"Impala versus Lola"

Date: September 28, 2013
Author: Mistina and Sailor Shipper of the Cranky Ol' Fangirls
Series: Supernatural and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel

Spoilers: You just need to know who Agent Coulson and Castiel are and you're good.
Length: 159 words

Summary: "Dean really wants that shiny corvette." (Revised 2016/02/19)

"Holy crap!"

A middle aged man wearing dark sunglasses and a crisp suit rips by Dean and Castiel in a brilliant red '62 corvette making the pair stumble in its wake.

"How does a guy like him get a car like that?!" sputtered Dean gesturing wildly at the car that just turned the corner.

"You want that car, Dean?"

"Who wouldn't, Cas— Oh, right… Just remembered who I was talking… too…" Dean trailed off when he realized that the angel was squinting at him.

Castiel stared at the hunter silently for minutes causing Dean's anger to turn from frustrated anger to discomfort.

"Dammit! What is it, Cas?"

"If you had to choose between the impala and Lola which would you pick?"

"How can you ask such a thing— Oh. Oh!" Dean looked away sheepishly. "Thanks, Cas."

"You're welcome, Dean."

They continued on their way, walking so close to each other their hands brushed, until Dean stopped suddenly.

"Wait… Lola?"


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