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Chapter One

Caroline sat in the waiting room with her hands together in her lap.

She had to make sure that those pregnancy tests were incorrect. Caroline couldn't be pregnant. Actually, she could have been pregnant but only if she had sex with a human but the last human he ever had sexual intercourse with was Matt over a year and a half ago. Caroline couldn't get pregnant. Especially, since her last time wa with a vampire. The original Hybrid.

Caroline was lost in her own thoughts so she didn't hear the doctor calling for her.

Meredith walked over to Caroline and tapped her on the shoulder.

Caroline looked up at her and smiled.

"Are you ready to come inside?" Meredith asked her as she reciprocated the smile.

"Oh... Yes, of course."

Meredith explained to her what she was going to do and Caroline laid back on the hard bed as she lifted her top to expose her stomach so that Meredith could check for the child's heartbeat. It has been a little over a month which meant at this stage, they could hear the heartbeat.

"Have you taken a pregnancy test, you could have done that and save yourself the trouble of coming here" Meredith spoke as she prepared herself and her instruments.

"I did, more than once" she replied, calmly then mumbled "23 times"

Meredith looked down at Caroline in shock and humor in her eyes and graced her with a smile "What did they say?"

"Positive" was her response.

"All of them?" Meredith didn't sound shocked.


"Caroline, if you took so many pregnancy tests and they all showed up positive, why come here to find out for yourself?" Meredith asked softly and Caroline shifted a little on the bed, she needed to be sure, that was why, pregnancy weren't so reliable, even if this same sign showed up twenty plus times. Caroline wanted to be 200% sure that she was actually carrying a living, breathing thing in her belly.

She has been human for a little over a month, she has come to the conclusion that she was miserable, she hated it, she hated feeling weak, she hated not being able to compel herself out of a speeding ticket, she hated not being able to give Damon a snarky remark because she knew he could hurt her now, she hated feeling her own heartbeat frantically pounding against her chest as if it wanted to run far away from her and never return, she hated it all. She wanted to be a vampire again but she didn't want to feel ungrateful for being human again so regardless of being miserable, she managed through it, for herself, to be sure what she wanted.

She remembered that day as if it was not minutes ago, going to the school the night after the graduation to look for Elena, to tell her what Klaus had done, she wanted to share the news with her best friend so she could be happy with her but found both Elena and Katherine fighting each other. Then everything happened so fast that she hadn't realized what had happened until she woke to her mother crying at her side in her bedroom.

She had pushed Katherine out of the way harshly but as she turned to help Elena, something was shoved into her mouth a hand was covering her mouth and she viciously smelled blood and bit into whatever was in her mouth, the blood ran down her throat, instead of quenching her thirst, it left her weak before passing out completely, falling next to Elena.

Caroline snapped out of her thoughts and was now in panic mode, her now human heart was thumping so fast against her chest that she placed a shaky hand against it to prevent her heart from jumping right out, she was shaking like a leaf on the bed with the cool jelly on her stomach as Meredith made a circular motion on her stomach with the thing she didn't remember the name of and she could hear the child's heartbeat, it was slow but it was there.

"I needed solid proof otherwise I would have convinced myself that I was not pregnant and all those tests were rigged or something" Meredith laughed at her words, same old Caroline she mused.

"There's your answer, strong heartbeat and looks healthy, congratulations Caroline" Meredith was happy for her regardless of her now human status. She did not judge her based on her young age and Caroline was extremely grateful for that because she could only handle that from one person only and she was still at work. Caroline listened to the heartbeat, swelling with an unknown feeling in her, whether it was joy or fear, she was not sure.

"So the tests were right?" she nodded with a shaky nod as Caroline's eyes were frantic with fear, Meredith noticed a distressed Caroline and immediately smiled because every young woman was scared of having their first child.

"Don't worry Caroline, everything will be fine, as long as you drink no alcohol, no smoking, keep yourself healthy and no vampire business, you'll be fine" Caroline let out a shaky laugh at her last request but Meredith could tell she was close to having a breakdown in the hospital of all places.

How convenient.

"This shouldn't even be possible, I can't be pregnant, vampires can't procreate" Caroline mumbled and Meredith smiled as she wiped the gel off Caroline's stomach.

"You're human Caroline, it is very possible" Meredith paused before continuing "Unless you were with a vampire…" Meredith let out a laugh but the look in Caroline's eyes told her that she must have been with a vampire, the humor fell off her face quickly.

"Caroline it's not possible, vampires can't have children at all" Meredith let out a soft laugh at her sentence, as if the thought of her being pregnant for a vampire was ludicrous, because it was Caroline mused.

But Klaus was a hybrid, the Original Hybrid.

It surprised her that what was supposed to be a goodbye kiss turned into a night filled with hot hybrid sex that made her hungry for more.

"Hybrid" Caroline spoke, Meredith glanced at Caroline at her word "What if he was a hybrid?"

"That's also impossible because I know Tyler's not in town so who else…." Meredith trailed off as the answer came to her and her eyes widened at a guilty Caroline.

She leaned down to Caroline's face as if someone else would listen "You slept with Klaus?" it didn't sound accusing or questioning, it was with shock.

Caroline didn't bother to answer her, Meredith took that as her answer and stood straight, then her mind went deep in thought, as if trying to figure out a logic for it.

"It's possible but I know nothing of a werewolf and so very little of vampires, you'll have to see Bonnie about this"

Caroline nodded and quickly stood up, her stomach was dried off and she pulled her top down and thanked Meredith, also asking her not to breathe a word of this to anyone, especially Elena and the Salvatores and she agreed, knowing how well they might take the news and she was on her way back home to either cry her eyes out or figure out how she was going to do this and whether to tell Klaus or not, she didn't want to tell Stefan, after the way he has been acting, leaving her wary of him, it was completely out of character of him which worried her to no end.

She went home after, she had to get rid of all those tests she took, burn them maybe, or she would just dump them somewhere in the forest or in a lake, she didn't want to have the talk with her mother about this, not now, she was just coming to terms with it, she didn't need anyone yelling at her at this point.

She ran into her room and into her bathroom to dump all the tests into a bag, she even threw the boxes in there as well and closed it up. She went back into her room and looked around frantically for anything that screamed birth pills or pregnancy and when she found none, she dropped the bag on the ground and sat on the edge of her bed, before falling backwards on it and sighed heavily.

Her body relaxed and her mind cleared after a while, this is what she wanted, a moment of relaxation.

One Month Ago:

Caroline moaned in delight, never had she tasted something like this before, she didn't know he was such a good cook, but she figured a thousand years gave him more than enough time to perfect his culinary skills.

"This is delicious, who knew the almighty hybrid could cook" she grinned from ear to ear and he seemed to be pleased with himself at her words.

"I'm glad you like it" he replied, staring at her intensely before speak "How are you feeling?"

"Fine" he didn't look convinced so she sighed in defeat "Fine, I'm not fine but I'll adjust to being human in no time" she replied again.

"So you're not changing back?" he sounded disappointed.

"Klaus, being human is something most vampires dream about, I'm not about to waste something like this just because I miss my fangs" it was true, Elena, even Stefan wanted to be human and just because this was forced on her accidently of course, didn't mean she was going to change back because she felt weak.

Klaus nodded at her in slight amusement, he knew she would rather be a vampire but she was much too compassionate to be selfish about what happened to her, she'd try to cope with being human if he knew her at all.

She rambled about everything that happened since he left, made a couple of jokes here and there while he just smiled at her, sometimes she doubted he was even listening to her but she didn't care, she was just glad for the company, his company. No one came to see her, not even her mom was up when she had awaken from the slumber the cure had put her under. When she woke up, she spotted him sitting next to her in her bedroom, he looked so worried about her, relieved she had woken up, angry at Elena after she had told him what happened, well her version of everything, she felt appreciated that he cared so much.


She awoke from her memory when her bedroom door opened and her mother peeped through, she smiled when she saw Caroline and walked in. It was then Caroline remembered that her pregnancy tests were all but on display for her to see, she got up and grabbed the bag immediately, her mother looked skeptical about it but said nothing.

"How are you feeling?" she asked softly, Caroline smiled.

"I feel human, shoes that never made my feet sore does, I can feel how warm the place is and I can't smell your blood or hear your heartbeat, I feel human, almost normal" she lied, she didn't feel normal, not at all, her version of normal was hearing her mother's heartbeat, it soothed her at times, she felt normal running at a speed that was unnatural to the human eye, she missed wearing heels for so long because they don't hurt her feet after a while, she missed compulsion, she missed not feeling her own heartbeat but her heartbeat always sent her into a mini panic attack every time she concentrated on it. The thought of being human once plagued her mind but the thought of no longer feeling like this was something she dreamed of but she would live a human life, for a while, for her mother, for Stefan, even Rebekah who wanted this more than all of them.

But her mother didn't see the fact that she lied, she smiled a smile that made Caroline almost break down in tears, her mother wanted her to be human and she didn't, how selfish was she?.

She excused herself and told her mom that she was going to see Bonnie then head to the grill. She couldn't bring herself to tell her, not yet, she was going to let her mother have some happiness before she wiped that smile off her mother's face.

She had dumped the pregnancy tests into a large bin and sighed as she felt some sort of weight being lifted from her. Next she pulled out her phone from her back pocket and attempted yet again to call Bonnie only to once again reach her voicemail. She grunted in disapproval before leaving a very angry worded message to Bonnie, making it known that her only excuse for not answering her would be because she was having fun with the opposite sex and hung up.

Bonnie saw this and sighed sadly, eyes glistening with unshed tears, she missed Caroline so badly, she had a giant grin on her face when she heard her mini rant to her but when she saw the obvious sadness on her face, she knew she missed her and Bonnie missed her as well, but she couldn't bring herself back, she was not strong enough, though she couldn't die, she just didn't have enough power.

Bonnie knew what Caroline wanted, she was there that night Klaus came in the door. She had a new found likeness (if she could even call it that) for him, while everyone else was dealing with their own drama, no one saw it fit to come check up on Caroline except for Klaus. He comforted her, consoled her and even made her laugh, she had never seen that side of Klaus before, so gentle with her, so caring. She wanted something like that for Caroline, but from Klaus, that was yet to be determined.

Then Bonnie had felt a mystical energy around her when she saw Caroline started showing symptoms of being pregnant, Bonnie was even more confused about it considering the only person Caroline had been with (in the biblical sense of the word) was Klaus and vampires couldn't have children. This led Kol who appeared to her and informed her of Klaus's nature, him being a werewolf above all made this possible and werewolves could have children, they were part human after all and because Caroline was human, like Tyler's mother, Bonnie had figured the rest by herself. Bonnie was ready to ask how did he know all of this but he was gone by the time she had searched for him.

So she watched Caroline at all times, making sure that she was safe, mostly because no one was thinking of her much, apart from Jeremy and her mother and on occasions her father but Caroline's side pulled more and for that Bonnie was terribly grateful.

That very evening, Caroline went to the Grill in an attempt to avoid her mother and spotted the Original Barbie having a drink.

She couldn't have drinks for the next nine months and that pissed her off. She slumped into her seat and Rebekah turned her head to the side to see Caroline, the woman her brother so fancied, the very brother she loved more than all of them yet hateed with equal measure.

"Someone's having a bad day, care to share with the rest of the class?" Rebekah asked, not directly looking at her but Caroline knew it was her she was talking to and as much as Caroline was grateful for Rebekah's help that night with Silas, she did not want to deal with a bitch right now.

"Rebekah I'm not in the mood for your attitude, please stop acting like you care" Caroline snapped and attempted to slide off the stool when Rebekah stood and walked over to her before she could leave.

"Caroline I'm sorry okay, I just wanted some company and you looked like you needed someone to talk to" that was the closest Caroline was getting to an apology from Rebekah of all people and Caroline felt guilty for taking out her anger on her. Rebekah spun on her heels in attempt to walk away when Caroline grabbed her hand gently. Rebekah turned her head around to face Caroline "I'm sorry, I just have been having a very frightening day, I'm still getting use to being….human"

Rebekah gave her a tiny smile and turned completely around to face her "Well let's go back to the mansion and get an actual drink shall we?"

Caroline shook her head "I can't drink, doctor's orders, I have to allow myself to get adjusted to being human before I can indulge in any liquid courage" Rebekah frowned slightly "But I can come to the mansion with you, providing no one else is there" Caroline raised an eyebrow at her in question.

"Nik and Elijah are in New Orleans, I'm the only one"

Caroline left it at that, not wanting to sound suspicious of asking about Klaus and not wanting to ask questions that might lead to her losing her temper and went with Rebekah to the house, Caroline might not say this but she also needed company as well, she most definitely didn't want to talk to Elena nor did she want to hear about her Salvatore drama as heartless as it sounded. She was tired of Elena's complaining about Stefan's presence and Damon's annoyance of Stefan's presence, Bonnie was gone and decided to abandon her cell phone and Stefan was acting weird lately and she really wanted Matt to be free of all this supernatural drama so Rebekah was really her last choice.

During the car ride, Rebekah noticed Caroline's heartbeat and envied her second chance at being normal, a chance she so desperately wanted, her heartbeat was slightly irregular though, as if she was hearing two of them, one was a bit slower than the other.

Rebekah listened closely to the heartbeat, she knew that she was hearing two heartbeats which could only mean one thing.

"I know what troubles you" Rebekah's voice broke the silence as they approached the mansion.

Caroline almost snapped her own neck at how fast she had spun her head to meet Rebekah at her words, Caroline's heart rate quickened at her words, which only made Rebekah grin at her fear as she pulled up in front of her house and parked with ease.

She turned to Caroline whose eyes were wild with panic "Come, let's go inside and debate on whether I should tell my brother that he's going to be a father or not"

The grin on Rebekah's face made Caroline wary, she was not sure if she should feel glad about Rebekah's reaction or be fearful of her life.

Klaus dropped his brush down in irritation before getting up and making his way to Hayley's room when he all but rooted the door off its hinges, Hayley spun quickly in surprise but smirked when she saw Klaus.

"Turn that horrible music off" he said in a strained voice, holding back. He wanted to choke the life out of her.

"I'm listening to it " she shrugged and attempted to return to her dancing when he growled lowly.

"I will not ask you again, shut it down or I will" he threatened.

She ignored him and continued with her dancing.

Klaus growled a very vicious and inhuman growl before he took a deep breath and smiled.

He walked over to the television and lifted it with ease, causing it to shut off as he pulled the wires out of the wall with it. He swung the television at the wall and watched as it broke into a least four pieces and the glass of the screen shattered throughout the room, Hayley shielded herself from the incoming glass.

When she felt like it was safe, she stood up straight and gasped at the television then at Klaus who looked satisfied with a wide grin on his face, one filled with darkness.

"Are you crazy!" Hayley shrieked but Klaus smirked at her words.

"You have no idea" he said rather calmly as he approached her in very precise steps "Now listen to me and listen well, the only reason your tongue is still in your mouth and your head on your body is mostly because of what's growing inside of you but if you think for an instant that I care about your sad and worthless life, you have greatly mistaken me for my brother, test me again and I will hunt your family down and end your line of werewolves then I'll come back here for you, are we clear?"

Hayley didn't even acknowledge his threat, she was seething now, he didn't even care for the unborn child, that made her mad, she felt that the only real reason she was still alive was because of Elijah but he would have heard them by now and came to her before it got out of hand but he was not there, suddenly, a thought came to her and instead she smirked at him and took a step forward towards him

"You will part heaven and hell for Caroline yet for the woman who carries your child you threaten her life as if your child means nothing to you, I can give you the one thing she can no longer give to any man yet you treat her with more kindness and love even though she and her friends have tried to kill you countless times than I who have done nothing to you, some almighty hybrid you are, look at you," she stated with a dramatic sarcasm "You're pathetic" she spat and she smirked in victory at the stunned look on his face, but her victory was short lived at the once stunned expression on his face was replaced with one of the most sadistic smiles on his face, she knew she was not going to evade his anger now.

Klaus eyes turned gold before her, veins popping from under his eyes and as his lips part, she could clearly see his fangs as clear as day as his hands moved too quick for her partly human eyes to follow and she was now up against a wall with his hands around her neck and she couldn't breathe, her neck hurt with a pain that was so painful that she couldn't even move her own hands in an attempt to free herself, his grip on her was too tight that all of her limbs were paralysed in place and her eyes were wide in fright of her life.

"Do not mistake our fifteen minutes on a table worth more than you will ever be for something, you are nothing but a bed warmer, that is all you ever will be, Caroline is more of a woman than you can or will ever be, do remember that before you ever speak ill about her in my presence because should it happen again, I will rip that thing out of your stomach then I will sever your head from your body then I'll ship the rest of your body parts to your relatives before I hunt them down as well" he growled so dangerously calm and low that she tried with her might to nod but even her head was numb.

Suddenly, he was pushed to the other side of the room and against the wall, he fell down onto the bed and rolled off. He grunted in slight pain as he stood up and spotted Elijah holding Hayley protectively behind him as he glared at Klaus in a menacing way.

"Always the savior, brother" Klaus smirked.

"Brother…" Elijah warned but Klaus cut him off.

"I wonder who's next on your never ending list of men to bed, first the Lockwood boy, you had to get me drunk but you accomplished your goal nonetheless, if you think you can bed Elijah, you are more stupid than I thought because his heart belongs to someone else and she's more tolerable than you are" he revelled in her look of sadness and guilt on her face, he got the very reaction he was looking for and his smiled in victory.

Elijah however ignored his part in his speech"You will not harm her Niklaus" his voice boomed with authority and command but that wiped the grin off his face and made him irritated and angry.

"You do not command me, no one commands me, I do not care for her or that unborn child, if she was dying on the floor right now and needed my help I would not lift a finger to help her, she means nothing to me nor will she ever. I do not want her here but you seem persistent so keep her out of my way and we shall have no problems at all" he stormed off after his speech to attend back to his work in peace but he was no longer in the mood, his portrait of Caroline was almost finished. If only that annoying wolf hadn't distracted him.

She dared to defile Caroline's name, she was worth nothing, she couldn't even be compared to Caroline's greatness. It was true, the table he had released his tension on was worth much more than her, it was made from the finest wood and handcrafted to perfection, the bed she sat upon while she got dressed was probably worth more than her hair alone and he would gladly watch her die but Elijah insisted that she lived because of the unborn child and he wanted to amuse his brother.

He covered the unfinished portrait of Caroline with a long red silky cloth and removed himself from the canvas in front of him and headed to the couch in front of the fireplace in his study, he poured a drink into his glass and rested the tumbler next to it before taking the glass in his hand and taking one large gulp. This was what happened when you acted on impulse, you got yourself attached to a woman who didn't even want you back. He wanted to kill with every word that left her lips, yet his brother protected her because she was with child, she was with his child. He laughed at the thought, of a woman like her to bear an heir to him, the Original Hybrid, but they say when you make your bed you must lie in it, those words held no meaning to him until this very moment.

He lay back on the couch, the glass still in his hand as he closed his eyes in relief at the little peace he has managed to obtain from that woman and his brother and the images of that night flooded through his mind…

The feel of her hands around his neck, grasping his hair, massaging his scalp, brought tingles to his entire body, the feel of her kisses upon his neck, her hands gripping his shoulders for dear life, her thighs against his, her heels digging into the back of his thigh, her touches, her kisses, her laboured breath against his, her eyes, her blood, god her blood sent a frenzy of feelings and emotions throughout his entire body that left his eyes closed and his lips curved into a smile, a night that amazing would never be forgotten, he knew that and he was pretty sure Caroline knew that to.

Then the door to his study flew open, the back of the door crashed against the wall as his impeccably dressed brother stood behind it with a cold look that would make some quiver in their shoes but annoyed Klaus even more now that he interrupted him from that glorious memory.

"Niklaus" his voice boomed with a commanding presence.

"Elijah" Klaus mocked.

Elijah walked into the room and closed the door behind him "Niklaus, I understand how you feel about Hayley but you could at least try to be civil towards her, she is carrying your child"

Klaus laughed at his words, as if he was supposed to be nice to her just because of what she carried in her womb, like he really cared, it was laughable to him.

"You find my words amusing?" Elijah questioned a look of disapproval in his chocolate brown eyes.

"Not only amusing but stupid as well" he chuckled before sitting up straight and downing the rest of the alcohol and standing up. He turned towards his brother with a cold look "I do not care if she carries god himself in her womb, I will not be nice to someone I do not wish to be nice to, I will not bow down to her or tolerate someone I do not wish to tolerate and no one, not even you, dear brother can make me, so please leave me to my devices or I will throw you out myself"

Elijah stood there silently, staring at what remained of his brother, wondering, hoping, pleading to whatever god there was in the world if they could give him back the brother he once admired. Elijah let out a deep and long sigh but left the room at once, shaking his head in disappointment as he walked away, he didn't even attempt to check up on Hayley as the overwhelming feeling of his own emotions threatened to leave his body and he needed to be in the confines of his room at once. Once he entered, he shut the door with a loud boom and rested his back against the door. He tilted his head back as he let out one ragged breath and a lone tear escaped his right eye. He shut his eyes immediately to prevent anymore from escaping, many years have seen him without tears and he would be damned if he shed another now.

Caroline was in panic mode again, Rebekah was staring at her with either interest, confusion or both, she couldn't tell.

After a long silence, Rebekah spoke "Does he know yet?"

Caroline shook her head immediately and Rebekah smirked, she knew exactly how Klaus felt about Hayley and she knew how Elijah felt as well. She would not tell Klaus this and take the choice away from Caroline but she would tell Elijah and maybe he would know what to do. Rebekah missed her brothers. Both of them. She was in Mystic Falls alone and she hated it, she hated the loneliness, she almost felt sorry for Klaus if he felt like this for a thousand years even with her at his side, she missed the brother he once was, the one that loved her so much that he was willing to amuse her just to see her smile.

She remembered the smile Klaus had on his face when he returned home after visiting Caroline's house, he had the biggest grin on his face, it looked absolutely genuine, one she never realized that she missed terribly now that she has seen it after a thousand years.

Rebekah pulled her cellphone from her back pocket and that made Caroline's heart thump in panic.

"Relax, I'm not going to call Nik, we're not even on speaking terms right now" she said with a sigh.

Caroline was curious though "Why aren't you guys speaking?"

"He saved your life over mine" she answered quickly with a shrug. Caroline was confused for a while but then she remembered the day Klaus was in Tyler's body and came to save her and now she realised that he left Rebekah there to fend for herself.

"I'm sorry" she said softly but Rebekah scoffed. She didn't want Caroline to apologize. She wanted Nik to apologize but they all knew he never apologized for anything. It was just the way he was.

"At least one of you is" she commented before putting the phone by her ear with a smirk that made Caroline a bit unsure if her decision to be with Rebekah of all people was a good decision on her part.

"Rebekah I have no patience for your comments so whatever it is you call me for…." Rebekah cut him off.

"If I have something to say about Nik, i'll say it to Nik and not you so would you allow me to speak?" the other end was silent before there was a voice.

"Go on" Elijah chimed in.

"Great, are you still on mission 'Save Niklaus'?" she asked, sarcasm dripping from voice.

Caroline was no confused.

What happened to Klaus?

"Get to the point Rebekah" said the firm voice of Elijah.

"Guess who turned from vampire to human a month ago and is now pregnant with his child?" she could almost hear Elijah stiffen at her words and she reveled in the fact that she has rendered the almighty Elijah speechless.

"Ms. Forbes" he breathed.

"She prefers Caroline" Rebekah smirked and gave Caroline one of her up and down looks.

There was more silence on the other end of the line before he managed to find his voice again.

"Where is she?" he asked curiously.

Rebekah removed the phone from her ear and pushed it in front of her to Caroline, who looked at the phone as if it would bite her fingers off if she got too close.

"Elijah doesn't bite Caroline" Rebekah sighed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world "I haven't even seen his fangs in hundreds of years"

Caroline rolled her eyes, surprisingly at her last words before taking the phone from her hands and placed it to her ears, a soft and gentle "Hello" was heard.

"Does my sister speak the truth?" he asked, getting straight to the point.

"After numerous home tests and a doctor's visit, it's official" she replied mimicking Rebekah's sarcasm "I'm sure there's something wrong with me, this should be impossible…"

"It's not" Elijah stated.

Caroline froze, she straightened up "It's not?"

"Niklaus is an Original Hybrid, turned by magic, not by blood as you once were, his is also above all a werewolf and werewolves can procreate" for a moment, it felt as if she could feel him smirking against the phone.

Must have been a Mikaelson trait.

Then reality sunk in at the fact that she was pregnant. With Klaus' child. Of all the men in the world this man was by far her greatest puzzle.

"Oh god I'm pregnant and Klaus…" she trailed off in realisation and she felt like panicking, it felt like a good thing to do at that point.

Elijah ignored this "Niklaus must know…" he was cut off.

"NO!" she shrieked immediately "Let me do it, please" she pleaded softly.

"Of course, it's better that he hears this from you rather than someone else, are we clear sister?" he asked as if he knew she was listening to him on the phone and she smirked.

"Of course brother, I would never do such a thing, you wound me with your accusation" her voice sounded insulted but her stance said that she was mocking him.

"You're a vampire, You'll heal" he deadpanned and Caroline put her hand over her mouth to hold back a snort "Congratulations Caroline, I will be delighted to see or hear from you soon" she could clearly hear the cheerful mood in his tone, no sarcasm only sincerity and she was puzzled as he hung up.

"How can someone change moods so quickly, he's as unpredictable as Klaus" she asked herself in a low voice.

"That's a million dollar question so join the line" Rebekah snorted and Caroline smiled a little.

"Thank you, I know we haven't been on the best of terms before but I guess I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover"

Rebekah smiled genuinely at her.

They sat in silence for a while before Rebekah finally spoke.

"I don't suppose I can persuade you to join us in New Orleans…" she trailed off, honestly, she wanted to finish high school but she missed her stupid brothers and she really didn't want to see Marcel but she felt incredibly depressed in Mystic Falls.

Caroline smiled sadly at her and Rebekah knew her answer.

"Fine, but the child's heartbeat… you can't hide that from Damon and Elena or any vampire for that matter"

Caroline nodded, knowing that she might have to actually leave Mystic Falls, but she didn't want to leave her mom in a town filled with vampires and she didn't want to leave Stefan who was acting really weird lately, she blamed it on Elena's relationship with Damon but she knew better, she knew something was seriously wrong.

After a moment of silence between them, Caroline finally asked the question that haunted her since she found out.

"How is he going to react?" she asked softly.

Rebekah smirked, no only at the thought but at her choice of words as well "That's a reaction I''m dying to see"

So, let us know what you think, Its not that we don't like the baby plot, we do, but we think they'll use it in the wrong ways and not focus on the Original family. We just like the baby plot better with Caroline having it.

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