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The Siren's Call Part I

Emma's body swung violently when the Jolly Roger was swallowed by a green whirlpool of magic. The next thing she felt was what seemed like she a punch to the stomach. Her only reaction was loosing her footing and she ended up smashed into the other side of the ship. She could hear her Mary Margaret screaming her name, but the sick felling in her whole body was too strong. When she realized that she was going overboard if she didn't react soon, it was already too late. Fortunately, two strong arms wrapped around her hip steadying her against the wooden floor of the ship. Emma hadn't even noticed her eyes were closed, until she opened them and saw a storm of wind, swirling darkness and light surrounding them completely. The hands leaving her waist pulled her from her awe, especially when the owner of those hands took her own pair and wrapped them forcibly against a long rope that hung from the mast.

"Hold your ground! We need to steady the ship!" Regina shouted next to her before launching herself at another set of ropes nearer the stern, where Hook struggled with the helm. Emma heard Hook giving orders for them to lower the mainsail, and without hesitation she started pulling the rope in her hands with all the strength she had. She saw Regina, David and Mary Margaret trying to do the same. The powerful rocking of the ship, the whipping wind and the heavy rain of salty water upon them were excruciating. Emma could tell that the energy of the crew was going down.

"At three!" Emma screamed gaining the attention of the crew. "One! Two!... Three!" The four of them pulled the rope with all their strength and the mainsail went down almost immediately. Unexpectedly, the whirlpool disappeared and the sky became instantly clearer. The Holly Rogers was now floating calmly at open sea. Emma looked around, flabbergasted by the sudden change in their surroundings. What the hell happened?

"Welcome to Neverland." Hook said while gazing a huge island lingering at the horizon.

"That's it?" Emma asked.

"It certainly is, dearie." Gold stood next to her, gazing at the island. "From now on, we must be very careful, especially if we want Henry safe."

"You've said that we should be scared of something, what is it?" Emma asked, annoyed at Gold for holding back important information.

"Peter Pan." Hook said, surprising Emma.

"Are you kidding me? We are supposed to be scared of a little boy in green pajamas?" Eyes wide, hands on hips, Emma looked at the pirate incredulously.

"He is nothing like the stories you heard before, dearie. He is the source of all evil, including mine." Gold explained calmly, with a warning look send her way.

"We should go to ground and find Henry before Pan does, then." Mary Margaret proposed while approaching her daughter's side.

"Oh, he already has, I can assure you. Nothing escapes his sight, not while we are in his domains." Gold stated with cold voice.

"He has my son!" Emma retort angrily. "If he is so powerful, then tell me why he wants Henry and how are we supposed to get to him?"

"That is why we have her", Gold stated with a smirk, head tilted to the side. He turned around to look at Regina, but even he couldn't hide his surprise when his gaze landed on the former Evil Queen, who was on all fours and staring blankly at the wooden floor.

"Regina?" Emma called ignoring Gold's surprised state, and slowly approaching the other woman.

"What's wrong?" David asked approaching the witch.

"Regina?" Emma called again reaching her hand to touch her.

"Wait, no!" Gold warned her, but it was too late. Emma touched Regina's shoulder and felt an electric shock run through her body. Regina's eyes went completely white and the witch found herself drowning in a void of memories, but not her own. Flashes of the life of a very young Emma Swan now passed like a movie in her mind's eye. She was watching a ten year old girl running down a street followed by other kids when she bit her tongue harshly. The pain was enough to stop the images, but the fluttering of her heart and the pounding headache increased exponentially. What is going on?

"What the fuck, Regina?" Emma screamed annoyed at the shock she had received. Regina's eyes returned to normal and met the blonde's gaze and Emma could see the apology in them.


"What?" To say that Emma was surprised by the sudden apology was an understatement.

"Would you care to explain what just happen, dearie?" Gold prompted with curiosity.

"I honestly don't know." Regina sighed with relief when she felt the ache in her heart slowly disappearing. However, she still felt something weird moving around her, inside her, like some sort of energy that made her ears tinkle and her skin crackle.

"If you are going to turn evil again, tell me now so, I can end you before you dare to lay a hand on my family." David threatened the witch, who snorted arrogantly in reply.

"Oh please… even Snow has more balls than you Charming. I bet yours will explode if you dare to defy me. Although, I will have to admit I will love to see you try." Regina taunted, steadying her shaky body against the mast.

"How dare you!" Snow cried in anger.

"It was a compliment, dear. Why are you so upset?" Regina mocked, glaring at the two Charmings.

"I swear Regina, that if you dare to betray us, I will toss your corps overboard with my own hands." David snarled again.

"Betray you? He is my son! I have every right to be here! I am more family to him than you will ever be! You are the ones that are picking a fight when we should be focusing on Henry!"

"Henry is-" David pushed Regina to the ground again.

"ENOUGH!" Emma shouted, stopping the argument once and for all. "Mom, dad, Regina is right. We are all here for Henry. If we want to get him back we have to stop behaving like enemies. We should not forget what we really are… a family" Emma said with conviction. Her words seemed to settle the flaring tempers between the crew. For now.

Abruptly, Regina got up from the floor and ran, tackling Snow White down. David was about to attack Regina in retaliation, when a huge trident fell from the sky and landed right were Mary Margaret had stood seconds before. Mary Margaret stared at Regina unbelievingly for saving her life, but she wasn't able to say anything about it because seconds after the whole ship was brutally rocked, making it almost roll to the side completely.

"What the hell was that?" Emma asked loudly, holding on for dear life.

"Sirens." Hook said in astonishment. As confirmation to his fears a loud woman's cry sounded, circling all around the Jolly Rogers. "Quick. Get inside, now!" Hook exclaimed, but the ship was shaking too violently from side to side. A high wave, another cry and it leaned port side so dramatically close to the water that their assailants took the opportunity to jump on board.

Emma looked at the creatures with fear and surprise. When she thought of sirens, she imagined humans with a tail like fish instead of legs, but the creatures before her were mostly fish. Thinking of them as humans would be absurd. The sirens had a fish torso and tails, human arms, chests and a fish like face with big fangs and bigger eyes. The creatures lunged at her and Emma had to jump to the side to avoid their claws. Emma had just noticed that she was not armed and that the other crew members weren't either, now too, in similar positions as her. She avoided another siren attack with agility, trying to find something to use as a weapon against her enemy, but the siren was too fast and too strong.

It only took a moment for a green tailed siren to sweep her tail at Emma, who fell out of the ship and into the water. Mary Margaret screamed in panic when she saw Emma's body fling through the air and meeting the water with a loud splash. Next to her, the last siren was pushed out of the board by a fireball from Regina. Mary Margaret smiled with relief when she saw the blonde woman emerging from the water, but her relief was short lived, when she noticed that Emma was struggling to keep herself above the surface. Emma didn't know how to swim. She was naturally scared at the situation, but things got even worse when she felt a slippery hand grab her ankle. She suddenly found herself being dragged under the water by a pack of sirens.

Mary Margaret screamed Emma's name again when she saw her disappear under the water. However, before she could do anything about it, she saw a blur next to her climb the rail and jump into the water. She turned around and swept her eyes over the occupants of the ship. Only Regina and Emma were missing.

Emma shook her body wildly, trying to get away from the aggressive hold the sirens had on her. The problem was that Emma did not know how to swim and she hadn't held her breath when she had been pulled bellow waters. She could feel the burning in her lungs, desperately asking for air. The desperation and the dread of drowning brought tears to her eyes. I can't die here. I have to save Henry. All of a sudden, a flash of light swirled past her. The ball of energy hit the sirens, who backed away in fear. Regina. The dark-haired woman swam to her, but by that time Emma was already losing the fight against the loss of oxygen. Regina grabbed Emma by her shoulders and with a swift movement she drew air out of her mouth creating a bubble of air in her hands. Regina then pushed her hand against Emma's mouth and nose, and Emma could feel how the water in her lungs was rapidly expelled and substituted by pure and warm air. She opened her eyes in surprised; Regina kept one hand over her mouth and with the other she took Emma's arms and wrapped them around her own neck. Emma obeyed the silent command and tightened her hold around the witch's neck while Regina swam them to the surface.

"A rope, now!" Regina ordered as soon as she and Emma were at the surface. Hook was the first one to react, but they were too late. Seconds after they managed to swim to the surface, they were dragged back under the water by the sirens. The hold on Emma's ankle was strong, and this time they weren't pulling them to the bottom, but sideways and much faster than before. Emma was scared. If the fight were on land, she would be able to fight with nails and teeth, but now she was helpless and she didn't like the feeling at all.

Regina taking her hand pulled her out of her inner musings. The former mayor placed her hand over Emma's mouth and nose once again instructing the blonde to hold her breath no matter what happened. The next thing she felt, was a violent bite in her right shoulder. Emma fought with the urge to scream and kept the air inside of her. Regina pulled out her teeth from Emma's shoulder and with a quick movement the witch threw a red ray of light from her mouth pushing the sirens away. Once again Regina brought them both to the surface once again, both women were shocked to notice that the Jolly Rogers was nowhere to be found.

"Fuck!" Emma cursed.

"Don't freak out Miss Swan I can bring us back to earth or to the ship. I just need a second. Don't let go, I need both hands for this." Regina instructed releasing her hold from Emma's waist. The blond hadn't noticed until then just how flushed she was to the mayor's body. Before her eyes, Emma saw a red haired woman getting out of the water beside them. Regina was ready to vaporize the woman with one of her fire balls, but she stopped when the woman raised her hands up, in a clear sign of peace. Regina watched at the woman before her with curiosity and a little bit of doubt. She wasn't a siren, she was a mermaid. Mermaids looked more like humans, but they still shared the fish tail below their hips. The red haired mermaid had blue eyes and white pearl skin. Beyond her beauty, Regina could see the signs of a sad past in the mermaid's eyes. The mermaid surprised her when she extended her hand, a silent question of trust. Regina lowered her defenses and made the fire ball disappeared in her hand watching the other woman with curiosity.

"What is it? Do you know her?" Emma asked Regina when she saw a flash of recognition past over Regina's features.

"Move to my back." Regina ordered and slowly Emma started moving to position herself on the back of the witch. Out of the blue, a siren appeared below Emma and pulled her once again under the water. Regina tried to react in time, but when she turned around Emma was completely submerged and rapidly being dragged away. In a final attempt to find her companion, she submerged under the water and opened her eyes to try to see blond hair, but she couldn't see her anywhere. Regina came up to the surface and tried to see something over the sea current. "Miss Swan!" Regina called at the top of her lungs, trying to hear or see something on the horizon. "EMMA!" Regina screamed again, but this time with fear of losing the blonde to the sirens.

A low moan behind her made her turn around. She saw the red-haired mermaid looking at her with determination. Her right hand extended to Regina once more with a silent plea in her eyes. "Can you lead me to her?" Regina asked and the mermaid nodded with conviction. "If this is a trick, consider yourself fish bait, 'Hair Rust.'" Regina said, before extending her hand to grab the one being offered to her by the mermaid. One second to breathe in as much air as she could and she was being pulled under water by her new companion.


"Where are they?" Mary Margaret asked in despair. No matter how much they look they couldn't see any sign of Emma or Regina.

"The sirens must have got them." Hook stated earning a glared from Mary Margaret.

"I didn't come here to lose my daughter while I look for my grandson. We have to find them!"

"Well Snow Flakes what do you suggest we do then?" Sarcasm oozed from his every word.

"Turn this ship around, she must have escaped them! Emma can't be too far away from here!"

"Oh please, why don't you eat a poisoned apple and decease from talking nonsense. The woman could barely float!" Hook said, exasperated with this useless conversation.

"Hey, don't talk to her like that!" David interfered, but before another discussion could start Gold interfered, standing before them calmly.

"Don't worry about her. Regina is with her after all."

"So comforting." David murmured sarcastically.

"It is. You don't know Regina as I do, your Majesty. She will protect Miss Swan no matter what, especially now that we are in Neverland." Again, his calm exterior and vague answers only served to unnerve the rest of the crew.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Mary Margaret asked with confusion.

"Regina's previous reaction allows me to assure you that she won't let anything happen to Miss Swan. She did save your life, dearie, even though she hates you with all her heart. Maybe you should give her a chance. We, in the meantime, should head to the island. Regina and Miss Swan will, I'm sure, catch up to us later."


In a calm and solitary ocean shore a young and beautiful mermaid played with an old fork while she sang an undistinguished song. Her beautiful and long red hair shone with the ray lights and her blue eyes sparkled with fascination at the foreign object she held. She was a fourteen year old girl that knew very little about the world or, more specifically, the human world.

"Ariel!" A calm and sweet voice called out to her, and the mermaid turned around to meet her new companion. The girl before her was only six years old, had black coal hair and deep brown eyes. Their eyes met instantly and the dark-haired little girl smiled widely in response, before jumping into the water to meet her friend. They played for a while, laughing and splashing about. Ariel didn't have many friends. In fact, she was practically alone in the world, if not for the loving little girl who joined her every week at the same spot ever since their meeting two months prior.

"I really don't understand you, how can you be tired of the ocean?" The younger girl asked the redhead with curiosity and incredulity in her voice.

"How come you don't like land very much?" Defend the mermaid with annoyance. "What would I give to live upon the earth like you?"She whispered softly.

"Well, I would like to be half fish like you, Ariel." The little girl said with a bright smile plastered on her face. Ariel couldn't help but smile at the cuteness of the girl that seemed excited with the idea of living her life in the ocean. "But I wouldn't be a mermaid."

"Really? Then what will you be?" Ariel asked with real curiosity this time.

"I would be an octopus or a squid." The little girl stated with conviction.

"Ewwww… why those, they are disgusting?" Ariel asked, scrunching her nose.

"Well, I will have eight hands and I'll swim very prettily. I would also have an important name like, like… Ursula!"

"Ursula? That's not a pretty name, nor important."

"No, but it sounds like a witch's name." The little girl added with delight.

"So you would be a witch too?"

"Yes, but a good witch. As a witch, I would be able to grant you your wish and give you legs to walk on the land that you love so much." Ariel looked over to the little girl in surprise. "If I could give you the earth I would Ariel, but I can't. I wish I could do something so you wouldn't feel so sad." Ariel felt bad because unintentionally she had drowned the little girl in her problems. She shouldn't have felt the responsibility of making Ariel happy, and yet, Ariel knew that the girl was being completely honest with her words.

"The ocean is not bad." Ariel said with melancholy, trying to comfort her younger friend. "At least I have you."

"Don't ever lose hope. If you want to walk on my world, you will. I can promise you that. You just have to be patient."

"Would you help me?" Ariel asked with a sheepish smile.

"I already am." The girl answered with a soft and caring smile. She stood up and kissed Ariel in the cheek as a good bye.

"You're leaving Ursula?" Ariel asked with a smirk.

"It's late. Mother will punish me if I don't get home on time for dinner." The dark haired girl smiled awkwardly and started walking up the shore. Ariel didn't know the girl very well, but she could tell two things with certainly. Number one: she was a very sweet and charming girl with a pure and caring heart. And number two: her mother was very strict and every mention of her made the girl slouch back and act as a scared little girl. "See you next week, Ariel."

"Yes, see you later…Regina."


The dark witch held the mermaid's hand in a death grip. The mermaid was swimming at an incredible speed pulling them deeper and deeper into the dark ocean water. Regina had to fight the sting of the water in her eyes, but she managed to notice how they were approaching a huge structure at the bottom of the ocean. It wasn't a structure; though, it was several. There was a whole city under the water protected by a bubble of magic.

As soon the two of them crossed the magic barrier Regina took a deep breath, feeling the sting in her lungs. She understood the magic surrounding her and knew she would be able to breathe while inside the magic barrier. Emma didn't know that, though, and Regina felt scared for her.

The red-haired mermaid guided her to one of the buildings and once inside, she let go Regina's hand, allowing the former queen to walk by herself. Regina followed the mermaid silently and finally, she found herself hidden in a hall, behind tall columns, while she watched two sirens pulling Emma down and shoving her inside a glass cell. Regina could see how Emma was struggling with the lack of air and frowned in anger when the sirens left the room. She quickly moved inside and saw how Emma looked at her with pleading and scared eyes from behind her glass prison.

"It's ok. Calm down, I'm gonna get you out of there." Regina said soothingly. She moved to the glass and placed her hands against the surface. "Put your hands over mine." Regina instructed and she was pleased to know that the blonde could hear her when she obeyed and placed her hands just against Regina's. "I want you to close your eyes and try to calm down. I know you are scared, but I'm here, ok? I won't let you die so easily. I need you to help me get back my son." Emma closed her eyes and tried to do what the witch told her to, but the burning in her lungs was too strong and the fear of drowning was just too overwhelming. "Now take a deep breath." Regina instructed, but Emma's eyes shoot open right away. She looked at the witch with hate and anger, suspicious coloring her green eyes, but Regina was quick to calm the blonde down.

"I'm under water now too, Miss Swan. Look…" Regina waved her hand; as a result, the blonde was able to see how bubbles emerged at the movement, just like when something moved under water. "There is a spell that will allow you to breathe here. But it will only work if you don't have fear in your heart when you take your first breath. You have to calm down and just let the water enter your lungs; it will work just like air. I promise."

Emma looked at the witch with pure fear reflected in her eyes. She didn't know how to swim. She had never liked water before, and now the dark woman dared to ask her to just take a deep breath under the water without feeling scared. It was impossible. The pain in her chest at the lack of oxygen was just too strong to be ignored, though. And unconsciousness was just around the corner.

She couldn't do it. She just couldn't.

"Trust me…" Regina pleaded one more time earning a surprised look from the blonde. Emma closed her eyes again and tried to think of nothing else. She focused on the feeling of the glass surface against her hands. She cleared her mind and without even noticing it, she took a breath in. She gasped at the filling of air feeling her lungs once again, and suddenly, the glass before her broke into a thousand pieces and she landed safely into the mayor's arms. Regina stopped her from collapsing over the broken glass and helped the blonde recover her composure. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" Regina asked with irony written all over her voice.

"Shut up." Emma panted tiredly. "Where the hell are we?"

"If I have to guess, this is Atlantis, dear. It's the only underwater city in all the seven realms. However, I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised it resides in Neverland."

"Well, we have to get out of here quickly. We have to go get Henry."

"I know that, but I'm afraid we can't do it right now." Regina said eyeing her with caution.

"If you want to stay here, then stay. I'm going to leave and get my son."

"You ungrateful brat! After I risked my life coming here for you, you dare to dismiss me so easily. Well, let me tell you, Miss Swan that it is you who won't be leaving this city for a while." Regina snarled angrily. Emma was about to retort when a delicate hand reached for her shoulder. She turned around and saw the red-haired mermaid from earlier. Emma hadn't noticed the fish tail until now, since it was clearly at full display. She also noticed that while the mermaid was floating on water if she were on actual water, she and Regina were standing as if they were on firm land. The mermaid moved her hand and grasped something around Emma's neck, snapping her from her inner musings. Emma finally noticed a weird jewel hanging around her neck. After several tries, she realizes she wouldn't be able to pull the necklace off. "It's a spell of enslavement. As long as you wear that jewel you won't be able to leave this city." Regina explained with easiness.

"You have one as well." Emma said, looking at the mermaid who nodded simply. "Who are you?" The mermaid grimaced at the question and turned to look hopefully at Regina. "You know her, Regina?" Emma asked her companion with curiosity.

"No, but she helped me get here. Apparently she is our ally. For now" Her words surprised the mermaid, who moved in front of Regina swiftly and shook her violently by the shoulders. Regina and Emma noticed that the mermaid moved her lips but no sound escape her mouth. She was mute. "I'm sorry, but I don't know you. Thank you for your help, but you might have confused me with someone else." Regina watched with astonishment how her words made the young mermaid cry in front of her. She saw sadness and desperation. She also saw recognition. The mermaid thought she knew her; she was sure of it. However, she couldn't recall meeting the red-haired woman before. Regina immediately felt sorry for her. Something inside of her, made her year to comfort the girl before her. No one had made her feel like that before, besides Henry. "I'm sorry." Regina apologized whipping a tear from the mermaid cheek. "But I don't know who you are."

Suddenly, a loud sound filled the place, startling the three women. Emma recognized the sound, it was the same sound she'd heard from the sirens before.

"We have to get out of here!" Emma made to move to the door, but Regina stopped her. "What are you doing?"

"We need to find out who cast that spell, so in the meantime, you Sheriff are going undercover." Regina pushed her back inside the prison and moved to hold the mermaid's hand. A wave of her other hand and the glass was back, trapping Emma inside the prison once more. "You are a prisoner, so try to behave like one…. And do please try to be charming."

"Regina, what the hell?"

"Try to behave, Miss Swan. I need you alive. You just follow the flow…, you are good at that." Regina said finally, before leaving the room. Seconds later, Emma saw two sirens enter from the other side of the hall. The glass disappeared, as if dissolved in water and each siren took Emma by the arm, dragging her through the hallway by force. Emma tried not to resist, but the sirens were being aggressive, even though she wasn't opposing their actions. Finally, they arrived at a great parlor. The room was huge and displayed an exotic wealth that Emma hadn't noticed in the previous hall. At the back of the room, there was a throne and a huge man with a long fish tail sat upon it. The merman could have easily been 16 feet tall; he had long white hair and a strong body. Emma gulped at the sight. The man was clearly intimidating and the way he was looking at her didn't help calm her nerves at all.

"So… you didn't die. That doesn't happen so often." The huge merman laughed in delight at his own words. Emma tried to suppress the shiver that ran down her spine, but she couldn't do it. "You are also very pretty. What's your name, human?"

"E- Emma."

"I am Poseidon, king and ruler of Atlantis and all the seas." Emma winced at the name. Are we really facing a freaking God? This can't be good. "Most humans that dare to touch my realms are dragged here and imprisoned until they die. Because of the spell around my kingdom, they usually die within minutes, but you apparently could fight against your fear. You must know about magic." He stopped, scrutinized her from head to toe and then dismissed her as insignificant. "No, you are just a pathetic human with no power. A woman, which is even worse."

Emma felt tempted to slash the king with insults, but she refrained herself from being dominated by anger. Charming… be charming. It was in her blood, right?

"I am a simple human, but I do know a little about magic…" Emma stopped to swallow the bile gathering in the back of her throat, before she could continue. "Your Highness."

"You have manners as well, another feature uncommon among humans." Poseidon regarded with renewed interest. Regina, who remained hidden behind strategic pillars along with the red-haired mermaid, grimaced angrily at Emma. Not so charming, you idiot! Do you have any idea how Gods behave? You are about to curse us both!

"Thank you, I feel honored to be to your liking."

"You are certainly special." The king smiled wickedly at Emma, who shrunk under his gaze. "Triton!" The King roared with fury. Seconds later, a much smaller merman arrived, swimming into the room. He had long brownish hair and blue eyes that were very similar to the eyes of the red-haired mermaid.

"Yes, father." The smaller merman answered with obedience.

"Prepare everything for a celebration. We are soon to enjoy a wedding." Emma actually jumped at his words and Regina cursed under her breath. Damn it!

"As you please, father." Triton bowed again.

"Wait, no!" Emma exclaimed in a panic, but Poseidon growled at her insubordination.

"Do you dare to defy me, woman?" Poseidon asked in a storming rage. "You are nobody! Do you know who I am? I am the God of Neverland's ocean and all the seas beyond. I'm the ruler of the sirens and the mermen! You won't defy me! You have no right to speak back at me!"

"I beg to differ." A strong voice sounded through the room and Emma turned around in time to watch Regina walk in with regal bearing fit for a Queen.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my domains?" Poseidon asked, infuriated. Regina didn't flinch once; she just stood and looked at the huge man in defiance and practiced boredom.

"I am Queen Reginaof the Enchanted Forest and I am here to claim what is rightfully mine." She waved a hand at Emma, but didn't glance her way. "She is my possession and I won't allow you to have her."

"I don't know anything of your realm, human, and who are you to claim my soon to be wife as yours?"

"She is my fiancée."


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