Authors note: So I saw Exvnir's drawing over on deviantart titled massage, and the moment I saw it I knew I would be writing something about it. Credit should be given to him since he was a HUGE help with editing the story and shaping it to what he had in mind. It was a little bit awkward to write and I don't know how often I will write something like this.


Yang was not in a good mood.

Her schedule today consisted of combat instructions and practice duels, which she without a shadow of a doubt loved, and another of being cooped up in a stuffy classroom listening to an old boring teacher drone on and on about his own personal accomplishments who also happened to be very strict with "proper posture" and forced them to sit up straight on the hard backed and very uncomfortable seats.

Needless to say her back and shoulders hurt, A LOT.

After the dismissal of the professor, Yang all but raced directly into her team's room. Inside, she quickly changed and tried to relax herself onto her bed but realized that it just made her back hurt even more. She groaned as she stood up to find a comfortable place to rest in the large dorm room. Eventually she took some solace on the armchairs Weiss had placed in their room. Though even with the comfortable cushioned chair her back still felt like the muscles had been tied into knots all over.

"Yang, are you alright?"

She jumped, not having heard the door open.

"Blake, don't scare me like that!" Yang exclaimed weakly, her back pains made it hard for her to talk.

"I saw you bolting out of class as soon as the professor dismissed us. Is there something wrong?" Blake questioned her teammate.

"It's just this shoulder and back pain I got," Yang rubbed the throbbing parts in vain. "It's killing me!"

"I see, unfortunately I don't know how I can help," Blake apologized. "Sorry Yang."

Yang sighed. "It's okay Blake. It's no one's fault, except that stuck up professor with his stupid 'proper posture' rule. Let's see how he likes it when he has to endure hours of long and boring stuff!"

Just then, the two girls heard someone knock on their door.

"Is everything okay Yang?" came a voice from the door.

"Jaune, is that you?" Yang asked the hunter-in-training who entered.

"Yeah, its-" he was cut off by another pained groan as Yang once again shifted in the chair. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"It's her back." Blake said, "She's saying it hurts really badly."

"I see..." Jaune looked slightly to the side, appearing to be thinking of something.

"I wish there was a massage therapist near Beacon, but the only ones are too far off to drive to." Yang grumbled as she continued to relax herself on the chair.

After a moment, Jaune made up his mind and spoke up.

"…Sorry?" Yang said, not quite believing her ears.

"I said I could give you a massage. According to some people, apparently I'm good at giving them," Jaune said somewhat shyly with a blush present on his face.

The two girls looked at each other for a bit. They were skeptical at Jaune's words, Yang especially. She was well aware the affect her body had on people, more specifically young men and more than once people had attempted to make a pass at her.

'But' she thought, 'Jaune doesn't seem like that kind of person, I hope at least.' So, she agreed.

Not long after, Yang found she wouldn't have cared if Jaune was one of those kinds of guys, his hands were magical.

"Y-Yeah… right there..."

"Mmmn... harder…that's it..."

"Oh god~ that feels so good…"

Blake resisted laughing at the spectacle. Yang was moaning A LOT and Jaune was blushing furiously while fighting an oncoming nosebleed. She quickly stood up and proceeded outside.

"I'll leave you two alone for a while," Blake muttered as she left.

"Mmmm..." Yang tried answering her partner, but she was too much in ecstacy to respond.

"Uh Yang? Could you please try and control yourself? People might hear you and assume stuff," Jaune tried to say with a straight face.

"Ahh… d-don't worry about it. I-It's all under control," Yang reassured Jaune. She knows that Blake would keep this secret and even if it didn't sound very convincing when she heard herself say it, Yang couldn't care less since god damn it this guy had magical fingers!

"You sure?"

"T-Trust me on this…"



Meanwhile, Blake was reading a book on a bench near her group's room when she saw the rest of her team and Jaune's approach their dorms.

'Uh oh,' Blake thought. 'This could be trouble.'

"Hey Blake, have you seen Yang and Jaune?" Ruby asked the ninja. "They both rushed outside when the classes ended."

As soon as Ruby asked that question, a particularly strong moan came from team RWBY's room followed with Jaune's flustered voice.

"Ahhh~ Yes... A little harder there please~" Yang moaned.

"Like this?" Jaune asked.

"Oh God yes~" Yang answered back.

A dark and malign aura surrounded the three girls. Blake inwardly facepalmed. 'Shit.'

"What the hell was that?" Weiss demanded. "Are those two having sex in our room? How indecent!"

"No! Jaune would never do that!" Pyrrha tried defending her leader and crush, but even she had trouble believing her own words.

"I can't believe that Jaune and Yang are...doing...that..." Ruby stated in a dark tone.

"They better not be doing it on my bed!" Weiss began stomping towards the door.

'They owe me for this' Blake thought. This then led to the hilarious scene of the three of the girls wrapped up in Gambol Shroud's ribbon and being dragged away from the room. Ren, who was giving Nora a piggyback ride, followed her as well.

"Let us go!" the three shouted, partially muffled by the ribbon. Blake knew that that it would be pointless to try and explain the situation to the three angry girls and stop them from killing the two in the room. Beside her was Ren, whom at the moment was carrying a sleeping Nora on his back. Blake explained the situation to him and while he was a bit miffed that they turned around when they arrived at the rooms, he found the situation pretty funny so he decided to just walk along and deal with it.

'Jaune must be quite amazing at massaging to get Yang to react that way,' Blake thought as she continued to drag the struggling girls effortlessly. 'He definitely owes me one'


Eventually, Jaune's hands began to get sore, much to Yang's displeasure. It took a lot of pleading, promises of many more massages in the future and some well-placed kneads into her back to finally get her to let up and not make him work his hands to the bone.

"You're so good at massaging," Yang felt like she just experienced nirvana and wanted more.

"Thanks!" Jaune replied, face still red as he stretched out his fingers.

"Since you did so well, I'll give you a treat, next time you can massage my ass." Yang said in a playful tone.

This sent Jaune's brain into melt down, and he could only watch as she stood up, stretched and stepped over to the bathroom, making sure to swing her hips for good measure, almost feeling his stare as she sauntered up to the bathroom. She glanced back, a grin playing across her lips and winking at him.

"I'll let you decide if I was joking or not~"


Jaune finally managed to gather his wits after Yang's final statement and left the room. Before he could cross the hall to team JNPR's room his wrist was grabbed by non-other than Blake.

"B-Blake!? Jeez, you could have just called me!" Jaune tried calming his racing heart.

"So, you give massages often?" Blake asked directly to the point.

Jaune was thrown in a loop. "I uh, I wasn't planning on making a habit of it if that's what you are asking." He said sounding slightly flustered.

"Oh really, well you'll need to give me one." Blake stated in an even tone.

"Wait what?" Jaune was confused. "What do you mean?"

Blake's face gave way to a small smile. "Let's just say that some people are trying to castrate you and you'll need the protection. You'll also get into a lot of trouble once this spreads word. I could help you but that's only if my body's in tip-top shape."

Jaune couldn't believe it what she just said. "You're not trolling me, are you?"

"Nope, it's either that or you will find yourself implanted to a wall. Take your pick~" Blake finished with a chuckle.

Jaune was speechless for a while as he soaked up the information but eventually sighed and lowered his head in defeat.

"When do you want it?" he muttered.

Blake merely gave him her patented smirk, causing him to blush and look away as she crossed the hall and opened the door to team RWBY's room.

"Tomorrow, after lessons in this room, see you then."