A/N: hello people out there, so here's another story from me for all of you. Some (who have read my earlier work) may have noticed that I like unusual crossovers, but I enjoy writing them.

So a crossover between Merlin and Rise of the guardians, I know strange (even though I have already done one before) but I still hope you will all enjoy this one. Just something I came up with and immediately decided to write it, so I don't know how this will end, but I have some ideas for it. More I won't say over this story, just watch and enjoy and please ask me if you have any questions about things.

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Jack was shouting happily and he and the children were in another heated snowball fight. Oh, how he enjoyed these times with Jamie and the other kids, it was definitely a perfect day for a snowball fight. Thanks to him there lay a thick layer of snow, while the sun shined softly down against the earth, strong enough to warm the children, but not so strong that it melted the snow, it was absolutely perfect.

It were several hours later that the children let themselves sink down to the ground thoroughly exhausted, still giggling from the fun while Jack dropped down right next to them. 'We've had a lot of fun today, haven't we?'

They all nodded enthusiastically and Jamie yelled. 'Yeah, it was awesome!' He then threw his arms tightly around the winter spirit's cold body. 'Let play some more tomorrow, please?!'

'Of course we will!' He answered back, but the smile soon fell slightly as he looked up at the sky, it was getting dark. 'It's time for all of you to go home now, it's getting late.'

'Awwww, but Jack!' They all groaned, but they did listen to what he said and one after the other they stood up, slowly making their way back home.

Jamie was the last one to remain, still looking up at Jack with his big pleading eyes. Jack lifted his eyebrow as he looked back. 'Don't you have somewhere to be ?'

The boy didn't get up, instead he crawled further towards the guardian, letting his head rest against the immortal teenager's chest. 'Just want to talk some more with you, please Jack.'

He chuckled softly but nodded, a few more minutes wouldn't do any harm. So they talked some more and eventually ended up on the subject of school, it was the one topic that he actually wanted to avoid, he didn't know why, but it was probably because he never went to school...

'- and Mr. Peterson is a really mean...' He suddenly stopped as he tilted his head to the side, looking as if he was thinking about something. 'Now that we are talking about teachers, I have this really awesome new teacher. He's all about magical creatures and myths and he makes history actually sound fun and interesting!' Jamie turned around in his arms. 'He's really awesome, maybe he will even be able to see you!'

A laugh left Jack's lips, there weren't any adults that could see him, nor any of the other guardians, it just... wasn't supposed to happen.

'Now hurry up home!'

Jamie smiled as he jumped up, waving once goodbye at Jack before he left.


Jack flew into one of the workshop's windows, landing with a slight thump on the floor. He looked around, grinning at the hardworking Yetis' who were all working hard on the toys, it wouldn't be long before it was Christmas.

He jumped on his staff, watching the Yetis and elves around him as memories returned to him. It had been almost two years since they defeated Pitch and Jack couldn't have been happier. The other guardians had given him a family, especially North as he had offered to let Jack stay in the workshop, which he sometimes did, but he still slept many days outside in the snow.

Tooth had even made him new clothes, - and shoes, which he didn't wear-, while Bunny and Sandy were just great friends, maybe even like brothers to him.

'Ah, Jack!' North's loud voice boomed through the workshop and Jack was pulled into a tight hug. 'Good to see you back, ve have been expecting you.' Of course they did, they had sent out the Northern lights. He frowned, why had he even done that? ( I am not sure what you are referring to here)

'So what's going on?'

North shook his head. 'Not now, vill tell you after Bunny arrives.'

Jack nodded, clearly not happy that the other didn't want to tell him, but he just silently followed the big Russian into the meeting room. Tooth and Sandy were already there, Tooth ordering her fairies around as Sandy seemed to just have fallen asleep, a cup of warm chocolate milk hanging dangerously from his hand.

'Jack, welcome back!' Tooth screamed as she flew towards him, hugging him tightly before putting her fingers in his mouth, examining his teeth. North just laughed as he pulled her off him and Jack quickly hugged Sandy who was now woken up.

They all settled down on the chairs, chatting happily with each other for a few more minutes before one of Bunny's tunnels opened itself in the middle of the room and the Easter Bunny jumped out of it, clearly slightly irritated that he had been interrupted in his work.

'Yo, cottontail!' Jack yelled his greeting before he received a rather irritated growl from Bunny.

'Enough talk, ve have more important things to talk about!' North said as he clapped his hands once, immediately all attention was on the large Russian and North sighed deeply. 'I fear that I have some disturbing news, Pitch is back.'


Jack was swinging his legs back and forth, his mind on the events of last night. To think that Pitch was back again, it was... no, he wasn't scared, he was just... nervous. He would never be afraid of Pitch again, never.

His eyes shifted to the little boy approaching him, he knew he had to tell Jamie and the others that Pitch was back. He didn't know how they would react.

He quickly pulled up a fake grin, jumping down to greet his young friend. 'Jamie!'

'Jack!' The boy screamed as he raced to the winter spirit. 'The others will be a bit later, so for now it's just us two.'

Just one minute later and they were in a wild one on one snowball fight, Jack making sure to hold back.

A smirk ran over his lips as he saw how Jamie bent over to grab some more snow and he shot forwards, pulling the boy's shirt back before he dumped the frozen liquid in his shirt.

Jamie screamed in surprise, jumping around in order to get the snow out before he glared playfully at Jack. 'I will get you for that!' He ran forward, jumping in Jack's arms and the two of them toppled over, rolling through the snow and soon they were completely covered in white, which wasn't a big change for Jack.

They laughed at each other, while Jamie brushed the snow out of his face and off his clothes.

But then the both of them froze as they heard someone else chuckle behind them, it wasn't the laugh of one of the children, instead it was that of a grown man. Their heads snapped around and Jack stared at a grinning man. He blinked once as he took him in. The man in front of him was a tall skinny man with short black hair and blue eyes that could even match North's. He was wearing a long coat with a bright red scarf wrapped around his neck.

'Mr. Emerson!' Jamie yelled as he jumped up, smiling brightly at the man in front of him.

Mr. Emerson chuckled softly. 'Good to see you too, Jamie. Having fun in the snow?'

Jamie glanced nervously at Jack before he answered. ' Yeah, a lot!'

'Good.' Mr. Emerson answered before his eyes shifted away from Jamie.

...and onto him... Wait, what?!

The skinny man smiled at Jack, he was smiling at him, a grownup was grinning at him! 'Hi and you're? I'm guessing Jamie's older brother.' The man offered him his hand.

Jack gaped at him. 'Uhh... no, I'm not Jamie's brother, I'm Jack.' He touched Mr. Emerson's hand, but the other man didn't flinch away from his cold touch. 'How... how can you see me?'

Mr. Emerson frowned at the question, but just shrugged it off. 'Why wouldn't I be able to see you, besides that, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Merlin Emerson, but you can just call me Merlin.' He glanced at Jamie as the boy opened his mouth. 'You can call me that outside of school.'

It was then that they heard yelling and they turned around, to see the other children were running towards them, calling out Jack's name before they stopped and looked startled at their teacher. 'Mr. Emerson?' Pippa asked.

'Hi, all out to have some fun in the snow with Jamie and Jack?' Merlin replied back.

'You can see Jack?' Caleb shouted before turning to the others. 'I told you he was a cool teacher!'

Their teacher rolled his eyes. 'Why does everyone think that I'm not supposed to see him?'

It was Jack who answered. 'Well, because you're only supposed to see me if you believe in me.'

Merlin blinked for a moment at him before his eyes grew wide, as if he seemed to realize something. 'You... you are...'

'I'm Jack Frost.' He answered with a nod.

'A creature of magic.' Merlin whispered in amazement as he looked Jack up and down. In the end a bright smile just spread over his lips. 'Now Jack, it's really nice to meet you, but please don't give the children too many snow days.'

Jack just laughed in return. 'I won't make any promises to you.' He turned back to the kids. 'Now, who wants to have some fun?' They all screamed in excitement and followed Jack as they started to play.

Now and then Jack would glance at Merlin who was sitting down on one of the benches, a bright smile spread over his lips as he watched him and the children play, but eventually the man left without another word.