A/N: So, this story was inspired by a pretty funny autocorrect from a friend (and reader of this crazy AU) whose phone told me she would rather, "…just cook women" instead of watch a soccer match. She meant dinner. She swears. Yeah, autocorrect can suck sometimes. LOL.

I was midway through this story when the same friend ended up in the hospital fighting for her life. Not knowing if she would make it or not, I completely lost both the focus and desire to complete this story. Now that she is home and recovering, I finally got around to rediscovering the voice for the piece and have now finished it. Sorry for the delay but real life trumped the AU for a while. Hope y'all enjoy the story.

And to that friend…damn glad to still have you around, my friend. The world wouldn't seem right without you in it. This one's for you.


Monday morning it is Emily who groans as the alarm goes off. Could it really be just 7 days since she had eagerly awakened on Monday to spend the day with Henry? She is still trying to wake up when JJ pokes her.

"If you let snooze go off I'm never speaking to you again," she grumbles.

Emily chuckles. "Such a sweetheart in the morning."

She smacks off her alarm before it sounds again, kisses JJ's temple and gets up to be ready for the first child that awakes so Jen and the nesters can get a few more minutes of sleep. She may not have been quite so grumpy but the Redskins had the Sunday night game and it went into overtime before they lost. So lack of sleep coupled with the loss will make JJ less than pleasant since she can't have coffee.

"I am in hell," Emily mumbles with a smile as she starts her morning routine.

By the time she is done she can hear Rocky singing over the baby monitor. As she walks out of the room JJ's alarm starts to sound. The blonde smacks the snooze button and puts a pillow on her head. Emily just grins and grabs both monitors so her wife can sleep a little longer.

As she walks towards her daughter's room Emily hears a grunting sound. She starts to step lightly, avoiding the creaks in the floorboards. She peeks in and sees her daughter in the corner of her bed. One hand is on the railing, one is on the headboard. She has a foot against a slat and the other against the headboard. Pulling up with her hands she walks her feet up until she can get a leg over the railing. She then hangs from both hands and drops to the ground. Emily shakes her head.

"In. Fricking. Credible," she thinks to herself…proudly.

As Rocky starts to strip off her pajamas Emily steps into the room.

"Aha! Caught ya!"

Rocky jumps in fright. She studies her mama a minute and when she realizes she is not in trouble she grins.

"Love Mama!"

Emily chuckles and picks her up. "I love you, too. I guess we either have to get a top on your crib or it's time for a big girl bed. A lot earlier than I wanted but it will be safer than you playing Queen Kong."

Rocky gives her mama a hug and kiss. "Love Mama."

"You said that already." She kisses Rocky's cheek. "Luckily I love hearing it over and over again. Come on let's get your diaper changed."

She sets Rocky on the changing table as Henry's monitor comes alive.

"Mama! Mommy! Potty!"

Emily looks at her daughter. "Stay here!" She eases to the door. "Go ahead and go potty, Henry."

"'Kay, Mama."

Henry walks out of his room, jumping as the door alarm his mother's usually turn off sounds. Emily smiles at him.

"Sorry, Champ, Rocky woke up first this morning."

Henry just smiles and heads to the bathroom, Alaska right with him. Emily goes back to the changing table and gets Rocky changed. Just as she is about to walk out a zombie appears in the doorway.

No…it's just JJ.

Emily grins. "Isn't Mommy pretty in the morning, Rocky?"

JJ's eyes are barely open, a scowl adorns her face, her hair is mussed (and not in the sexy way Emily loves), and she is scratching her stomach. At Emily's statement, Rocky nods. JJ just grunts. Emily walks over and Rocky reaches for her Mommy. Emily raises an eyebrow.

"Rocky or Henry, Jen?"

JJ looks at her daughter and manages a smile. "Come on, Rock Star."

Rocky gives her Mommy a big hug and kiss. "Love Mommy."

"Love you, too, Honey."

As those two disappear downstairs Emily goes to see to Henry. He looks up at her.

"You go back to work today, Mama?"

Emily nods. "I'm afraid so, Champ. I wish I could just stay here with you instead."

He smiles. "Me, too. Maybe we has another day soon?"

Emily smiles. "I sure hope so, Henry. I sure hope so."

JJ laughs as Emily drives them to work in the Lexus. "Are you serious? Like a little monkey?"

"Yep. She figured out how to use the angles at the corner to give her the leverage to get up and over the railing. She then hangs there a second and drops to the ground."

"Oh, good grief. Well, we know she gets that ability from her mountain climbing mama and certainly not from me," JJ chuckles. "So, yep, I guess we need to order her a bed."

"Yep. Or turn the crib over and stick her under it like a cage," Emily jokes.

JJ laughs. "And the parent of the year award doesn't go to Emily Prentiss!"

Emily just grins. "I guess now might be a good time to think about moving her to another bedroom. Then we'll just need to figure out how to rearrange the nursery for a second baby."

JJ rubs her stomach. "Yep. So tonight we'll talk to her about what she wants in her room."

"I bet it will be a barn theme," Emily says. "She loves her barn play center."

"Most likely. And we both know you'd rather it be a princess theme so you can get all girly girl."

Emily laughs. "Sadly, I was thinking just that. I never would have liked that as a kid. What in the world is happening to me?"

JJ pats her leg. "You're a mom now, Em. Your brain is warped."

Emily nods in agreement. "Yes, yes it is. For the best, I might add."

JJ nods as they continue the drive to work, hoping for an easy week…but knowing after a holiday it will probably be anything but that.