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Felicity woke up the next morning much like she had the morning before, except this time Oliver slept soundly behind her, one arm resting across her waist.

As much as she wanted to never move from that spot her bladder had other ideas. Never expecting she'd be able to get out of bed without waking him she didn't try and be careful, but as she padded across the floor she turned to see him still asleep and looking at peace.

A small smile crossed her lips as she paused at the bathroom door. Her body was sore in all the right places and she couldn't help but let her mind wander over everything they'd done the night before, her heart flipping with each thought.

When she saw herself in the mirror she gasped. She looked like she'd been ridden hard and put away wet. A flush crept up her chest as she realized that was almost exactly what had happened.

She wore nothing but a million dollar necklace and hickeys. Lots and lots of hickeys.

Her hand covered the jewels at her throat wondering how she'd forgotten about it and actually slept in it. She undid the clasp and then stared at it in her palm. She couldn't just let it sit out.

The robe she'd worn the day before hung on the back of the door and she slid it on quickly before she made her way back into the room and found the case where Oliver had left it.

Carefully she returned it to its satin lined home and shut the lid and then stood there, biting her lip not knowing what to do. She didn't know if he'd kept it in a safe or had a special place to put it, or if there was some sort of protocol she was breaking right then.

Suddenly she felt overwhelmed by the responsibility she held in her hand, and as a tiny flutter of panic filled her she knew it was about more than the diamonds.

Everything had moved so quickly she felt like she didn't know which direction was up. Her heart was telling her everything was fine, but her head was more logical and none of this made sense.

She believed Oliver. She did. But she was afraid that when they returned to real life, to running Queen Consolidated by day, and being Green Arrow by night, this fantasy world they'd fallen into would disappear.

She knew they worked here on this island with no real responsibilities. She didn't know if they worked back home. And the repercussions they were risking were higher than she thought either of them had considered. If they tried and were wrong it would impact everything.

The jewelry case she held represented another life she had only had glimpses of. She wasn't used to galas, and servants, and cars that cost more than her annual salary. Would he want her to move in to the mansion? Her apartment wasn't much but it was home and she could never see Oliver living there.

What would his sister say? Laurel? The press? The QC Board of Visitors? The lawyers that would, no doubt, require a pre-nup regardless of what they'd joked about the night before.

Who would ever believe that the geeky girl with glasses would ever end up with Oliver Queen. They just didn't work on paper. Would the press run with that? Could she be putting Oliver's identity in danger? That thought made a cold sweat break across her skin.

She hadn't realized she was shaking until Oliver took the case from her hand and tossed it to the dresser. His hands enveloped hers and pulled her back against his chest.

"Stop. Thinking." he said in a sleep roughened voice she barely registered.

Her head shook mutely before she could speak. "I can't." she said in a wavering voice. "What if this only works because we're here. Because it's just us and people who don't know us back in Starling City. What if the press starts looking into us and I lead them straight to you? I would never forgive myself if-"

He turned her swiftly and even though she was upset and scared she still noticed that he was wearing absolutely nothing.

"Stop. Thinking." he repeated as he stared down at her, brows drawn together in concern. "You told me, not long after we first met that you trusted me. You didn't know why, but you trusted me. The same went for me. That's why I kept coming back for your help. That's why I found your car the night I got shot. You need to trust me with this. It's not going to be easy, but we can do this. Unless...you don't want to."

He'd gone from sounding so sure to sounding so vulnerable it made her gasp. She'd never seen him like that before. His soul was laid bare right then and she knew she had the power to destroy him, just like he did with her.

Her hands flew to his face, thumbs stroking over rough stubble as she made him look at her, "No, Oliver, you have to know...I lo…" she stopped herself short, self aware of what she'd almost said. But she had saw how his eyes lit up when she'd almost said it. "I love you." she finished softly. She had a vague memory of saying it the night before, and of him saying it back, but she thought it might have been a dream.

"Felicity," he began, the timbre of his voice so low and affected she had no choice but to kiss him.

He poured all of himself into that kiss and she felt it in her toes. When he pulled back she was breathless.

"This is right." he said as he pressed his forehead to hers. "I know there are a lot of things to deal with but the important part is right."

"Okay," she agreed, letting go of the anxiety she was feeling. "We work better as a team anyways."

"Always have," he replied and kissed her again.

His deft hands had already untied the belt to her robe before she even realized what he was doing. When his fingers traced across her belly she shivered at the contact, immediately feeling herself respond to his touch.

She groaned into his mouth, "I need a shower, badly." she protested, wishing she had thought to wash the smudged mascara off her face before she'd come back into the bedroom.

"I believe I suggested you take a shower with me yesterday." he murmured into her neck as he began kissing his way across her jaw. Her head fell to the side as she sighed.

"I think we have time for that today." she countered, and felt the smile on his face as he nipped at her skin. "Hey! No more of that! I have enough hickeys right now."

He moved so he could see her, his eyes already darkening, "What if I leave them where no one can see?"

Her mouth went dry and all she could do was nod her consent.

Just as he was making his way down the center of her chest a high pitched repeated trill broke the silence.

It was Oliver's phone.

With a groan his head dropped to her shoulder and she remembered in a flash that most of their clothes were in the foyer.

"I'll grab it." she offered and ran lightly out of the room.

It took her a minute to find his suit jacket as she was momentarily stunned by the view that greeted her. Broken glass littered the floor, their clothes were strewn all about, pictures had been knocked crooked, and her heels were laying drunkenly by the door.

Face red at the memories of what had caused the damage she scrambled to grab his jacket and fish out the phone. Knowing it was about to go to voicemail she answered the call without seeing who it was.

"Hello?" she said a bit out of breath.

"Who is this? Where is my brother? Is this the gold-digger he married?" Thea Queen's voice was extremely recognizable.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, and then winced as she hurried back into the bedroom. Oliver had skimmed into a pair of underwear she noticed, disappointed at his choice. With a grimace she handed the phone over. "It's your sister." she mouthed and saw his eyes widen slightly.

She motioned to the bathroom and waved her fingers at him. Whatever Thea needed to say to him she was sure she didn't want to hear. And part of her was a bit frightened to be honest.

When she looked back he was shooting her a half desperate look and she had to stifle a laugh.

"Thea...good morning." he said easily as if nothing was wrong.

Felicity shut the door behind her before she could hear anything else.

Quickly she turned on the water and stripped off the robe. She hadn't fully appreciated the shower before now, but the dual shower heads and low bench might just prove useful.

She'd made it through washing her hair when she heard the door open behind her and draft of cool air before Oliver's body was pressed flush against hers.

Felicity shut her eyes and leaned back, enjoying the feel of him as he moved under the spray as well.

Nerves suddenly filled her stomach and she knew he felt her tense slightly before she got up the courage to ask about Thea.

"So…what did you tell your sister?" she asked hesitantly.

His mouth dropped to her shoulder, "You really want to talk about this now?"

She took a deep breath to center herself and nodded, "Yes, I do."

He sighed and lifted hid head. "I told her she should know better than to believe everything she reads in the tabloids. But I told her there was some truth to what she'd seen."

"And she didn't immediately want to know why you'd never mentioned me before?" she scoffed,

"Actually, when I said you'd been around a while and I was just now realizing what I had been too blind and stupid to notice before she asked if you were the 'blonde from the hospital' that I had promoted when I came back." his lips were on her shoulder again as if he couldn't help himself.

Felicity spun in his arms, "No! That's terrible. Now she thinks I'm some sort of office skank that slept my way to the top for my own personal gain, and-" she was cut off when he captured her lips with his.

"No, she doesn't. I made sure she knows how I feel about you. She wants to have lunch next week."

Normally the thought of lunch with Thea would have sent her into a mild panic, but she was more fixated on Oliver's previous words. She knew what she'd said earlier, and she knew what she thought she'd heard him say, but she needed to know for sure.

"How do you feel...about me?" she asked breathily, her heart pounding in her chest for reasons she couldn't explain.

His hands framed her face and the openness in his eyes was all she needed to see. She gave him a brilliant smile and tried to lean in but he stopped her. "Give me a chance to say it." he lightly admonished and she gave him a small nod.

"I love you. I think I thought I knew what that meant before, but maybe I was wrong." his tone was so earnest and so true, she couldn't stop the emotions that were threatening to overwhelm her.

"I love you, so much." her lips were only a hairsbreadth from his and then they weren't. His tongue swept through her mouth demanding everything she had and she gave it willingly.

His broad hands spanned her back, sliding easily over her wet skin. She moaned into him as his mouth coaxed sounds from her, her stomach flipping repeatedly at the sensations he was creating.

She touched him everywhere she could reach, fingers tripping across scar tissue, tracing patterns on his flesh. When she came to the wide expanse of marred skin across his lower back she took her time, carefully covering every square inch until she knew it all.

He stilled for a second and dragged his mouth from hers to look down at her. "It doesn't bother you, does it?"

She narrowed her eyes in confusion until she realized he meant the scars. "No, why would it?"

His eyes slammed shut and then he was kissing her again, his mouth trailing to her ear, making her squirm into him. She could feel his hard length pressed against her hip and she dropped her hand to encircle him, stroking all the way to the base before she ran her hand back up again.

He growled low in his throat and pushed her backwards until her overheated skin hit the cold marble. With a squeal she arched away, pressing her chest into is. He took advantage of her discomfort by leaning down and taking the hard peak into his mouth. He sucked and laved the nipple until her hand was barely moving and all she could concentrate on was the sparks of electricity that were shooting into her core.

Oliver's hand slipped across her hip and over her ass, swooping in once as he lifted her leg to drape over his, just brushing her center, making her groan at the contact.

Desire was already pooled low in her belly and it grew so quickly it took her by surprise. She'd never been this reactive before, but she knew all it would take would be a few touches before she'd be flying apart.

His mouth still worked her breast, his free hand kneading the flesh and pulling at the nipple until she couldn't catch her breath. The hand on her thigh found her hip bone, making her pelvis jerk hard into his.

She could feel how close he was as well. His chest heaved and when she caught a glance of his eyes they were just as dark as they had been the night before. He tried to slip a hand between them to touch her but she grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

"No." she gasped out, "You can't tease me." she shut her eyes for a long minute to try and calm down some.

"Why not?" he asked lasciviously and her stomach flipped,

"Because I won't last and I want you inside me." she opened her eyes and met his. The world stilled between them as she watched lust and need flare across his face.

Not another word was spoken. She found herself suddenly facing the corner of the shower, Oliver placed her hands on the safety rails and propped one of her feet on the bench she'd eyed earlier.

With no warning and no preparation he slid into her to the hilt. She cried out as he entered her, the pleasure threatening to overwhelm her. One of his hands banded around her chest, tweaking and rolling her nipples, as his other hand slid down to rub her clit.

He continued to thrust into her and all she could do was hang on, her body completely consumed by what he was doing to her. The stimulation was too much, her legs had gone numb and all she could focus on was the growing need in her center.

Of all things it was his mouth falling to her shoulder and sucking hard that pushed her over the edge. She clamped down on rails, her knuckles white as she pulsed around his cock. Her cries echoed in the room as her vision faded for a moment, his arms the only thing holding her up.

Both his hands fell to her hips as he stroked into her a few more times until he held her to him tightly and shook.

She could hear his ragged breathing as she slowly stood up and leaned back against him, the angle making them both groan until he slid out of her and turned her in his arms.

"Is it always going to be like that?" she asked, laying her head against his heaving chest.

"I hope so." he replied, peppering her temple and hair with small kisses as his hands continued to roam over her body, making her shiver despite the hot water that still poured over them.

They took their time washing. She soaped up a loofah and squeezed it across his back, watching as the soapy bubbles trailed to his waist and over the curve of his ass. She followed them with her fingers under the guise of rinsing him as she directed him under the spray of the water.

She laughed as the muscles clenched under her hand and then squealed as he pulled her to him quickly, kissing her hard in retaliation. With a smile she drew away and resumed her task, this time washing his chest. As she rinsed the soap she couldn't resist leaning in and tracing her mouth over his pecs, the hard rigid line that defined them had always fascinated her.

When her tongue slowly circled his nipple she felt his hands dig into her waist. She did it again, lightly scraping her teeth and he jumped under her. One last lick and she pulled back with a grin on her face.

She looked up with wide, innocent eyes to see him staring at her, his gaze intense.

This game continued until finally he took the loofah from her and turned her back to him. "My turn." he whispered in her ear before he nipped it, causing her to shudder.

Agonizingly slow he dragged the slightly rough loofah over her overly sensitive skin. She twitched and jerked with every bit of contact, her hands falling back to grab onto his thighs as he focused just on her shoulders.

By the time he'd made his way to her lower back and legs she didn't know if she'd be able to stand. He pressed a hot, open mouthed kiss to the back of her knee and she let out a strangled half moan-half cry that had him rising immediately.

He came around to her front and took his time with her breasts, making sure the netting cut over her hard nipples and a slow build grew within her.

Backing them up he sat on the bench and drew her between his spread legs. He dropped the loofah beside him and ran his palms over the slick skin of her abdomen. She grabbed onto his shoulders when he kissed around her navel.

When his hand slid between her legs she groaned. "Just making sure I do a thorough job." he said evenly, his fingers parting her wet folds.

His movements were lazy and slow as he stroked her, never touching her clit but getting so close it made her ache. On his next pass one finger slid in easily and she gasped. Her hand found his cock and she matched him, stroke for stroke, her eyes never leaving his as he brought her just to the cusp of her release.

She gave him a wicked a grin and climbed atop him, using his shoulders for balance. With her knees planted on either side of him she sank down slowly until she could feel him throb within her.

Her head fell to his collarbone as she began to rock her hips languidly, the position just right. She adjusted her hips wider and sank just a bit further into him. The hand on her ass kneaded the flesh there and she groaned on the next down stroke as her clit rubbed against him just where she needed it.

She didn't think she'd be ready again so soon, but her body had other ideas. As they moved together she turned his head into hers and kissed him at the same easy pace, their tongues tangling with each other.

He tensed first, his head falling back against the wall with a thunk but she didn't stop moving. She knew this orgasm wouldn't be nearly as explosive as the last, but the low flame inside her grew steadily outwards until it spread like a warm blanket through her veins making her shudder and her toes curl.

"God that was nice," said without thinking as she fell on top of him. When he laughed she buried her red face in his neck.

"Glad some things won't change." he said lightly, pushing wet hair out of her eyes.

"I'll be saying things like that when I'm eighty, don't worry." she assured him as she snuggled closer, suddenly tired.

"I can't wait." he whispered in her ear and she smiled happily.

They enjoyed the moment a bit longer until he lifted her by the waist and set her down before he turned to shut off the water. "I think we've been in here long enough."

"The shower at your place is just as nice as this one, isn't it?" she asked hopefully,

"It's nicer." he promised and a secret thrill ran through her at the thought of trying it out.

They dried off quickly, although Oliver got a bit waylaid when he decided she needed assistance, she'd had to eventually push him away while laughing so that she could put the robe back on.

When she made her way back into the bedroom to get dressed she could hear the faint sounds of her phone going off, much like she had heard Oliver's earlier. With a sigh she headed back for the foyer. The ringing stopped, but almost immediately it started back up again.

The clutch she had taken to the wedding lay just outside the bedroom door and she did not want to know how it had gotten there. Luckily her phone was undamaged when she pulled it out and looked at the screen.

Her mouth fell open in shock and she might have made a noise, but Oliver was at her side almost immediately.

There were twenty-seven missed calls. They were mostly from the Starling City area code, but some were not. The phone rang again and she answered it automatically.

"Hello?" she said warily

"Is this Felicity Smoak?" a voice she didn't recognize asked

"Yes, this is she."

"Ms. Smoak, this is Cat Grant from the Daily Planet, would you be willing to go on the record about your recent marriage to Starling City's most long-standing and eligible bachelor, Oliver Queen?"

Felicity felt blindsided, she knew the pictures were out there, but she had no idea how reporters had gotten her private number.

"What is it?" Oliver asked tersely

She held the phone away, dumbstruck, "It's a reporter, from the Daily Planet, not even from Starling City! They have my number. They all have my number and they want me to give a statement and…" she was beginning to lose her composure as her inability to know how to deal with this threatened to consume her.

Oliver took the phone from her hand and pulled her into his side. "No comment." he growled and then hung up. When the phone rang again he powered the device down and tossed it on the bed.

He took her by the shoulders and set her back so he could look at her properly. "Someone gave your number out. This place is going to be swarming with helicopters and photographers before we know it. You need to go get dressed and pack and I'll make a few calls so we can hopefully get out of here before that happens."

She felt a bit dumbstruck but she nodded her head and turned to head into the closet but he grasped her wrist and tugged her back in. "Hey, you don't regret this do you?" he asked, sounding unsure.

Felicity stroked a hand across his jaw and placed a tender kiss to his lips, "Never." she assured him.

He let her go with a smile, and crossed to the dresser to pick up his phone. She saw him head out onto the lanai as she entered the closet.

She was dressed and shoving dirty clothes into her bag when Oliver came in.

"Everything okay?" she asked, hands paused over the open suitcase.

"Pilot should be here within an hour." he told her, "And I've got Digg trying to trace how and when your number was released."

"I'd say the how was Maddie, I wouldn't put anything past her." she said bitingly,

Oliver stepped into a pair of pants and slid on another crisp white dress shirt. A memory flashed through her mind of him doing the same thing only two nights ago and how embarrassed she had been. It was so familiar now and so normal. It amazed her how easily that switch had been flipped with them.

Oliver continued on, not having noticed her temporary distraction, "Well, regardless, I want to know for sure." his voice had taken that tone he got when he became overly protective.

"I'll be able to look into that better once we're back." she reminded him, and his head popped up to give her a secret smile she couldn't decipher. She quirked an eyebrow at him and continued packing. When she noticed an empty hanger she remembered her gown from the wedding was still laying on the foyer floor.

Oliver was buttoning his shirt as she slipped out the door, halfway there she remembered the glass and turned around.

"Forgot my shoes." she said as she came back in, ignoring his strange look.

"What do you need shoes for?" he asked

"There's glass...all over the ground out there." she said pressing her lips together in a tight line as she tried not to blush.

His brows drew together even more and she couldn't stop herself, she burst out laughing. Oliver Queen, Green Arrow himself, hadn't noticed the amount of damage they'd caused.

She followed behind him as he went to see for himself, almost running into his back when he stopped short.

"I'm a little surprised you don't remember bumping into the table." she said with a smirk.

He gave her a considering look that switched to something else and had her blood thrumming through her in a few seconds. "I remember all the important things." he said with a low growl, and she couldn't help but gasp.

"The wall thing was particularly inspired." she said with a twitch of her lips

He hauled her to him, mouth slanting over hers until she was dizzy. "I'm very glad you think so." he said into her and she sighed before pushing herself off of him.

"Come on, we don't have much time." she reminded him.

With a grumble he collected their things. She remembered to grab the cuff links and went to find a dust pan and broom in the kitchen.

"You don't have to do that." he called after her.

"Yes I do." she countered, already sweeping up the broken vase. "I am not going to let Maddie tell the press that we destroyed a hotel room having crazy wild sex!"

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle, "But we did destroy a hotel room having crazy wild sex."

She whirled on him and shoved the broom into his hand. "You can sweep now. I'm going to go dry my hair."

"Felicity…" he began but she stopped him with a look.

"I'm sure you can figure it out Mr. Billionaire. It's not that hard."

He was grumbling as she left but she heard the telltale sound of a broom crossing a floor.

Her hair and make up took longer than she expected. There were more hickeys to cover with concealer than she had noticed earlier. She and Oliver were going to have to have a longer discussion over where he was and wasn't allowed to do that.

When she walked out of the bathroom with her toiletries Oliver was on the phone, sleeves rolled up, one hand in his pocket looking sinfully gorgeous. The bags had been rolled next to the bed and she could see nothing else out of place.

Her gave her a smile and waved her over before turning the phone to speaker. "Felicity's here now, Diggle." he announced

"Hey Digg," she said, suddenly feeling shy.

"You two just can't seem to stay out of trouble, huh?" he asked easily and all her nerves melted away.

"You know how he is. It just follows him." she said sardonically,

Digg laughed, "I was just telling Oliver, I've traced who contacted the press. It was your cousin, I'm sorry."

Felicity just shook her head, "That doesn't surprise me at all. Did she send the pictures as well?"

"No, she's barely used her phone all weekend, but she did send an email this morning to the entertainment reporter at every major newspaper and website in the country."

"You'd think some people would have better things to do the morning after their wedding. I mean, I know we-" she was cut off by Oliver's hand clamping over her mouth and her eyes went wide at what she'd almost said.

Digg let out a snort of laughter, "Yeah, we're going to need to have a team meeting when you get back about what Digg does and doesn't want to know about, just so that's clear."

Oliver's hand slid off and she winced before she answered, "Sorry, Digg, it won't happen again."

"If only I believed that." he said with derision and Oliver just nodded in agreement. She swatted his arm.

"See you soon." she said

Oliver hung up and offered her his arm as they exited the room.

"Oh, what about the bags?"

"The porter will get them." he told her

"Guess I'll have to get used to that." she said with a small shrug.

He gave her hand a squeeze but didn't say anything as they walked down the now familiar path to the main building.

As they approached she realized she had no idea what time it was and as they came around the corner she was startled to see all the wedding guests once again on the veranda for the post wedding breakfast.

"Guess we're going out the way we came in." Oliver said under his breath and pointed to the sky where she could just see the QC chopped coming in from the east.

They watched as the helicopter landed, once again catching the attention of everyone there. Felicity said hasty goodbyes to her parents and aunt and uncle. Knowing she couldn't completely ignore her cousin she turned to her just before they headed down the path for the landing pad.

"Goodbye, Maddie, you and Roger absolutely deserve each other." she'd said it with a smile, but there was no doubt by her tone what she really meant.

Maddie's face went red but before she could sputter a reply Felicity had turned away and slipped her hand into Oliver's.

"Well played." Oliver whispered when they were a few steps away.

"It's the truth. They're both awful people and the ultimate revenge is that they're stuck with each other."

Oliver chuckled lightly, "Remind me never to get on your bad side."

She shot his a look out the side of her eye, "I highly doubt you'll be able to manage that."

The pilot opened the door as they approached and Oliver helped her inside.

As they went through the now familiar process of strapping on harnesses and putting on headsets she couldn't help but flashback to only a few days prior when she had been nervous about just holding his hand. A flush must have crossed her cheeks because he reached over and clasped her fingers and gave her a questioning look.

"Just thinking about how much things have changed." she said honestly,

"Nothing important though, not really." he replied, with more depth than she was expecting, and after she thought about it for a minute she realized he was right.

He leaned over and gave her a kiss which she happily returned.

The static in her headset was interrupted as the pilot flipped a switch. "We'll be at the house in a few short minutes, Mr. Queen." he announced and then shut the link.

Now it was her turn to raise an eyebrow at Oliver. The flight back to Starling City took an hour at least.

He gave her a smile, "I didn't just talk to Digg earlier. We're not expected back to work for forty-eight hours. Digg's going to throw on the hood and make himself seen a bit around town. And we are making a quick hop to my island."

She looked at him, mouth agape. "But...why?"

He took her hands in his and leaned as close as he could out of the harness. "Because, the world thinks we got married, so I figured we deserved a honeymoon."