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"Be silent Konan. This is something that I have to do. I've made many mistakes in my life. This will be the first correct decision that I've made in a long time," a red-haired man said while his partner widened her eyes. The woman named Konan shivered slightly at the act in front of her while her long time friend, companion, and partner looked forward. "Uzumaki Naruto, I hope that you find the way to true peace. Never stray from that path," the man said to a teenage blond-haired young man.

Naruto, jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko and son of Konoha's Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, looked surprised by what the person in front of him was doing. He just had the hardest battle of his life with this man, the presumed leader of Akatsuki. The same person who had destroyed his village and killed so many its people was now trying his best to save it. "No Nagato, if you use it then you will die," Konan said hoping to deter her friend, but she didn't get what she wanted as Naruto and Konan felt the man named Nagato quickly pulse his chakra. "For what it's worth, I am terribly sorry Uzumaki Naruto," Nagato said while Naruto looked up at the redhead in front of him. Naruto just slowly nodded his head and couldn't help the light smile on his face.

"I won't give up Nagato. Trust me on that," Naruto said and young man called Nagato just nodded before he circulated his chakra and revived everyone one after the other within in the destroyed village of Konohagakure that had been killed. Nagato coughed up blood as he did so, but didn't relent in his endeavor. "You inherited Jiraiya-sensei's true will. I place my dream with you as well Naruto. I will offer any help that I can," Nagato said while Naruto and Konan seemed confused, but they didn't have the time to reflect on those words as they noticed Nagato's hair turn pure white. He then dropped his hands to the machine he was strapped in and gasped.

"Live Konan. Live for the sake of Jiraiya-sensei's dream. Support Naruto Uzumaki as I do. I don't have much time left so Naruto Uzumaki I will have to tell you this...," Nagato said while Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"What is it Nagato?" the Kyuubi jinchuuriki asked while Nagato felt his life fleeting away. If nothing else then all he had to give this little tidbit of information for his fellow Uzumaki, even if he didn't know it at that point. Nagato just nodded and then opened his mouth to speak his words to the blonde genin.

Naruto and Konan walked out of the makeshift tree that Konan had hidden them in and both were silent. Naruto turned his head as he noticed paper slowly began to form over Nagato's body while he saw Konan holding her hand out. " hate me now?" Naruto asked while Konan turned her head towards him slightly. "I do not Naruto Uzumaki. You have taken Jiraiya-sensei's will and Nagato's will as well," Konan said before holding out her hand.

"I will take Nagato's body back with me to Amegakure where Yahiko is, but I will also support you as Nagato said. Anything that you need then I will provide it for you. Never doubt yourself and I will place Amegakure in your hands," Konan said forming a large bouquet of flowers. Naruto looked down at them before scratching his cheek.

"Thank you Konan-san. I promise I'll find the answer," Naruto said taking the bouquet while Konan nodded her head. Slowly she drifted away in paper along with Nagato's body while Naruto just watched her leave in the brightness of the sun. He couldn't stop the small smile on his face as he watched her leave, but his thoughts then drifted back to Nagato's words and Naruto's eyes slowly lost their exuberance. He quickly caught the signatures of at least three people before he looked up at the sun, took a deep breath and cooled a sudden rising anger.

Turning around, Naruto shot off through the trees and in little to no time he spotted his sensei, Kakashi Hatake, and his squad leader, Yamato. Naruto found himself thinking some things, but he had to let them go for the time being. "Yo Naruto, are you okay? What happened to the enemy?" Kakashi asked and Naruto twitched his lips and managed a small grin.

"They're gone. Let's go back Kakashi," Naruto said running past them while Kakashi raised an eyebrow. He turned back and looked at Naruto's retreating form. "What's the matter senpai? You look unsettled," Yamato said while Kakashi broke from his stare of his young blond teammate.

"No, it's nothing Yamato. Maybe I'm just thinking about it too much," Kakashi thought to himself as he and Yamato fell in the run with Naruto. They easily caught up with the young blond merely because Naruto wasn't going that fast. That was externally. Internally, his mind was racing from what he had heard from Nagato as he placed a finger to his chin. This was going to be a problem if Naruto knew it to be that way, but he still didn't understand what Nagato meant when he saw that he would support the genin in his endeavor. No one was going to have this answer and Naruto was sure that he would have some more thinking to do.

Naruto had tuned out mostly everything that he had heard as he suddenly dropped to the ground. He couldn't even feel his exhaustion of the day's events. It was only the sudden shouting and hollering that broke Naruto from his stares as he saw the multitude of Konoha citizens that Nagato revived cheering for him and looking at him with nothing but acceptance. Naruto raised an eyebrow to them while Kakashi patted the blond's shoulder. "They are all here for you Naruto. You are Konoha's hero," Kakashi said while Naruto looked out into the masses. He saw people smiling warmly at him as he walked through the crowds. He then stopped short as he noticed his friends grinning at him. One of them took a step forward. It was obviously a female with short pink hair and emerald green eyes. She stopped in front of him while Naruto looked at her.

"Sakura," Naruto said and suddenly he gasped as he felt her chakra spike. He noticed Sakura clench her fist before taking a random swing at him. "You idiot!" Sakura shouted expecting to hit Naruto over the head, but most people were surprised as she hit nothing but air. Sakura swerved her feet and people gasped when Naruto swung his legs and slid across the ground dodging the hit effortlessly. Kakashi and Yamato blinked while Naruto slowly opened his eyes and they belied the shock he had.

"What..was that?" Naruto thought to himself before he looked as other had their shocked expressions as well. For the Konoha shinobi who knew Naruto personally, this was the first time that the blond ever dodged Sakura's hit willingly and so...gracefully. It's like the person that they were all looking had suddenly changed drastically. Sakura looked back at Naruto's form before she and everyone else noticed him get to his feet slowly. "Where is Baa-chan?" Naruto asked...anyone who knew. The people looked at each other confusedly before Naruto suddenly sighed.

"Why are you all standing here?! Treat the injured and the wounded! Begin construction of the village! Also tell me where Baa-chan is!" Naruto shouted shocking the denizens of Konoha. Kakashi widened his single eye as did Yamato. Sakura gawked and slowly people found themselves complying. Forget the fact that Naruto was a genin and most of them were chunin and jonin. That voice he just used sent them over the edge as people rushed off to begin construction of the village.

"Whoa Naruto, what is your problem?" Naruto turned his head and noticed that it was his friend, Kiba, who asked the question. He could see the similar looks of surprise on Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Shino and even the emotionless Sai. Naruto widened his eyes before looking down at the ground. "What is happening to me? Why did I shout like that?" Naruto wondered to himself. It wasn't really in his nature to shout at anyone for just any particular reason, but knowing that the village was actually destroyed and no one was fixing it had irked him for some reason. Naruto didn't know what that reason was, but he really wanted them to just hurry up and do their jobs.

"Nothing is wrong Kiba. I just need to talk with Baa-chan," Naruto said and at that moment a jonin dropped to the ground in front of him. "Tsunade-sama is currently in a tent. I will escort you Naruto-san," he said and Naruto just nodded while everyone watched the young blond walk off into the distance leaving many others confused and others in a state of disarray.

"Was something wrong with him? I wonder if he's had a bad time or maybe he's just stressed out from having to save the village. I know I'd be stressed out if I went against the leader of Akatsuki. Maybe he just needs to sleep or something like that," a few people theorized while Sakura and Kakashi just watched Naruto go off until his form disappeared. Kakashi got over his shock the fastest before touching Sakura's shoulder. "Come on Sakura, let's go see what's the matter with Naruto. I don't know what happened to him, but he's changed," Kakashi said while Sakura just nodded slightly and walked while the crowd of people started to disperse to get their work done. They were going to be busy for a little while.

Meanwhile the jonin and Naruto dropped down in front of a tent. He pointed and gave a slight bow. "Tsunade-sama is in here with Shizune-san. I will take my leave now," the man said as he dashed off leaving Naruto in front of the tent. The blond placed a hand through his hair and sighed. He took a few steps forward and reached out to grab the folds of the tent before he noticed them open up. They revealed Shizune stepped out of the tent and she was surprised to see Naruto in front of her. "Naruto, what are you doing here? What happened to Akatsuki?" Shizune asked while Naruto blinked.

"They have been taken care of Shizune-neechan. I need to see Tsunade-baachan," Naruto said while Shizune frowned. "I'm sorry Naruto, but she needs to rest right now. Tsunade-sama used too much chakra and she released her henge. I can't let you see her now," Shizune said while Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"This is important," Naruto persisted and Shizune stared evenly with the person she thought of as her little brother before shaking her head. "I'm sorry Naruto, but you can't see Tsunade-sama," Shizune said and she noticed Naruto's hair shadow his eyes.

"Shizune, move!" Naruto said shocking Shizune as she saw the dead seriousness in Naruto's eyes. Shizune had found her legs moving as she slowly stepped to the side while Naruto opened the sheets and passed her. He could see Shizune standing still like she couldn't believe the words that came out of the blond's mouth. Naruto had just ordered Shizune to do something in such a tone that she couldn't help, but comply with. What had just happened? His voice sounded like a booming order from an S-rank person or something close to it. What...was it?

Naruto walked inside the tent and he noticed medics looking at him in surprise while Naruto took notice of Tsunade's body. Her body filled with wrinkles and her eyes closed showing her trying her best to survive and focus her chakra. Naruto's eyes softened considerably before he gave a small smile and sat down next to her. Naruto took her hand into his own and stroked it. "You still haven't changed at all Baa-chan. This is just a small setback. Get better soon because you have some explaining to do. I won't be taking no for an answer this time. I've had that too much in my life. Sorry if I'm being rude, but there are things happening and I need to be ready for them. I'll be sure to see you when you wake up," Naruto said grinning before he slowly dropped Tsunade's hand back to the mat. He then got up and walked out of the tent to see Shizune still perfectly standing where she was. He then bowed.

"Thank you Shizune. I will take my leave now," Naruto said spinning on his heel and walking off while Shizune suddenly felt the presence leave her allowing for her to be granted free reign over her thoughts again. Shizune breathed easily before she turned her head and noticed Naruto walking off through one of the forests. She also noticed that he didn't get far before Sakura and Kakashi came running down. "Naruto, what has gotten into you? Did something happen during the fight?" Sakura asked. Naruto closed his eyes for a few minutes before finally sighing for what seemed like the fifth time today.

"No Sakura. I'm just learned some things that have changed my thoughts. Also if you have the time to worry about me then you should repair the village. We're going to be busy for a long time," Naruto said while Sakura nodded indeed knowing that this was true, but she couldn't help the underlying feeling that something had changed Naruto a lot. "Naruto we're just worried. You've worked hard too. Why don't you get looked over by the medic nin as well?" Kakashi suggested while Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright I guess. I'll see you both later then," Naruto said suddenly vanishing out of sight leaving Sakura and Kakashi alone. "Sensei, I'm worried," Sakura said while Kakashi nodded his head quickly.

"Me too Sakura. Me too," Kakashi spoke to her as they could do nothing but watch the place where Naruto had just been, the soles of his feet stuck into the ground where he had just been.


Over the course of many hours, night settled into the deep crater that was Konoha and in the end only a few places were ever fully repaired to live in, courtesy of Yamato and his Mokuton techniques. He at least got official houses out of the way as well as sleeping homes for families. It was going to take a very long time for Konoha to get back to the stability that it was in before, but now improvements could be made. That didn't mean that people liked the current living conditions.

Naruto laid on the floor of his apartment in the dark seeing as how he didn't have a bed. Hell he didn't even have any light from a lamp, the ceiling fan or any other type of working power, but it could've been worse. His apartment was one of the first places to be rebuilt which instantly filled up with new residents one after the other until a few rooms were cramped with spaces, but Naruto expected that. His room wasn't one of those rooms merely because he had been nearly looked over on every part of his body and the medics said that he needed his rest. Honestly Naruto felt fine, give or take, wanting a good night's sleep, but he couldn't close his eyes to do so. He could only see the moon as its light shined through his window illuminating the room showing just how empty it was. Lots of people were going hungry too and were resorted to fruits, vegetables and the occasional boxed lunch meal. This was the way that the village was running until they could get better commerce for it.

Laying on his floor, Naruto looked up at the ceiling. He sighed and closed his eyes for a bit. His chest rose and fell signifying his light slumbering as Nagato's words continued to sound throughout his ears and his dreams.

"Years ago I had been sleeping, but this is definitely real. Uzumaki Naruto in three years there will be an event that none of the Five Nations will see coming. The very peace that we try to establish will be destroyed in that single day. It will throw the world into chaos. I had devised a way to stop it, but that is impossible now. You must do it. I believe in you, but you must choose how to respond. In order to make the correct decisions to defeat this then you must make this choice for yourself. No one can make it for you. I know Konan will help you. Consider Amegakure your ally, and only yours. Defeat this Naruto Uzumaki and find the true meaning to peace. Nations are selfish I'm sure you realize this. Take your heritage and defeat it," Nagato said while Naruto widened his eyes.

"You know about my father? How do you?" Naruto asked while Nagato's labored breathing could be heard, but he pressed on. "Shizune Kato. Before her death and then revival I had seen her memories. Tsunade Senju spoke a lot about how you resemble the Yondaime. I did not delve further because I was busy trying to find information about your whereabouts. I know no more than that, but I am sure all higher-ups within Konoha are aware of this fact. Jinchuuriki have connections to their village leaders to instill some form of loyalty to the village. The same applies with you Naruto. I can see in your eyes that you don't believe me, but on my death-bed this is the absolute truth," Nagato said while Naruto looked down at the ground.

"How will I know? Naruto asked and Nagato shook his head. "You won't know. That is why you must keep your wits about you and have knowledge in not just shinobi arts, but the public arts as well. I will help you as best I can as will Konan. I the best...luck, Uzumaki...Naruto," Nagato said while Naruto watched his body go limp and fall forward, dead.

Naruto opened his eyes to the sounds of pebbles hitting his window. The blond grumbled slightly at having his sleep interrupted before walking over to the window. He opened it slightly and looked outside, but all he got was darkness and the occasional shinobi passing over a rooftop or two. Naruto raised an eyebrow before he felt his senses telling him to look up. Naruto always trusted his gut feelings and so he followed its command and look up to see a very unusual surprise. He slightly opened his mouth from the shock while his eyes slightly widened. "Greetings Naruto Uzumaki. I have answered the call of my previous master and am here to aid you," the person said while Naruto blinked. The person was obviously wearing an Akatsuki cloak. They had orange hair that the blond vaguely remembered. However he couldn't mistake the purple, rippled pattern of this person's eyes. Not to mention the chakra rods that had been in the person's body were still there. Obviously the person was female now that Naruto had his eyes adjusted to the darkness. It was the Animal Path that he had killed while in the mouth of Gamabunta.

"Nagato?! What are you doing alive?" Naruto asked while the Chikushodo looked out into the village of newly made buildings. "This is not the place for this discussion. May I please enter?" she asked and Naruto blinked. He withdrew himself from his window and watched as the Animal Path slid into the room and gently dropped to the floor.

"Nagato, how are you alive? Konan and I saw you die!" Naruto said while the Chikushodo carefully sat upon the ground. "Naruto Uzumaki I have to make this clear. I am not Nagato, but at the same time I am," she said and Naruto blinked before narrowing his eyes.

"Come again?" Naruto asked while the Chikushodo sighed, but took her time. "While during the revival of the Konoha denizens I had pushed a majority of my chakra into one of my paths. This was the only one that was seemingly well enough to continue living and I also pumped it with Yang chakra bringing it to live on its own. I am separate from Nagato in terms of life, feelings and thoughts, but I am the same as in I have kept the Rinnegan though not as much as my former self. I know everything he knew, but I have different opinions on it. If I must say then you can consider me a different personality," the Chikushodo said while Naruto folded his arms.

"So that's what you meant when you said that you would help me. You meant to do this, but why didn't you return with Konan to Amegakure?" Naruto asked and Chikushodo shook her head. "Konan is capable enough to protect the village and my sole focus was reviving the people that I had killed within your village. You can be sure that I am dead, but giving this body life and chakra I have been able to sustain myself and manifest like so," The Chikushodo said and Naruto narrowed his eyes. He was greatly confused by the way all of this was taking shape. He didn't understand a lot of how she tried to explain, but the way this sounded then in front of him was truly a woman who had the same mindset as Nagato. That was how Naruto attempted to rationalize it anyway. If anyone could do better than him then he dared them to try.

"I..think I understand. Man you really can't be here. If anyone finds you then you know what they will do to you?" Naruto asked while the Chikushodo folded her arms. "I have the strength to take care of anyone should they come across my path. I have the mission to help you and I will do so. I am to never leave your side," she said and Naruto scratched his cheek.

"I know that was the closest, but you couldn't have picked another?" Naruto asked while the path tilted its head to the side. "Is this form not satisfactory? I also picked this form so no one questioned your sexual preferences since I will be living with you from now on," she aid and Naruto blinked.

"Say what? You're going to be living here? With me?!" Naruto asked and she nodded. "That is correct. I am not to leave your side except should it be a dire need to do so. That is what I remember clearly. Does my company bother you?" the Chikushodo asked while Naruto chuckled dryly.

"Like you wouldn't begin to believe," Naruto thought to himself before shaking his head. "Alright then look it's late. We'll sort all of this out tomorrow okay?" Naruto asked and she nodded slowly agreeing with his thoughts on how late it was. It was still very dark so they had to be counted lucky that she wasn't spotted by anyone.

"I agree with that. Where will I sleep?" she asked and Naruto looked out through the floor. "Well the village is in reconstruction because of the destruction caused so the only thing we really have is the floor for right now and a couple of futons. Is that alright?" Naruto asked and she nodded.

"I understand. Is there a spare?" she asked and Naruto shook his head dejectedly. "No, too many people are crammed in so there are not spares. Ummm you can take the futon if you want. I'll just take the floor," Naruto said, but to his surprise she shook her head.

"I cannot accept that. Either we share or neither of us take it. I will not take it if you won't. I cannot comply with that wish," she said while Naruto's eyebrow rose. He forced the urge to blush down. It hadn't affected him as much as he suspected, but it was still there. "Okay so what should we call you if you aren't Nagato?" Naruto asked while the path closed her eyes.

"Any name that you give me is one that I will take for the rest of my life," she said and Naruto sighed. He rubbed his temples before glancing through her polite and elegant posture. She seemed to calmly wait for his judgement. "Chiku. Your name will be Chiku," Naruto said while she opened her eyes and stared at him.

"Your name is Chiku Shodo. Does that work?" Naruto asked and she saw his slight smile before closing her eyes and nodding. "Hai. From this day forth I will be called Chiku. Now please come to bed," she said and Naruto blinked.

"Umm okay then," Naruto said as he opened the futon. Chiku slid into it and turned on her side while Naruto turned on his. He sensed her close her eyes and fall asleep. Naturally she was a tad shorter than Naruto was, but not by much. "Goodnight Chiku," Naruto said and Chiku slowly opened her eyes. She acknowledged the blond's response before closing her eyes again.

"Goodnight Uzumaki," she said going back to sleep while Naruto did the same. He had truly been tired and now was a good time to fall asleep lest the day's events caught up with him and threaten to run him into the ground from over-thinking the complications of everything. So Naruto allowed his mind some relative ease from everything happening around him, but he couldn't help the fiery sensation that he felt within his body. Maybe it had to do with his outburst that afternoon. Naruto wasn't sure. By this time he had been out like a light.

Next Morning

The birds chirped in the sky over the large crater that was Konohagakure while the sun beamed through windows waking people up to begin the long morning. Sounds of door banging were heard upon Naruto's door while the young blond groaned. He opened his eyes tiredly while his ears were assaulted by the sounds of constant banging. Naruto quickly stood on the warm floor before he turned and noticed Chiku sleeping calmly still. He blinked a few times before placing his head in his hands. "Great, it wasn't a dream. Of course it wasn't," Naruto said to himself before he quickly went to answer the door. He opened it and sent a light glare at the person behind it. "What?" Naruto asked his vision hazy from the morning. It took a bit, but his eyes focused enough for him to see Kakashi at his doorstep.

"Had a good sleep Naruto?" Kakashi asked while Naruto frowned. "I was. What is it Kakashi?" Naruto asked and Kakashi slightly shivered, but didn't elaborate on it. As he thought, Naruto wasn't calling him 'Kakashi-sensei' anymore. In fact, the blond seemed to be a lot more serious than he remembered. Now that he saw Naruto this way, Kakashi really missed the old Naruto. The one so full of life and exuberance. This was an...unusual change of pace for the one-eyed jonin.

"Yes well your help is needed around the sectors. We need to clear out debris and the like," Kakashi said and Naruto just sighed with a small nod. "Fine. I'll be out in a minute," Naruto said and Kakashi looked over his head to see another figure in the blond's futon. Naruto stiffened and casted a light glare, but nothing else.

"Well Naruto, I didn't know you had it in you. Enjoying your 'hero' status already aren't you?" Kakashi asked while Naruto rolled his eyes. "I do not know what you're implying. Give me a minute to get dressed," Naruto said closing the door while Kakashi snickered. He really was sensei's son after all.

Leaving Kakashi at the door, Naruto walked across his room and quickly combed his hair and brushed his teeth. It was weird not having a working shower or working bathroom, but they had to deal. Naruto quickly discarded his pajamas for his orange jumpsuit. He'd have to wash it in the river later. "Where are you going?" A sudden voice asked Naruto as the blond turned around to see Chiku leaning up from the futon that they shared for just that night.

"Did I wake you up?" Naruto asked. When she shook her head lightly Naruto breathed a small sigh of relief. Change as he might have done for unknown reasons, he still was trying to be polite and as quiet as possible so to not wake up his sudden roommate. "I have to help clear the debris from the village," Naruto said while she nodded.

"Then I will go with you as well," She said standing to her feet and Naruto's eyebrow twitched before he averted his eyes. Chiku raised an eyebrow to what he did before looking down to see her Akatsuki cloak had slipped off showing a small portion of cleavage from her female body. She then looked back to Naruto before readjusting herself.

"Sorry to break it to you Chiku, but I'm not sure people have forgotten your appearance that easily," Naruto said while Chiku nodded. "You are correct. Then I will fix my hair and henge my eyes. Will that be appropriate?" she asked while Naruto sighed.

"What about those chakra rods in your body? Shouldn't we get rid of those as well?" Naruto asked and Chiku nodded. "Yes, you are right. Though I'm sure that this will be a painful experience. Hopefully I can maneuver them out," she said as she held up a hand.

"Banshō Ten'in( Heavenly Attraction of All Creation)," Chiku said rather softly and winced while Naruto saw the rods pull out from her body and collect into her hands. He then saw her quickly use her other had to close the scars before any blood seeped out of her body causing her to die before her mission was ever completed. The rods dropped to the ground while Chiku slowly panted. Naruto quickly held her up while she made her way to the floor to sit down. "Is there anything else?" she asked while Naruto scratched his head.

"I guess that's all I can hope for. You really won't just stay here in this room?" He asked and he only got an even look from Chiku to go off of before slowly nodding his head. "Of course you wouldn't. Silly me," Naruto said with a shake of his head.

"I will also require some spare clothes. I can't walk around in this cloak either," the orange-haired girl said taking out one of the sticks that held her hair upright as said hair dropped down slightly past her shoulders. She then quickly focused some chakra and Naruto noticed her eyes turn into purplish irises minus the noticeable rings. "Yeah I suppose that's true. Good thing we're nearly the same height, but we have to hurry up. Remember that," Naruto said tossing her some clothes. Chiku took them easily and wore them without complaint. She went to unbuttoned her Akatsuki cloak while Naruto quickly turned around and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was going to take some getting used to.

"There isn't any water at the moment except in the nearby lakes. Baths are taken near the waterfalls. Women first and then the guys I think that's how it was, but that's your decision if you wish to go. You fine with that?" Naruto asked. Chiku just finished putting on the last of the borrowed clothes before folding her cloak and then placing it neatly under the futon. "I don't see any issues. Will we leave now?" she asked and Naruto just shrugged. He quickly finished putting on his clothes and then opened the door to see Kakashi standing there still. The one-eyed jonin watched as Naruto escorted the strange woman out of his house.

"Well Naruto, it looks like I was right. My cute little genin is all grown up now," Kakashi said while Chiku raised an eyebrow. Naruto frowned before shaking his head. "Can we just get this over with Kakashi?" Naruto asked and Kakashi merely sighed before nodding. He quickly pulled out a map while Naruto looked over it.

"These places need repairs and help with debris. It's going to be taxing, but I know you can get it done," Kakashi said while Naruto shrugged and walked off before he also noticed Chiku begin to walk off with him before she found her shoulder touched. Chiku turned around to see Kakashi smiling. "So just between you and me, how good was Naruto? Was it fun last night?" Kakashi asked giggling while Chiku tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"The sleep was a welcome pace if that is what you mean. Other than that I do not know what you're implying. Please excuse me," Chiku said with a bow before walking to catch up with Naruto while Kakashi just pulled out his orange book and grinned. "Aww she's shy. Nice work Naruto. Keep her happy though," Kakashi thought until he jumped away to go and get some other work done.

With Naruto

Naruto traversed the dirt roads of Konoha quickly sending out clones to help the nearby people, but he also could see some people looking at him with the same smiles as they had yesterday. He could see them waving at him left and right while murmurs went around. Nope, not the usual murmurs of hate or resentment. Lots of warmth, acknowledgment and praise. This was indeed strange for the blond shinobi. He would admit that he always wanted something like this, but now with Nagato's words then he felt like all of this was rather...unnecessary if he had to give it a word. Whatever was coming Naruto only knew one thing. He wasn't strong enough to beat it. He had to train harder. Unfortunately since his loss to rage to the Kyuubi which brought him to that eight-tailed form Naruto hadn't gone searching for any conversation with the fox. Well it's not like he did before, but there was now a feeling of tense atmosphere for the both of them.

Having all the areas covered, Naruto nodded pleased with himself before he saw Chiku coming up behind him. "Hey come with me. I'm going to need your help," Naruto said still finding it rather strange that he was talking so casually with the person that had just tried to kill him yesterday, but yesterday's enemy is today's ally right? Or some weird mess like that. Of course Naruto still didn't understand that whole thing Chiku said by explaining to him that she was Nagato, but at the same time she wasn't. She told for him to think of her as a second personality, but that sometimes seemed hard for him to do. Well she certainly changed enough. No one recognized her which was something Naruto was grateful for. Like him, her orange hair wasn't exactly a normal color, but no one seemed to be asking any questions.

"Were you not going to help with the repair efforts?" Chiku asked while Naruto folded his arms. "I did. I sent out clones to help people who really needed it, but you and I have some things to do. Come on," Naruto said walking off while Chiku followed after him. While she did, Chiku took the chance to see people getting rid of rubble or using old materials to bring back familiar houses and the like. Explosions could be heard as she felt chakra flaring everywhere. No doubt the shinobi using their jutsu to clear out debris more easily. This was all Chiku's fault. She knew that. She wouldn't pass the blame on to her previous self saying that he was 'dead' so she shouldn't have to bear in the responsibility. No, she was just as much a cause of it as the other paths were. Hopefully one day her debt could be repaid and helping Naruto was one way to start that.

Soon Chiku noticed that they were beginning to leave the construction alone and take residence in a far off training ground. For Naruto this was place where he completed his Rasenshuriken training with Kakashi and Yamato. Naruto suddenly stopped as did Chiku while she looked around the place. "Alright this is a good enough spot," Naruto said turning around. Chiku watched as he shifted into a taijutsu stance. "What are you doing?" Chiku asked while Naruto snorted.

"Well I have to train and so do you. Whatever this is we're not strong enough so I'm going to need your help in my training. So show me what you've got," Naruto said while the orange-haired female merely nodded and slipped into her own taijutsu stance. Both threw themselves into the recesses of training while they found it prudent to point out the other's flaws where they could tell. Neither were taijutsu experts so they pointed things out where they could. However as they did both could feel they were being watched by someone. This was obviously someone that neither had met before, but they tried not to let it bother them too much until they felt the presence leave. Probably found them not entertaining anymore.

Council Room

Konoha's council was a fairly simple structure. It consisted of all the governing bodies of Konoha's internal structure which was two of Hiruzen Sarutobi's, the Sandaime of Konoha, two teammates Koharu and Homura, the Head of the Anbu who was to remain anonymous, the clan heads, and Sarutobi's old rival, the old warhawk, Danzo Shimura. The old man was the head of an unofficial Konoha program known as ROOT. Unofficial because it was supposed to be disbanded due to its methods of eliminating the emotions of people to turn them into hardcore shinobi with no attachments. However that organization was destroyed, or so people suspected.

It was a good thing that they had a bunker in place underground which allowed for them to keep their meetings as well as keep Konoha under control or from any other people trying to start disorder and chaos within the village. "So what are we supposed to do now? Our Hokage is down and we have no idea when she will be well enough to work again," the Jonin commander and head of the Nara clan, Shikaku Nara, spoke while others quickly agreed. "We'll have to come up with a new Hokage. We must have someone leading the village. We are just lucky that Uzumaki Naruto dealt with the enemy quickly before more damage was done. It is still amazing that we haven't lost anyone in the destruction," one, Inoichi Yamanaka, father of Ino Yamanaka and head of the Yamanaka Clan, said and others agreed with that as well.

"This is true. Naruto Uzumaki has come a long way. People have even spread words that he is Konoha's Hero. At least with his presence that will make any other nations like Iwa think twice before attacking us. We have already contacted countries such as Wave for their help in the rebuild, but it will still take a couple of weeks for the previous places to be fully functional. Keep in mind that Konoha will have racked up a considerable amount of debt then we can't be lax. Our shinobi will have to take hard missions to help cover the costs," Koharu spoke. The governing bodies all agreed as well.

"That still brings to us who our Rokudaime Hokage must be," Danzo said bringing others eyes to him. Shikaku placed a finger to his chin and sighed. "If it came down to it then we'd probably have to rely on Kakashi. He's strong enough and he has an exceptional record of missions. I'm certain that he can be up to the task," Shikaku said while others thought about it as well.

"While I do not doubt Kakashi Hatake's potential he is still young and will tend to make mistakes as such. It was also informed to me that he was defeated not by Pain himself, but by one of his paths. Our Hokage can't be taken down so easily," Danzo said and others frowned. "Given how short notice everything was then I would say that Kakashi Hatake handled everything perfectly. Battles are lost so a war can be won," Homura protested while Danzo turned to him.

"That is indeed true, but the Hokage is the epitome of Konoha shinobi and should be the person people will look to for strength in time of trouble. I do not feel this presence within Kakashi Hatake. Also given his reputation for lateness then I feel would be proper to give your answer some thought," Danzo said while Tsume Inuzuka, mother of Kiba and Hana Inuzuka and clan head of the Inuzuka clan, placed her elbows on the table.

"So you think that you should be selected as our Hokage because you have the necessary experience? Hmph that's a little shady isn't it Danzo Shimura?" Tsume snarled out while Danzo turned an interesting eye towards her. He seemed surprised at her answer, but quickly hid it behind a facade of professionalism. "You seem to fail to see the severity of the situation Tsume-san, but I can't fault you for thinking that way. You are right in that this would be a chance for me, but I feel there is a need for a change. I have a plan, but for it to work then we will need Naruto Uzumaki and the influence that he's already accumulated," Danzo said while members of the council glanced to each other. Danzo gave an unnoticeable smirk while they pondered his plan.

With Naruto

The hours passed by for Naruto and Chiku as the two decided to quickly take a break. They had been fighting basically all day so this was good for today. "You seem to rely on speed for a lack of strength within your movements," Chiku said while Naruto nodded. "Yeah I suppose I do. You seem to favor varying kicks and punches towards certain sections of the body. Why is that?" Naruto asked passing Chiku a bottle of water.

"It was how I felt it fit to fight with the Rinnegan, but that isn't possible anymore so I have to reinvent how I fight. I appreciate your efforts," she responded while Naruto waved her off. "Yeah sure, but that really got me hungry now. Wanna go eat?" Naruto asked and Chiku looked at the ground for a little while pondering the question that had just been offered to her.

"Very well. I think food would be appropriate," She said while Naruto nodded. They quickly collected their supplies such as fallen kunai and shuriken around them. Once those were collected Naruto and Chiku walked towards the waterfall and the former knelt to pick up a key. "So you did notice it. I did not realize that you were a sensor," Chiku said while Naruto blinked and turned to her.

"Honestly I didn't know about it either. I think this might have to do with what's been happening to me lately. You didn't do anything weird to me did you?" Naruto asked while Chiku stared at him confused, but it was hard for him to tell with her eyes as even-stared as they were. "I would have no reason to do that. So I do not know what the problems that lay inside you are," Chiku responded while Naruto just sighed with a small nod.

"Though this key might have to do with the person who was watching us those hours ago. I'm surprised you didn't do anything," Naruto said. "I sensed no ill-intent from them so I stayed my hand. I did enough to this village as it is," Chiku said somewhat wistfully. Naruto turned back to her and saw the faraway look in her eyes.

"Hey at least you're helping me to make it better. That counts for something. It's in the past now," Naruto said patting her shoulder. Chiku turned to him for a few minutes before closing her eyes. "I understand. I will focus on the matters at hand. Thank you Uzumaki Naruto," Chiku said and Naruto just nodded. He pocketed the key and the duo prepared to leave.

"So this is where you were all day," Naruto and Chiku turned around as they noticed Sakura walking towards them. Naruto raised an eyebrow while Chiku slowly looked off into the forest. "Sakura, what are you doing out here?" Naruto asked though he was sure that the answer was obvious.

"Well isn't it obvious? I've been running around looking for you. Who is this?" Sakura asked staring at Chiku while the orange-haired female former path turned to her. "This is Chiku Shodo-san. She's...helping me out," Naruto said trying to use some not so obvious terms. Sakura turned from Naruto to Chiku and back.

"Helping you? With what?" Sakura asked while Naruto shook his head. "I can't tell you that. Now then, what did you want?" Naruto asked hurriedly while Sakura slowly nodded. She was seemingly distraught by Naruto's sudden elusive behavior, but put it off as more stress of having to help out around the village. That's what it seemed like to her and then he would be back to normal in no time.

"Well I came to give you your food. I managed a spare since I thought you'd be more hungry than usual, but I was also informed by Yamato-taichou that you are to make an appear here for some...reason," Sakura said handing the young blond a note and food. Naruto looked at both before he gave the spare to Chiku with a light smile. Chiku looked at the food questioningly before accepting the kind gesture, thanking the blond, and slowly eating with a certain type of elegance that those who just trained for hours upon hours shouldn't have necessarily had.

"Thank you Sakura. You can go back now," Naruto said and Sakura slightly gasped while Naruto turned around. "Naruto, are you okay? You seem off not only today, but yesterday. Is something wrong?" Sakura asked and Naruto shook his head quickly. Almost...too quickly.

"No there isn't. I'm just busy Sakura," Naruto said which was honestly half-truth, but Sakura didn't need to know the other half. "Well...okay then. I'll be going then. It was nice to meet you Chiku-san," Sakura said holding out her hand. Chiku looked down at the hand before blinking and looking away. Sakura frowned as she saw the action while Naruto sighed.

"Umm Chiku is very...shy. She doesn't really talk with those she doesn't know very well," Naruto said while Sakura retracted her hand. "I see. Well I'll be going then. Try not to work too hard," Sakura said walking away from the duo while Naruto turned back to Chiku.

"We're going to have to work on your interactions with people," Naruto said while Chiku frowned. "I know how to perfectly interact with people, but I had no interest in starting a conversation with your friend. Now what is this place that you have to go to?" Chiku asked continuing to slowly eat her food while Naruto did the same.

"Apparently I have to go to this site for something. It's not specifying any details. I think I will have to go alone," Naruto said while Chiku shrugged. "I will then make it clear to them that I will not leave your side unless a dire situation occurs," Chiku said with her eyes closed like it was no big deal. Naruto exhaled a heavy breath and scratched his cheek.

"Does a bath mean a dire situation?" Naruto asked and Chiku paused. She knew about respecting people's privacy and she knew no one was going to challenge Naruto or be a threat to him anytime soon. Maybe she could ease on her rules of only a tad. "Baths are considered such as well," she said while Naruto just nodded. The two continued to eat in relative silence ease of each other and Naruto finished first with a full stomach. He then stood to his feet and he noticed Chiku just finish her own food. The orange-haired former path looked out to see Naruto with his hand extended to help her to her feet. She merely took the gesture without a thought. Naruto hoisted her to her feet while they quickly discarded their trash and shot off with Naruto looking at the map.

It was a very long run for them as they didn't know how far they were out of the village, but in no more time they saw a small bunker guarded by at least thirteen different anbu. Each wearing his/her own particular mask. Naruto and Chiku dropped to the ground alerting the anbu to their presence. Each casted a light glare at Naruto as the young blond walked towards the door. He could see them each keeping an eye on both him and Chiku before he noticed an anbu in his way. "Genin Naruto Uzumaki, why have you come here? Turn around or be arrested for suspicious activity," The anbu said while Naruto's eyebrow twitched.

"I was invited to this place for some type of meeting," Naruto said handing over the map. The anbu took it and looked through it. He then looked up at Naruto before slowly nodding. "Very well. You may go inside, but she stays out here," the anbu said glancing towards Chiku Shodo. The young woman slowly narrowed her eyes while Naruto shook his head.

"She's with me. She needs to be here," Naruto said and the anbu glanced towards him and then moved back to her. "What is your name?" He asked while the woman closed her eyes.

"My name is Chiku Shodo," she said and the anbu gathered around slowly drew their swords before they saw Naruto move in front of her. "No hostility guys. Look I'll vouch for her alright. I'll also take full responsibility for all of her actions. I promise," Naruto said and the anbu turned to each other having silent conversations with each other before they shrugged and nodded back to their captain.

"Very well Uzumaki. We will trust your judgement in this matter, but she does anything out of the ordinary then we will take her down. Is that clear?" the anbu asked while Naruto's smile left his face. He casted a small glare to him before slowly nodding. "Crystal Anbu-san," Naruto said rather dangerously. The anbu just nodded and opened the door allowing for Naruto and Chiku to pass and enter through.

Chiku looked at Naruto's back as they descended the stairs. "You're unsettled. Is something the matter?" she asked while Naruto took a deep breath. "I hate being looked down upon like I'm some child. That's all," Naruto replied and Chiku felt like there was more to it than that, but decided to keep those thoughts to herself for another time. There was no need to rush and pry information out of the blond. From his attitude then he would find find that he could confide in her one day. That's at least what she thought anyway.

They finally descended the long flight of stairs and quickly came up to a hallway of several doors. The lights of the flickered on and Naruto could see anbu lined up right along each door. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are in this room," one of them said opening the door and Naruto, along with Chiku, walked through as the anbu closed the door and vanished.

Naruto and Chiku noticed that the room was indeed dark until the lights flicked on showing a row of seats just like the academy, but these were black instead of the usual brown. "What is this place? Did we have this back when Konoha was around? What is the weird chakra around here?" Naruto thought while he and Chiku seated themselves.

"Do you feel it Chiku?" Naruto asked and Chiku slowly nodded. "I also see it. The flow of chakra within this room is irregular," she said while Naruto narrowed his eyes. He then turned and noticed a door open hearing the sounds of a cane hitting the ground. Naruto and Chiku saw Danzo come through the door and Chiku felt a sudden sense of rage within her heart, but she cooled it easily. Naruto took notice of it and quelled by placing a hand on her shoulder telling Chiku to calm down.

She did without a word while Danzo made his way to the center of the room. He turned to face Naruto, but also noticed the woman with him as well. The two seemed to share a small battle with each other, but Chiku broke the stare first and Danzo proceeded to end the conflict right then and there. "Uzumaki Naruto, I thought we instructed for you to come alone," Danzo said with a narrowed eye while Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah well, I was never one to completely follow orders so she's staying," Naruto said firmly. Danzo glared at the young man before snorting.

"You had best learn to respect your superiors boy. Don't think that just because you are the village hero that you have the free reign to do as you like," Danzo said while Naruto folded his arms. "I never thought that at all. So...why did you call me here?" Naruto asked while Danzo raised an eyebrow.

"You are not like a lot of people claimed you were. What has changed?" Danzo asked while Naruto shrugged. "Who knows, but it feels great to be taken a little more seriously around here," Naruto said with a small smile while Danzo merely closed his eyes.

"Don't be coy with me boy. Did you think you could hide it? I know who she is. Konoha can have her killed in less than a second," Danzo said while Chiku's eyes narrowed. Naruto's did the same while the blond tapped his finger on the table. He did this several times which got Danzo and Chiku interested in his response.

"Man going to threaten me when I don't even know your name. Who are you anyway?" Naruto asked while Danzo nodded. "You would be correct that you don't know my name. We have never interacted prior to this meeting. My name is Shimura Danzo, one of the most important council members for the village," Danzo replied.

"How humble you are," Naruto said dryly. Chiku took a glance to her companion before looking back at Danzo. "It is simply you needing to acknowledge my position and the amount of influence I hold," Danzo said while Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Really because if I remember correctly then I'm sure Jiji didn't authorize a disbanded organization to have dealings with Hanzo the Salamander," Naruto said with narrowed eyes. Chiku looked at Naruto in obvious surprise of that tidbit of information while Danzo's soft glare now turned into a dangerous one. He glared at Naruto before looking over to Chiku who merely looked at him condescendingly which might have been something that she had to correct sooner or later. Preferably sooner rather than later.

"And what proof do you have of this?" Danzo asked while Naruto smiled. "Who says I have proof? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Just like whether you have proof that Chiku-san is who you think she is," Naruto said with a small smile while Danzo inwardly snarled. Chiku felt a larger respect for Naruto rise while Danzo stabbed his cane into the ground.

"You think you can threaten me boy?" Danzo asked while Naruto smiled. "Threaten you? No Danzo-san. We're just exchanging information is all," Naruto said while Danzo snarled. Who did this boy think he was? Did he really have the gall to try to take on a council member? His power must have gone to his head. There was no way Danzo was going to allow himself to be the plaything of some brat like this in front of him. Danzo was a manipulator. He was never the manipulated and that wouldn't start now. Especially not by a child who was deemed the dead-last of the Academy only two years ago. So what if he was Konoha's Hero, Danzo was still much more powerful than him.

Opposite of him, Naruto felt his mind racing as he mentally felt like he was ready to do something insane. "What is going on here? How do I know this information? I never knew this before. Nagato, what did you do to me?" Naruto thought to himself. He took a small glance towards Chiku, but she seemed on her own thinking so he decided to leave it alone.

"You are lucky that you have great use for the village boy or I'd deal with you on my own. Now then, as you know you are the one who defeated the Akatsuki leader Pain. The village has spread rumors of you being their hero. That circumstance aside the council has seen it fit to bring you to a long-term mission. How long it is will be entirely up to your ability. So then I will make this as quick as possible. Naruto Uzumaki...turn in your Konoha headband," Danzo said and Chiku raised an eyebrow while Naruto clenched his hands.

"Excuse me?" Naruto lowly growled out his frustration. This was going to the be beginning of a long rest of the day.

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