With the sound of a flush and then the continuous splash of water from the sink, Garrus had finished up in the bathroom. As the door slid open he was met with silence. Glancing down the hallway, he noticed that Shepard was not where he left her.


"Up here Garrus." Her voice emanated from upstairs.

"Up here where?"

"Follow my voice, Archangel."

Garrus was a step ahead of her, already up the last stair, passing the hideous mural—looking like a crayon massacre.

She must have heard his careful footsteps, causing her to respond. "This way," her voice growing louder and more define.

Turning into the weight room, his ear canals were greeted by a seductive, "Hi," the simple greeting leaving Shepard's newly moistened lips-courtesy of her warm tongue.

Garrus nearly choked on his own air. Shepard was buck-naked, shooting pool. She had her back to him, purposely, about to shoot the eight-ball. Garrus watched her behind… Uh, I mean from behind as she meticulously lined up the shot. CRACK: eight-ball—left corner pocket.

She then whipped around with the pool stick, sitting on the edge of the pool table with her legs apart, revealing her warm moistened sex. Garrus froze, eyes not meeting hers for obvious reasons.

"Erm." She cleared her throat to gain his attention. Then she tipped her head toward the pull-up bar near the entrance. Garrus swallowed hard as his brain rebooted, catching a glimpse of the bar.

Shepard had a smirk on her face, assessing the confused turian. "Go on." She aided.

Garrus' brow-plates furrowed but he padded toward the bar. Once he was directly under it he reached up, securing a firm grip on the rod. He began to do pull-ups. His pace was swift and consistent. Garrus was baffled, wondering what she was getting out of this, but he did not stop? Shepard watched through hooded eyes. He got a peep of her squirming slightly on her seat, not fully aware of the fact that she was really turned on by the sight of his nude body bobbing up and down like that. After about twenty or so pull-ups—he hadn't been keeping track—Shepard slid off the pool table.

Garrus started to slow down. "Don't stop." She sang in a low tone. Garrus continued though his pace had decreased as she neared him. "Okay, now… hold it."

The turian froze in his place, holding himself up. He was looking straight ahead when he felt the warm approach of Shepard's mouth nearing his groin-plates. Garrus' breath hitched as the sensation of his plates shifting hit him.

"Hmmm." He sounded, greeting Shepard's warm wet tongue that traced the expanding slit. He felt her tongue swimming all over the sensitive tip of his shaft, urging it to protrude.

Garrus obeyed, feeling the tip of his throbbing member enter her mouth, followed by her hands gently massaging what was left. She began twisting her hands slowly back and forth, driving a loud moan from her turian lover. Moans replaced his heavy breathing as her hands quickened their pace.

Held in suspension, Garrus could feel himself reaching his climax.

"Wait." He choked out, not wanting a release so soon—wanting to savor the moment a little while longer.

Shepard seemingly sensed this. Viciously pumping his warm, moistened shaft threw her hand. Keeping her thick lips around his hungry tip, she greedily sucked and pumped him to oblivion.

"Uh, Shep… wait…" He came, shooting off another load of hot seed into his commanding officer's mouth.

Garrus, unable to hold on to the bar any longer, let go, practically dropping to the floor like a dead fly.

Shepard stood up, wiping her mouth and sucking her fingers continuously. "Well, I'm starving, how about you, Vakarian?"

"Mmmm." He groaned, still high off his latest orgasm.

"I'll take that as a yes. When you come down from cloud nine, why don't you clean up this workout room while I order us some grub."

She waltzed out of the room, down the stairs leading to the living room and party room. She rummaged through the clothes decorating the floor, searching for her omni tool.

Garrus wallowed on the floor for a few more minutes. He wanted that one to last. Disappointed by their brief erotic encounter, he couldn't believe she had made him come so quickly. He sat up on labored breath and blurred vision. Garrus scooted his back against the wall, resting in a more favorable position.

That was until Shepard reappeared. She ambled past him, leaning on the pool table, fully nude, exposing her sex to his predatory gaze. How dare she, rush his orgasm and then taunt him with her ripe ass just begging to be reclaimed. Garrus felt his talons curving into fists, that familiar fire rushing through his body.

"I'd forgotten how many dextro-levo restaurants there were in this district." She exclaimed, scrambling through the extranet. "This one looks really good."

Garrus rose to his feet, stalking up to her. Shepard stood on her tippy-toes, almost sprawled across the pool table—her back facing the turian.

"It does have really good ratings," she continued, calling the restaurant. "Hello, what comes with the Fa'launt special…?"

Garrus' forearm stiffly secured her neck, simultaneously skewing her from behind with his engorged cock. She was only able to yelp in response by the sudden ecstasy and pain. He nipped at the flesh on her shoulder. Thrusting into her harshly, snatching a hand full of tangled hair, pulling her head back to his sharp mouth.

"Finish ordering," he rasped, forcing her head in front of the receiver on the omni tool.

"Hello? Ma'am, are you there," the host asked?

"… yes," she whined, trying her damndest keep her voice under control. "I'll… have that." Elisha didn't even know what she had ordered.

"And what else would you like?"

Shepard attempted to turn her head, bobbing with his oceanic rhythm. "Pog cakes… and sweet seeds." He groaned into her ear, speaking between thrusts. "Baka cream for dessert… And some… D'canty brandy to wash it all down." He then muffled his growl by burring his teeth into her shoulder.

The arm around her neck had sunk to her chest long ago, grabbing one bouncy tit; he toyed with her nipple—pinching it between his talons.

Shepard used one hand to brace herself against the pool table and the other stationed on Garrus' hip. He pushed her head closer to the receiver. "Say it… Oh Shepard."

"I… also want… uh—some pog cakes…" she whimpered as Garrus swiftly rolled his hips.

The naughty turian nipped her in the back of the neck before speaking, "Sweet seeds," raising her body slightly for a better angle.

"Sweet… seeds…, baka cake, and…"

"D'canty brandy."

"D'canty brandy." Shepard cried out while Garrus grabbed her neck, pulling her head closer to his mouth again.

He snickered as the host spoke, "Will that be all?"

"Yes… yes… yes." She groaned as Garrus rode her feverishly.

"Is this delivery or pick up?"


"Alright, may I have the address?"

Garrus pushed her forward, slapping her ass when she failed to respond right away. Shepard yelped before running her drunken fingers on the holographic panel, sending her address to the restaurant.

"Your food should arrive within thirty minutes. Thank you, goodbye." The host ended.

Garrus brought her face back, drawing his tongue on the side of her flushed cheek just as a stifled moan slipped from her mouth. He snickered again at Shepard's weakened state, worn down by ecstasy. His tongue dipped into her mouth, swimming with her tongue.

The call had ended and Garrus shoved the omni tool away from her, pressing her chest down—flat on top of the pool table.

"Commander, you're not very good at following my orders." Garrus sang, slapping her ass, hard enough to leave a red mark.

"Uh—Garrus!" She attempted to look at him but he pressed her back down.

"Looks like I'm going to have to teach you some…" he slapped her ass again, "discipline."

She yelped. "I'm… I'm sorry."

"'You're sorry.'" He gripped the side of her hips, ramming his cock deep inside her causing his human lover's back to arch. Then he pulled out, slapping her ass again. "Sorry isn't going to cut it, Commander." Garrus then pressed his cock back inside her.

"Please… I won't… oh—fuck… I won't do it again." She gasped.

"Oh, I know you won't." he slapped her ass once more before pulling out. "Now get down there and do what you do best with your mouth."

Before she could object, he had already grabbed her by her hair and was guiding slash forcing her toward his moistened shaft. Only Garrus could get away with talking to her like this.

Before he knew it, the great Commander Shepard was on her knees, sucking his cock the way he wanted her to: slow and with a hint of pain. The ridges of his manhood grazed the edges of her teeth, drawing out several angry grunts from her turian lover. She held on to his hips for support until he had had enough. Then, he swiftly removed himself from her mouth before he could come.

Garrus lifted her up, laying her face down on the pool table once again. With her ass up, he slapped it a few more times—drawing screams from his lover-before reentering her.

He gyrated his hips; each inflated ridge vibrating against her inner walls. The popping sound of each thrust pulled them closer to bliss. Garrus' head was bobbing up and down wildly; beads of sweat dripping off his brow and landing on his mate.

With vision blurred, he barely caught a glimpse of Elisha's nails sinking into the green fabric of the pool table. Her head was turned to the side; hair severely disheveled—mouth gaping as he pounded into her. The smacking sound of skin on hard plates nearly muffled Elisha's bouts of ecstasy, just before her inner walls contracted around his shaft.

Multiple orgasms poured from her body, distorting the turian's pace into a humping frenzy. "Uh… uh… uh…!" Garrus moaned out before he too came undone. Hot seed burst from his body, rushing deep inside his lover.

Elisha's body shuddered with the last of his thrusts before he slowed his rhythm. Still clutching her hips, Garrus' head dipped back, letting a small animalistic growl escape his mouth. With his hips still rocking slowly, he turned her over on a dime.

Green eyes distorted by crescendos of water met his eyes. He licked the tears that trailed down her cheek, before removing his hardened shaft from her sex.

He sank to his knees, catching his lover's desperate plea. "Garrus."

Spreading her legs and ignoring her need to recuperate, the turian dove—tongue first, into her.

The over stimulation sent Elisha overboard. She fell back harshly against the green top of the pool table, back arched and arms desperately reaching for something, anything. Garrus lapping viciously like a dog stumbling upon some peanut butter; leaving his lover in an incoherent state. His mouth-plates brushed up against her G-spot, causing her to orgasm again. This time, Garrus had to hold her down while her own juices poured from her body, mixing with Garrus' metallic fluids that had spilt on the floor. He silently thanked the spirits that the floor wasn't carpet.

After riding the waves of bliss for the umpteenth time, he scooped her up—strong legs wrapping around his narrow waist—carrying his lover to the nearest wall; pressing her back up against the wall. His mouth-plates nipped at her jaw line and her mouth until she opened it. Then he snaked his tongue into her mouth, muffling the whimper that attempted to escape her.

Her hands roamed the back of his head and his back—nails scratching the spaces between his plates. Garrus pushed himself into her causing Elisha's breath to hitch. He found himself securing her hands against the wall, seizing all control. Thrusting into the human, she went to speak but he refused to remove his flexible tongue from her mouth. His pace quickened and became more aggressive; enjoying the power he had over her.

Elisha moaned into his mouth as he slammed into her. More tears ran down her cheeks. He felt her inner walls tightening against him. Elisha's ass banged on the solid wall loudly, but she didn't seem to mind. He pounded into her until they both could no longer take it anymore. They came together with Elisha pressing her face into the curve of Garrus' neck. He roared as his seed ran from him once again. His hips stilled, stationed with his lover against the wall. Her tired fingers caressed the back of his neck and head, breathing as if drained of all her energy. Covered in perspiration, the two lovers slowly pulled apart.

"… are you… okay?" Garrus hummed.

Elisha was standing at an angle against the wall, breathing heavily. Her closed eyes suddenly opened, landing on the turian. He studied her tits… I mean her face for some kind of response. He took the silence as bad sign. Her eyes were wide open, lips slightly open as well. Shepard's hands swam the length of her abs, eyeing him predatory-like or shocked, appalled even.

Garrus' mandibles fell slack. He had pushed her too far—over stepped his boundaries. Garrus went to curse in his native tongue before attempting to salvage the situation when Shepard dove on him. She pressed her lips against his mouth-plates, forcing her tongue in his mouth. Her sudden boldness caught him off guard, almost knocking him off his feet. The force caused him to step back, stopping against the rim of the pool table. They made out for a few minutes before she pushed him off of her.

Elisha leaned over the table again, ass up in the air. Breathing heavily, she turned her head toward him, begging, "Do that again, Garrus. Harder this time!"