Chapter 14

Regina had stopped crying and was now looking over the town. Her phone rang and she pulled it out between her breasts and looked a the caller. It was Emma and she closed her eyes before she answered. "Regina? Where are you? Are you alright?" Emma asked concerned. Regina gasped surprised. "You... you don't want me dead?" Regina asked quietly and heard Emma's soft sigh. "I promised you I would help you protecting your happy ending." Emma answered softly and Regina sighed. "To be honest, Emma... you are a crappy savior." Regina said and Emma laughed shortly. "I know... but Henry is with me and we are searching for you." "No need... you'll find me soon enough..." Regina said and hung up. She got up and slowly made her way back to her house. She knew that a mob would wait there for her. If the love of her life thought of her as Evil Queen then she was one and she wanted to pay for what she did if that would make her look even slightly better in Graham's eyes.

She heard them before she saw them and she walked around the corner to the path to her house. She saw Whale banging his fist against her door shouting for her to come out. She cleared her throat and everyone turned to her. "I'm here... now let's get this over with." Regina said and two guys gripped her. She followed the mob to the main street always thinking of the things going to happen. When they arrived right in the middle they forced her on her knees. She closed her eyes and turned her head down to the ground. "Any last words of the Queen?" Whale asked and Regina sighed. "Just tell Henry that I love him." Regina answered and Whale snorted. "No words for your lover boy?" "No... and I wouldn't tell them you... you killed already one and the other one left me... so leave me alone. Just pull the trigger and end this. Or torture me. Or do whatever you want to..." Whale faltered slightly. He put the gun down and Grumpy rolled his eyes. He took the weapon and pressed it against her skull.

"3. 2. 1." Grumpy counted down and Regina imagined Henry. But Grumpy too faltered. He couldn't shoot her into the head. He pulled away slightly and shot her into the lower back. Regina screamed and fell forwards. She took a few deep breaths trying to imagine the pain away... or to at least lessen the pain. Whale ripped the gun out of Grumpy's hand and stared at him wide-eyed. "We didn't wanted to hurt her! We just wanted to torture her mentally!" Whale said and put the gun away before kneeling down to her and searched for a way to open the dress. "God dammit... where is the freaking zipper?" He asked Regina who moved her arm in pain to her side. He stopped her hand and pulled down the zipper. He took off his jacket and laid it on the ground before pulling it underneath her torso. He then pulled the dress down her back and looked at the shot wound.

He closed his eyes when he saw the damage and glared at Grumpy. Some nurses and another doctor kneeled down next to Regina and they sighed. "She can't be saved." A nurse said and Whale shushed her. "Well then, guys. Let's make it our challenge." He answered and they nodded. Someone got the ambulance car and with that they drove to the hospital where they started to operate her that at least her wound wasn't bleeding anymore. "Where does it hit her?" The other doctor asked and Whale sighed. "It destroyed her kidney but it luckily missed her colon and liver." Whale answered. "The problem is that her other kidney isn't working. We need a donor as fast as possible." The nurses nodded and they directly searched in their database for a suitable donor for Regina. "Why are we even helping her?" The other doctor asked Whale who sighed. "Back then... I promised her to bring back her fiancé... I didn't and this was part of her becoming the Evil Queen... she already lost too much today. Don't let her lose her life too..." Whale answered and left. Regina was brought to a room.

Graham was searching for Regina everywhere until the hospital called him. He gasped and directly wrote Emma who made her way to the hospital just like him. They arrived at the same time and hurried upstairs. The nurses looked confused when Graham really appeared. Emma stared at Regina's unconscious body conflicted. "What happened?" Emma asked a nurse who explained them everything in detail. Emma turned around to Graham and punched him in the face. "Because of you she is laying in there!" She shouted and he looked at her angrily. "She wanted to pay for her crimes because you made her feel worthless." Emma hissed and turned to the nurse. "Test me. If I'm suitable I want to help." The nurse nodded and Graham followed them. "Me too... even if she never wants me back I want her to live." Graham said and Henry stayed with Regina.

Surprisingly both had been a match Graham even more than Emma and so he would donate his second kidney for her. He got prepared and everything when Whale entered the room and looked at him. "Do you know what her 'last words' had been? Tell Henry that I love him. And when I asked her if she doesn't want to say something to you she answered no. She reminded me of my sins and then just begged me to hurt her so that we would be satisfied. She lost her hope in people because of you... I just hope bringing her back to life with this kidney is a good decision for her and not for yourself." Whale said and Graham nodded. A few hours later he woke up again. Next to him on the other bed was laying Regina. She looked so small on the bed. He got up weakly and made his way over to her. He caressed her hair and cried. "Regina..." He whispered. "I'm so so sorry... I was such an idiot and I hope that you can forgive me some day." He rolled up behind her and held her close and protectively.

Regina woke up like this and turned her head to him. She was surprised to see the tear tracks in his face and hesitantly wiped them away. Graham's eyes fluttered open and they locked eyes. He cupped her cheek softly and kissed her forehead. "How are you feeling?" He asked and she sighed. "Like someone shot me in the back." Regina answered and he smiled saddened. "Sleep... you need it a lot." He answered. "How did I survive?" Regina asked and he smiled slightly. "Because I donated my kidney." He answered and she gasped. "But why?" She asked and he kissed her deeply. "Because I love you." He answered then and she stared at him shocked. "You... you love me?" Regina asked and he nodded. "I was a fool... I-" She slapped him and he gasped. "No one hits me without earning it back." Regina said and he kissed her again. But she struggled slightly. He knew that she didn't wanted to kiss him and so he broke away and got off the bed. He went to his own and Regina stared at him saddened.

"Graham..." "It was my decision, Regina. Don't worry it's alright." He answered and looked away. He probably had truly lost the love of his life because he had been stupid enough to think of her as Evil Queen when she had been about to marry him for love. Emma and Henry visited later and talked to Regina shortly before the latter fell asleep again and the other two looked at him. "Thanks for saving her." They said and he nodded.

Two weeks later...

Graham had been shifted to another room because of Regina. He wanted to give her time. Gold hadn't found Regina. Graham had been released a few days after his transplantation and she could leave the hospital that day. She got her medication and then left the hospital. She sighed and shook her head. Graham shouldn't have saved her. He shouldn't have kissed her after he had hit her. He should stay away from her. He hurt her so much and even though she was still so much in love with him she needed him to stay away so that she was able to build her walls again and become a good mother to Henry again. But Graham wasn't that easy to shake off. He had visited her every day even if it was only for a minute to put a new vase with flowers next to her bed and a mumbled apology. She walked home and stood still surprised when she arrived on the path to her house. A banner hung over her door. "Marry me!" Stood on it and she shook her head saddened. She started walking to the door when she noticed an envelope on the ground. She picked it up and opened it.

There were two things in it. A handwritten letter and a paper of the registry office. She took the letter first and read it carefully.

Dear Regina
I know that I screwed up at our wedding. I screwed up more than I believe you can ever forgive me but still here I am... I am writing and sending this to you because I am truly sorry. For everything. I was so hurt that you never told me. I didn't believed that you could love me when in the past you only hated me and kept me away from you. I let myself get blinded like everyone else and it was unfair to you because I am the only person who knows you as good as your son does... I know your heart. Your soul. When the curse hadn't been broken I always felt like our souls would be connected but I always shook it off as something cliché-like and laughed about it. Nowadays I know that our souls were connected and I... I hope that one day you forgive me and let them reconnect. Mine is missing yours terribly. Mine tells me all the time what a freaking asshole and idiot I was to let the most gorgeous, funniest, smartest and most loyal woman go. I love you, Regina. That will never change. I will fight for you no matter how long it will take until I have you back in my arms. Until you smile at me again with that cute loving smile that made you even more beautiful than before if that could be even possible. I will fight until our hearts beat in the same rhythm again. Until our souls reconnect. Until I gained your love back because without you... I am just as lost as every other human on the freaking world.

The other paper is a marriage license for the two of us... if you are ready to marry me again sign it... I signed my own part already. It is in your hands if you want to become my wife or not. I just hope that one day your are a Mrs. Graham Humbert and not someone else's Mrs...
Love, Graham.

PS: Look in your garden. It's worth it.

Regina read the letter and then made her way to the garden. She was slightly scared but when she rounded the corner she saw daisies planted in her grass. She smiled and then went into the house. She put on new things and looked at the daisies from above. She had told Graham that she loved daisies even when they were just simple little flowers. What shocked her most was that they were planted as words. "I love you!" She placed a hand over her mouth and suppressed her sobs. "Oh Graham..." Regina whispered. "You like it?" He asked her and she turned around startled. He was standing in their closet with a bag and a sad smile on his face. "You hit me..." Regina said and Graham walked towards her. "Regina... I promise that I will never do that again... I was a fool. I hadn't been thinking straight... I felt like someone had ripped a band aid from my heart... it felt like I would have been teared apart just because I remembered who you were and it made me overlook the person you are now... god, I love you more than anyone. I love you more than my wolves... more than my life... more than anything." Graham said and Regina bit her lip. She stared into his eyes.

Eyes she had stared into a hundred times before and in which she wanted to stare a hundred times later. She dropped the envelope and pulled him to her with her hands on his cheeks. He placed his hands on her hips and kissed her lovingly. Regina was crying and he smiled softly. He wiped her tears away and held her close. "I'm lost without you too." Regina said and he rested his head against hers. "I will never leave you again. I promise you that." Regina nodded and they kissed again.