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Dragon Prince

Ch. 1

A dark shape flew in the night sky, its dark coloring made it invisible to others not of its kind. The creatures flight was unsteady and clumsy, opposed to the effortless grace it usually displayed while riding the wind currents. A continuous trickle of thick metallic scented liquid fell from the form to the dark ocean far below. The source of the trickle came from a small but deep wound on the beasts' side. A chunk of bone lodged in its flesh prevented any hope of healing and by default, surviving. The air born creature held something small and round between its jaws; it was careful not to cause any damage to its precious cargo.

It seen a light in the distance, burning bright in the moonless night , and it flew faster. Maybe it wasn't too late; maybe its treasure could be protected longer, but not by it, the creature decided with another beat of its powerful wings, it noted how it became harder to stay in the air. It would not live long enough to protect the special gift passed that night, it was too weak. That creature was of an intelligent breed of its species and it knew death was upon it, the injury was too severe and it had traveled too long. The treasure would have to be hidden, guarded unknown by oblivious protectors until its time came to bless the world. It's identity a secret to all until it was ready.

The distant light became a small village on a small island surrounded by jagged rocks and cliffs. It landed on the beach and folded its midnight black wings to its back and gingerly set the small, round, fragile object down. It toke a moment to observe the object, the surface was the same color as the creatures scales and just as smooth; the object began to shake. The beast licked it once in a comforting parental manner, expressing great love and sorrow and watched it calm, before it launched itself into the air and left as silently as it came. The creature flew back over the icy cold sea that would soon be its grave, getting as far as it could from where it left the small gift before it let death over come it.


Back on the shore the object began to shake again and cracks that glowed like lava appeared, then it exploded the shrapnel disintegrated in the extreme temperature. The surrounding sand became clear glass that reflecting the starry night sky and glowed with heat in some places. Where the egg once lay was a tiny peaceful child. A child with hair the color of autumn leaves and emerald eyes that glowed slightly in the minimal light. A gleam of intelligence far greater than normal was already visible in the gemstone colored orbs. The baby, a boy, giggled when a small breeze played with his small tufts of hair.

The boy liked the way the wind was caressing his small form, he didn't know much in his short existence but he knew he like that feeling. He held out his chubby hands to play with the air current, to feel it wrap around his fingers and tickle his arms, but the small breeze died away in a short puff. The infant sadden by the loss of his 'friend' began to cry.


A young married couple exited from their home on top of a hill that over looked their village and went to the beach for some late night star-gazing. They walked hand in hand sharing loving glances at each other every few steps and shy smiles when one caught the other staring. The woman counted her blessings that she found the man she would spend the rest of her life loving.

The man in a word was huge, his great size spoke of battles fought and won, his red beard tied in many knots, his hair under his horned helmet was held back in a short thick braid. He was clothed in a sleeveless green armored tunic, a fur cape draped over his massive shoulders, spiked amour bands protected his forearms. His figure was the same as many villagers, a combination of muscles earned from hard labor and slight pudginess from countless feasts and barrels of ale. Yet despite the fierce appearance of this man, if one toke the time to look in his eyes as he gazed at his wife you would see unending love and compassion. The man smile as he arrived at the beach with his true love.

A breeze went by and the woman thought it sounded like a baby' laugh, she wondered what her child's laugh would be like. The breeze died away and the laughter turned into crying. The cries grew louder until the woman was sure the sobs were real.

"Stoick," The woman turned to her husband "Do you hear that? I think it's a baby!" She watched as her husband listened, then stiffen as he heard the wales as well. They both toke off running towards the sound.

What they saw amazed them. A tiny, naked infant in what looked to be a cradle of beautiful glass. Upon seeing the couple the boy stopped crying and looked at the newly arrive 'giants' before him; he looked at their boots, legs, the intertwined figures of their clasped hands, the armor they both sported, a forest of a scruffy beard, then finally, their baffled faces. The child giggled, his loneliness chased away by the arrival of other beings.

"What do you think he's doing" The woman asked her husband in awe.

"By the looks of it he was sizing up potential opponents." Stoick replied watching the babe study them with curiosity"You wont win a fight with me you're just a runt" He said to the boy as he bent down to pick up the usually small babe, who as soon as he could reach grabbed on to his beard and pulled hard. "Ow ouch OW! Okay maybe you could beat me." He muttered as he gave up his efforts to hold the giggling boy in favor of rubbing the soreness from his abused face.

"I meant on the beach you oaf" Stoick's wife said as she rolled her eyes at their antics and easily picked up the child and held him close coming to a decision as the baby snuggled close to her "And he's not a runt"

"Then what is he Val?" Stoick asked as he jealously watch his wife cuddled the small boy. "He's too tiny to be anything else. No doubt why he's here." Stoick gestured to the nearby cliffs somewhat grimly.

"He's a hiccup." Val stated as if it were obvious"Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.".


Far away another midnight black creature felt one of its own perish and let out a mournful croon. It was a dragon from a small breed. There had been many of them dying within a few years and it was as disturbing as it was puzzling. The dragon was the last of its kind now, there were other species of dragons, but it could now be called part of the extinct. It had been having the feelings its whole life every time one of its kind died it knew, it could feel the life draining away from its brethren and now there was none left. It felt hallow and cold. Yet for some reason it was drawn to the area where all the others of its kind died shortly after entering, like an invisible force was dragging it there.

Stretching its scaly wings it shot into the air faster than anything else. It beat its wings and flew towards its new destination in hope of finding answers. It traveled in the air covering an amazing distances in a short period of time, it was after all the fastest thing on the planet and it swam through the air with absolute grace and efficiency, using the currents to propel it forward with very little effort when it needed to rest for a while before it resumed its rapid pace.

It toke a day and a half for the small dragon to reach the area where the feeling originated. It was an isle that consisted of a stony beach and a huge mountain surrounded by thick fog and jagged rocks that no doubt would be impossible to navigate had it not followed the feeling. It flew into a cave that led into the heart and what it saw made the dragon's stomach churn with disgust. A monstrosity was controlling other dragons and eating the ones it was displeased with, it knew it wouldn't leave now, not with all the other dragons in such need. The monster looked at the black scaled creature and started to try to pull it under its spell. The smaller creature however resisted the hypnotic chains that any other dragon fell prey to. The giant was confused usually any other creature was too afraid to resist but this one wasn't giving off any fear, just pure hatred.

"Why do you resist me little dragon?" The monstrosity asked.

"I am not one to take orders" Replied the small dragon that barely managed to control its anger.

"Normally whether or not a dragon prefers to take orders or not doesn't matter so what's special about you?" All eyes in the cave watched the black dragon wander seemingly aimlessly around the huge cave.

"Nothing, I simply do not fear you." Came the reply as the dragon sniffed something then sneezed. Several dragons laughed at this, it was obvious that this dragon with its small size would become food for their queen.

"That alone is enough to make you special, if you weren't already." The Queen said as she followed the black scaled dragon with her eyes.

"What do you possibly mean fatty?" The little dragon said getting defensive, many dragons crying out in shock that the small dragon would have the stupidity to say something like that.

"You're the last of you kind and we both know it; but that doesn't mean you have to be alone. Join me and you wont have to be." The Queen said ignoring the insult. This dragon would be worth it. If she got it on her side the humans wouldn't stand a chance.

"How 'bout no." The black dragon deadpanned to the surprised of every creature in the cave, it was still wondering around calmly, unaware of the danger it was in.

"Then I suppose, seeing as you have no use," The Queen gave the signal and every dragon flew into the air ready to capture the green-eyed creature. They surrounded it in seconds, covering all exits. The small dragon was trapped "I will eat you."

"You can try." growled the small dragon through sharp teeth.

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