Regina woke up after two days and looked around scared. Rumpel was sitting next to her on a chair, reading a bit. She looked at him and pulled her knees against her chest. He noticed the movement and looked up. He stood up and walked over to her while she scrambled away from him. "I'm not gonna hurt you.",he said softly and Regina stopped hesitantly. "He is dead, Regina. Leopold will never hurt you again." "Really?",Regina asked quietly and he nodded. "I killed him. He won't hurt you again." Regina fell into his arms and sobbed.

He held her like a father and rocked her in his arms. "I miss my mother...",Regina whispered and Rumpel smiled saddened. "We could get her.",he whispered against her hair and Regina shook her head. "She would destroy everything.",she said and he leaned down to her. "She won't. I promise.",he answered and she looked up before she hesitantly nodded. "I will get her. And she won't destroy anything." She leaned against him and exhaustion took over again. She fell unconscious and he softly laid her down again before he ordered Jefferson and found some drunk to take over with.

He went through the portal with the drunk and made her way to Cora's palace. "My, my. What honor that the great dark one is visiting me.",Cora taunted him when he stood in front of her throne. "Your daughter.",Rumpel said and Cora stood up angrily. "What is with her?",she growled and Rumpel sighed. "King Leopold and his council raped her.",he answered and Cora froze. "What..." "Henry raped her too.",he added and Cora was in his personal space. "He would never do that.",she hissed and he grabbed her. Memories flooded in her brain. Memories of a crying Regina with bruises all over her body. Memories of a group laughing over someone on the ground.

She stepped back and held her head. "It's true. She wants her mother, Cora. Be there for her. She is on the edge of committing suicide. Help. Her.",he hissed and Cora nodded. "With your heart. She doesn't need a heartless mother right now." Cora walked to her vault and got her heart. She looked at it. It would make her weak again but Regina's face... it was frozen in her head and she couldn't shake it off. She needed it. She placed it back in her body and gasped before she straightened again and ran out of the room.

She crashed into Rumpel who caught her and sighed relieved. "It's so good that you can finally love again.",he whispered and she nodded. "I need to go to our daughter.",she said and he gasped. "Our?",he asked and Cora nodded again. "I... I didn't dare to tell you... I thought you would take her then...",she mumbled and he sighed. "Never. And now. Let's save Regina.",he said and he poofed them to the exit. They left Wonderland and he led her to Regina's room. Cora saw her crumpled on the bed and rushed over. "Regina.",she whispered and shook her softly. Regina's eyes snapped open and she scrambled away from her. "Regina. It's me. Your mother.",she whispered to her and Regina stared at her shocked.

She looked over to Rumpel who nodded and she slowly crawled into her mother's arms which engulfed her tightly and kissed her cheek. "I'm here for you, Regina. We are both here for you.",Cora whispered and held Regina in her arms. "I love you." Regina looked up shocked and Cora smiled sadly. She knew that Regina had magic lessons and softly guided the small hand in her chest. Regina closed her eyes when she felt her mother's heart in her hand and never felt safer than then. "I love you too, Mommy.",she whispered back and Cora smiled.

Rumpel sat down next to them and Regina looked at them when she felt Cora staring at him. "What's that between you?",Regina asked and wiped her tears away. Rumpel and Cora both opened their mouths but were speechless. They looked at each other helpless and Regina raised an eyebrow. "You are together?",she asked shocked and Rumpel almost choked on air. "We were... before you were born...19 years ago...",Cora confessed and Regina gasped. "I'm a bastard child...",she breathed out and both directly stroked over her back. "No. You are not.",Rumpel said and Regina hugged her legs against her chest. "I am... you... he... he surely found out... and I thought I didn't deserve it... I do... how could I be so naive.",Regina hissed and ran out of the room.

"She...",Cora started. "She is smart... so smart...",Rumpel said proudly and Cora sighed. "Too smart. But she isn't fault that Henry did THAT! How can we convince her other?",she asked him and he bit his lip. "We need to give her time and help.",he answered and stood up. Cora quickly followed him and saw how Regina stood at a balcony and took deep breaths. "I can't stay here...",Regina told them and turned around to them. "It's all just too... too real... I can't do this anymore... Everything reminds me." Cora pulled her away from the balcony and held her in her arms. "We'll find a place to start new. You will see." "A place without magic.",he said and they turned around to him surprised.

"You willingly give up your magic?",Cora asked and he nodded. He stepped to them and wrapped his arms around both of them. Regina leaned her head against her mother and looked up to her newly found father. Cora smiled amazed up at Rumpel who kissed her forehead lovingly and leaned against her. "Yes. I was much too long selfish... I can't loose a second child.",he told them and felt their arms around his body. "How will we get there?",Cora asked and he sighed. "I will get a magic bean... and then we can start again.",he told them and felt them nodding.

"Pack your things. Tonight we will find our happy end.",he said and they hugged him. He vanished in a purple cloud and Cora and Regina poofed to the castle. "Just personal things. No clothes. The clothes we will pursue.",Cora told her and Regina nodded. She stared at the bed and Cora destroyed it with the flick of her wrist. Regina flinched and looked to her mother. "I'm sorry, Regina. I just couldn't watch you feeling bad anymore.",she told her daughter who nodded softly. "Thank you, mother.",Regina said and smiled hesitantly. Cora smiled back and held out a small mirror to her. Daniel had bought it for her. It wasn't expensive. "It's not expensive, mother. It won't get us money.",Regina said and Cora shrugged.

"You love it.",Cora said and Regina cradled it against her chest. "Daniel... gave it to me.",she mumbled and Cora looked down. "I'm sorry that I killed him.",Cora told her and Regina shrugged. She turned away and tried to hold back her sobs. "I...I loved him, mother.",Regina hissed and Cora nodded. "I know... what I did was unforgivable... but... but I beg you to forgive me. You will find your happy end. I will never interfere with your love life ever again. I promise you... I'm so terribly sorry." Regina turned around and slapped her mother who gasped. "I deserved that.",Cora said and Regina nodded. "You deserve so much more but I can't hurt you, mother! But I love you too much than that I could hurt you.",she said and Cora quickly held her.

"I love you.",Cora said and Regina nodded. "I love you too.",she answered and then they quickly packed a few more things before they poofed back. Rumpel waited for them in his castle. He smiled at them lovingly. "Ready?",he asked them and they nodded. "Ready.",Cora said and they looked at Regina who took a shaky breath and nodded. They all took their hands and Rumpel threw the bean on the ground. They looked at each other again and then jumped into the maelstrom. Into their new future.

5 years later...

Regina was pacing in their house. They had jumped into a real future. The year technology was so much different to from the one in their land but they quickly adapted to it. She never got over the fear with men and avoided them as much as possible but she met a woman. Not much older than her. The woman was 21 when she met her. She liked her pretty much and fell in love with her. They fell in love with each other. Today was the day Regina wanted to introduce her to her parents but she was slightly afraid. In the Enchanted Forest gay relationships were forbidden.

She had told Emma about her past and although Emma didn't wanted to believe her at first she soon realized that Regina didn't lied. Especially when they conjured a flame out of thin air after a kiss. Emma was a bit panicking when she heard who her parents were but Regina could calm her down. But now she was the one panicking. What if they hated Emma? What if they rather wanted an Emmet than her? She ran a hand through her now short hair and the door unlocked. Emma entered the house with to-go backs in her hand and smiled at Regina. "Hey.",she said lovingly and kissed her softly. "Hey.",Regina answered and hugged her tightly. "Now you are nervous.",Emma said grinning and Regina glared at her.

"Right... you are afraid because of the thing with Daniel. But you know we are in a world without magic. There won't be a chance that she can crush my heart and otherwise I surely can overpower her.",Emma said and kissed her again. Someone knocked at the door and Emma smiled encouraging at Regina who took a deep breath and walked to the door. "I'll ready some wine.",Emma said and Regina nodded. She walked to the door and opened it. Cora and Rumpel were standing in front of her and smiled. "Hello, my dear.",Cora said and hugged Regina. "Hello, mom.",she answered and then turned to her father. "Hello, Dad." "Hey, my little one.",he answered and kissed her cheek.

"So. Where is that lover of yours?",Cora asked and Regina blushed. "Mom!",she hissed and Rumpel chuckled. Regina led them to the kitchen and saw that Emma had cleaned up and put the things of the to-go back onto plates and was just pouring wine into glasses. Emma stopped and smiled shyly at them. She put the glass and the wine bottle on the kitchen counter and walked over to Regina and wrapped an arm around Regina's waist. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Mills.",Emma said shyly and the two of them looked at her surprised.

"Mom. Dad... that's Emma... my girlfriend.",Regina said shyly and wrapped her arms around Emma. "Uh...hello, Emma.",Rumpel was the first one to recover and held his hand out to shake. Emma shook it and then finally Cora snapped out of her surprise. "Hello, Emma...",she said and shook her hand too. Emma smiled shyly and looked to Regina who exhaled relieved. She looked up to Emma who kissed her forehead lovingly. "Well... we got some food...",Emma started and pointed at the food behind her. "We should eat before it gets cold then.",Rumpel said and the couple nodded. Cora followed them still shocked. Rumpel looked at Cora and took her hand.

"What's up, love?",he asked her and she sighed. "It's a woman.",Cora said. "You didn't think that Regina would return to men after everything that happened, did you?",he asked her surprised and she looked down. "Emma seems to care for Regina deeply and they look like they love each other. Just be happy for them. It's nothing bad. I've heard that there are a lot of people who are loving their own gender. And if Regina is one of them too then so be it. But I just want her happy and she is happy right now.",Rumpel said and Cora nodded slowly. She studied Emma and Regina. They smiled at each other freely. They were really happy. Emma softly pulled Regina against her and kissed her softly.

They entered the dining room and Regina stepped away blushing. They sat down and Rumpel and Cora studied Emma who smiled hesitantly. "So... as what are you working.",Rumpel asked Emma who had taken a bite and quickly swallowed it. "I'm working for the police department. I'm a homicide detective.",Emma answered and Cora looked at Regina proudly who watched Emma lovingly. "How did you two met?",Cora asked and Emma smiled lovingly. "Some jerk spilled coffee over her blouse and I offered her my scarf to cover the stain...well... I asked her for her number and she was like what the hell is a phone number and then she rambled something about not being from here and that she doesn't know a thing yet. I took her under my wing and helped her adjusting... And then... then she told me about where she came from. I didn't believe her at first until... I just thought why the hell not and decided to stay with her..."

"You wanted to break up with her?",Cora roared and Emma flinched slightly. Regina gripped Emma's hand. "Mother! You have to see it her way. She didn't knew and then someone talked about magic and dragons and everything. In this world people who talk about this are crazy!",Regina defended Emma who kissed her hand softly. "I decided to stay. That's all that matters. I believe her.",Emma said and looked to Regina again who smiled at her brightly. "You know who we are?",Rumpel asked and Emma nodded.

"Rumpelstiltskin or the Dark one. Whatever you prefer and the Queen of Hearts. You know what amuses me? In this world you would be in one fairytale but now you aren't because..." "I made myself to the Queen of hearts, was evil and went to Wonderland?",Cora cut her off and Emma sighed. "I don't really think that you were evil... you were just pretty stubborn and mean.",Emma said and Cora chuckled. "A way to describe her.",Rumpel commented and took a sip of his wine. Emma bit her lip and looked a bit shy at Cora. Cora looked to Rumpel and then sighed. 'Why the hell not' She thought and looked to Emma again. "I'm glad that Regina found you.",she said and Emma smiled. "Me too.",she answered and leaned over to Regina. They kissed softly and then blushed.

Cora and Rumpel held hands underneath the table and sighed contently. After dinner they talked a bit more and then they walked back home. Regina was fine. She had Emma and Emma was not an asshole like they had feared at first. She was loyal, protective and caring. They wanted that for Regina. Even if Regina's trust in men were broken, her trust in Emma was strong and unbreakable.

Thought this story could need a real happy end and because I'm a Swan Queen fan it ended like this (Emma is not Snow's daughter in this story (lol obviously) )