General Grievous looked from his command bridge over the planet of Coruscant with a few ships slowly patrolling it.

"Orders General?" asked a droid

"Fire everything" he ordered wanting to see the full power of the Novara. Within seconds thousands of cannons opened fire, jolting the ship, and tearing everything to sheds that lied in its path. Grievous only watched knowing this was the end of the Republic.

"Sir Dooku is bordering with the chancellor" said a droid.

"Maintain fire" he rasped before marching away.

Taking an elevator to the hanger bay, he played in his mind the death of Count Dooku. Forget the chancellor; he would strike down that traitorous man. What seemed like forever, the doors eventually opened and he marched away, pushing aside the droids who always seemed to be in his way.

He then was able to pick up the voices of Dooku and Palpatine. It sounded like they were arguing but he did not pay attention. Marching into the hanger bay, he briefly stopped. He had the element of surprise but it became tempting to call him out.

"Count Dooku!" he screamed before stifling a cough.

The Count turned around from his ship before a look of surprise, and a very fast look of fear took his face. For a few seconds the Count was frozen stiff.

"How did you…" he muttered before stopping because he could not find the words.

Grievous looked on, now himself unsure what to say. He mentally cursed himself because he had a whole "you traitor, prepare to die" speech but found the situation awkward and did not know how to say his words.

"Prepare to die" shouted Grievous through the words were forced to break the silence. Throwing down his cape, he ignited two lightsabers.

The Count regained his composure after taking a sneering look at the Chancellor.

"Your so naïve Grievous, foolish even to believe you can beat me" he said having that sense of authority before igniting his lightsaber. Unbeknown to both of them, the Chancellor slowly retreated backwards with a ghost smile, ready to enjoy the show.

As the seconds ticked by, Grievous grew angrier just by looking at Dooku. And despite his brain screaming at him to not attack first, Grievous again could not resist, it was just in his nature.

He launched himself forward before bringing his blade down but the Count easily blocked the predictable move. He started to par and they both fell into a steady rhythm. But Dooku would not stay defensive. After another par, the Count did a strike hitting Grievous's shoulder blade. It would have gone through if he had not been backing away at the moment. Bringing down both blades, they both struggled not to relent.

"Why?" asked Grievous "Why did you betray me?"

Dooku, whose age was catching up to him fast, relented before attempting to strike Grievous a few times before they both separated and started circling each other.

"It was never my intention for this to happen, Grievous. It was Sidious who orchestrated this. I merely followed."

"LIES! You lie, attempting to get yourself out of a battle you know you will lose!" yelled the General as he swelled with anger and confidence.

Dooku then let a look of sadness come and Grievous caught before it returned to the poker face battle harden one.

"You are a fool Grievous, a fool. You have just become a tool like I have and by time you realize it, you'll be facing death."

"Errrr, I AM NO ONE'S TOOL!"

He attempted to lunge at the Count but was greeted by powerful lightning. He was driven back before his feet gripped the ground. And through the blue power he was blocking he could see Dooku's face, it was tiring fast.

'He may be a powerful sith, but he is still just an old man, past his prime time. But I, General Grievous, am more powerful than anybody! More powerful than the Jedi, more power than the Sith!'

With renewed focus, he slowly started to walk forward while he kept deflecting the lightning. And with every step Grievous took, Dooku grew more worried and more tired. He knew it in his head that Grievous would win by default.

'After all, droids don't tire' he thought while feeling death creep onto him.

It wasn't long before Dooku had to stop and drew his lightsaber. He defended against Grievous's onslaught, but age took over and soon he grew sloppy before losing his right arm. He did not scream in pain, merely watched his former apprentice ready to deliver the killing blow. Grievous hesitated for a second after slicing off Dooku's arm but quickly swung his lightsaber at his head.


A quick sizzle and the fall of a body ended the battle. He had expected this fight to be more…..epic? And as he stared at the headless Count, instead of feeling closure or warriors pride, he felt…..grief. Grief over the fact he had yet lost another friend.

A clapping sound broke him away from the scene to seeing the chancellor. Ah yes he had forgotten about him.

"That was truly a great show, well done General"

Ignoring the praise, he turned off his lightsabers before clutching his hands behind his back.

"I don't know what Dooku had planned for you" he said marching towards him while making himself imposing as ever. "But I have a few ideas." leaning down towards what he thought was a helpless man.

"You can drop the superior act General, for I am more powerful then you"

The words caught Grievous off guard before he gripped Palpatine's collar and rised him to eye level.

"What makes you, a little politician; believe he can stand against me?"

If anyone else was in the Chancellor's position, they would be wetting themselves, fearful at how close that skeletal mask would be in their face. But Palpatine merely held that ghost smile before saying:

"Because I am Darth Sideous"

Before Grievous could response he felt an incredibly sharp pain of lightening shoot through his body. He was forced to let go and while he struggled against the pain that made Dooku's lightening seem like a childs.

"You're…..your Sideous and Palpatine?" asked Grievous in disbelief at the fact one man was controlling an entire war for nearly three years.

"I am General. Now come, let me tell you my plans for the New Order. There is so much that will happen very shortly."

A/N: Very short chapter but wanted the focus between Dooku and Grievous before I moved on. I know it wasn't super epic and neither was Palpatine telling Grievous who he truly was. Believe me for the past two weeks I was thinking on how to go by this before I finally settled on this. It was that of writers block for a few months.

Now we will get too Anakin and Grievous very soon