ch 39

Adilah groaned as she woke up, her head pounding... "What...?" She cracked an eye open, squinting in the harsh sun, "Where am I...?" She rolled over and spotted a light tan lion, pushing his wild, curly hair out of the way.

"You are in a cave," The male called out, not looking up, "You and your friend took a nasty fall."

Adilah gasped and stood up, going into an attack position, "Who are you?" She demanded, "Why did you bring me here?" She narrowed her eyes at the lion.

"Relax, babe." The lion waved a paw, "I found you in the river earlier and brought you back." The lion eyed Adilah, his stormy grey eyes staring at the dusty lioness, "And boy am I glad you decided to wash up." He flirted with her.

The princess scoffed and turned away, "Great, how far from the Pridelands am I...uh..."

"Huru," The lion smirked, "The names Huru, but you can call me 'Baby', 'Honey' or whatever your heart desires. Sweetheart."

"No thanks, Huru would be fine." Adilah smiled, though her nostrils flared with anger, "But how far away am I from the Pridelands?" She asked, her amber eyes glaring into Huru's blue ones, practically telling him to tell her.

Huru pushed his curly bangs out of his eyes, "Not far, your just past the border." The lion glanced at the other sleeping lioness, "Is that where you ladies are from?"

Adilah rolled her eyes, "No, we're from the moon." She said sarcastically, glaring at Tanith, "Of course we're from there."

"Ok! Ok!" Huru held his paws up, "No need to be so snappy!" The tan lion once again pushed his curly mane away from his eyes, "This stupid mane! You know what? This," He held up his thick, dark mane to Adilah, "Is gonna be the death of me, so hard to keep out of my eyes."

"I'm sure it is," Adilah nodded, "But if you would please tell me which way the Pridelands are so I can be on my way." She stood up, eager to be far away from this lion.

Huru raised an eyebrow, "What about your friend?" He nodded to where Tanith was beginning to wake.

"I don't care," The amber eyed lioness shrugged, "Throw her back in the river, hit her over the head, I couldn't care less about her right now." Adilah walked out of the cave, before turning back, "But thank you anyway, Huru." She nodded and left.

Huru's ears perked up and he quickly stood up, "Hey! Wait! You can't go walking around by yourself! This is rogue territory!" The blue eyed lion quickly walked to the mouth of the cave, but it was too late, the lioness was gone.


Adilah cursed the land's dry, dusty soil and blazing sun, "He found us at the river, huh?" She wondered, "What river? There is no river!" She shouted to no one, frowning at the deep paw prints she was leaving, that was never a good sign as other larger lions could follow her and kill her. Huffing, the princess continued her journey, not noticing the pair of eyes that stalked her.

"I hope Hakuna is having more luck than me," She muttered, smacking away a dead stick, "What the hell is place even called?"

"It's called the Outlands, sweetcheeks."

Adilah lifted her head to see a large male sitting on a stone above her, this lion was even larger than her grandfather and the evil glint in his eyes made Adilah gulp and step back, causing the lion to leap off and take a step forward, "What's the rush?" He cooed, "Where are you going?"

"T-The river," Adilah's heart hammered in her chest at the size of the lion, "I need to go back mother is waiting for m-me." She lied, walking backwards.

"Is she now?" The lion raised one thick eyebrow, "Or are you lying to me?" He stepped up closer to Adilah so that he was nose to nose with the dusty princess.

Adilah turned her nose away and stepped back until her back hit a wall, "N-no! My mother is expecting me!" She protested, trying to walk around the lion but was cut off as the lion playfully blocked her way, coming to stand at his full height.

"Now, now princess," The lion tsked as he took large, slow steps forward, "I really do hate liars."

Adilah opened her mouth, words on her tongue ready to lash out at the lion, but her name being yelled out stopped her.

"Adilah!" Huru ran into view,Tanith behind him, "Adilah! There you are!" He pushed past the large male, even larger than himself and engulfed the amber eyed lioness in a hug, "Play along..." He hissed quietly, then forced a smile, flicking his think curly bangs out of his face, "You should know better than to run off alone in unknown territories!"

The lion curled his lip, "Do you know her, Huru?"

Adilah watched as the tan lion pulled away from her and breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank you so much for looking after my sister, Drake! I really do appreciate it!" The smaller lion hugged the rogue, "Words can't express how happy I am right now!" The smaller male pressed his cheek to the larger male's.

With a snarl, Drake pushed Huru away and stormed away, licking his lips as he turned his head and glanced at the two lionesses one last time before he continued on, out of view.

"Thank you," Adilah dipped her head, and turned and continued on, her head held high and her amber eyes narrowed.

Huru stared at Adilah's retreating form, before he glanced at Tanith, "Hey! Wait up, uh... whatever your name is!" The blue eyed lion came trotted up next to Adilah, "You can't just wonder around here, it's the know? For outcasts! Bad, evil animals." Huru waved his paws around, trying to tell the story with his paws.

Adilah raised an eyebrow, "The Pridelands are just over them hills, I can see the top of Pride Rock, which is wher-"

"Woah, woah, woah!" You want to go there?" Huru stopped and stared at the dusty lioness, his blue eyes confused, "Why?"

"Because she's the rightful heir."

Adilah turned at glared at Tanith, while Huru looked awed as he looked wide-eyed at Adilah, "What...? Your royalty?" He raised his eyebrows and stared at her, before breaking into a fit of giggles, "I-I'm sorry," He laughed, "But you? Hahaha, sorry babe, heh but you just don't seem l-like the princess type...Not that is bad, I mean your pretty like a princess and-"

"Sorry," Tanith interrupted, "But she's taken, and from what I saw, I think her lion would tear you limb from limb before you have a chance to blink."

"Like you would do to me?" Adilah raised an eyebrow at her childhood friend, "Like how you betrayed me?" She sneered, before turning and walking away again.

Ignoring Huru's look of confusion, Tanith glared at Adilah, "Well where were you?" She called out to Adilah, who stopped, "Where were you when your aunt and mother were forced to bear the cubs of those killers? You ran away like a coward and started living it up with that lion!"

Spinning around, Adilah stormed back to Tanith, "Where was I?! Where was I?! I was trying to come up with ways to take back my kingdom!" She stood to her full height, her teeth bared and claws unsheathed, "Where was you? When your pride needed you? I wouldn't mind that you were whoring around the borders looking for your next lion instead of helping your pride!" Adilah was now in the honey lioness's face, "You have the cheek to ask me where I was when I was practically banished and then you go and betray your queen and pride by joining forces with the lions that killed so many members of our pride!"

Glaring back at the amber eyed lioness, "I did what I had to, it was that or death." She snarled, "At first I refused but then that monster killed Kwala right before my eyes." Tears now fell from her eyes, "And you know what? I did protect my pride."

Adilah set her jaw, her tail furiously thrashing back and forth, her mouth set in a thin line, "If you really do care for the pride, then you'll fight for us, not against us." WIth that Adilah turned and left Tanith and Huru, not turning back for the curly maned lion's shouts.


"I wonder where mother is." A young lioness cub muttered, wiping her bangs away from her electric blue eyes, "I haven't seen her since last night and I'm hungry." To get her point across, the light dirty grey cub grabbed the other lioness cub's paw and placed it on her belly.

"Tanah! Let go of my paw!" The other lioness cub, this one a light creamy brown with darker brown ear rims and a sharper nose cried, "I don't put your paw on my belly!"

Chaka glanced down the rocks where his mother sent them, staring at his father as he summoned the lionesses to go patrol the borders, "Shush Tanah and Upendi...I'm trying to listen!" He glanced back behind at the arguing twins, "I trying to see if Dad says anything about Mum..."

"...Don't hesitate to kill anyone on sight..." His father's voice rang out. Chaka narrowed his eyes down at the angered lion.

"What about Kiara and Vitani, Sir?" Gia asked, her crimson eyes darting up to glance at the rock Chaka was leaning against seconds earlier.

Chaka closed his grey eyes, "Phew..." He muttered, looking back to see Tanah and Upendi hiding in a small crack. The prince looked back over the rock, his eyes widening as his father's words rang out in his ears.

"Kill them on sight... And if you find my son or Vitani's rats, bring them to me."

That was the last he heard before he stumbled down the rock and crawled into the small hole Tanah and Upendi were in. Sighing, he rested his chin on Tanah's back, his eyes watching the entrance while the lioness cubs huddled closer to him.

"Chaka...?" Tanah asked, her voice small, "Is.. Mum going to die...?"

Chaka's grey eyes met Tanah's blue ones, "Nah, Aunt Vitani is way to strong for Gia and her friends." He smiled, "Plus Mum is with her, so they have nothing to worry about."

"Yeah!" Upendi whisper shouted, "Vita would be silly if he thinks he can beat our mums!" The dirty grey lioness cub nuzzled her sister comfortingly before she punched the prince's shoulder.

"Ow," Chaka rubbed his shoulder, "Remind me to never mess with you." He smiled, before he laid his head on his paws, Upendi curling up next to him while her sister rested her head on his back. His thoughts about his mother before his eyelids closed on him.

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