A gorgeous grassy meadow lay around him, filled with wildflowers. The springtime sun warmed his skin as he sat in the grass. Watching the clear blue sky, he saw butterflies flittering their brilliant wings. He pointed at one and was about to say something, but fell back as his unsteady, little body was off balance. Before he hit the ground, he felt gentle hands pick him up. He came face to face with a woman. She had blonde hair and bright green eyes. She placed him on her hip, put one arm around his back, and held his small, chubby hand in the other. She danced around with him and he couldn't help but giggle and babble as she smiled so lovingly. He felt so happy…

"Owen!" Ramsey yelled. "You're overheating the iron!"

The red-haired boy was flustered as he was shot from his thoughts. He quickly pulled the hot iron out of the furnace using the grabber and sat it on the stone table, hoping his green eyes didn't show his embarrassment. Grabbing the shaping hammer, he began to pound the iron into the shape of an axe head.

"Sorry Grandpa," he said, "I just let my mind wander a bit too far."

Ramsey scowled, causing his beard to fall a bit and his old face to become more wrinkled. "Daydream on your own time, Owen. We have orders to fill." Ramsey then turned around and went back to separating the good iron from junk ore.

"Yes, sir."

Owen sighed. Holding up the axe head, he saw that part of it was just barely imperfect, so he continued to fix it.

I can't help my mind wandering, he thought to himself, It just does.

But Owen knew he could help it. It was his favorite dream and memory, and he thought about it as much as possible. He loved the meadow, and the feeling of bliss. He assumed that he must have been a baby in that dream, and that woman… Well, he had no idea who she was. Just that she was beautiful and kind and seemed to love him.

"There," Owen said to himself. The axe head had a perfect, sharp blade, so he picked up the grabbers and put it into the barrel of water standing next to him. Steam rose from the water as the hot metal touched it and he heard the phone ring.

"I'll get it," Ramsey said. Owen couldn't see through the steam, but he heard him walk into the other room to answer it. The steam soon cleared away, indicating that the metal was cooled down now, so he pulled it out and set it on the workbench. He picked up one of the wooden rods that Luke had brought by today and began to fit the axe head onto it.

Luke is Owen's best friend, and he has been since they were young. You couldn't tell by looking at them, but they are very much alike. They both have a passion for their trade, and neither of them truly knows who their mother is. There are others too, but those are the main likenesses. When they were younger, they used to play together all the time and now as adults they go to the brass bar together every night to get a drink. Often, they make bets on different things and whoever loses has to buy the winner a drink.

Owen finished the axe and had to admit, it looked pretty good. The dark blade was sharp as a razor, and the wood was smooth to the touch. He was admiring his handy work when he heard someone.

"What's up, Red?"

He turned around to see a girl standing behind him, leaning on the counter. Her reddish-brown hair curled into a perfect bob under her chin as her amber eyes looked at him inquisitively.

Owen grinned. "You finally found time to come see me, Molly?"

Her eyes sparkled with happiness. "I've been busy Owen. Taking care of a farm is hard work!" She said playfully. "I came by because I need you to upgrade my hammer."

She pulled out her hammer and set it on the table. It was a very good quality silver hammer, but he knew how much she loved to mine. No iron hammer would ever make it a week with how much she mined. She put 3 bars of gold onto the counter as well.

She smiled, "I know if anyone can upgrade a hammer in no time flat, it'd be you."

"So you're telling me you didn't come to see me?" he asked playfully, feigning disappointment.

Molly laughed. "Of course I came to see you too!"

Owen loved her laugh. It wasn't one of those fake, girly giggles all the other girls used when they were flirting. It was a real, full-bodied laugh that you could tell came from the soul.

"I've just been having trouble getting around here, that's all," She said. "Work's been tough lately."

But Owen knew it wasn't that work had been tough. Molly could finish every bit of her work for five days at one time and still have time to go fishing on Toucan Island. No, it wasn't her work. Ever since she started dating Gill last season, she hadn't come around as much. From what Luke told him, Gill didn't want Molly hanging around other guys. He basically controlled her, and she let him.

She deserves better, he thought to himself.

And Owen didn't mean himself. He and Molly were best friends, and have been since she moved here a year ago. He was very protective of her and cared for her. He was the one who introduced her to mining.

"Anyway," she bragged "I found a rare metal honey hole today."

Owen was astounded. "Really?! Where?!"

She was about to answer when she heard a voice outside. Owen heard it too.

"Gill's calling for me," she looked embarrassed. "I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Alright," Owen said emotionlessly, "See you later."

She hurried out the door. Owen banged his fist on the table. He was so angry. Why couldn't Gill just chill out? What did he think was going to happen?

He calmed himself down and picked up her hammer and gold. Turning back around, he started working on fixing her hammer.

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