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Carmi's phone buzzed a few minutes into her conversation with the Shield causing her to groan, she hadn't expected Violet to call her so soon.

"Excuse me guys, I've to take this call." she said pushing away from the crate she was leaning against and walking down the hall.

"Hi Mama.'

"Car what's wrong?" Violet Peirce Copeland asked skipping all the greetings.

The younger southern woman exhaled a deep breath and sat down on the chair in the empty make up area.

"A lot."

"What happened?"

Carmi was silent as she ran her hand over the crisp lien of her dress pants causing her wedding band to roll around.

"Carmi tell me."

"Everything has fallen apart." she answered, "Our family, my relationship with John."

"What do you mean?"

'Exactly that Mama. If it wasn't for Shane and Karen I would've lost it a month ago."

"Explain it to me." Vio demanded.

"Where do you want me to start?" she asked, "The fact that when you left again, our family fell apart. This time we didn't even try to stay together."


"No I understand you got that happy ending you needed and deserved. And I am happy for you." Violet frowned she hate that they drifted apart, she knew that for the longest time they were a big happy family, and she put them in front of her and for suffered for it.

The finality in Carmi's tone told her she was done talking about their family or what was left of it.

"What happened with you and John?"

tears slipped down Carmi's cheeks, "He left me and Peirce."

"He did what?'

"He left us for Melina. He sent me a petition for a trail separation."

"When did this happen?"

"I um first found out that he was cheating on me at survivor series. Melina sent Nattie a video and she showed me." she answered wiping her cheeks, "I confronted him when we got home.'

"What happened?"

"He lied to me about it at first. His phone was going off one day while he was playing with Peirce and I picked it up." she paused chewing on the inside of her cheek.

"Car?" Vio prodded worried.

"It was Melina sending him naked pictures." She said her heart breaking all over again, "I confronted him about it and we got into a fight, he left and didn't come back for almost a month."

"Oh Car." she could hear the pity in her longtime best friend's voice.

She wished that Vio was there in person.

She missed her best friend.

"Has he been home since?"

"Once or twice. Ignores me completely focusing on Peirce but then again he is only home for a day or two."

"I will come see you baby, you need me."

"No you don't have too. Stay home with Adam and the kids. When I go home I will get Peirce and we will come to Asheville.'


"Mama. I will be okay. Promise. Mike is here so are Steph, Paul and Nattie."

"Fine, call me if you need me I mean it Carmichael.'

"Yes ma'am. Give Adam and the kids my love." she said before hanging up the phone.

"Hey there." Mike said coming into the make shift room and looking at her, 'You okay?'

"Not really. But life is full of disappointments and that's all mine is.' she answered .

"Don't say that Mikey.' She brushed her hands over her cheeks again and nodded her head, 'Can I stay with you tonight? I don't want to be alone."

"You never have to ask baby. You know that." he smiled.

"Thanks Mike." She stood up and kissed his lips softly before walking out of the room.

Mike groaned watching her walk out of the room, this was going to be a lot harder than he thought.

There was no way he was going to be able to control himself with her doing stuff like that.

He had known for years that he had fallen in love with his best friend and was patiently waiting for the day he could prove it to her.

The women that he had been with had been a time out a distraction from what he really wanted.

It had gotten easier over time with her being home in Smithfield retired from wrestling and only Skyping or talking on the phone.

But now that she was back all bets were off.

It was a dick head move on his part he knew that having feelings for when she was obviously in love with her asshole husband.

He sighed and flopped down on her vacated chair.

"You got this."