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Ciel felt his heart nearly explode in joy. He looked at the calendar, December14th. He had been waiting a whole year for this day. "Young master, are you ready?" Mey-rin poked her head into the dressing room. She walked up to the boy and fixed the slightly smeared make up back into place. "Come on Ciel! Before my amazing outfit starts to wrinkle!" Nina screamed from the hall. Ciel laughed and looked at the maid, "I'm ready."

Sebastian stared at the mirror, he breathed in and out slowly. 'I can't believe I'm doing this,' Sebastian fixed his hair. 'I'm a demon, WHY THE FUCK AM I NERVOUS!' he yelled mentally. "Oh mister butler~" the undertaker popped out of nowhere. Sebastian had almost hit him, "Dear Satan don't sneak up on me." The undertaker laughed and ran out the room. Sebastian took a few more deep breathes then left as well, 'Today's the big day.'

The whole carriage ride there Ciel felt like his heart was soaring. "Mommy. Today es your day!" Ciel laughed at his daughter's words, "It's all of our day." Anastasia giggled in her white cupcake dress. She now had a full head of black, long curled hair; it went to the small of her back. Ciel had matured as well; he had grown three more inches and his hair was now at his shoulder. He examined the dress he was in. Well more like a dress and pants. The white garment opened past the knees to reveal the leggings Ciel wore underneath. He wasn't worried about the dress; he could pass for a girl with short hair if he made his voice a little higher. The tiny church came into view; he had paid a fortune to rent out the entire place, and to have the religious nuts look the other way.

Sebastian was running around making sure everything was perfect. "Sebastian! Stop you're going to mess up your suit." Sebastian looked at Grell he was surprised by the concern; he didn't expect the red head to want to help. "I just want everything to be perfect." Grell shook his head, "It will be if you stop freaking out." The butler nodded and decided to get into his position, Ciel would be there any moment.

Ciel's heart skipped a beat, 'Be calm everything's going to be okay.' He stepped out of the carriage and could hear the organs playing inside. His hands tightened on the bouquet of blue roses. "Mommy!" Anastasia smiled at him and held up her basket of flowers. Ciel's heart melted at the sight. He began to walk into the church.

Sebastian saw the few people they had invited to the ceremony, the servants, shimigamis and even the queen was there. Sebastian guessed she knew Ciel was gay, or the woman just liked weddings. Either way he was going to argue. He watched the Undertaker stand in front of him, Sebastian was about to make a comment to the ridiculously dressed man when the doors opened. If his heart had been beating it would have stopped. There was his bride in a sheath wedding dress, 'Sometimes I do wonder if he was supposed to be born a boy.' Sebastian laughed mentally at his comment.

Ciel was shaking, not visibly, but he was nervous. He walked down the aisles his little girl throwing petals willy-nilly on the floor. He stepped onto the altar, letting Sebastian take his hand. Ciel barely listened to what the undertaker was saying till the vows were to be read. Till Sebastian looked at him and said, "I do."

The undertaker turned to Ciel, "Ciel do you take Sebastian as you lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, till death do you part?"

Ciel looked at the man he loved and smiled, "I do." He heard the undertaker say, "You may kiss the bride."

Sebastian kissed Ciel sweetly. Ciel giggled and wrapped his arms around the man. Ciel could hear everyone cheering, he was in bliss. He and Sebastian ran out of the church, they climbed into the waiting carriage. Ciel threw his bouquet at the awaiting crowd, Mey-rin caught it, he was happy for her. He even thought of helping her plan her own wedding. The carriage rode off, Ciel laughed when Sebastian pulled him into his lap.

"I love you, my little bride," Sebastian kissed the boy.

Ciel smiled then said, "Sebastian I miss Anastasia." He heard his husband laugh, "We've only been away from her for ten minutes." Ciel nodded, they trusted Mey-rin with their baby but a mother will be a mother. Ciel kissed his husband, he smiled at the man.

Sebastian looked at him and let his heart pour out, "J'ai morts en attendant tous les jours pour vous, ma chérie n'ayez pas peur, je vous ai aimés pendant mille ans, je vous aimerai pour toujours plus."

Ciel began to cry and answered, "J'ai attendu toute ma vie pour toi, ma chérie tu es ma vie et de l'amour et j'ai finalement vous avez trouvé, je vous ai aimés pour toujours et je vous aimerai pour toujours plus."

They let their lips lock in unison, both crying with pure joy. They didn't want to let go of each other, and now for the rest of their lives they didn't have to. Sebastian looked down at his love, "Happy birthday my love."

Ciel laid his head against the man's chest, his love, his life, his forever, 'Forever. I like the sound of that.'

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Translations: "I have died everyday waiting for you, darling do not be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years I'll love you forever more."

"I waited all my life for you, my darling you are my life and love and I finally found you, I loved you forever and I will love you forever more."