Cyborg, Robin, and Raven all stared awkwardly at Beast Boy, which made him feel sheepish as he nervously rubbed the back of his head with his right hand. Starfire came back up, touching her fingertips together.

"Is something wrong?" Starfire asked as she moved her hands about, blinking innocently as Silkie waddled towards her, jumping into her arms.

Looking at each other, the other Teen Titans shrugged as they resumed their duties, with all of them heading into the living room except Cyborg, who kept cooking the burgers as he would fix up the window later.

But things were about to get strange from there...