{Hey guys! So this is just a sort of goofy fic that doesn't really reflect anything on my part. XD I just love America and wanted to throw him into this situation of being at a youth group. Plus he's an adorable little idiot.

Just a quick FYI- this fic contains a couple of swears and some Christian content. Because it's at a youth group and America is very oblivious. ^^ Happy reading!}

"Hey, how's everybody doing tonight?" The youth group leader, Mr. Jonas, cries enthusiastically. You look uncertainly at Kiku Honda, your friend who had invited you to visit his youth group. He wasn't actually a Christian to your knowledge, but he said that Feliciano had invited him before- it was really fun and they hardly ever mentioned religion until the end, where they had a short lesson. It didn't sound all that bad to you, and he'd said that it was 'bring a friend' week so they would probably play games most of the time.




A chorus of responses to what you thought was a rhetorical question echo around the small, brightly colored room. Vaguely Christian posters hang on the wall, but the place is warm and inviting.

"I see some new faces in here today! Do you guys want to introduce your friends to me? And maybe you can all introduce yourselves for the newbies, too." Mr. Jonas grins widely. Was this guy for real? You shoot Kiku another uncertain glance, but turn your attention back to the first boy who begins to speak. He has slightly messy golden-brown hair and half-rim glasses, and is sitting with a boy that is nearly identical, though taller and dressed a bit sloppier, wearing a brown aviator's jacket. That one was slurping a milkshake.

"Uh, I'm Matthew. Williams. And I, er, brought my brother Alfred." the smaller boy spoke softly. He was pretty shy, you noted. Come to think of it, so were you.

The taller, probably older brother looks up and grins cheekily. "Hey!" This guy wasn't shy, obviously. And he was new, like you. How could anyone possibly feel comfortable in a room of strangers, you wondered. Well, maybe an extrovert would. Which would accurately describe this dude.

"Hey, Al! Can I call you Al?" Mr. Jonas asks.

"Sure, bro." His grin isn't plastered on like the group leader's- he looks pretty happy. Probably because of his McDonald's shake, though, and not the fact that he felt welcomed.

"Alright, welcome Al!"

A small boy with reddish hair stands up excitedly. "Hello! I'm Feliciano, and I brought my brother Lovino, my best friend Ludwig, and Arthur!" He giggles. Another chirpy face. His three friends look slightly unamused, but remain silent. Lovino looks like Feliciano with darker hair, Ludwig is a bulky figure and he stares awkwardly at the floor, and Arthur (who looks oddly like Al and Matthew) is reading a thick hardcover book, oblivious.

"Wow, you certainly brought a lot of friends, Feli! Great job!" Would Mr. Jonas ever stop smiling? Optimists could be annoying after a while, you thought. Kiku stands up and coughs, reminding you that you need to stop slouching and look like a decent person as he introduces you.

"Eh... I'm Kiku. And this is my friend, (f/n)." He sits back down as soon as possible.
"Welcome, (f/n)! Glad to see a woman here! It's too bad you had to come when the rest of the girls had some school party going on. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun anyways!" You glance around, a feeling of horror dawning on you as you noticed you were the only girl. Oh, no. Loads of fun? You weren't entirely sure.

"Uh, hi! It's... nice to meet you guys." You swallow and smile awkwardly as people stare in your direction.

"Nice to meet you, too!" Al says enthusiastically. The room gets warmer by a few degrees- aw, crap. Your stupid face always blushes whenever a guy you don't know talks to you. It's really not your fault- you blush at everything. You hoped that it was too light to notice, and nobody said anything. You were safe.

A moment's pause.

"Francis, are you forgetting something?"

A boy sitting in the back with chin-length blonde hair looked up sheepishly. "Er, sorry, sir. I, uh, forgot to bring a friend."

"Psh, more like you don't have any friends." Arthur looks up from his book. It seemed they knew each other outside of youth group.

"Now, now, let's not fight. Francis, you can take one of Feli's friends. How about you go with Arthur?" Mr. Jonas suggests innocently. Both pale noticeably at this prospect. "Go on, then. Why don't you go sit with Arthur, Francis?"

The boy shuffles over unhappily to sit beside Arthur, and both promptly turn their back towards each other. Mr. Jonas, oblivious to all of this, begins the next item of business.
"Now, before we start with some games, let's have a quick snack." He gestures towards a box in the back of the room, resting on a table top by a stack of napkins.

"Aw, holy SHIT they have doughnuts!" Al cries, sprinting across the room to where the pale box of treats sat. A couple of gasps break the silence as people turned to Matthew. What was he going to do about his brother?

"U-um, Alfred? This is kinda a church... so swearing is sort of... well... offensive." Matthew says awkwardly. Everyone in the room is looking coldly in the direction of the offender now.

Alfred looks up from where he was eating his chocolate doughnut, face burning red.
"Oh. Sorry, bro. I didn't mean t- I forgot..." he stutters. You can almost feel his embarrassment- from past experience you knew just how awkward he probably felt. Especially in a church.

"It's alright, Al! I'm sure you didn't mean it." The youth leader sits down casually in a chair at the front of the room. Did this guy ever stop being positive and upbeat? "After all, doughnuts are pretty sweet stuff."

This time he actually earns a grin from you, as well as Alfred. You loved a good doughnut, and obviously so did Al. As everyone else slowly gets up off the floor, you spring up to get to the table before the rest of the bunch could beat you to it. You'd seen the box on the way in- NOBODY was going to take your precious maple bar.

As soon as you see the sticky brown icing, you grab the thing without even taking a napkin and shove the biggest bite you can possibly take into your open jaws.

"Whoa, (f/n)! You eat faster than I do!" A loud voice says from the left. You freeze, and slowly shift your gaze to the speaker- crap. It's Alfred. And you have half the doughnut crammed into your mouth. A blush creeps across your face. Darn. You hope against all odds that it isn't visible, though with the fact that the room suddenly felt like an oven, that wasn't likely. Stupid boys. And it had to be the most obnoxious one.

"Ruurwy? Rrr, rwazz... ernghdrdrng." Suddenly you remember you have half a doughnut crammed into your mouth. So he hadn't understood a word that you'd said. Or so you thought.

"Heh. 'Really, uh, that's interesting'? Well it certainly is, seeing as you probably would have been done with it in less than 4 seconds if I hadn't said anything, which is my record. Dude, we should totally have a doughnut-eating contest sometime. Maybe if there's extras at the end?" He grins. You nearly choke on your doughnut, hacking unpleasantly for a few seconds as bits of bread and maple icing fly out of your mouth. Oh darn.

"Srrwy. Rrr, rwad zouds gud." Sorry. Uhh, that sounds good. It seemed he understood people when they spoke with their mouth full. After swallowing a bit more of your doughnut, you try to smile. Chunks of bread stick out through your teeth. How appetizing. You feel the room's thermostat switching from 'oven' to 'sauna'. Okay, he can totally see you blushing.

"Awesome, bro!" He pumps his fist and runs off to his brother Matthew for who-knows-what-reason. You just stand there, chewing your doughnut and shutting your eyes tightly in embarrassment.

You feel a nudge in your ribs. "You like Al, ehh (f/n)?" You turn to see a grinning Francis, who seems to have ditched Arthur.

"What? No!" You protest. You don't even know this guy. Was this what Kiku's youth group was supposed to be like?

"Ohonhonhon, sure you don't! It's obvious. You know you're blushing, riiight?"
You feel your face burn. Again.

"I've only known him for about 5 minutes! Why in the world would I like him?" You groan. You really didn't want to be known as the flirty new person. You hated blushing so easily.
"Well, if you need any advice, just ask le meee!" The frenchie sang. You sigh and finish your doughnut in your own personal bubble of awkward.

"Alright, guys! Let's clean up the delicious doughnuts and play a game or two!" Mr. Jonas said. Cheers break out from the regular people- evidently these were going to be fun games. Your face brightens up, and you follow everyone out of the room. They head towards some double doors at the end of the hall- upon opening them, you could see the sanctuary, where the congregation probably sat in every Sunday. Chairs were stacked around the sides, so there was loads of room.

The first game to be played was a three-legged race. You silently breathe a sigh of relief when Kiku asks you to be his partner- a few eyes had shifted in your direction.
Next was a couple of variations of tag. Freeze tag, pairs tag... a few you didn't know, but it was pretty fun.

A previously duck-taped line ran from one end to the other of the room. You had been wondering if it was there for something- sure enough, it was. The youth group leader gets out a large bag of rolled socks and some footballs.

"Aw yeah! Football!" Al pumps his fist.

It turns out that you're playing a game called 'Clean Up Your Room.' Two teams are on either side of the line, and each team is trying to keep the most rolled socks and footballs out of their side. The team with the least amount of 'points' won. Socks were 1 point, footballs were 3.

You end up on a team with Matthew, Arthur, Al, and Ludwig.
"Yeah, c'mon guys! We're gonna kick A- uh, BUTT!" Al runs around in circles like a little kid. You blink. "We should totally come up with a team name, guys! Okay... how about 'The Heroes'!" No one says anything. Awkward silence settles over The Heroes. It was broken by an extremely shrill whistle.

"Ahh!" You cover your ears, trying to protect them from any more shrill noises.
The youth leader just smiles. "Are we ready?"

"Yeah!" Al cries, and everyone stares at him. He seems unfazed.

"Clean up your rooooom!" Mr. Jonas cries with a blast from the whistle, and there's no time for your ears to recover.

Sadly, 'clean up your room' turns into the inevitable 'let's see how many people we can hit in the balls'.

After THAT awkward game, you move on to a few 1-on-1 games. Kiku and Arthur were pitted against each other to see who could lick the most peanut butter off of the side of a pane of glass. Needless to say, neither got very far. Next was a competition to see who could eat the most jello with chopsticks. Kiku raised his hand, but was passed over for Matthew and Ludwig. It took them each 5 minutes to eat half of it. Kiku looked at their technique, appearing slightly disgusted.

A couple more races involving hula hoops and jump ropes took place, until Mr. Jonas finally announced the last one. By now everyone was eagerly raising their hands.
"Wait, wait, wait everybody! Put your hands down. This last game is only for people with very strong stomachs."

Almost before he's finished, you shoot your hand up into the air. You can eat anything! Your friends at lunch often mix foods together and make bets on whether or not you can eat it. You always do.

Your hand hits something hard.

"Ahh!" You turn to see that you just knocked Al's glasses off of his face. He's still raising his hand, but you can tell he's in pain. You blush a very bright red.

"U-uhh, I'm, uh, so so sorry! I-I really didn't mean to! Are you okay? Oh my gosh! I'm s-so sorry!" You stutter like an idiot. Red marks are forming on Al's face from where your fingernails must have hit him. Had he really been standing that close? How come you hadn't felt it?

"Hey, no problem! Nothing's broken, right?" Al grins. Wait, even with fingernail marks all over his face he was smiling? You're still blushing. You curse your face silently with words best not written down.

"Well, (y/n) and Al! You seem pretty enthusiastic. Why don't you come on up?" Mr. Jonas ushers you both to the front of the room. Oh crap. It just had to be Al, didn't it?

Francis pokes you in the back as you make your way up. You glare at him for a second.
Mr. Jonas clears his throat. "Ahem. Ladies- er, lady- and gentlemen! I present to you... the Cinnamon Challenge!" He whips out a small container of cinnamon and two spoons. You feel your face pale.

This wasn't going to end well.