"We should get to Miss Cheerilee soon, or else we might get into trouble."

Scootaloo took a few steps forward towards the art gallery's front door, but she stopped when she noticed something in her pocket.

"What's this... a handkerchief?" Sweetie Belle noticed it too as Apple Bloom walk towards them.

"When did I get this...?" Scootaloo said, pulling it out to stare at it in confusion.

Apple Bloom's eyes widen. "Wait, that's mine."

"It is?"

"Wait, it's true. There's your name on it, but why was it in your pocket?" Sweetie Belle said. "And there's blood on it..." The white filly somehow paled a shade lighter.

Something rang in their heads, like a bell, as the trio found themselves quiet at the realization.

"I was... I was... wounded." Scootaloo tested out the sentence as it dawned on her. "On the hoof, and Somepony gave me their handkerchief."

Their eyes widen.

"Yeah... You were given this handkerchief..." Sweetie Belle looked at Apple Bloom in shock. "...By you!"

"Apple Bloom, we remember now!" Scootaloo exclaimed in surprise. "We were together back there..."

"How could we have forgotten? It was so important!" Apple Bloom exclaimed as well. "We stuck together through that bizarre gallery... Chased by strange statues... Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon too, right?"

The three went silent after hearing their names, though Sweetie did flinched at the mention.

"Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon." Sweetie repeated their names, remembering their fates.

"H-Hey, but we got back home safely! We did it!" Scootaloo nervously laughed, hoping to lighten the mood around them, but it quickly died down.

"If we didn't remembered them before, does that mean no pony else remembers them neither?" Apple Bloom said.

"It has to." Sweetie Belle said. "I mean, Miss Cheerilee would had said something, right?"

It was a lot to process. Two fillies they've knew were actually paintings who tried to kill them. While they were bullies to them, they were also the reason why they bonded, why they became the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Now, they are gone without anypony to remember them, besides the ones who killed them.

"What are we supposed to do about it?" Scootaloo said. "No pony is going to believe us if we try to tell them about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, or even worst, think we're crazy!"

"But... I don't want to forget them. I know they were bullies... and they were trying to kill us, but that doesn't mean we should forget about them." Sweetie Belle said.

"Then... we won't." Apple Bloom said. "We'll make sure we remember them."

"How?" The two said in confusion.

"Girls?" Applejack said with her teeth clenching a bag full of cookies, entering the CMC's treehouse. "Pinkie Pie got some extra cookies for ya."

"Oh! Oh! Just place them in the floor, sis. We're a little busy." Apple Bloom said, covered with the splattering of pink and gray paint.

After placing the bag down, Applejack can't help but to raise an eyebrow. She knew the girls were acting strangely since the field trip to the art gallery (along with an extra long hug from her little sister), but she can't really figure out why.

Maybe the art gallery was really inspiring to them that they're trying to be Cutie Mark Crusader Artists again.

That doesn't explain why they're painting tiaras, spoons, and fillies in pink and gray.