Chapter 1: The Pact

"So what do you think." The living legend, Elisha Shepard questioned. With sweaty palms and ten fidgeting digits, the turian who accompanied her would've thought that she was on trial for working with Cerberus.

With her fingers still fumbling with the string on her N7 hoodie, she continued, "There was so much going on last night—with the party and all… I didn't get a chance to hear your opinion?" Her voice had a tinge of unease as she spoke. "The one that matters to me the most."

The taller former C-Sec officer turn 'vigilante badass' was still rooted in his steps. He glanced at the vastness of the living room, the simple human inspired architecture that sectioned off each area.

He hummed several times, like he did last night when she overheard him and mercenary, Zaeed conversing about the questionable smear of colors that clung on the wall just one level up. The proclaimed 'badass', Garrus Vakarian, took a few steps deeper into the living room; his eyes still assessing the space.

He sighed heavily before finally voicing his honest opinion. "I just don't like how open it is-" his voice seemed to trail off as he stared at the pane of glass that framed one side of the condo. "All someone has to do is look through the window-"

Garrus was cut off by the sudden tan that cascaded the whole of the condo. "The glass turian-grade bullet proof, with light altering capabilities." She spoke after activating her omni tool.

There was silence on Garrus' end. Shepard inched closer to him, dropping her arm that had the omni tool activated. "It's okay with me if you don't like it."

Garrus snapped around, predatory-like; capturing her with both hands. Her breath hitched and her heartbeat quickened—still adjusting to his animalistic mannerisms. "Do you like it?" his voice teetered on the brink of fear.


Garrus' painted mandibles were open midway along with his sharp mouth, but there was a delay in his vocals. "… I …"

Touching his scarred mandible, Elisha probed, "What is it my Archangel?"

Now rubbing her arms; they were spindly in his grasp. Garrus poured out his heart and soul. "After everything that happened yesterday, with the mercs, and you falling through the glass at that restaurant, and the shooting… I realized that you're never going to be safe." His voice was on the trail of a whisper.

"I just… I want you to be able to go out and not be shot at for a change?" Their bodies were still blanketed by the shadow on the tinted windows. "Am I asking too much?"

Melting into his slow intoxicating embrace, Elisha spoke as Garrus' hand found its way to the small of her back. "Garrus, getting shot at comes with the territory."

"But you're my mate!" an inferno of rage could not be kept at bay, singing the tone of his words. She could feel the rise in his temperature. "And you shouldn't have to be looking over your fucking shoulder every damn minute of your life-"

He didn't even realized that he had been yelling when she silenced him; pressing that puffy pink flesh against his flat rugged mouth plates. After an eternity in Garrus' eyes, she broke away from him only to place her forehead against his. That was a turian expression reserved for the utmost admiration.

With labored breath he spoke just above a whisper. "I'm… sorry."

"For what? For encouraging me to go on when I thought I had nothing left?" She kissed him before continuing, "For never doubting me or calling me a traitor when Cerberus funded my mission?" She kissed him again. "For being the only one to remember both of my birthdays?" Another kiss, "And for being the best damn boyfriend a girl could ever ask for in this fucked up galaxy?" She kissed him passionately.

Garrus' hands were now roaming her sides aggressively. He pulled away suddenly with revelation coating his eyes like the purplish hue in the sky as the sun dipped below the horizon.

"I'm the best boyfriend you've ever had?"

She smirked. "Well there is this other turian; met him on the dark streets of Omega. You may have heard of him-goes by the name Archangel."

Garrus' dual vocals darkened. "Hm, sounds familiar. Rumor is he's some kind of turian badass, who can turn a woman on with just the sound of his voice!"

He kissed her while his hands removed her N7 hoodie. It fell to the floor with a light plop.

"Ooo," Shepard sang, as her own curious hands danced with the clasps on Garrus aka Archangel's shirt. "Sounds dangerous." She rasped as her hands revealed his carapace.

Abruptly turning her around so that her back was facing him, he brought his mouth to her ear to whisper, "You have no idea."

Elisha shuttered. Panting, she replied, "Then why don't you show me, Archangel!" Garrus had been tracing the side of her neck with his thick and flexible tongue. Her hand rested on the back of his skull, behind his fringe, urging him to continue.

"Come here." He lifted her up possessively, tossing her onto the couch.

She gasped as her body made impact with the plush cushions. Turning over quickly, Archangel was already undressed grabbing her pants legs. Elisha undid the clasp and the zipper, leaving Archangel to do the rest. He ripped those pants off of her so fast that the friction stung the sides of her tight legs. He then pulled her by her legs until her sex grazed his shifting groin-plates.

Elisha's breath hitched. Grabbing her arms, he jerked the rest of her to him, ravaging her neck and jawline with his mouth. She was like putty in his hands.

"Uh," she moaned as she felt Archangel's dark erection poking her wet spot. "Garrus," her voice was desperate.

"Hm-mm," he chided, nipping her collar bone.

"I mean Archangel?"

"What?" He continued nipping her neck, driving his tongue from her cheek to her mouth, and down her chin.

Elisha moaned again as the words in her head slowly compressed into coherent thought. "You remember… what you asked me last night… at the party?"

Archangel didn't answer. He was now relieving her of her fitted tank top.

Licking the space between her breasts; Elisha really had to fight to keep what was left of her composure. "When we were all dancing?"

Making his way up neck, Archangel answered, "Not really. Why?"

Biting her flesh softly, a moan escaped her mouth while her hips began to roll—rubbing her sex against his warm throbbing cock. Her butt was propped up on the armrest. "You asked me if I had vids in my head of us alone and naked, shamelessly rolling all over a couch?"

Still conquering her body with his mouth, the dangerous Archangel managed to say, "Yeah, I remember that." After a few more nips and licks he asked, "Well, did you?"

"Fuck yeah." Elisha replied, out of breath. Staring into the eyes of the only one she'd every loved, the mighty Commander Shepard smashed her mouth against his.

Their hands fiercely ran all over each other's bodies. Archangel was coming at her so hard that she almost fell back down on the couch.

Suddenly stopping, Garrus proclaimed, "Let's play a game."

Elisha couldn't burry the frustration of needing a release. It filled her voice and eyes as she attempted to maintain herself. "What sort of game?"

He licked her on the side of the neck, earning him a strangled moan and added moisture down below. "Since we have the whole day to ourselves, how about we… consecrate each room—in celebration of your new apartment?"

She grabbed his thick moistened cock, squeezing it with a bit of twisting of her wrist. "Hmmm!" Garrus' head fell back, his knees weakened as he grabbed her mahogany colored thighs.

"Our new apartment."

He brought his eyes back to her with revelation. She then released her wet hostage to snatch off her bra.

Unable to suppress a possessive growl, he replied, "I like the sound of that."

Kissing him slowly as his hands went to work on her perky breasts, she reluctantly pulled away. Hopefully this was the last time. "I take it we're starting in the living room then?"

Garrus suddenly pushed her down, patients spent. Her body bounced lightly on the couch that took up a good portion of the room. Her forest green eyes were upon him with shock and a hint of perplexity.

Darkening his alluring dual vocals once again, he exclaimed, "Now when I say every room in this apartment, I mean every nook and cranny. Not one corner is left untouched! Understood?"

"Yes Garrus-"

He growling sharply as if the name Garrus left a bitter tasted in his mouth. Archangel replied as he fell on top of her, "Call me Archangel!"

Notes: Hello, in case you're wondering about my other story, When Fire Meets Ice, I'm still working on that, just thought I'd take a brake. This idea hit me last night while on Youtube watching scenes from the one and only ME. A bunch of one-shots, vaguely in order. I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to post a review. Thanks to all, and Bioware owns all Mass Effect characters, including Garrus's sexy ass! I own nothing but my soul.