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You'd heard of the cinnamon challenge before. Most people could testify of huge clouds of brown dust being coughed out of their mouths. Some people gagged really hard.

The goal of the challenge was to stick a large spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth... and then to swallow it in under 60 seconds. You instantly begin to gather saliva in your mouth. You're going to need it. Cinnamon was a fine powder, and would not be swallowed easily unless wet. You turn to Alfred, who's pretty much oblivious. Has he even heard of the challenge before? Obviously not- he's listening to Mr. Jonas describe the game with wild, excited eyes. You're far from excited. This is going to suck.

"Here's a spoon for you, (y/n), and here's one for you, Al." The youth pastor hands you each a spoon and opens the container of cinnamon. You all head outside to prevent a mess of cinnamon on the carpet.

Soon enough, you're picking up a spoon and digging it into the container of brown powder.

3... 2... 1... You shove it all into your mouth, brimming with saliva. It certainly came in handy- a good portion of it began to clump. However, the rest remained very cinnamon-y powder. Your eyes widen at the taste, but you had to focus on getting it clumped together with spit. A bit was caught at the back of your throat. Oh no- you cough, and a massive cloud of brown powder flies from your mouth. A bit of laughter. You look over at Alfred- he's struggling, big time. He's hacking and coughing, and his eyes are watering. Cinnamon had a very strong flavour.

You swallow a couple of clumps of the stuff and keep going. This was getting very difficult- your mouth wasn't making very much saliva. It was 100% dry.

After about 30 seconds, you realize you can't do it. Your mouth is filled with powder, your tongue is dry, and you had to resist the urge to cough. 60 seconds wasn't going to be enough time.

You notice a drinking fountain, and calmly go rinse out your mouth there.

"Sorry. That was really hard!" You turn and grin at everyone else. Alfred is still trying to swallow, but it's pretty obvious he can't keep it up. Suddenly he starts gagging. You realize that he had probably tried to swallow a huge bit of dry powder, and that his gag reflex had kicked in. Swallowing in small bits was key. You hurry over to where a stack of paper cups is sticking out of Mr. Jonas's bag and take one to fill it at the drinking fountain. Al would need something to rinse his mouth out.

"Erm, do you need to rinse your mouth out with anything?" You feel suddenly very awkward offering him water. Al takes the cup out of your hand as fast as he can and quickly rinses out his mouth.

"Blehh. That was really gross!" Al says. He shrugs off his brown jacket, revealing an adorable blue Superman tee. Wait... since when was Superman 'adorable'? Stupid brain.

Eventually, you make your way back to the nice, air-conditioned youth room. Everybody makes a dive for the couch in one corner of the room; you're a second too late to catch on, and by then there's already the max of four people sitting on the 3-person sofa, and it's obvious no one is going to scoot over.

"Wait, ladies first gentlemen!" Mr. Jonas calls out cheesily. All the boys groan and scoot over as far as possible. You realize that they're making room for you. Crap.

"No, no, no, it's okay. I'm fine on the floor! Really!" You protest.

"Aw, come on! There's always room for one more on the couch, right guys?" The youth leader grins. You groan and sit in the middle of all the boys (who happen to be really, really sweaty) and notice too late that you happen to be squished between Francis and Alfred.

Francis cracks a smile.

You sock him in the arm.

"You planned this, didn't you?" You whisper out of the corner of your mouth. The boy says nothing, but simply smiles. You sigh and lean forward to hear what Mr. Jonas is going to say.

It's not too bad. He tells some really funny stories, and just throws a few verses from the Bible in. It's really more of a chat, seeing as a lot of regular attenders make comments and spark discussions.

Everything's going well; you nearly forget about the fact that your (f/c) tank top is squished against Al's superman tee- until you feel a buzz in your right pocket. Both you and Al look down.

"Is that yours?" he whispers.

"Yeah." You reach to grab it, but Al is faster- he discreetly takes your phone out of your pocket and opens it.

"Naughty, naughty! You shouldn't be texting in church!" He laughs quietly.

"C'mon, give it back! It's probably my parents." You whisper, this time a bit forceful. He just grins and holds the phone out of your reach, on his other side. It's clear he's opened the message, and is reading it. He says nothing, closes the phone, and sticks it in his other pocket. You groan, almost audibly. Alfred just grins.

Mr. Jonas is still telling a story, and he's fairly animated. You stop to think about a good way to get your phone back. Should you wait for the lesson to be over? Mr. Jonas has been talking for a good half-hour, and he doesn't appear to be stopping soon. Maybe you could just catch Alfred off guard and grab it from his pocket? You decide to try it. Once Mr. Jones finishes the story he was telling, everyone laughs. So do you- as you reach over Al's lap to grab your phone. Sadly, he's wearing jeans, which makes it nearly impossible to get the phone out without him noticing.

"Hey! Don't take my phone!" He says loudly. A few people see you trying to get the phone out of his pocket.

"It's MY phone! Give it back!" You whisper-yell, trying not to make a scene. Al gets the phone out of his pocket and holds it way to his left, across Matthew's face. Matthew blinks but doesn't do anything.

You're desperate to get your phone back- it's clear Alfred doesn't intend to give it to you. You make one last attempt to grab it by standing half-way up and reaching over to get it out of his hand.

Triumphantly, you snatch it out of his grasp!

"Yes!" You whisper. Just as you're about to sit back down, you feel something shove you from behind. You lose your balance and end up toppling over... right onto Al's lap.
Just as you open your mouth to apologize profusely, you hear Alfred whisper to Francis.

"Eff you."

Francis nods and pretends to be suddenly very interested in a story about Mr. Jonas's pet dog. You and Al both glare at him for a moment. Seeing as you've pretty much fallen ACROSS him, there is literally no un-awkward way of getting up and sitting back down where you're supposed to be. Plus you're holding a phone.

You figure the only way to get up is to just... no, if you used your arm with the phone you'd end up putting more weight on Al's leg. Your face burned. This was the most embarrassing day of your life.

"I'm so, so sorry," you say simply. Al nods and looks very uncomfortable. Was he...? No. He couldn't be blushing. You were the one blushing. Oh gosh, now you were blushing harder. You really needed to find a way to get out of this.

In the end, you just sit up as fast as you can without drawing attention, praying that you didn't put too much weight on anything to do so. Thank goodness for solid abs.
However, much to your dismay, you find that Francis has moved a tad to the right. You have almost no room to sit down, and end up squished next to Al even tighter. There really isn't a good way to slip your phone back into your pocket, so you try to hide it on your lap.

The whole ordeal had lasted just under a minute, but to you it felt like 5. How many people had seen? All because of stupid Al, and your stupid phone, and stupid Francis.
The very second that Mr. Jonas stops talking, you jab Francis as hard as you can with your elbow. Now you're not embarrassed- you're mad.

"Ah! What is it?" he asks innocently. You just kick him and stand up, ready to go. Suddenly, you remember you had a text message. Al has read it already, seeing as it doesn't pop up instantly on your screen. You go to your inbox and see it's from your dad:

Had to head out to drop off something 2 a friend. Can u get a ride.

You sigh. Kiku had only picked you up- he had some things to do, and you'd been counting on your dad for a ride. You really don't want to have to ask anyone here for anything- you still don't know anyone very well at all.

You follow the majority of the crowd out to the church's main parking lot where a few are waiting to be picked up and some are getting in their cars.
You shiver. It's cold tonight- and it's going to be a very long walk from here to your house.

You feel something warm and fuzzy slip over your shoulders. Gasping, you turn around. It's Alfred. Your face blushes a deep crimson.

"You owe me ten bucks, man!" He's not looking at you- he's shouting at Francis, who's doubled over laughing near the doors. Then he turns back to you, face bright red. "Uhh... did you need a ride home?" He asks awkwardly. You look at the ground and nod. You're certainly not cold anymore.

"Er, yeah. I guess I need a ride."

He brightens, and pulls out two doughnuts from behind his back. "Here, we can have a doughnut-eating contest! I asked the dude if there were any extras!" He shoves a maple bar into your hands- wait, how did he remember you were eating a maple bar? "3, 2, 1, go!" he shouts.

You preform the impossible- you shove the entire thing into your mouth at once. You can barely close your jaws as you try to chew. Spit hangs attractively out of your mouth as you try in vain to chew the darn thing. It takes about 3 seconds to finally gulp it down. The taste of maple lingers happily in your mouth.

"Finished!" you cry. Al's still swallowing the last of his.

"What the hell?! You just tied my record without breaking a sweat! Dude!" he cries, stunned.

"Shh," You notice a few kids still hanging around, a bit shocked at his choice of words. "We're still at a church." You giggle. His face turns a little redder than it had been before.
"Whoops. My bad."

"So, how about a ride, huh?" You laugh, hug his jacket closer, and follow him to his car.