: Scars :

Chapter 1:

There he sat in the back seat of a taxi that just picked him up from the airport, head leaning against the widow, looking outside, eye's filled with emotions, he was back; back in his childhood town Cameron. He goes by the name of Randal Keith Orton, but people may know him as Randy Orton. Back when he was the age of ten he had to move in with his aunt in Missouri, leaving Cameron for him it felt like leaving everything that was left in him. At the age of ten his parents died in a traffic accident. The only family he had was his aunt that lived in Missouri, he didn't want to move there, but he had to.

He knew that one day when the time was right he would move back to Cameron, NC, and the time came. Now he's nineteen, he finished high school in Missouri and applied for college there too, but he was kicked out due to a lot of fighting and arguments with students and teachers, he only passed his first semester in college but he was completely fine with it, he only got in college because his aunt forced him too. Randy was never a school type; he hated it and everything that it had to do with it.

Randy was still in doubt about his life success, he still had no idea what he wanted in his life, in his mind he asked himself several times 'should I follow my dad's footsteps and maybe try and be a professional athlete like him?' nothing seemed to satisfy him.

A huge smile spread across his face when the taxi drove in the neighbourhood he grew up in, he started to remember all his child hood memories, they all involved mostly one person, him and Jeff. Both him and Jeff when they were young they were best friends, nothing could spread them apart from each other until the accident happened and he had to move to Missouri, he wondered to himself if Jeff was still living in Cameron, he kind of missed him. Everything he did when he was young involved Jeff, he remembered clearly the day before he had to move in with his aunt, he was staying round Jeff's, he remembered how sad both of them were when he had to go, they spent the entire night awake talking and wondering if they could ever see each other again.

The cab passed his old house, and his smile faded away, he started to remember his mom and dad, he really missed them, the last words they said to him were "Behave at Ruby's house Randal". He sighed and felt tears form in his eye's, he shook his head and tried hard not to think about his parents at that moment, he hated breaking down infront of people especially someone he didn't knew. The cab finally stopped infront of a house, he paid the fare and got his things out of the back trunk, he made his way to the front door and sighed 'Welcome home Randal' he said to himself while sliding his hands in the front pocket and took a set of keys out, he opened the door and got in the house.

It wasn't much only two bedroom, one bathroom, small kitchen, small living room and a small back yard. He got in the masters bed room and started unpacking his stuff. It took him about an two to three hours to settle down. He sighed and walked in the living room and sat down on the couch, he took a glance around the room and leaned his head back; he decided whether he should go out or not...he decided to go out to some bar.

He grabbed his keys and got out the house and started walking down the street, he remembered that somewhere in that area there was an old bar, not so many people used to gather there, he just hoped it was still there. Luckily enough it was still there in good shape, he made his way in with both his hands in the jeans front pockets, when he opened the door everyone stopped and stared at him. He stood there staring at them back when he decided to make his way towards the bar and order a drink. Everyone continued doing what they were doing and Randy ordered a martini. He felt someone grab his shoulder "Orton?" he turned round and frowned "Ugh yes?" he said to the older men that was still holding his shoulder "Oh my god Randy! You're back!" He said once again this time in a more cheered tone, Randy just stared at him confused he had no idea who this person was, "Jesus Ran it's me Jeff...Jeff Hardy" Jeff said to him smiling, Randy looked at him shocked at first, 'damn a person does truly change by time' Randy thought "Hey Jeffrey, been long time huh" Randy finally said hugging Jeff tightly, Jeff nodded and hugged him back "I thought I would never see you again Ran, it's been so long" Jeff said this time his voice was cracking a bit, Randy noticed and broke from the hug to look and Jeff "Jeff don't...don't cry, you're in public" Randy told him still holding Jeff's shoulders, Jeff nodded and wiped a tear away "Sorry Ran you know how much emotional I get" he told him looking down at his feet, Randy smiled and hugged Jeff again, 'though he changed his appearance he is still the same sensitive kid I knew' "Jeff! Get your ass back to work I am not paying you to hug people!" someone said from the back of the bar, Jeff broke apart from Randy "God damn it" he mumbled and walked away from Randy still looking down at his feet, he got behind the counter and started to do clean the counter and dirty beer mugs and cups. Randy sat down infront of Jeff and smiled once again, he kept looking at Jeff until Jeff raised his head up and looked back at Randy, Randy reached out his hand and messed Jeff's hair up "What the hell did you do to your hair Jeff?" Jeff pushed Randy's hand away from his hair and frowned "What? It's awesome" he said while drying up a mug "It's weird, how many colours do you have 6?" Randy asked again "I had six, back when my hair was longer but now I only got 3, Green, Purple and black" Jeff smiled while doing his hair up again, "and what's with the beard?" Randy asked again this time chuckling, he knew how much it annoyed Jeff when someone asks too many question "Are you hear to ask me about how I look?" Jeff asked back in a serious tone "Nop...I'm just happy to see you" Randy smiled at him "But seriously, you have always been creative but I never thought you would be creative on your body too, how long does it take you to shave?" Randy kept on asking, Jeff sighed and placed the mug on the counter "Approximately thirty minutes, will another drink shut you up from asking another question Ran?" Randy shook his head "Nop, it won't actually it might encourage me to keep asking questions" Randy chuckled, Jeff face palmed himself and shook his head "Still the same Randy, I don't care that we just met like after I don't know how many years, ask another question and I'll knock you out" Jeff said jokingly, Randy raised his hands up in defeat and formed like a zip on his mouth "no more questions for tonight then" Randy said, Jeff nodded "Hey, I finish my shift in...an hour, how about you wait for me to finish and we can...uhm go to get something to eat and maybe catch up?" Jeff asked while his face turned a little bright red "Sure, great idea" Randy agreed 'why the hell is he blushing?' he asked himself.


((An hour later))

"Finally, I couldn't wait to get out of that shit hole" Jeff complained, while they were walking down the street to a diner. Randy looked at him and smiled again, he was glad that his old buddy actually recognised him, if Jeff wouldn't have talked to him first he wouldn't have any idea if Jeff was still alive or not. "Here we are" Jeff said smiling when they made it to the diner, "Gee...this diner still exist we used to come here after school with your mum Jeff" Randy said remembering those moments; Jeff nodded and made his way in followed by Randy behind him. They sat down on a table and ordered their meal "So what brings you back here Ran?" Jeff asked after they finished eating "Basically, everything Missouri wasn't my home, this is where I grew up, well grew up but yeah whatever it's where my mum and dad lived, after I left a part of me died, I love it here, I feel more welcome then Missouri" Randy said "Well, I'm glad you're back Ran...I really am, I missed you so much" Jeff said and chuckled a bit "I still have those lame action figures we used to play with" Randy almost choked in his drink and looked at Jeff "seriously Jeff? I threw those things away ages ago" Jeff looked at him and frowned "Well mister I'm all grown up now, I'm more sensitive than you are, and basically it's the only thing I had that reminded me...of you" Jeff locked eye's with Randy's, Randy sensed a bit of hurt in Jeff's eye's and he noticed that his eye's were starting to turn red and filled with tears "Jeff, Don't! Just don't cry! I don't remember you being this much sensitive" Randy said shaking Jeff's hand "I know, I can't help it Ran, I don't think we're going to be the same as we were before Ran, there is something about me that made alot of people hate me" Jeff's voice once again was breaking, "I'll be back" Randy stood up and walked towards the counter he paid the bill and went back to the table, he took Jeff's hand and pulled him off the table "Come on let's go" Randy said while pulling Jeff out the diner "Where are we going?" Jeff asked, "My place, atleast if you breakdown you'll only breakdown infront of me and not everyone" Randy said still pulling Jeff, Jeff quickly got out of Randy's grip and stopped "Are you embarrassed cause of me?" He asked a little bit angry, Randy stopped and looked at him "No, you never embarrassed me Jeff, but it's better at my place after all we'll be more in private" He grabbed Jeff's hand again and continued to pull him all the way down to his place.

They reached his place and they got in "It's not much, but it's all I could afford right now" Randy said, Jeff smiled and hugged Randy again, Randy was a bit shocked at how Jeff was acting, he pulled out of Jeff's grip "Let's head in the living room and tell me why we won't be the same as we were when we were kids" Jeff nodded and both of them made their way towards the living room, Randy sat down on the couch and tapped his hand on it for Jeff to sit next to him, Jeff sat next to him and looked down at his feet "Well than tell me" Randy insisted, Jeff looked at him and sighed "I don't know if I should tell you this now Ran, I'm really happy you're back and I don't want to fuck our friendship up" Randy shook his head "You won't Jeff just tell me why people hate you, remember when we were kids, I was the one sticking up for you when those bullies picked on you, though I used to get beaten up with you but I don't regret it, now tell me who's bothering you and I'll show them that Mr. Orton is back in town" he said looking at Jeff, "Ran you just got back I don't want you to get in trouble cause of me!...I was thrown in Jail three times cause of fights and..." he stopped there looking down at his feet again "And?" Randy asked him, Jeff looked at him again his eye's filled with tears "Ran, I'm not that happy kid I was back when you were here, since you left everything went down hill in my life, I made bad choices in my life, my mum almost threw me out the house and my brother, he left the house and he hates me Ran" he stopped and blinked several times to hold his tears in "Jeff just open up to me! Don't you trust me anymore?" Randy told him, he was feeling really sad, he never thought Jeff would end up in that state, he remembered clearly how much Jeff and his brother used to get along, and his mother he was everything to her, he felt guilty for not keeping in touch with him "I do trust you Ran just am not ready to lose you too, I lost way to many people in my life, I cannot lose...the only friend I got" Jeff said leaning on Randy, Randy raised his hand over Jeff's shoulder, he decided to change the subject "You're not going to lose me Jeff, I'm back and here to stay nothing will take me away again I promise you that, but anyway let's change the subject, are you dating anyone?" Randy asked, Jeff shook his head "Nobody wants to date someone like me Ran...and it's kind of hard to find someone like me here anyway" Jeff said sighing, Randy got confused 'what does he mean by saying can't find someone like him..' "What do you mean like you Jeff, there are a lot of girls out there, I'm going to be honest with you if I was a girl I would have been obsessed with you" he said with a chuckle, Jeff chuckled back "That's the problem Ran, I'm not interested in...girls" Jeff bit his tongue, he was worried Randy won't accept him about his sexuality...

End of Chapter 1: