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Changing Future

The now larger group had decided to lift a camping in the tree line next to the coast. Not only the group had grown in numbers, but the atmosphere of suffocating unease was growing in spades as well. Yep, thinks were really awkward in their group. First, there was Belle and Rumple. The couple was really strange to Emma's eyes. Obviously Belle was a very sociable person, but Rumple wasn't, so the couple remained secluded from everyone else. What was even more surprising was the fact that since Rumple was magic less in the island he actually preferred to remain silent instead of taunting people. Emma couldn't complain about that though. Seeing him so calm and caring towards Belle made her realize that the cunning and slippery villain had his warm side as well. Curiously enough the couple seemed only interested in interacting with either Neal and to everyone's surprise Regina. Belle wanted to bond with Neal for Rumple's sake and she seemed to be grateful with Regina for saving her, but in both attempts she hadn't accomplished anything. In Regina's defense, the witch apologized for her past evil deeds, and tried to maintain a civil relationship with the woman, and Rumple seemed happy about it, which was weird. Let's be honest, they weren't going to become friends in one night. On the other hand, Neal seemed determined to avoid both his father and his father's girlfriend all the same.

Second, there was Mulan, Aurora and Philip. Emma couldn't even begin to describe that relationship. Philip and Aurora were supposed to be true love right? Well, then why the woman seemed to want to cling on to Mulan and never let go? Mulan well, she probably would die happily if the princess suffocate her to death in a fierce hug, so she is ok with that, but she seems confused every time Aurora reaches for her, that and if glares could kill, Philip would be nine feet under by now. In all fairness, Philip has been already trying to kill Mulan with his own glares every time Aurora chooses to sit next to the warrior than next to her prince. Emma wasn't sure what was going to happen between the three of them, it was like watching a soup opera. Honestly she was starting to root for a polyamorous threesome between the prince, the princess and the warrior. Well maybe that was her bisexuality speaking because if she had to choose she'll totally support Aurora and Mulan together.

Then there was Ariel, Ruby and... Regina. This group was the most fun to watch really, so Emma didn't think they were awkward, just amusing. It was completely obvious Ruby was smitten with the beautiful red head. Hell! Ruby was practically waving her tail at her and following her around like a lost puppy, which Emma found absolutely hilarious. What made everything ten times better was that either Ariel was completely oblivious to the brunette's feelings or she was simply too busy fan girling over Regina to notice. At the beginning, Emma though she would find Ariel's clinginess to Regina annoying, but it was actually adorable. Ariel was supposed to be older than Regina. She must be in her 80 or something! Nevertheless, she behaved like a teenager. It was probably a side effect of being slaved and frozen in time for over 60 years, but Ariel conserved a kind of gullibility and an innocence that could compared to one of a child, and Regina, even if she wouldn't admit it, has a soft spot for the younger woman. Regina looked at the red head and treated her like someone would an annoying younger sister, and of course Ariel earned that treatment by acting like an enthusiastic cheerleader. All in all, Emma thought they were adorable together, and seeing Ruby gush after Ariel and sulk like a kicked puppy was extremely entertaining as well.

And finally there was her and yes, Neal. Don't get her wrong! Emma was happy that Neal was alive. She didn't wish him any kind of harm that said he was really getting on her nerves. Less than five hours have passed since they reunited, and he was clinging at her like Ariel was doing to Regina. However, the clinginess was only cute on the red head. He was acting as if they were back together. He would sit next to her around the fire and press himself against her to the point he would threw his arm around her in a hug. She was very clear when she shoved him away, but by the third time she knew that it was useless and he wouldn't back away. She more than once felt Regina eyes glaring at the insisting man, but her glares only seemed to fuel Neal's persistence to suffocate her with his presence as if he intended to protect her from Regina. To her surprise, Regina was actually keeping her distance from them. Since they lifted the camp, she has been moving in between groups, but she hadn't come and tried to talk to her, not even once. Neal's insistence together with Regina's avoidance was putting her in a really bad mood.

Exasperated, she raised from her sit to get away from Neal for the fourth time. She went deeper into the forest searching for solitude and peace. With a sigh she sat down a tree root, but gasped in surprise when her sitting place moved quickly away from her making her fall on her but with a thud.

"The hell!" Emma stood up looking in awe the moving branch of the tree wiggles away as a serpent through the forest.

"Oh I'm sorry, dear; I didn't mean to startle you." Emma gaped at what had talked to her. A tree. Literally a tree with a wooden face was looking at her with a mix of concern and curiosity.

"Holy shit! You are the old tree lady from Pocahontas!"

"You know Pocahontas?" Grandmother Willow asked with intrigue and Emma grumped in response. Another Disney character to add to the list. At least this one was stationary, so if she walked away she might never see the tree woman again. Pocahontas is a Native American! What the hell is this tree lady doing in Neverland! It doesn't make any sense!

"My name is Grandmother Willow, child, who are you?" Great she wanted to interact with her... might as well go for it.

"I'm Emma."

"You are the Savior!" Emma couldn't help but roll her eyes at the exclamation."So you have finally come to Neverland to face Pan! The prophecy is coming true! I welcome you Savior! However, I can't but notice that something is troubling you."

"Wait prophecy? What prophecy?"

"It is said that the Savior would come to Neverland after her son's capture to defeat Pan. She and her destined will destroy the shadow of the Pan for once and for all!"

"My destined?"

"Your true love! The person you are destined to spent your life with." The old lady said with a huge smile, but what she said intrigued Emma. Her true love? The prophecy said that she and her true love would destroy Pan. That meant that her true love was on the island! Who was it?

"Who is my destined?"

"Well that person who gave you your child!"

"What? Neal?" Emma grimaced at the idea.

"He who loves you and loves your child the same. You were destined to cross paths, and your true love is destined to save us all."

"I don't love Neal! I mean I do, but not like that!" Emma shook her head in denial. Neal couldn't be her destined! He wasn't!

"You cannot escape destiny my child."

"Yeah? Watch me!" Emma turned around and walked away not bothering to listed to the old Grandmother Willow anymore. Stupid Disney character and their prophecies! She liked the raccoon and the hummingbird better either way.

Grumpily she walked back to the camping stomping her feet angrily with every step. Neal? Out of all people, Neal was her destined?! Bullshit!

She stopped in her tracks when she heard a loud laugh before her. In the middle of the camping, the group sat around watching Aurora and Ariel pet Rajah and Kovu. Emma watched how Regina, who was sitting next to Ariel, created a small bubble of white light on her right hand. The bubble grew a pair of fuzzy wings and started floating dragging the attention of the now domesticated beasts. With interest Kovu moved to try and catch the light bubble with his muzzle, but when the strong jaws finally grasped the bubble it burst into a cloud of white powder tainting his red muzzle completely in white. Ariel let out a cute loud laughter asking Regina to do it again. The witch made this time a small butterfly of light that floated beautifully in the air before stopping right onto Ariel's nose. Emma saw it coming. The butterfly burst into white powder covering Ariel completely in it, and this time everyone else in the group laughed at the sight.

Emma found herself smiling at the sweet scene, until someone behind her spoke and surprised her.

"Look at them. Everyone is admiring her magic as if were something good." Neal said looking at Regina with fire in his eyes. Emma turned to him frowning.

"Her magic is good." Emma said with finality. "She is using white magic."

"Magic is magic. Nothing good comes out of it." Neal said with a snarl. "I can't wait to rescue Henry, so we can keep him away from magic once and for all." That struck a nerve in Emma.

"What you mean with keeping Henry away from magic? Regina has magic!" Neal looked at Emma surprised by her outburst.

"Nothing. I just thought that once we rescue Henry we'll keep him safe. Us, as a family. Maybe we could all go to New York and start a life there."

"Regina is his family! Henry is not going to New York, unless he goes with her." Emma barked with a growl.

"Regina is dangerous Emma, she is the Evil Queen!" Neal tried to reason with Emma, but every time he dared to say something bad about Regina, it only helped to build her anger up.

"Don't call her that!"

"Emma! This is our chance to be a family together!"

"We are a family, Neal, but not the way you think it is. I'm not taking Henry away from Regina, and I won't let you take Henry away from us."

"Not us! Of course not! But Emma, you said you loved me. I thought you wanted to be a family with me and Henry."

"I don't!" Emma said quickly. Then she shook her head trying to clear her thoughts when seeing Neal's devastated face. "I do love you Neal, but not like that. I'm not in love with you." Emma said trying to not sound too harsh, but her precaution was met with incredulity.

"Oh Emma." He said with his voice filled with pity and worry. "Why do you keep running from the things you want? I know it's scary, but we are worth the risk." Emma felt herself seethe in fury. This self-centered piece of shit thinks I'm saying I don't like him because I'm what, scared of happiness? Oh, you know what Neal?

"Fuck you!" Emma screamed angrily finally calling the attention of the rest of the group that had remained unaware of the argument. "You think you know me? If I have ever been a runner in life is because of people like you Neal! People who gave me reasons to expect the worse in people, like leaving your pregnant, underage girlfriend on jail for a crime she didn't commit!"

"Emma, I already said that was for the best!"

"You gave excuses! I wanted an apology! The truth is if it not were for Henry I would prefer to never have met you Neal. Foster care hurt me, but you broke me! I'm not in love with you and I'll never will!" The broken hearted look on Neal's face almost gave her stop, but she didn't. In all honesty, she didn't think he deserve her compassion at the moment. She loved the guy, he will always be her first love, but he could be the greatest douche on Earth. She stomp away cursing in her head. Even when she had said plenty, far worse was still stored in her mind and was waiting for a second chance to come out and break Neal completely.

She heard a twig break behind her and she groaned angrily while clenching her fists with all her might.

"Leave me the fuck alone, Neal!"

"Not Neal." A silky voice sounded behind her making her anger subside almost immediately. She turned and saw Regina standing next to a tree with concern written all over her face. "Are you ok, dear?" Regina's voice worked as a bucket of cold water calming the fury fire she had become because of Neal. She took a deep breath and sighed heavily before nodding and gave the older woman a weak smile. "So it is true. You mean all of that..." Regina said walking closer to her, but her words had confused Emma. What did she mean by that? Regina must have read the confusion on her face because the witch simply smiled and gestured around her with both her hands.

"We are in Neverland, and you have a white heart. Remember you can't lie here without turning into a blubbering mess." Regina said while lifting an eyebrow, but her words surprised Emma. It's true! I can't lie here! Which means...

"I don't love Neal. I don't!" She wasn't lying! Neal couldn't be her true love; she didn't love him that way!


"No." Emma stopped to explain Regina what had happen." I found a talking tree that gave me a prophecy."

"A talking tree? You mean like Grandmother Willow of Pocahontas?"

"It was her actually." Emma said and Regina's eyes rolled in exhaustion.

"Of course it was. What did the prophecy said?"

"She said that I was destined to be with Neal, but it can't be. I don't love him!" Regina just stared at Emma in surprise. That was it. Emma and Neal were destined to be together, and if that was true then she will never be able to have Emma that way. From the moment she saw Neal alive in the coast, she felt all her hopes vanish like thin air. Emma and Neal had history together, and what was worse, he was Henry's father. Now that he was back, Emma, Neal and Henry could go and make the perfect family together. That was why she had tried to stay away from Emma and Neal the whole time. She was avoiding Emma, but every time she saw Neal, she couldn't help but glare at him hoping for him to drop death or just burst into flames with one look. It didn't work. And honestly she wouldn't do it even if she could. If Emma was happy with Neal then she would step away. She felt her heart constrict with pain and heartbreak, but the look of happiness in Emma's face made her doubt. It made her have hope. Emma was so sure that she will never end up with Neal, that maybe she should believe it as well.

"Do you believe in destiny Regina?" Emma asked with curiosity. Regina thought that perhaps it had been faith what made her adopt Henry, what made her fall in love with Emma, but it seemed so ridiculous to blame destiny for her love for Emma.

"Sometimes I do, but most of the time I think that we built our own destiny." Emma smiled at Regina with wonder. Yep, creating my own destiny than let myself be guided by it sounds so much better.

"I like the sound of that." The blonde woman walked towards Regina with a smile and without hesitation took her hand between her own and tug softly to encourage the older woman to follow. Unaware of the blushing woman following her closely Emma stopped causing Regina to bump against her back. Regina was about to complain when Emma spoke. "What's that?" Regina moved around to look at what Emma was signaling. It was a small hut, probably the size of a well. Regina moved closer and shivered when she felt the huge amount of magic coming out of the wooden structure.

"That Emma is the last magic barrier that stands in our way to reach Pan."


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