I remember it like yesterday, the screaming, the roaring, the deafening roar of my grandfather as he tried to fight off one of the rouges that attacked our kingdom, the frantic scream of my grandmother and mother as they searched for my siblings and I and any other cub they could find, the pained cries of one of my mothers clostest friend as she held her dead cub close to her not caring what happens, just wanting her baby back...

That was over two and a half years ago. Two and a half years ago my family was torn from me. Two and a half years ago my father gave his life saving me, my brother and sisters' lives. Two and a half years ago was the last time I saw my mother. Two and a half years ago I saw my homeland, my BIRTHRIGHT ripped out of my paws. Two and a half years ago I took the role of a single mother to my siblings.

I was an adolescent when all this happened, barely out of cubhood, just approaching the stages of being a lioness. I was a princess, first in-line to the throne, daughter of King Kovu and Queen Kiara, granddaughter of Simba and Nala.

This is my story, a story of a princess, banished from her throne. A story of love, hope and courage.


It was a day like any other, the lionesses, led by Queen Kiara were out hunting, the old king and queen were somewhere at Pride Rock lounging around and King Kovu was cubsitting his cubs with the help of his adolescent daughter, Adilah.

"Dad? When can I learn to hunt like mum and aunty Vitani?" Kovu's second eldest asked, pouncing on his tail, growling when she missed.

"When your the same age as your sister, Almasi." Kovu smiled, nuzzeling his month old cub snuggled in his paws, Uzuri, his youngest had yet to open her eyes.

"But that's too long!" His daughter whined, moving next to her elder sister, Adilah, who was asleep next to her father. Kovu only smiled, looking at his third child, his only son, who was perched on his big sister's back.

Now to anyone, lion or man, this would look like a perfect day. How wrong were they...

"Dad? Why is Uzuri so small?" Kopa, Kovu's only son asked, peering down on his sister. "That's how all young cubs are, son. Even you and I were that small." Kovu explained, smiling.

"Yeah, and your brains still that small." Adilah laughed, her amber eyes sparkling. Now Adilah was often considered a pretty atracttive lioness, with her light dusty coat to her dark chocolate ear rims, her built being that of a true warrior, inherited from her great-grandmother, Sarabi. Many said she would grow into a fine ruler one day, her strength and courage would transform The Pridelands for the better.

Kopa only stuck his tounge at her, joining his twin sister, Almasi. You would never guess that these two are twins; with Almasi, a few minutes older was the splitting image of her grandfather, with his rich royal gold coat to his nose and same shades of browns around his eyes, muzzel and underbelly, her atittude being that of her mothers; stubbon, with her Aunt Vitani's 'you mess with me and I'll kick your butt to The Outlands and back' attitude. Her eyes though, she had inherited Nala's eyes. Her twin on the other hand, looked like his father, his coat a light dusty brown, the same as his oldest sister, colourless paws, amber eyes and a dark brown mane with a pink outlander nose, he was quite a ladies man

Adilah rolled over, placing her much larger paw over her brother's small body, preventing him from moving. "Dad!" Kopa yelped, "Help!" The cub tried pushing the lioness paw away.

"Adilah." Kovu playfully growled. "Let your brother-"

The sound of Simba's pained roar filled the cave. Adilah stood up quickly, her father following suit. "Dad? That was grandpa.." The young lioness whispered. "I know. You stay here and wait for your mother, if anything happens or your mother isn't back in fifteen minutes, grab the cubs and run," Kovu looked his daughter in the eyes, "and don't look back. I fear this is a-"

"Kovu!" Two lionesses ran in, one old and a pale colour, the other young and a peach colour.

"Kiara! Nala! What happened?!" The king rushed to his mate and mother-inlaw, nuzzling them both, "Where's Simba?!"

"Three rogues, all brothers attacked us at the waterhole, Simba told me to run while he held them off. I ran to warn you when I saw Kiara and Shina coming." Nala explained, her blue eyes filling with tears, "Shina... She-she died for me, one of the rogues went to run after me and she attacked him.. The last thing I saw was her dropping on the ground..."

"Kovu, we won't survive this. Two of them over took my hunting party-" Kiara looked into her mate's green eyes.

"They wouldn't kill them, they need females in a pride," he looked at his cubs, "but cubs-"

"Well, if it isn't 'The Great King of the Pridelands' himself, with his beautiful queen and runts."

They three royals turned to the entrance where two lions stood, their honeycomb fur and aqua eyes shining in the morning sun, the one on the right smiling at Kiara in a way that made her skin crawl. The other watching Adilah in a similar fashion. "Hey Sita, the brown ones mine." The one on the left said to his brother, who looked at Adilah with interest.

"Whatever, Niji. I got the queen." The lion on the right, Sita, smiled.

"And who do I have?" A new voice asked. Everyone turned to the lion, who was lighter than his brothers with cold grey eyes.

"Oh you can have that pretty one with the bangs, we saw eariler," Niji whistled low, "Such a good hunter too, Vita." Sita added then stepped out of the way of his oldest brother and walked towards the royals.

"Kiara, get Adilah to get the cubs to safety and run, on my signal." Kovu mouthed to his wife, who looked at him, then nodded. The queen pressed herself against the wall next to her daughter.

"Adilah, we need you to get your brother and sister to safety." Kiara smiled softly at her daughter, "Take them far away from here. But remember, we love you." Adilah nodded, tears threatening to spill. "I love you mummy."

"I know my daughter, now go. There's a crack behind that rock, carry Uzuri and get the twins to follow you. I'm so proud of yo-"

"You. Next to the queen, come with me." Niji demanded, advancing on Adilah who was pressed against her mother. Kovu stepped in front of his wife and cubs. "She's not going anywhere." The king snarled, getting ready to attack.

"Oh really? And who's going to stop me? You?" That was the last straw and Kovu attacked, biting into the rogues mane, looking for his throat. Sita and Vita soon came and surrounded Kovu.

"Now! Go! Mother get them out of the Pridelands." Kiara urged her mother and cubs out the back. "Mummy loves you, be strong and listen to your sister and grandma." The queen licked Kopa and Alsmai's head and nuzzeled Uzuri. Kiara watched her mother lead them through the lands she grew up in, making sure they were out of sight before going back to her mate, biting and clawing the nearest lion. A lone tear trailed down her cheek as her world went dark. The last thing she heard was her mate's pained roar. Be safe my children.

The Lion King doesn't belong to me.