Oh no, I just had to make another multi-chapter AoKaga story. I hope this isn't too cliche of an idea but I had this story in mind and started writing and what do you know, I have a lot planned out for it. I guess I just didn't want to stop writing about these two...
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- Guy x guy
- Mature stuff in later chapters

The smell of cleaning chemicals, the monotonous beeping of a machine, a blinding white light, all greeted Aomine when he woke up from what seemed to have been a long sleep. It took him a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to see that he did not recognize the ceiling he was looking up at, but a few glances around could tell him one thing: he was in a hospital room. He looked down at his body to see himself in a hospital gown, his hands had tubes running from them to a machine and he also seemed to be connected to an ECG. The curtain was pulled halfway around the bed, the exposed side showed the view of outside – it seemed like he was on the second floor.

'What the hell…' he thought to himself, attempting to sit up.

But that was a bad idea as sitting up made his head spin in pain. He groaned, slowly putting a hand to his forehead and lying himself back down on the bed. He noticed that there was also a bandage wrapped around his head when he felt the gauze. He could hear the beeping of his heart rate rise during the whole process.

Not much later, he heard someone enter the room; it was probably because of the sudden increase of his heart rate. A nurse rounded the corner of the curtain and gave a shocked look when she realized he was awake.

"Oh! You're awake!" she opened the curtain fully and scurried over to his side. "How are you feeling? Oh, please don't move…" she set a gentle hand on Aomine's shoulder to keep him in place.

"What… happened?" Aomine managed to grunt out. He was starting to feel pain in more places now.

"The doctor will tell you all about it later. For now I need to know how you're feeling. Any pain? Are you hungry? Thirsty?" the nurse sounded very concerned in a motherly way which was kind of nice but all Aomine wanted to know was how he ended up in the hospital.

"Hurts… a little. I want to see the doctor…" Despite the pain and being told not to move, Aomine again made another attempt to sit himself up.

"Ah! Please refrain from moving!" the nurse again set a hand on his shoulder. "If you would like, I'll move the bed up for you," she picked something up off the side of the bed and held up a remote.

"Thanks…" Aomine seemed to be fine with that solution.

After propping the bed up for Aomine the nurse scurried out of the room to go find the doctor.

Aomine sat in the silence and tried to wrack his brain as to what happened that resulted in him getting hospitalized, but he just couldn't remember. He couldn't even quite pinpoint the last thing he did remember. It seemed like it was futile to try, luckily, the doctor came in quicker than he expected. Maybe now he'd get some kind of answer.

"Hello, Mister… Aomine Daiki," the doctor took a quick glance at the clipboard in his hands.

'Couldn't have even to bothered memorizing my name before you got in here?' he scoffed to himself.

"It seems you got yourself into an automotive accident. Luckily, you didn't break any bones but there were some deep cuts and sprains here and there. Also, as you can probably tell, you hit your head rather hard which caused quite a gash and a concussion, a pretty serious one. You lost consciousness for about four hours so luckily you didn't go into a coma."

Aomine was shocked to hear that something that serious had happened to him. Not only that, there were a thousand questions that were swimming around in his head that he wanted to ask.

"Wh-who else was in the car?" Aomine really didn't get in many cars as trains were his main way of transport; he wondered what he'd be doing in a car in the first place.

"You were by yourself – apparently someone ran a red light and t-boned you full on," the doctor explained.

"Huh?"Aomine gave a baffled expression, "I… I don't drive…"

The doctor raised an eyebrow at this, "It was your car, Mr. Aomine. It was registered to your name and we have your license on record."

Aomine's jaw dropped slightly. What the hell is this guy talking about? Car? License? Aomine didn't have either of those. Noticing the shocked and slightly horrified look Aomine was giving, the doctor seemed to have come to a conclusion.

"Ah, Mr. Aomine, can you tell me how old you are?" The doctor gave an attentive look.

"S-Sixteen… I'm sixteen…" Aomine said in a wavering voice.

"Mr. Aomine," the doctor cleared his throat, "I believe you may be suffering from retrograde amnesia. We may have to run some tests to see how severe this may be. Don't worry, many people with amnesia from head injuries make a full-recovery."

Aomine was barely listening to the doctor continue on in his speech after he heard that he had amnesia. It felt like he wasn't even himself anymore – that he was in some other person's body. He just wanted to wake up and be in his room again and hope all of this was a bad dream.

"Mr. Aomine," the doctor's voice raised a louder volume, snapping Aomine out of his thoughts. "We going to do a few tests just to see if there are any other injuries now that you're awake," the doctor flipped through some papers on his clipboard.

"Um, how old am I?" Aomine asked, finally finding his voice again.

"I believe you are twenty-five if my records are right," the doctor replied.

"Twenty-five…" Aomine said under his breath. He was nine years older just like that?

"The best way to help treat amnesia is to try to do things you did before you lost your memory. Luckily your partner is here and in the waiting room so maybe seeing them could spark some kind of trigger. After we run our tests we can bring them in," the doctor started to turn to walk out of the room.

"W-Wait!" Aomine shouted after him, "Partner?"

"Ah, yes, they rushed over here after we contacted them; they were in your emergency contacts. You may not remember them because of your amnesia… So it might do some good to see them," the doctor turned back around and walked out of the room.

Aomine was again left baffled. All of this was too overwhelming. So now he was twenty-five and he had… a girlfriend? Was it someone he knew? Or someone the 'other him' met?

"He- He doesn't remember anything after he was sixteen?"

"I'm afraid not, after we run some tests to see that there's nothing else wrong with him you'll be allowed to go see him."


"Seeing you might help his memories, so try to stay positive."

"I'll try…"

All Aomine wanted to do was get done with these tests and go home. Well, they said they were going to keep him in the hospital overnight just in case so apparently he couldn't go home quite yet… Where even was home for his twenty-five year old self? But at least he could see who this 'partner' of his was. After the poking and prodding and 21 questions were over, the staff had finally allowed Aomine be left on his own. He was kind of anxious to see who would walk through the door next and finally see who this person was.

Maybe about five minutes passed and the door creaked slowly open.

"Daiki…" a low but worried voice sounded and Aomine was met with bright red eyes.

"K-Kagami!?" Aomine shouted which caused a bit of pain to shoot up his shoulder.

"Ah! Be quite! Don't move so much…" Kagami rushed over to Aomine who was clutching his shoulder in pain.

"Why the hell are you here!?" Aomine said in a low voice through gritted teeth. "Where is my girlfriend?"

"Girl… Huh?" Kagami looked confused.

"The doctor said my partner was waiting for me but I see you of all people," he growled, furrowing his brow.

Kagami's face gave a look of realization, "O-Oh…"

He couldn't believe the doctor said something like that. Kagami wanted to avoid telling an amnesiac Aomine about their relationship, at least as long as he could. Well, the doctor didn't know the past these two had before they started dating. Yeah, sixteen was definitely not the age these two were necessarily on good terms.

"Um…" Kagami struggled to come up with an excuse, "She's not… here."

"Huh? Where did she go?" Aomine demanded.

"She had some other urgent business to take care of so, uh, once she heard you were fine she had to go…" Kagami was really reaching for straws at this excuse.

"She left me here with you then!?" Aomine complained, crossing his arms.

"You may not believe it but, we're really good friends now," yeah veeeery good friends.

"You gotta be shitting me, I'm friends with you!?" Aomine honestly looked flabbergasted.

"Yeah, can you believe it?" Kagami shrugged his shoulders like it was just some kind of coincidence. When in actuality it was a big rollercoaster that had gotten them to where they were now.

"Huh…" Aomine seemed to have found that interesting at least. "But you're so annoying; I can't see myself really ever hanging out with you."

Blunt and crude, just how he used to be in high school. Kagami could feel a vein pulse on his temple but chose to keep his composure.

"W-Well we kind of settled our differences and realized we actually have quite a lot in common," Kagami said with a steady voice.

Aomine grumbled, "Well I guess you are pretty okay at basketball…" He stayed silent for a while. "Hey, do I still play? Basketball I mean…" Aomine had a concerned tone in his voice. I guess that would make sense considering his circumstances when he was sixteen.

"Yes, you do," Kagami gave a small smirk, "As a hobby, but you play at least a few times a week."

"Hobby?"Aomine didn't look too entirely happy with that answer.

"Well, yeah… A-Anyway, you aren't remembering anything?" Kagami wanted to change the subject.

"No…" Aomine said in a grumpy voice.

Kagami gave a sigh and Aomine 'tsked' in response, turning his head to face the window, the sun seemed to be setting now.

"Where do I live anyway? With my girlfriend?"

Kagami wanted to say 'Yes, you do live with your boyfriend' but of course, kept it to himself.

"Actually, we live together."

"Huh!?" Aomine turned his head to face him and was back to shouting unnecessarily loud.

"I-It's cheaper for both of us…" Kagami had to come up with another lie.

"Shit, we're the kind of friends that even live together?" Aomine asked with a slightly disgusted face.

"I guess you could say that…" Kagami said in an almost defeated tone.

"Damn, what the hell is wrong with the twenty-five year old me living with your dumb ass instead of my girlfriend…" Aomine mumbled to himself but obviously made it loud enough for Kagami to hear it. He went back to staring at the window.

Kagami could feel his vein pulse again and tried not to bite so hard into his lip that it would bleed. He honestly didn't know how he could've fallen for this guy when he was reminded of how he was at sixteen.

"Well, that's how it is!" Kagami said in a sarcastic tone.

Aomine gave another 'tsk' in response.

Kagami stood up from his chair, "Well, you're probably getting sick of me so I'll get going. But I'm coming back tomorrow to pick you up."

Kagami waited for a response but Aomine didn't move a muscle and kept staring out the window. After waiting a few moments Kagami turned and walked towards the door. He was about to shut it until Aomine finally spoke up.

"You called me 'Daiki', are we really that close of friends?" Aomine was still facing the window.

Kagami took a few seconds to reply, "Yeah, we're best friends," Kagami attempted a smile and closed the door behind him.

After completing even more forms before leaving the hospital, Kagami got back to his car and rested his head on the steering wheel. He let out a sigh and felt hot tears roll down his face. He sniffled as his body shook and tried to muffle his sobs from being too loud.

He had been crying all day in the waiting room but apparently he still had some tears left in him. They were all tears of worry and grief, not wondering whether Aomine would be okay or not. But now his tears were more tears of anger and frustration. Why did this have to happen to Aomine and why can't he remember all the years they spent together? Kagami felt terrible but he was so angry at Aomine for not remembering him. The same man that would tell him every night that he loved him was now acting as if Kagami was the bane of his existence. He knew he shouldn't be mad at him, he really shouldn't be but he couldn't help it, and that in turn made him angry at himself.

Kagami slammed a fist into the dashboard and continued to cry, soaking the steering wheel in his tears. It took him a good ten minutes to finally find his composure again. He shouldn't be hopeless about this situation but it was really hard. He should be happy that Aomine's only issue was the amnesia but he felt ungrateful.

Wiping the last tears from his face he started up the engine to his car. Maybe he just needed a good night's rest to calm his nerves and who knows, maybe Aomine would remember everything by morning…

End of Chapter.

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