! Smut/mature warning !

The two fell on the bed in a messy tangle, their clothes being stripped from their bodies in record time. The two continuously met in sloppy kisses and soft moans until they were completely naked. Aomine ran his hands from Kagami's hips to his chest, the man shuddering underneath him. Kagami let out a groan as Aomine nibbled lightly on his collar bone and groped at his chest. Kagami could feel the intense heat in his groin get even hotter, and it didn't help that his now fully erect cock kept rubbing against Aomine's equally hard member.

Aomine's mouth trailed down to Kagami's chest, his breathing ghosted over one of his nipples before Kagami felt a warm mouth give it a light suck, Aomine still groping and rubbing the other.

"Nn…" Kagami sighed. "Boob freak…" his voice cracked as he covered his eyes with one of his eyes.

"Your chest is better than any set of boobs," Aomine mumbled, giving the nipple another lick.

"No way you think that," Kagami peeked out from between his fingers to look at Aomine. He quickly covered his eyes again when Aomine looked up.

"It's the best because it's yours, idiot," Aomine commented again and gave the other nipple a light pinch.

"Sh-shut up, stupid!" Kagami half moaned. He thought that would've been something romantic to say if it wasn't about his nipples, but that was how Aomine worked…

"And this thing between your legs has been poking me this whole time…" Aomine moved a hand between them and slid it down Kagami's dick.

"Speak for yourself," Kagami grumbled and swayed his hips to rub Aomine's erection between them.

Aomine gave a mischievous smirk and rolled over, pulling Kagami on top of him.

"Turn around," he said, patting the side of Kagami's thigh.

"Huh?" Kagami looked confused.

"Turn around and suck me," Aomine half-grinned and looked Kagami in the eye.

Kagami's face reddened as he realized what Aomine was implying. He resisted a bit and froze in place.

"What? You were the one that was begging me a few minutes ago to show you how much I love you," Aomine commented.

"I-I know…" Kagami grumbled and slowly turned around so that his backside was facing Aomine. Although this wasn't something they'd never done before, it never got any less embarrassing.

Kagami grabbed the base of Aomine's still hard cock. It really had been a while and he felt himself getting excited again despite the situation. Aomine grabbed Kagami's hips towards him and he soon felt a warmth envelop the tip of his erection. He stifled a moan as he did the same with Aomine's; giving it a few light sucks before moving slowly further down the shaft.

Aomine let out a soft grunt as he held Kagami's hips that shook slightly as he tongued the slit. It was an incredible stimulation to feel what they were doing to each other, both of them taking each other deeper as the pleasure from the other increased. Kagami came up for air with shaking breath and licked Aomine's erection from tip to bottom, giving a light suck on his balls.

Aomine gave a low grown of approval, releasing the cock from his mouth and moving his hands to Kagami's ass, spreading it apart.

Kagami stopped what he was doing for a moment and came to a sudden realization when he felt a warm, wet feeling around his entrance.

"Daiki!" He breathed and attempted to look behind him. Aomine rarely did this. Rarely. Kagami could probably count on one hand that Aomine had gone and stuck his tongue… there… and they had tons of sex. And usually Aomine was probably a little drunk if he ever did it, because otherwise he didn't seem to particularly like doing it. In actuality, Kagami loved being rimmed, but he could never admit it to Aomine because it was embarrassing as hell and he didn't want to make him do something he didn't like.

But right now, Aomine seemed to be totally into it. He chose to ignore Kagami's protest and continued to probe the entrance with his tongue. It didn't take much for Kagami to back down from his weak attempts to stop him and went back to attending Aomine's cock.

Aomine continued licking and slowly pushing a finger inside the entrance. It slid in easily and Aomine shortly placed in a second finger, moving them around with ease. Kagami shuddered again when he felt Aomine's warm tongue soon replacing his fingers.

"Ahh!" Kagami couldn't help but let out a loud moan as he weakly pumped Aomine's cock in his hand.

After a few moments of Kagami swaying his hips and Aomine attempting to hold them in place as he concentrated on the task at hand, Aomine lifted his head, "You really like that, huh?" He asked with a raspy chuckle, probing the entrance with his fingers again.

Kagami just grumbled an indiscernible response, still too embarrassed to admit it.

"It was easy to get my fingers in and it was surprisingly soft… You prepared yourself before I got home, didn't you?" Aomine asked slyly, scissoring his fingers inside of Kagami.

"Nn, so what if I did…" Kagami growled under his breath.

"Then I don't have to waste any more time…" Aomine said lowly, grabbing Kagami's hips and switching their positions again so that Kagami was on his stomach. He reached over into their nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube and coating his erection with it. Keeping hold of Kagami's hips, Aomine raised them up and adjusted himself behind him.

Kagami suddenly felt a different kind of heat at his entrance and gasped as he felt a sudden pressure. Aomine wasted no time slowly working his cock inside and gave a contented sigh when he felt the head become completely surrounded by the familiar heat. Kagami groaned as he felt Aomine's dick penetrate further inside of him. It was always a bit jarring at first but knowing about the intense pleasure it soon brought, Kagami's body anticipated the entering organ.

Aomine leaned over with a sigh as he pushed the last bit in up to the hilt. His lips pressed against one of Kagami's shoulder blades.

"I can't promise I'm going to be gentle, I'm barely holding back as it is," he breathed against Kagami's skin.

"It's fine…" Kagami mumbled against the bed, and that was the last of his modesty.

"Good," Aomine groaned as he lifted his body up, sliding his cock out of Kagami and slamming it back in.

It didn't take Aomine long to speed up his thrusts, gripping at the side of Kagami's hips who knew he'd probably have some kind of bruise the next day. The loud slapping sound of their bodies filled the room and Kagami gripped the sheets tightly as his moans muffled into the bed. Aomine couldn't believe that he had ever doubted that doing something like this with Kagami would be anything but amazing and mentally reprimanded his amnesiac self.

This position was great but after a while it wasn't quite enough.

"I want to see your face…" Aomine groaned as he slowed his thrusts to a halt.

Kagami just gave a dazed nod and the two clumsily maneuvered Kagami onto his back. Aomine leaned in gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I'm not done showing you how much I love you yet," Aomine whispered by his ear and Kagami simultaneously wanted to cringe and jump for joy at how cheesy that was, but didn't have much time to do either as he felt Aomine pushing his way back inside of him.

It went in a lot easier but Kagami couldn't help but let out a groan as his bottom half filled up once again. Aomine leaned closer to Kagami and pressed his lips against his boyfriend's neck as he slowly started to thrust his hips. Kagami reached around Aomine's broad back and clung on tightly to his shoulders, feeling the burning pleasure in his body increase from the methodic pumping of Aomine's cock in and out of him and the fact that his own member rubbed between their bodies.

Kagami buried his face into Aomine's shoulder, trying to muffle his moans as Aomine's pace steadily increased. His thrusts became rougher and more sporadic and Kagami dug his nails deeper into Aomine's back.

Aomine let out a low grumble as he felt his climax coming soon. He straightened up, placing his hands on Kagami's chest, rubbing and squeezing it. They definitely weren't soft, squishy, boobs but Aomine felt an immense amount of satisfaction from feeling the hard muscle. Aomine began to slam harder into Kagami who looked like he was nearing his limit as well, his hardened cock bobbed in rhythm with the thrusts and a bead of pre-cum collected at the tip. Looking down at Kagami's body and face in a slight flush of ecstasy didn't help in trying to hold out much longer.

He leaned over once again, this time kissing Kagami on the lips, easily gaining access into the other man's mouth with his tongue and thoroughly making a mess of Kagami in the process. Kagami began to gently stroke himself, knowing that too much stimulation would end it right then and there, but it still didn't take long at all until he let out a deep moan in the middle of their kiss. His body stiffened and the fluid shot out between their stomachs, Aomine maintaining their kiss and the movement in his hips.

Aomine came up for air as Kagami seemed be nearing the end of his orgasm. Aomine gripped the sides of Kagami's hips and gave a last few rough pumps before he knew he couldn't take it anymore. As his climax was about to hit, Aomine quickly pulled out and with a few pumps of his hand, added to the cum already resting on Kagami's stomach. He let out a loud grunt as the last shot out onto Kagami's chest.

Kagami had already begun to start settling down as Aomine flopped down on the bed beside him in exhaustion. The two didn't say a word for about a minute to catch their breath, and then Aomine lazily leaned over to grab a few tissues off of the nightstand and began wiping Kagami off.

"Was it good?" Aomine asked with a grin on his face as Kagami remained lying there unmoving.

"What do you think…" Kagami mumbled.

Aomine chuckled and balled up the tissue, throwing it across the room into the trashcan (making it, of course). He lay back down next to Kagami on his stomach, draping his arm across him.

"Uhg, I have to go clean up in the kitchen," Kagami groaned, remembering that they literally just got up in the middle of dinner because he couldn't control himself.

"Don't worry about it," Aomine squeezed Kagami closer him and nuzzled his face against Kagami's hair.

"Yeah right, we left all of the food out. No way am I going to leave it like that overnight," Kagami made a poor attempt to get up but couldn't break through Aomine's grip.

"God forbid you waste any food," Aomine commented which earned him a jab in the side. "Ow…" he said under his breath. But Aomine got up after a few moments and swung his legs over the side of the bed. "I'll go get it so just stay here," he stood up.

"Can I really trust you with that?" Kagami said, getting under the covers, not bothering to put any of his clothes back on.

"I'm not that incompetent," Aomine glared, picking up his underwear and pants that were thrown haphazardly on the floor.

"I know," Kagami gave a weak chuckle and watched Aomine get dressed. "Hey," he called out as soon as Aomine was about to walk out the door.

"Hm?" He looked back, placing a hand on the door frame.

"I love you," Kagami said in a sleepy voice, his eyes half-lidded.

Aomine couldn't help but smile, "I love you too, idiot."

Once he finished putting the food away and cleaning up the mess, Kagami was already fast asleep.

Seeing a car coming at you at full speed yet not being able to do a damn thing about is possibly the scariest thing Aomine had ever experienced in his life. It really was true what they say: your life does flash by in the blink of an eye as soon as you're positive that your life is going to end. And of course for Aomine, the brightest light of his life was Kagami. He had to laugh at himself for once considering him dim, but that was before he really knew exactly how brightly the man could shine, and before he knew it the fiery redhead was the beacon of his life and Aomine himself was barely a candle flame in comparison.

In his moments that he thought could very possibly be his last; he regretted not being able to see that light at least one more time. He almost went into a panic because being without him seemed even more terrifying than the car about to collide with his. He didn't want that, he wasn't ready to be separated from Kagami, there was so much more that he wanted to do with him and Aomine didn't want to lose that. He couldn't do it. He wouldn't be able to handle an existence like that. He'd rather selfishly just cease to exist. Maybe dying really was the end-all. It would be better than a life without Kagami.

Aomine opened his eyes, heaving a breath of air as if he had just surfaced from the bottom of a deep pool. He noticed that he was covered in sweat and it was still dark outside, although it seemed the sun would be rising soon as he looked at the clock, indicating it was past 5 a.m. He then looked over at the man sleeping quietly beside him.

He wiped his brow and allowed himself to cool off a bit before looking back over at Kagami. He didn't care if it'd wake him or not, Aomine reached out and a squeezed Kagami into a tight embrace. It didn't take long for him to feel the man stir from his grip and mumble out a protest.

"Daiki? What are you doing?" he said in cracked and drowsy voice.

"I remembered my accident," Aomine responded quietly.

"Huh?" Kagami jolted awake and maneuvered his head to face Aomine. "What about it?"

"I… I think I was scared of losing you and that's why I lost my memory," Aomine replied and Kagami gave a confused look. "It sounds contradictory, I know, but I thought I was going to die – and if I died I wouldn't be in this life with you anymore and I think I would've rather just not exist than have that."

Kagami mulled over Aomine's words, "So… You think you pretty much gave yourself the amnesia?"

"It'd make sense," Aomine replied. "I honestly didn't think I was going to make it so I guess I tried to put an end to my existence so I wouldn't suffer without you. But that's so selfish now that I think about it. Doing something like that wouldn't have helped you at all. In fact, it already caused us a lot of trouble."

Kagami remained quiet for a moment and shifted his body so that it was facing Aomine.

"You idiot," he said under his breath, "Don't you think in another life we would be together again?"

Aomine's eyes widened a bit and Kagami continued. "You always talk about 'fate' so it'd make sense, right? If we met in another life and you forgot about me I'd be angry," he pouted a bit.

Aomine let out a laugh, running his hand through Kagami's hair.

"I'm sorry. I won't do something like that ever again," his eyes rested on Kagami's.

"I forgive you," he smiled warmly and closed his eyes. "Do you feel better now?"

Aomine knew Kagami was referring to his concern with the reason over why he lost his memory and that the mystery seemed to be finally solved.


He felt better knowing that he had never doubted his feelings for Kagami and in fact, may have been too cautious of protecting what they had together. Kagami mumbled something about going back to sleep now that that was resolved and Aomine agreed as the weight that had just been lifted off his shoulders made him feel more relaxed than he had felt in a long time.

"Aomine-kun, are you sure you want to do this? Every time I've asked you before if you would like to come in for the class you told me 'No way'," Kuroko stood in the empty daycare room with Aomine by his side.

"Yes, for the hundredth time, Tetsu! I don't hate kids that much!" Aomine furrowed his brow at Kuroko's unsure gaze.

"Fine, but don't curse in front of the kids and don't be rough," Kuroko lectured and Aomine rolled his eyes as that was another thing that Kuroko had told him more than enough times.

Finally getting Kuroko to go through with allowing Aomine to be anywhere near children, the two walked out onto the recess court, each of them with a basketball in hand.

"Okay class, today we have a special activity for P.E.," Kuroko spoke up and it was odd to see a group of individuals have his full attention, albeit they were quite small individuals. "This is Mr. Aomine and he's going to help us learn to play basketball."

The kids greeted Aomine in unison as he gave a half smile and a wave. Each of the kids had smaller, kid-sized balls that might've been a total disaster if Kuroko didn't seem to have complete control of his class.

"I've already divided you all into teams so the blue team will be with Mr. Aomine and the green team will be with me."

The kids chattered and shuffled over to their assigned coach and Aomine began to feel a little nervous as the kids gathered around him, looking up expectantly. Some seemed a little intimidated by him – he knew he didn't have the friendliest looking face in the world.

"Ahem," Aomine cleared his throat, "Welcome to the winning team!" He joked but the kids didn't seem to be quite on board with him just yet.

"F-First we're going to learn how to dribble," Aomine spun his ball in his hand and a few of the kids attempted to do the same and failed. "Here's how you do it," Aomine dribbled the ball on the cement, "easy, right?" He tried giving a smile.

Most of the kids just palmed at the ball, sending it flying in random directions. Aomine tried not to get too overwhelmed with how hard this was probably going to be.

"Mr. Aomine, I don't get it," one girl pouted after running to retrieve her ball a third time.

"I guess I should explain better," Aomine said under his breath to himself. "Um, make sure to use your fingers and don't make your hand flat," Aomine held the ball up by his fingertips. "If you just hit it with your palm you'll have a hard time."

The kids actually started getting it when Aomine checked to see if each of them was getting the hang of it.

"You guys are doing good!" He encouraged and found himself actually starting to enjoy it now that the kids were starting to have fun. "Okay, let's try passing; don't throw it too hard, though…"

The kids paired up and threw a ball back and forth with each other. Aomine tried to show them the way to properly pass but it didn't seem to work as well. It wasn't something that important for kindergarten kids to get right away anyway, although by their age he was already starting to realize his love for the game.

One of the kids on his team seemed particularly into it, though. Aomine tended to gravitate in helping him out with his technique rather than the other kids who seemed to be content bouncing the balls and throwing them- to their friends.

"Can we start shooting them in the hoops next, Mr. Aomine!?" He asked excitedly, getting his dribble down pretty well.

"In a bit, keep practicing until then," Aomine responded. He was trying to teach the kid how to walk and dribble at the same time when Kuroko walked up next to him.

"He's kind of like you and Kagami-kun, isn't he?" Kuroko commented.

"Yeah," Aomine said with a short laugh.

"Mr. Aomine, you know Mr. Kagami?" One of the girls on his team looked up at him with wistful eyes.

"Yes, they're best friends," Kuroko chimed in.

"Y-Yeah. Mr. Kagami and I live together," Aomine wasn't sure if that was something he should be announcing, but then again, the kids probably didn't care about that detail and what it meant at all.

"Wow!" She squealed. "You're so lucky!"

"Yeah, Mr. Kagami is so cool!" Another boy spoke up next to her. "Have you seen him put out fires and stuff? Have you seen that really big hose he has!?"

Aomine swiftly had to mentally scold himself for his mind going straight to the gutter at that last part.

"I usually don't get to see him doing his job, but he tells me about his day when he comes home," Aomine responded and noticed the crowd of kids around him was growing.

"Can you ask him to come back and see us soon, please?" The girl said with a slight blush on her face.

"Sure, he's really good at basketball too so maybe we'll come together next time," Aomine said with a big grin, feeling proud of himself for having such a popular boyfriend.

"Haha, Keiko really like Mr. Kagami," another girl teased and the girl named Keiko's face turned bright red.

"I-I just think he's really fun!" she huffed and glared at the other girl.

"You have some competition," Kuroko whispered over to Aomine.

"I'll fight her if I have to," Aomine joked.

"Please do not harm my students."

"You know I was kidding!" Aomine gave a light shove to Kuroko who couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle.

Kagami got home later that day, eager and a little nervous to hear about how Aomine's day was with a bunch of kindergarten-aged kids. He couldn't believe it when he heard that he was actually going to help out with Kuroko's class for a day and worried about what could've possibly possessed him to do it.

"So… How was it?" He asked, settling down on the couch next to Aomine.

"Surprisingly fun," he responded and Kagami gave a look as if to encourage him to continue.

"I didn't think it would go very well but the kids warmed up to me pretty easily. After they heard that I knew you it was a piece of cake," Aomine looked over at Kagami and smirked.

"Oh?" Kagami seemed a little proud of himself that he had a good repertoire with the kids.

"I'm gonna have to watch one of them though, there's a girl that's definitely after you," Aomine joked.

"Oh, you mean Keiko?" Kagami asked with a smile.

"Hey, you know!?" Aomine felt a little more defensive than he should've.

"Yeah, she always gives me a little letter whenever I go to the class," Kagami replied.

"You never told me that…" Aomine narrowed his eyes.

Kagami let out a loud laugh, "Are you seriously jealous of a little girl?"

"Hell yeah I am!" Aomine said and Kagami stifled more laughter. "No one else can look at you like that, you're mine."

Kagami was way too amused at how possessive Aomine was being, "Right, right. And how am I supposed to feel when girls walk right up to you when we're out and start flirting with you in front of me?"

"That's different, those girls mean nothing," Aomine tried to argue.

"And little Keiko is more of a threat than those women?" Kagami eyed Aomine.

"Shut up… I just get jealous easily, okay? There, I said it. Anyway…" Aomine cleared his throat to get back on subject. "I went today for a reason."

"Oh yeah, you wouldn't tell me why you suddenly decided that you'd take Kuroko up on his offer. So you're finally going to tell me," Kagami listened up attentively.

"Well, I wanted to see what the big deal was about… kids," Aomine scratched the back of his neck, "And I realized that maybe… they're kind of a lot of fun… yeah they whine a lot and it takes them forever actually get the hang of something and they kinda smell funny, but they're not as annoying as I thought they were."

Aomine's eyes were pointed off to the side. Kagami wasn't saying anything so he continued on.

"I don't think it would be so bad if we wanted to… you know, have a kid or two one day…" Aomine glanced up at Kagami who had a look of surprise on his face.

"R-Really?" Kagami's eyes were glued to Aomine.

"Yeah…" Aomine nodded, "I think it'd be nice if we had a kid together."

Kagami let out short huff of air, "I can't believe I'm hearing this from you," he smiled a bit and ran a hand through his hair.

"I told you I didn't think kids were that bad," Aomine defended himself. "And we wouldn't be getting one right away, it'd have to be after we get married."

"Ma-!" Kagami looked even more shocked and his cheeks slightly flushed.

"Your rich parents live in California; we could easily get married there!" Aomine felt his face heat up. "I don't have a ring yet but… I'll get one eventually…"

He felt kind of like an idiot for announcing two insanely important things he wanted for their future at once and not even having an engagement ring ready, but it was something he couldn't really keep to himself much longer. Ever since knowing that Kagami wanted children and upon the return of his memory he seriously started to consider what their future would be like together. He didn't see it going anywhere else but marriage and now kids didn't seem like such a bad idea.

Kagami tackled Aomine, pulling him into a tight hug.

"You're such an idiot, just springing all of this on me," Kagami's voice cracked as if he were about to cry, but Aomine knew he was smiling.

"Sorry," Aomine smiled and wrapped his arms around Kagami, slowly rubbing his back. "I want a kid that looks like you," Aomine said with a lighthearted laugh.

The two spent the rest of the night talking about their future plans, something they had never really done much of before besides when they bought their first house. Some of their conversation was a bit silly, but it gave them something they had to look forward to and sparked a new chapter in their relationship.

In a way, it almost felt like Aomine's memory loss was the thing they needed for their relationship to continue blossoming from their normal, everyday schedule that had started to become monotonous. It tested their relationship and ultimately ended up making it stronger than ever.

Both Aomine and Kagami couldn't wait for what their lives had in store for them next.

The End.

I'm happy, yet its bittersweet to see my second multi-chapter AoKaga story come to a close. This story became much more than I expected and I want to thank everyone that supported me through it and for all the positive feedback it got! It really made me happy and humbled to hear people say that this was their favorite AoKaga story and it encouraged me to not be lazy with getting these chapters out.

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