The Republican ventor ship had blown in two. The once huge and powerful vessel was no match for the Invisible Hand. Grevious watched within, standing with his back inched forward and his hands clasped around his back. He had just finished barking orders to his mindless army resulting in the rapid fall of the Republican forces. It was close to a stalemate but the General would never allow it; only total victory occupied his mind.

"Take no prisoners" he ordered before marching off.

The droids obeyed; immediately deploying the vultures to finish off those who escaped the explosion. Grevious kept on marching, preparing to make a report to Count Dooku. He was well aware of his defeats in the war but hoped this victory would springboard into more and thus redeem himself and regain the image of the unbeatable general. Marching into the comms room, he punched in a few buttons before a blue hologram of his master showed and he immediately bowed down.

"Ah General, tell me your latest battle" said the Count

"The Republican scum are no match for this ship" he exclaimed

Then silence fell, a very awkward silence, and Grevious simply stood there. The most he expected was a 'good job continue' but there was nothing. Dooku had an unreadable expression, simply staring at him, and he grew agitated. If the Count didn't want to speak to him, end the transmission! But out of respect he too stood there.

"Grevious" began the Count before pausing "It seems you have fallen from being useful, such a shame, after so much time we put in, it seems it was a waste"

Grevious froze where he was, his brain not believing what he just heard. Yes there were a few losses but surely his countless and decisive victories would outweigh any fall from favor. He was still stuck on what he heard he did not even hear the coc of a blaster.

"Sorry General"

He reacted swiftly, igniting his lightsaber and severing the droids head. He was now grateful that only a droid would be as stupid to say something when he wasn't aware. The doors opened and a few more battle droids opened fire. Using only one lightsaber, he deflected them all before doing one clean sweep with his long skeletal arm.

"Fighting will only prolong the inevitable, perhaps you-"

Dooku didn't finish as Grevious slammed a lightsaber onto the controls ending the transmission. His anger shot up and his rational was consumed with rage. Slamming the doors open, he sliced his way through any droid, friendly or not. He considered taking control of the ship but realized the power went out and the ship, caught by a gravitational pull, was falling towards a planet. Rushing back up to the bridge, he found the droids sabotaging the controls. Angered he ripped up a control panel before throwing it at the droids.

Rushing back down, he entered the escape pod before shooting out. He hated when he had to retreat, but realized Dooku had seriously tried to kill him. His all-powerful ship exploded when it collided into the planet, sending a massive shockwave knocking him way out into space.

The Republican ships staff who were alive still, watched in shock and awe at how they avoided death and saw the ship randomly plunge itself into the planet

Dooku stared at the monitor with a stale face. For a brief moment he was sadden at this but knew it would pay off in the end.

"It is done Master" he said to the hologram

Darth Sidious, even in hologram form, stood with power, his cloak covering the top half of his head, and his arms in between each other through the long sleeves.

"Good, now we wait. Continue as planned; for in the end Grevious will return more powerful and stronger than ever."

With that, Darth Sidious disappeared leaving Dooku with his thoughts. He knew the first task was damage control. The loss of the confederacy's most powerful ship and supreme commander would no doubt be a morale blow to his forces. However a plan had already been made. Asajj Ventress would take up command, despite Dooku's own doubts over her leadership. Codes would be provided by Sideious to have a string of victories to restore confidence in the confederacy. Yet Dooku had a nagging doubt over the whole plan. Sideious's interest in Skywalker had shifted and instead focused way more on Grevious. And this radical plan only puzzled Dooku, for he knew if it failed, a vengeful Grevious would kill him.

"We shall wait and see" he muttered


Grevious awoke, feeling his head in pain. Whatever he hit, he hit hard enough to knock him out and that rarely happened. He found himself on barren rock and realized he saw space clearly. Figuring he was on a moon, he got himself up, seeing the escape pod crumbled up against the rock. Remembering Dooku's words, the loss of his ship, and the shockwave that knocked him way of course, his anger surged. Frustrated there wasn't anybody to fight, no droids to smash, he resolved to beating the rock, taking chunks off with his foot and smashing it with his six finger hand. He did this for the next few hours utterly pissed at how he was dumped off like trash.

He stopped, coming to realize the situation he was in. In the Republic he was an enemy, and now the separatists were also his enemy. And it wasn't exactly like he could go into hiding, his face was plastered everywhere. He then wonder what the announcement would be. Would they say he died? Would he be hunted? Regardless, he decided only one thing; Dooku's head would be rolling across the floor when he got to him.

He had a brief thought of what if he returned to Kalee, but a sudden anger erased the thought and his only objective was to kill Dooku. He picked up a small rock, imagining it was his head before crushing it until it was sand.

"Your time is limited Dooku" he said

Now the first order of business was to get off this moon. He had no idea where he was but figured there were bound to be pirates or smugglers nearby.

Anakin sat with Padmea in his lap. They were looking at the sunset, seeing it beautifully settle over Coruscant until it would arise another day.

"I have to go" whispered Anakin

Padmea said nothing, just looking at the night sky, seeing the stars that still made it despite the massive cities lights.

"I wish you didn't have to leave" she muttered

Anakin simply kissed her and left, not wanting the pain of being apart to grow. He made his way out of the building, careful to conceal himself. A few blocks to cross, and before he knew it he was at the Republic Executive Building. He found it odd but the Chancellor had requested an emergency meeting in his office.

Going through the halls in walked into the office greeted by Kito Fisto, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, and others who seemed to be available. Palpatine sat in his chair looking out the window before hitting a button closing them all.

"I have called this hastily organized meeting to bring an issue of high importance. I'm sure as you've heard, Grevious died following his ship crashing into a planet. Even the Separatist leadership of Dooku has acknowledged this. However intel has been provided showing Grevious is indeed alive."

He paused for a moment to let it all sink in.

"What I'm about to order may conflict with your beliefs, but it must be done. Track him down and kill him. Morale is boasting, and his replacement, Ventress lacks the skill and ability to lead the army. Gentleman, we are coming very close to ending this war, surely the death of someone who has been killing your order, outweighs the millions of lives it saves."

"But why would the Separatists saying Grevious is dead, he is there best commander" asked Obi Wan

"That is for you to find out" said Palpatine "Remember with his death, the Republic will be closer to victory"

"We will deal with him in our own way" said Windu.

"I trust you will" Palpatine reached into his desk before hitting a button, shooting out a hologram of the galaxy.

"These are the areas we believe he may be in. Coordinates will be uploaded to your ships. Oh and gentleman, this mission is of high secrecy, try to contain it"

The Jedi left, either preparing to alert others or go to the coordinates themselves. All of them had Grevious on their minds. As Palpatine watched each and every Jedi walk out he let a simple ghost simile creep onto his wrinkled face.

"Fools" he muttered before turning his chair around to see the outside.

Grevious scratched against the rock making a third white line. It had been three days, THREE DAYS and not one smuggler or pirate made its way here. The little fear in the back of his mind started to grow, realizing he may be trapped here forever and isolated from civilization. Even the droids would be better he thought. For despite utter stupidity, they at least talked. This dead silence was driving him insane. Even when he kicked up his hearing to high gear there were be nothing except his growing agitated breathing. Picking up another rock he threw it against the small mountains. An idea popped into his head and he switched on his lightsaber.

Within a few hours he perfectly carved a statue of Dooku. With the exception of the color, every detail was spot on down to the last piece of hair on his beard. Grevious immediately sliced his head and briefly thought of how it would come true in reality. However he took time to observe his art and remembered making something similar on Kalee. He tried to remember but the memory felt suppressed and soon forgot why he was even staring at the statue. Before he could dig, his acute hearing picked of a ship and from the sounds of it, it sounded like a star fighter, most likely carrying one. He then saw the Jedi Interceptor go across his head before it landed behind the small mountain. Sudden rage filled him and he wacked the statue down with his arm before making his way to the ship.


Jedi Knight Al-Mu'Nah, a Twi'lek, made her way to the chunk of rock with the coordinates her fellow Jedi gave her. From what she could tell, this use to be a part of a planet but way most likely blown off. No doubt from the countless battles raging in the galaxy. Seeing a tall figure in a black cape, she land after thinking she was a safe distance.

"This is Jedi Knight Al-Mu'Nah, I believe I've spotted Grevious, sending out the coordinates"

She landed her ship and stepped out with a breathing mask. Observing her surroundings but didn't have to. It was all barren rock. And then she heard footsteps, mechanical footsteps beating against the rock. The noise got louder and soon she could hear heavy mechanical breathing and she ignited her lightsaber. And just as she suspected, there he was, Grevious. A tattered black cape was the only piece of clothing he had and she could sense anger surging within him.

"So the Separatists dumped you? What happened, got tired of you raging at them" she taunted hoping to delay enough for the others to arrive. She could jump back into her ship but would lose sight of Grevious and decided to fight him.

"You better watch that tone for your blood will be painting these barren rocks red" he said removing his cape.

Al-Mu"Nah was shocked by the blunt threat but reminded herself this was Grevious and as he ignited two lightsabers she prepared a defensive stance.

"And so the serial killer of the galaxy finally-" She couldn't finish for Grevious did a mighty jump before coming down at her.

She forced herself to back away and try to dodge every blow but soon found herself at a huge disadvantage. Grevious with precision aim would never tire and was hammering her down with pure rage. She found herself growing weary very fast and Grevious kept on attacking. Deciding to try a potential deadly method, she kept blocking before force speeding herself and curling up going through his legs. The Cyborg's expression was evident when he briefly stopped; it was obvious that never happen before. Growling he threw his full might onto her using his relentless energy. His hearing then picked up as he heard other ships coming nearby and realized he had to pick up the pace if he were to escape. His arms detached and the Jedi, stunned, failed to respond and he immediately grabbed her back the next and her right arm.

"You lose Jedi"

And with that he took off her head, letting it roll and again reminded how it would soon be Count Dooku's. Throwing the body aside, he quickly grabbed his cape and her lightsaber before jumping into the fighter. Powering it on, he lifted up, just in time to see the others come by. Now usually he would not retreat, but he wanted to get off this this rock and so he sped off…only to nearly tank back to the ground. He growled in frustration. This little ship was not made for 350Ibs of metal. But that did not stop him, no instead he floored it, hearing the ship creaking but ignored it. Blaster fire came from behind and while he easily avoided it, he could hear the ship creek ever more. Knowing time was running out, he powered on his hyperdrive before blasting off.

He didn't realize Skywalker was behind him, cursing to himself on how he killed yet another Jedi and escaped.


Asajj Ventress was surprised when she learned of Grevious's death. Scratch that she was even more surprised he was alive. And while she was suspicious of the exact events that transpired between Dooku and Grevious, she dropped it all when she learned she was to be the new Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. She thought this was her chance, to earn a place in the sun.

"Grevious has a castle on the third moon of Vassek, and with nowhere to turn; he will most likely head there. If you want this position permanently….kill him."

"It will be done Master" she said poorly hiding her happiness. As she exited Darth Sidious came on from behind.

"She will fail" said Dooku.

"I am well aware" he replied before laughing "But she is of no use to us anymore. No instead we will focus on the objective. In the end everything will come together"