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UPDATE: I will be posting the name titles and artists from now on.

The following songs/song titles in this story are:

Stutter - Marianas Trench

Just a Dream - Nelly

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

X Stutter

"Ymir," The tiny blonde glanced up from her work, her face brightening up once she saw the older woman walk through the door. Their eyes met, and Ymir gave a soft smirk before shutting the door, a soft click sounding behind her. Krista stood up, watching as her friend and lover took off her shoes, and instantly reached out for a hug once the woman reached her vicinity. They held each other for a long while, both enjoying the quiet of being the embrace.

"Did you have a nice day?" Krista asked as she released Ymir and headed to the kitchen to prepare a simple snack for the both of them to share before dinner was to be served. Ymir gave out a sigh, smiling all the while as she plopped into Krista's abandoned chair. Krista returned the same smile as she approached the table, a plate of biscuits in hand.

"Originally, it was very crappy; Shadis was chewin' off my ass again because I hadn't been paying attention. Bastard should clean his eyes, since I was damn listening to his shit and focus his attention to Sasha. She keeps fuckin' eatin', that goddamn glutton," Her tone let on a bit of an enraged note as she recounted the highlights of her day, inserting exaggerated gestures when she felt was necessary. Krista quietly listened, adding quiet questions of clarification before urging Ymir to continue (which she happily did).

"It sounds like a real rough day," Krista muttered, placing her small hand over Ymir's. She squeezed it softly, and Ymir raised her eyebrows in exasperated agreement.

"You have no idea, Krista. Anyways, like I said, it was originally crappy. That was," An almost malicious smirk crossed her face as she leaned in, elbows on the table to support herself. There was a red smear coloring Krista's face, and Ymir took the grace to enlarge her smile. "until I saw you when I walked through the door." She finished with a quiet voice, taking Krista's warm face in her hands and placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "You never fail to cheer me." She mumbled against the other's forehead, going in for another peck.

Krista on the other hand was dying of flattery and embarrassment. She was thankful for having such an amorous lover, but she thought Ymir's compliments were a bit too much. She moved away from Ymir's grasp a bit, her bright cerulean eyes drifting to the table, to those charming brown that Ymir sported.

"A-All of that can't be true…" Krista muttered insecurely, her cheeks burning and her face getting splattered with red paint of embarrassment. Her eyes settled on Ymir's face long enough to watch it morph into an expression that she couldn't quite name, before she barked out a laugh. Krista tilted her head to the side, her confusion and curiosity overruling her previous emotions. "W-What…?"

It took a while for Ymir to calm down, and by the time she did, she was having trouble breathing while clutching her stomach as she released random fits of laughter. "Ah man. You did the thing again." She grinned a lazy smile, slouching in her seat.

"W-What thing?"

"The stutter thing! It happens when I just shower with comments of affection. I find it quite cute really." That trademark smirk of hers appeared again on her face. "Makes me want to get on one knee and propose to you."


"Oh Krista, just marry me already."

"S-Shut up!"

X Just a Dream

"Krista! The hell are you?" Ymir bellowed, flinging the wooden door to the dorms. It was mostly empty, with neatly made beds and sheets. But there was a small lump near the back corner that no one really noticed unless you looked very carefully. Walking up to the buried person, Ymir yanked off the covers, revealing a curled up blonde, sleeping peacefully on her side. She let out an aura that pulled viciously on Ymir's cold heart, beckoning her to lie next to her. It was tempting, to say the least.

"Mm, Ymir…" Her tone was soft, with a hidden erotic note hidden somewhere. Ymir's eyebrow twitched up, a burning feeling in her chest. Who knew innocent Krista could sound like that.

But Ymir wasn't here to listen to Krista's case of somniloquy. She needed to wake her up in time so that the both of them wouldn't get yelled at by Shadis and eventually be denied food. So she shook the girl, softly at first to eventual shoves. Once Krista woke up, she was on the floor.

"What was that for?" She called out, climbing onto a kneeling position as she glowered from the opposite of the bed. Ymir rolled her eyes before turning to leave the collapsed blonde behind.

"Just waking you up to tell you that dinner was ready. Better get your ass in gear before Shadis finds out that we're both gone and forbids us breakfast and dinner for the entire month." Ymir recalled such a punishment when the strict instructor caught Sasha eating again during the morning routine. The girl had barely survived, and hung on to the dear bread that Krista had kindly provided (with Ymir's help).

By then, Krista already remembered the said consequences and was behind her tall companion. She muffled a quiet yawn, and wrapped her arms around her friend's waist.

Ymir stopped. She took a quick, bored glance at the fingers that were intertwined together, holding her close to the small, petite body behind her. She placed her larger hand on top, covering Krista's two. Offering a faint squeeze, she felt a soft hum of appreciation and the tightening of the other's grip.

"You know Ymir, we should sleep together tonight."

There was a brief pause. And then a, "What?"

"Because we should share a bed together. Isn't that what people do when they like each other?" Aside from curiosity, there was a mischievous tone, one that only appeared when they were alone together.

Ymir stayed silent, putting two and two together, before pursing her lips and slowly turning her head to look at Krista.



"What were you dreaming about?"

Krista offered a soft smile before releasing her and exiting the dorms without another word.

X I'm Yours

"Piss off, Braun!" A tan shadow loomed over the sitting blonde. Krista watched with fear, anxiety, and a tad bit of awe as she saw Ymir throw an impressive right hook to Reiner's jaw. The muscular male flew back a bit, landing on his back with a groan. Ymir cackled, spitting on Reiner's face before turning to return to her spot next to Krista. A small smile was on her face when she saw her friend backing away from the fight, but now it faded away immediately when she saw how quickly everything had escalated from a simple punch. Soon enough, she found herself trying to pry off the taller girl from Reiner.

"Ymir, that's enough!"

Ymir turned to Krista with a vehement stare, and the blonde instinctively backed away, hands up in a gesture of surrender. She chewed the inside of her bottom lip, almost positive that Ymir was going to try to punch Reiner to death, but sighed a breath of relief when she saw her wobbling to her feet. She threw the male a last glower before limping her way to Krista, wrapping her arm securely around her shoulders. It was an obvious gesture that yelled out, "Back off douche, she's mine."

"Let's go, Krista." Ymir blatantly stated, not giving the bleeding male behind her a second thought.

"You overdid it again, Ymir. If Reiner returns with injuries like that to class, who knows what's going to happen to you," There was a worried tone in her voice as Krista help support the taller's weight. There was an occasional grunt, and Krista couldn't help but wonder if Ymir was going to be facing expulsion; Ymir had one too many suspensions throughout the year, and it seems that the staff was starting to become exasperated with the delinquent. "Honestly, you should learn how to restrain yourself from getting into unnecessary tiffs."

Ymir slipped her arm away from Krista's grasp and allowed herself to flop onto the grass. It was a foolish move, and the impact only made her hiss in pain. She groaned out her exhaustion and agony, petting the spot of grass next to her. Krista just looked down on her with a look of disapproval on her face. Ymir fidgeted subtly under the heavy gaze and silence, flitting her eyes here and there.

Krista broke the silence. "You knew that was unnecessary."

Ymir bristled. "Unnecessary?! Krista, Reiner was trying to get his grubby hands on you again. The bastard needs to know to fuck off."

"He was just asking the homework for Levi's class!"

"And I bet that includes calling you endearing names like 'Angel' and 'Goddess,' yeah?" She spat out blood, the spittle foaming a bit. She turned her glare up to the tiny blonde, who had decided against a retort. The wind blew a bit, annoyingly mussing up their hair and sending chills up their arms.

"I'm yours."

Ymir quirked an eyebrow while giving Krista a confused glare. "Excuse me?"

Krista extended her arms out, to cup Ymir's bruised and bloody face in her hands. Her touch was gentle and comforting, to say the least. "I said I'm yours."

"And that means?"

"It means that I'm yours no matter what." She gave one of her sweetest smiles, and Ymir's cold heart seemed to melt a bit.

"Marry me." Ymir blurted, giving in to a rare smile.

Krista blinked, a rising blush filling her cheeks. "What?"

"Nothing, my little Angel."

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I'm sorry if you found it too fluffy for your tastes.

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