"Do you hear that?" Danny asked, anchoring Ethan to him by running his fingers through the alpha's hair as the werewolf continued to straddle him.

"Hm?" Ethan returned as he ran his hands down his boyfriend's bare chest, pressing another kiss to his throat.

"Eth," His intention was to sound serious – that he meant business – but as he uttered his name, Ethan took Danny's ear lobe in between his teeth and the werewolf's name was conveyed as a breathless moan.

Wrapping his long, toned arms around Ethan's back, Danny held onto him as he flipped them around on the bed. Danny hovered over his boyfriend for just a moment before deciding to sit in his lap, kissing his chest once before planting a chaste kiss on his slightly swollen lips.

"You know one of the advantages of having a boyfriend – one who just so happens to be a werewolf – is being able to use your supernatural abilities secondhand for the power of greater good, like say your heightened sense of hearing, especially when I'm grounded and I sneak said boyfriend into my house when my parents could be home any minute," Danny said as his arms barricaded around Ethan's face, looking down at the boy – the same boy that made him feel so incredibly flustered since the goalie caught him leaning against one of the bookshelves at the library, staring at him.

"You say the sweetest things to me, Daniel," Ethan replied as he laughed, running his fingers through Danny's hair. "You really do."

"Shut up," Danny replied teasingly, a wide smile on his face. He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, forgetting all about the noise he thought he'd heard only a few seconds ago.

Ethan had that effect on him. He made Danny forget about the inconsequential worries that he was faced with – sometimes daily, in the simplest of ways. Whether it was by stopping at nothing to find him when the alpha sensed that something was abnormal, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek and lingering there until Danny laced their fingers together, or just sitting there with him until Danny felt like talking.

The simple kiss that Danny planted on Ethan's lips evolved into a passionate, open-mouthed kiss that only left them wanting nothing more but each other.

Ethan's hands tugged on Danny's hair – sending a chill down the human's back, trailing down his neck and the top of his shoulders before continuing south to his waist.

Danny smiled into the kiss as he felt the tips of Ethan's fingers brush against the skin just above the waistband of his jeans, beginning to unbuckle the belt he had put on this morning.

His smile, however, dissipated when Ethan's mouth pulled away from his.

"Do the brakes on your parents' car squeak?"

"Shit," Danny cursed, resting his forehead against Ethan's, until realization dawned on him that his parents would be walking into the house in a matter of minutes and he was laying on top of his half-naked boyfriend. On any other night that wouldn't have been a problem – not in the slightest, but he needed to get Ethan out of the house without his parents seeing him.

It wasn't as if his parents didn't like Ethan, in fact they were very fond of him, but if Danny couldn't sneak him out of the house he was sure he would end up being grounded for another month and he'd be damned if he was going to spend their anniversary sneaking Ethan into his house – like he had been doing for the past two weeks, especially since he had more special plans for their anniversary.

"You've got to go," He continued, urgency and clear disappointment in his voice as he stood up from the bed and outstretched his hand to Ethan, who held his hand for a moment before walking to the opposite side of the room where his shirt lay on the floor. Danny turned his head over his shoulder, looking for Ethan's black, leather jacket and found it on his desk where he had thrown it – haphazardly – not even an hour ago.

With the jacket in his hand, Danny walked back to where Ethan stood now – by the open window, wearing his red t-shirt – and handed the jacket to its owner.

"How far away are they?" Danny inquired.

"They're just down the road," He replied, throwing his jacket on as he heard the same brakes squeaking. "They just stopped."

"I guess this is goodnight, then," Danny said, a small smile on his lips as he framed Ethan's face in his hands and kissed him repeatedly.

"I better go," Ethan said, reluctantly pulling away from the boy who was only supposed to be a part of one of Deucalion's missions to discover who would be the most important to Scott McCall, but turned out to be so much more. A friend. A companion. A confidant. A mate. "They are pulling up into the driveway."

"One more before you go," He requested, planting one final kiss on his lips for the night.

"I love you, my moon,"

"I love you back," Danny replied. He stood by the window and watched as Ethan climbed out of his bedroom window, jumping from the roof and landing gracefully onto the wet grass.

"I love you, too. Be careful," He whispered, knowing that Ethan would be able to hear him with absolute clarity - just as his parents walked into the house, calling Danny downstairs to see if he was hungry for any of the leftovers they brought home from dinner.