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Start with a day.

A blank, unique day.

Add classes at a prestigious combat orientated school. It is now an interesting, unique day.

Add combat exercises. It is now a difficult, interesting, unique day.

Add the fact that this is what it is like every day. It is now a difficult, interesting day.

Pretty fun stuff, wouldn't you say? Never a dull moment (except in Oobleck's classes, but we don't talk about those).

However, add that your hands are constantly stressed and hurting, along with the fact that you are having night-time training exercises with an amazonian warrior who happens to be a celebrity and also one of your closest friends. Sure, the fact that you are training with her would appease some of the stress and exhaustion, however, add that your hormones are driving you to notice some things you'd rather not, at least when you are attempting to focus on not being hit by a shield, and what you would get is a rather unhappy Jaune Arc.

"C'mon, Jaune! Don't be distracted!"

Well, easier said than done, considering her attire, the light sheen of sweat, the way droplets of water, dripping from a rain gutter above clung to her collarbone, sliding down into the vast-

With barely trained reflexes, Jaune rolled to the left, wincing as Pyrrha's shield glanced against his arm. Lifting his own shield up, he closed his eyes, looking inwards towards his aura and trying to draw it out. The goal of todays exercises was for Jaune to become proficient at drawing out his semblance in a combat situation, but trying to focus on that whilst dealing with the constant... distractions... was rather difficult. In fact, if he didn't know better, he might think Pyrrha had moved herself under the rainwater drain on purpose, to distract him.

That was preposterous, she wouldn't do that!

...Would she...?

Surely she wouldn't deliberately sabotage his training, just for the sake of teasing him. Now, someone like Yang would definitely do that, but Pyrrha?

...Jaune honestly didn't know. He felt like there were many things he didn't know anymore.

Either way, he couldn't focus, something that was made evidently clear when he barely managed to block a sideswipe, the price of his inattention undoubtedly emerging as an unsightly bruise on his shield-bearing forearm. With a hasty motion of his hand, Jaune signaled Pyrrha to stop attacking. Jaune had originally suggested using a code-phrase, but when he referred to it as a 'safe-word', Pyrrha had blushed brilliantly and suggested the hand-motion they were now using, blabbering something about the possibility of one of them being unable to speak, or if their mouths were occupied. She had slapped a hand over her mouth then, her face an intense crimson – something that had only confused Jaune further.

"Something the matter, Jaune?" Pyrrha asked, lowering Miló and calling Akoúo̱ back to her arm. After a moment's pause, he lifted his hands. Pyrrha's gaze softened, guilt beginning to seep into her mind as memories of recent requests for a Massage leapt to the forefront of her mind. Her desire for a Massage was incredible, but the guilt of knowing that it would be hurting Jaune was just as great.

"Jaune…" she started, only to be cut off by him.

"It's fine, Pyrrha. Honestly, it's fine, I just need to rest," he said, forcing a smile, though he knew that she would see right through the façade.

She sighed, softly, then said, "If you're sure, then alright. We can stop for today."

Jaune relaxed, transforming his shield back into its scabbard form and sheathing his blade. The day had been long and arduous, and his hands hurt, but that was not why he had asked Pyrrha to stop. Even with the...distractions...Jaune would have tried to keep up, but today was different.

He couldn't focus on anything.

He had been spacing out in classes, constantly rubbing his temples, yet when Pyrrha had suggested they not train today he refused. Yet here he was, stopping them early.

Normally Jaune did have some issues following along; he certainly was improving, but still, he had some issues, but this was different.

It was like…

It was like there was too much noise, in his head.

Constantly distracting him, constantly pushing aside other thoughts, constantly getting in the way.

He just...needed to relax...

That was it!

It was Friday, and over the weekend students were allowed to leave campus and go out to Vale. Jaune would go out, find a Spa, and get a massage! It had been forever since Jaune himself had received a Massage, (Not counting that fiasco with Ren, both of them refused to speak of it and what occurred afterwards,) he was so used to giving them, that it would be a nice change of pace to finally receive one.

With the plan set firmly in his mind, Jaune bade Pyrrha goodnight and set off back towards their dorm room.

Tomorrow would be fantastic.

If Jaune had to be totally honest, he was feeling mighty underwhelmed.

His trip had been uneventful, well, mostly uneventful, considering the intermediate trips to the garbage bin to empty his stomach, but he had arrived just fine.

Team RWBY and Pyrrha had decided to spend the day training, while Nora had gone with him, but sped off them moment the plane touched down, and as far as he knew Ren was still asleep.

As to his underwhelment, that was because the masseuse who had been assigned to massage him was not exactly the best. It was either that, or this whole Massaging gig was nowhere near as effective on him as it was on others, which didn't make much sense.

Oh sure, tension in his muscles was definitely being released, but any desire to moan - like anyone else he massaged did - was completely and utterly nonexistent.

Jaune sighed, boredom bleeding through his mind as he tried to entertain himself. The ambience of the place was nice, a decorative fountain in the center of the room, coupled with light orchestral music made for a very calming atmosphere. Jaune was especially fond of the scent of Ginger Peach that permeated the room – it was one of his personal favorites.

But still, he was bored.

And he remained bored for the next thirty-seven minutes, until the Massage was over, the masseuse left, and he remained, alone, in the room.

Suddenly, the warm atmosphere felt a great deal darker than before.

"I can tell you are not impressed, Mister Arc."

Jaune jumped, whirling around to face the women who had spoken.

She was roughly his height, and seemed to be his age too. Green hair, cut short in front with two long braids behind ringed her face, contrasting quite nicely with her light-chocolate colored skin.

As for her clothing, she was wearing something akin to a bathrobe - obviously made of high quality fabric - that opened up at her chest, showing off fairly ample cleavage as well her shoulders.

Jaune tore his eyes away from the sight as she once again began speaking, blushing slightly and trying, once more, to calm his breathing.

"You may be wondering who I am," she said. "My name is Olivine, and I am an acting manager here."

"Acting manager?" he said hesitantly. "You seem a bit young for a position like that."

She smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment," she said, not coldly, but certainly not warmly.

After a few moments of semi-awkward silence, she began to walk forward, circling around Jaune. The resemblance to how certain predators act, when stalking prey, did not go unnoticed by him.

"Mister Arc, do you give Massages?"

Jaune tensed.

"W-why do you ask?" he said, cursing both the tremor in his voice and the butterflies now contently fluttering about in his stomach.

"I have my reasons," she said, stopping behind him. As he turned to face her, he saw that she had sat down on the same table he had been lying on earlier. "Word is, you give very nice Massages."

"A-and whose word are you going by?" he asked, fingers tapping nervously against his leg.

"No need to be concerned, Mister Arc," she said, with the same not-hot but not-cold tone. "You are in no danger here."

"You didn't answer me," he said, trying to quell his shaking. He greatly missed the familiar weight of Crocea Mors at his hip.

She smiled. "Yes, I didn't."

Jaune swallowed nervously.

"It is in your best interests to answer my question, Jaune." she said, a definite chill creeping into her tone.

"M-my mother always stressed that it was a good idea to treat people how y-you want to be treated. So if y-you want me to answer, then you should do the same f-first," Jaune said, trying to calm himself with breathing exercises he had learned from Ren. This situation was very off-putting, but he couldn't tell if it was the woman or the feeling of being trapped, or perhaps both.

"Well," she started, slipping off the table and walking up to him, leaving a scant few inches between their bodies, "I was taught that if I didn't answer what I was asked, I would be punished." By this point, her voice was very icy.

Jaune felt sweat slide down the side of his head. He was unarmed, had to yet to fully master control over his semblance, and was faced with a woman he knew nothing about.

He cracked.

"I-I've been told that I give good M-massages…" Jaune admitted, slumping with defeat.

Instantly, the Olivine perked up, warmth creeping back into her tone and smile. "There we go," she said, "was that so hard?"

Jaune bit back the immediate answer of 'yes' and watched her as she sat down on the table once more.

"Now, Mister Arc, seeing as you expressed fairly obvious disappointment in our staff," she began, motioning him forward, "Perhaps you can demonstrate how a 'proper' Massage is supposed to feel?"

After a few seconds of disbelief, Jaune realized she was being serious.

He walked forward, muttering, "Can't ever get away from it, can I?" under his breath. When she raised an eyebrow, he merely waved her off with a hand, before picking up a bottle of Massage oil left by the previous masseuse and unscrewing the cap.

While in hindsight he shouldn't have been surprised, it was still a shock to turn around as she was removing her bathrobe. Thankfully, she was facing away from him, but he still started, blushed, then turned away once more.

"You can face me, Mister Arc," she said, her smirk practically audible.

Slowly, carefully, he turned, to be met with the sight of her bare back as she lay, face down, on the padded table. The bathrobe had not been completely removed, merely folded at the waist.

Jaune stepped forward, having already poured Massage oil onto his hands, sighing once more as he placed his hands against Olivine's back.

Emerald's eyebrow, out of view from Jaune, twitched in anger as his hands touched her back. Once more, she found herself regretting taking this particular job.

To be fair, she hadn't had a great deal of time to decide if it was a good idea or not, seeing as the moment it became known that this...this kid was on his way into town, Cinder had told her to follow him. Doing so had been incredibly easy, since the kid had no idea he was even being watched, as was to be expected. However, the moment he had entered the Spa, her radio had crackled to life with new orders from Cinder. She was to follow him in, take control of the establishment as silently as possible and arrange, through almost any means necessary, for the boy to give her a Massage.

She could have refused, but it was very likely that Cinder would not have taken that very well, not that she would have minded a little… 'punishment' from Cinder…

The happy thoughts were quickly chased away as the boy's fingers pressed into her shoulders, kneading into her muscles. Grudgingly, Emerald had to admit that he did have some degree of skill. His bumbling, clumsy exterior was clearly a bad representation of his skills as a Masseuse, as his fingers moved with precision, feather light brushes passing over knotted muscles before digging in, releasing tension she didn't even realize was there.

A quiet sigh escaped from her lips, vanishing into the cushioned fabric beneath her as the boy's hands kneaded her back.

Jaune was, to be completely honest, quite confused with this whole situation.

Aura trickled through his fingers, causing his hands to glow a soft, ethereal white. No matter how, or where he Massaged Olivine's back, she remained very still, only the occasional sigh serving as an indication of whether or not he was doing something right.

This kind of subdued reaction was very foreign to him, though he couldn't say if it left a good or bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. From his experience, the people he had massaged – by this point – would be a quivering, moaning mess beneath his hands. Instead, there was… this.

The unconscious connection made the girls' back in Beacon Academy flit to mind, and an unsettling thought struck him. In comparison to Olivine's rather subdued response, theirs almost seemed… over-the-top. Unrealistic, as it were, if his personal experience prior and the current person receiving his ministrations were anything to go by. It brought to mind the stunning realization that many of their post-massage reactions were incredibly out-of-character.

Like they enjoyed it too much, as if some external force had made them react in an over-the-top way.

Jaunes hands began to slow as, more and more, he began to think about recent events. The girls apparent attraction to him was making less and less sense as he actually thought about it. For all his efforts, Weiss made it abundantly clear that she was not interested in him. He was not that blind, but had continued to try because... well, just look at Weiss. He wasn't the only person – male or female – to be smitten by the Ice Queen, despite her rather prickly personality. Yet, when all he had done was give her a simple Massage, suddenly the way she had acted towards him had completely changed.

Same with Blake, she had been very quiet and did not interact with him at all, yet the moment he gave her a Massage, within a month she had spontaneously kissed him!

"You can't be getting tired already, Mister Arc?" came the voice of Olivine beneath him. There was a hint of anger in her voice, but it was drowned out by drowsiness.

Jaune mumbled something and continued Massaging her with renewed vigor, but the action was mechanical as he continued to think on this subject. Pyrrha and Yang were different cases, as Yang had a penchant for teasing him and Pyrrha was just… Pyrrha. Always kind to him, always encouraging him, and it was less of a dramatic jump than the school's Ice Queen constant attempts at getting his attention (and the other Massage, but like with Ren's case he refused to think about that). Still, it was quite the jump to make.

Eventually, some part of his brain registered a change in Olivine's breathing. Shaking himself free of his introspective thoughts, Jaune looked down at Olivine-

-and rapidly turned away as, at some point, the bathrobe had slipped down her waist, exposing smooth expanses of flesh that he really did not want to be seen looking at.

Fortunately, for him, it was his second realization that caused him to relax. Olivine's breathing had changed because she had fallen asleep.

After a few seconds pause, Jaune's vision drifted back down the expanse of her back, resting on her firm-

Jaune instinctively slapped himself, barely wincing at the sting, then froze as Olivine's breathing shifted in response to the noise. After several seconds of silence, she relaxed once more. Carefully, Jaune pulled the bathrobe up once more, then crept out of the room.

Strangely enough, he encountered none of the employees he had seen on his way in. Within ten minutes, he was on his way back to Beacon. Arrival would mean classes, training with Pyrrha, dealing with Massage requests…

But were they really requests for Massages? Was it really Massages they wanted? Or was he just a convenient source of good feelings? Massages served a purpose, they improved ones health and relieved both stress and fatigue. Had his Massages ever done such a thing? On that note, why were his Massages so popular in the first place? Jaune didn't think he was that talented. If he had not had that particular skill, or never revealed it in the first place, would things be the same as they were now? Would they still like him?

...Would they even want to be his friend?

Jaune didn't know. Part of him didn't want to know.

But, sooner rather than later, he'd probably have to find out.


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