What up peeps! I decided to do a longer story this time, probably no more than ten chapters. Here's the first. I'll shut up now

A blue and purple eye blinked rapidly then focused. Warm light had flooded into the massive room, even though half of it was covered by the curtains. Ciel sat up and rubbed his eyes, he groaned softly. His body was sore, 'Stupid demon and his sex cravings.' Turn to his left to find said demon asleep. His eyes widened a bit, 'Hmmm, maybe I should wake him,' then Ciel examined Sebastian's sleeping face, 'Well there's no rush.' His little body wiggled up to Sebastian's, curiosity filled his eyes. Ciel extended a finger then slowly poked Sebastian's cheek. He nearly fell of the bed trying to escape, if the demon woke up, but Sebastian just laid there in blissful obliviousness. Once more Ciel wiggled closer and extended a finger, 'I have no idea why I'm doing this, but I'm going to do it anyway!' Ciel nodded his head has he decided. Again he poked the demon's cheek, a smile beamed on the boy's face, he repeated the cycle.

Wiggle back, poke, back away

Wiggle back, poke, back away

He erupted in a fit of soft giggles. 'I'm so easily amused,' he thought as he went in to poke Sebastian again.

"Yes, yes you are bocchan."

The deep voice scared the wits out of Ciel; he tried to scramble of the bed. Then a strong hand caught his ankle and pulled him under the covers. He began to howl in laughter as Sebastian began to tickle him. He tried to roll away from the hands but only made it worse, "S-Sebastian! I'm haha I'm s-erry HA ha ha ha I can't B_Breath St-top I'm Gunna ha haa haa Pee! Ahahahaha!"

Sebastian smiled down at the still laughing boy. He let the boy's sides go and brushed some stray hairs from Ciel's face. "May I ask why you were poking me bocchan?" he gave a soft kiss on Ciel's right cheek. He loved his childish master.

Ciel pretended to look off into the distance lost in thought, "Hm, well it would seem that I was getting revenge."

The demon in a sarcastic voice said, "You're kidding me right?"

Ciel glared at his lover, "No," he poked Sebastian's nose, "You poke me all the time when I'm being 'cute' as you say. I'm simply just returning the favor." The earl smiled victoriously.

Sebastian was not amused. "So let me get this straight." "As straight as we can make it," Ciel interrupted. Sebastian tried his hardest not to smile, though he always found it very hard to be angry at his master, "Y-Yes well," his voice waved when he was biting back a laugh, "You poke me because I poke you? And you think this will solve your problems?" he was trying to incorporate a life lesson, only Ciel didn't get it.

"Sebastian," he said sweetly.

"Yes bocchan?" Sebastian tried to mimic Ciel's sweet voice.

"That sentence made me think."

"Of what, bocchan?" Sebastian was truly intrigued to know.

Ciel looked up at him with two beautiful innocent eyes then said, "That you're a dork."

Sebastian looked down at his master with a shocked face, "That's fucked up bocchan."

Ciel let out a giggle, and then grabbed Sebastian's hair pulling him down into a kiss. Ciel wrapped his arms around the man's neck, he couldn't help but smile into the kiss and neither could Sebastian.

The demon detached from the boy, "So do you take back what you said?"


Sebastian raised an eyebrow then slipped his hands to Ciel's sides, "If you don't I'll tickle you again." Ciel's mouth turned into and 'o'.

"I take it back," Ciel immediately said. He would have put up more of a fight but he had another matter to attend to.

Sebastian nuzzled his master then kissed the top of the boy's head, "Good." "Sebastian," Ciel wiggled his hips a bit. The demon looked down and saw the tiny bulge in Ciel's boxers. He slowly slipped off the black garment, pulling it down creamy thighs, "Yes my lord."

Ciel's little hands fisted the pillow his head was laying on. He kicked off the fabric the rest of the way then spread his legs. Ciel gasped when Sebastian kissed his neck, then down his chest. "Ah!" the earl's body arched up into the moist mouth around his erect member.

Sebastian listened to Ciel's cute noises; he bobbed his head a little faster. More moans came from the sweet mouth. He groaned lowly, sending vibrations up Ciel's cock into his spine.

Ciel put his feet on the demon's shoulder for leverage, his face turned into a deep red. His mouth hung wide open in pure ecstasy. "S-Sebastian t-that f-fe-els sooo good!" Ciel tried not to scream, he knew the other servants were up. His eyes rolled in the back of his head. Little hips began to thrust up into Sebastian's mouth like mad.

Sebastian normally hated Ciel bottling up his noises, though doing this during the day was risky. He bobbed his head a little faster, they needed to finish before the others came looking for them.

Ciel moaned, thankfully, against the bare hand covering his mouth. He nearly lost his control when Sebastian began to suck harder. His hips became frantic; he licked the palm of the demon's hand. The hand was removed slowly. Ciel saw Sebastian's red eyes staring up at him, "I'm –I c-close S-Sebastian!"Ciel nearly tore the pillow under him, his head thrown back moaning, "Yyyyyeeeesssss!" He hiccupped feeling his sweet release finally happen, his little body trembled.

Sebastian moaned as he tasted the earl's sweet essence on his tongue. He saw the boy riding through the throws of pleasure. His eyes closed slowly as he drank his master's cum.

"Ah! Sebastian stop sucking. I'm going to get hard again," he boy tried to push away the head in between his legs. He sighed in relief as he was let go.

"I'm sorry bocchan. You tasted so good I didn't want to stop," he smiled at Ciel, crawling up the boy's body. He licked his lips clean, then kissed Ciel's cheek sweetly. "I love you," he whispered softly.

Ciel nodded, "I love you too," he mumbled into Sebastian's neck.


Both Sebastian's and Ciel's eyes widened at the sound of the shrill voice.

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO TELL HER TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" Ciel was pissed beyond pissed, he was livid.

"I did, it seems she didn't get the message you were trying to convey," the butler threw on his clothes instantaneously. The retrieved a casual outfit for Ciel.

Ciel let his butler dress him rapidly, just as the eye patch came on Elizabeth burst through his bedroom door. "Elizabeth what a surprise," Ciel wore a fake smile.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS CIEL!" the enraged girl held up the letter he had sent a few days before. "YOU FOUND SOMEONE ELSE! WHO IS SHE CIEL I'LL KILL HER!" Elizabeth balled up the paper and threw it at Ciel, Sebastian caught it quickly.

Sebastian glared at the girl, 'Must Not Kill, Must Not Kill.'

"And what are you staring at! You worthless butler, you put him up to this didn't you!" Elizabeth pointed her finger at Sebastian.

'Must Kill When There Are No Witnesses!' Sebastian could feel his anger begin to singe the paper. Little streams of fire leaped from his hand. Ciel saw this and grabbed his wrist, Sebastian saw his Ciel shake his head 'no'.

Ciel turned to Elizabeth, "Go home and leave me alone. I've said what I needed to and so have you. Now leave!" He watched Elizabeth's green eyes widen then fill with tears.

"FINE!" she stomped her foot down like a child. Her anger grew when Ciel didn't waver or make a move to stop her. She left without another word leaving the two lovers to plot her doom.

"I say we boil her in oil."


"Fine we can flay her alive then," all of these thoughts about murder made Sebastian smile. He truly did hate that ball of pink goo.

"Sebastian you can't go around killing people. I hate her too and would enjoy seeing you do one of those many awful crimes you picture in your head, but we can't. Unfortunately she's family." Ciel flopped onto the bed in defeat and groaned, "My head hurts."

Sebastian kissed the pained boy's temples, "You're right I'm sorry." Ciel gave him a quick peak on the lips, "Don't be, I was about to agree with you. Then I thought of how many people would come to the manor on a witch hunt."

Sebastian nodded he kissed his master's pink lips, "I know this is late but I have something to tell you."

"What's that?" Ciel twirled a strand of black hair between his fingers.

"Happy birthday Ciel," Sebastian kissed Ciel full force. Their tongues began to fight, their saliva began to mingle.

'This is going to be a long day,' Ciel thought, moaning into the kiss.

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